Doctor Resignation


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Rita Estelle knows that Duke Erwan Cereus will fall ill and die, leading to a bloody rebellion. She knows this because she would’ve died in that rebellion had it not been for a kindly sorceress who sent her back in time. With her second chance at life, Rita seeks to use her medical genius to get close to Duke Erwan as a child and cure him. But the closer she grows to him, the more she suspects his sickness is caused by foul play. Can Rita save Erwan and the whole country before it’s too late?

Associated Names
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The Doctor Is Out
The Family Doctor Is Gonna Resign Since She's Done Everything Sworn
The Family Doctor Is Gonna Resign Since She Is Already Done With Everything
주치의는 할일다하고 사표 씁니다
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June 11, 2022
Status: c70
I'm in ch70 but the FL is just so unbelievably dense ugh. The ML is basically dripping with possessiveness and it's not like he's even trying to cover it up but the FL's thoughts are soooo cringe and out of place. She's supposed to be smart even. I like her being logical but this is so unbelievable. Hoping this gets better
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Tequila Sunrise
Tequila Sunrise rated it
January 29, 2022
Status: Completed
I read the raws because I am so curious as to what will happen. I finished reading it about a few months ago but only recently created an account, so my memory might be slightly hazy, but I really enjoyed and like this novel (enough to come back to leave a review haha).

The dynamics between Lize, the FL, and the people in the duchy is pretty natural and lovely to see.

... more>>

It was a little frustrating to read halfway through, but it's not the fault of the story, it's just cause as the reader, you know more than the characters do!


The r/s between Lize and Erhan (ML) is really cute. There's a 2nd ML halfway through but it's pretty apparent that he's there for plot + r/s progression than being an actual interference.


TDLR; 100% recommend! <<less
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