Iceberg Man’s Prey


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What? Why do I, young master Xia, have to share a room with this country bumpkin and a super ugly one to boot?! No way! How could his distinguished self live with such a man? He must find a way to drive the ugly and cold-faced man out of the dormitory!

But why was it that every time he wanted to give him a lesson, he ended up being the one who got the lesson! And he nearly lost his “manhood!”

Abhorrent son of a bitch, we cannot exist together!

But this disgusting shitty cold-faced man suddenly wants to ‘compete’ with him.

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New Changingchangie rated it
May 18, 2020
Status: --
This is actually a novel when you just want to read straight up R18+ which has a little bit of plot. I ain't complaining though.
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Vins_meri rated it
October 26, 2019
Status: Completed
If you just come for the smut than its good for you. There's no plot, the shou is dumb and too easy, the gong is too sadistic. I don't feel the love between them, mainly only s*x and sex. And they keep cursing at each other. Even the s*x scene is too rough and I cant feel the love they share.
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ReadTillYouDrop rated it
October 22, 2019
Status: --
I don't mind that both of them are manly and tall like 180 cm above tall. I actually like manly couple but the plot is not good at all. I know some people fall in love easily but I just can't accept the dumbness of the shou. The gong is sometimes nice and loving towards the shou but most of the time he was cold considering he is called the iceberg man but he is what you call black bellied but not the type I usually like so yeah he... more>> is just a no no for me. <<less
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TEEMOMO rated it
October 5, 2019
Status: c7
Great for enjoying super hot smexy scene in a short read, I love this story cause gong and shou are both manly and (seems) straight before getting together😏 and don't forget about the smut he heh☻

Random rant : there's not enough manly and straight couple in Novel update for me TOT

Please bless me with more of these gems.


That big dragon of the cool blood gong thou, sounds so brutal for our Mr.180 cm. Shou 😆

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numba1nobody rated it
April 12, 2020
Status: Completed
Oh My God it's so good!!

If you are one of those so called fudanshi and fujoshi and haven't eaten up anything in a while and thirsty, like me, please read it.

I really love how they curse each other when they f*cked each other.

... more>> Really amazing I just lol.

If you don't like hardcore BL smut pls just go away and stop.

Btw I'm a fudanshi so I really enjoy stuff like this yes yes.

There are little to no romance just some words like love but it literally doesn't give the vibes of romance. So please ignore the romance tag I'm not gonna remove it tho so just tellin ya.

They are like f*ck buddies so don't expect much.

Here take an L from me.

spoiler below———

The snake scene made me scream and also when MC was tied in the tree by the ML XD and also when they got caught by the MC's ex-girlfriend HAHAHAHA.

Novel is some good sh*t if you like smut


Shocking Fact about ML that can kill you

20 cm dragon of ML actually fit inside MC.. This part literally shook my entire soul I was like.... wHat the Fuuuuck I was like really.. you have no idea.I almost died when I read that part like really gosh omg just what the f*ck how did it actually fit... the MC should be dead already.. (okay I'm not kidding is this part a troll because.. just no way in the world this can be real right?) <<less
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DemiUchiha rated it
April 13, 2020
Status: Completed
I don't really like the MC or the ML. The both of them pissed me off the whole story, but somehow I still read it lol. I don't like how the ML treated the MC. It really doesn't seem like he loves him. I also don't like how stupid and desperate the MC acted either. This could have been way better if the author wrote the MC to be a sensible human being instead of a 10 year old child. Also I prefer smaller shous/ukes.
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laptop1130 rated it
February 20, 2020
Status: Completed
Honestly, this is all smut and from what I read, it felt more like a toxic relationship if anything. They constantly swore at each other and one was always dominating the other. Lots of manipulation from the ML which really didn't sit well with me.
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amruta rated it
January 29, 2020
Status: Completed
This is pure smut. Would have given 4 stars for the smut, if the story did not try to be romantic. The ML is a sad*st and the MC gets steam rolled by him. The MC is tamed by the s**. The ML is too abusive for this to be a love story.
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