Sickly Tyrannical


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A morbid second Young Master of the mafia meets an amateur psychologist. Swept along in darkness, tyrannical abuse and depredation, he destroyed his life.

Because in his eyes —— Love = Violence!

In the end, none of us could save anybody…

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Bing Nue
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Ritu rated it
July 11, 2017
Status: c11
It's going to very very graphic with a lot of violence. If it ain't your cup of tea then please leave. It's a story about " love" of the mentally ill. All characters are pitiful as hell and yet the story makes you read more of it. It's like that Korean manhwa killing stalking. Nothing good is happening, everything is wrong and yet you keep on reading because you are morbidly fascinated.
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Fundle rated it
February 20, 2018
Status: Completed
Everything is said in the prologue. Everything.

This story is about a love that is Tyrannical, Sickly and Tyrannical, a love thats hard to comprehend. This entire story is just to make you understand that there love is twisted one. Deep to the point of crazy, unyielding and stubborn, twisted and possessive. Both too passionate.

a Sickly Tyrannical love

... more>> The seme is crazy.

The uke is crazy to love him back.

It's been a long time since I've read something that delves deep into possessive love. To Cansheng the only way someone can love him is if they can never leave. No one should be able to love Cansheng unless Cansheng holds them so they can never fly away. But yunsheng is determined to show him that he loves him;even if that destroys him he will save Cansheng from himself. This is story is just the right amount of angst as you watch two crazy people get twisted up in each other.


This is not a tragedy! Though literally everything in the book points toward that ending.

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Justarandomnoone rated it
November 30, 2017
Status: c34
First of all, don't read this novel if you're looking for a sweet, fluffy love story. The novel is pretty twisted and the main lead is basically a yandere. I like this novel, because of the struggles between the main character and the main lead. The story is pretty deep as well. You should read this if you like yanderes. If you don't like it, just don't read it. No need to give it bad ratings. I might change the rating later, but for now I'm leaving as it is... more>> to balance out the negative ratings. <<less
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simino rated it
August 8, 2017
Status: c17
The story starts out at the end. From the very beginning you know the sick direction this story is headed. And personally I love it. The author brings great depth to the characters, and if emotional torture is your thing, the author will make you feel enough of it to satisfy you throughout the story.

Not for the faint of heart. Bring a tissue box or a pillow to cry into.
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Devil Heart
Devil Heart rated it
April 7, 2018
Status: c88
Damn I'm crying so much.. I mean.. Who won't honestly? Peoples who can read this novel from beginning until the end deserve an award including me. One thing that drive me to the present chapter probably I look forward to different ending. Even though that ending still a twisted love ending but at least voluntary from the captived part. Another is probably I feel frustrated to the MC's lack of explanation and ML's lack of patience, I always wonder what happened if MC answered ML questions this way or that... more>> way maybe it brings out a different ending? Instead of push ML away, what if he accepts him from the beginning.. What if he told ML he loves him from the beginning, what if he just let ML do whatever he wants from him cause as you know the more he disobedience the more he feels want to torture you.. ML is really selfish he only think about how scared he was MC leaving him but yet does he ever think about MC's pain? One more thing if ML said his mother hurt him cause she love him why can't MC tell him that what his mother did wasn't love it never will!! I feel like the grave mistake MC ever did was when he told ML his mother hurt, torture, lock him in dark room cause she loves him.. I'm like whaaaattt??!! He should have tell him the truth and promise him he will show a greater love than his mother or maybe he could say what his mother did is only 50% love while I will showed you my 100% love that is you need to treat person you loved kindly, tresurely, lovingly.. MC.. Dug is own grave honestly I feel like that is a death flag like no other MC affect ML a lot more that's why after he said that I feel like only storms coming ML will forever believe violence=love <<less
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B2j rated it
April 26, 2018
Status: c49
This is the embodiment of a true yandere. Not those lackluster characters that only threaten with words... yanderes are willing to hurt their love to get what they want. In the end, they are selfish and self centered. Never forget that.
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Shigure Hakuya
Shigure Hakuya rated it
April 11, 2018
Status: c86
Ugh, though it's not the first time I want an MC to die, but this story really just makes you wish for a main character to immediately end his/her life.

... more>>

Also that guy from Hong Kong gives me the creeps. He even went so far as to kidnap MC like that!

I clearly sympathise with the MC, regarding that ML didn't even gave him a chance to explain this and just directly rendered his crippled. (It makes me want to go into this novel and slap the hell out off him, though I immediately though that I'd be dead meat if that happened, sigh.)

The moments between MC and his dog really make me feel light-hearted, though after this is I'll remember that this is a freaking dark and sickly tyrannical novel.


Overall, you can't help but anticipate the next scenes to come as the scenes will render you to the edge of your seat.

A good novel for ones that needs novels that is psychological with a twist of BL. This novel is just full of mentally-ill people and you can't help but want for more fluff scenes. <<less
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Jass rated it
February 12, 2018
Status: --
Don't like it when the uke acts all naive and stupid, but you want the ML to be neigh abusive to him? This novel is perfect for you, because the MC has decent IQ and all the abuse he's put through is not because he wanted it in the first place, but because the ML is so f*cked up he r*ped, kidnapped him and spouted out all the good, cheerful things that trigger stockholme syndrome. Bonus, he gets into this sh*t 2 f*cking times by 2 f*cked up male leads.... more>> Seriously the story is basically the MC suffers even though he tries to struggle, even when he tries to accept his fate and cope. Literally no god damn ass happy ending for him unless he dies.

It's so f*cking depressing, both male leads are assholes towards the MC, its hard to even say which one is the greater evil. But if you enjoy the MC going through a sh*t load of torture, this is for you!

(more of my opinions in here)

Oof, this is pretty grim. There is a lot triggering things. The story involves the MC being kidnapped, r*ped and abused by the male lead. It doesn't dare try to romanticize this - the situations the MC goes through because of his 'boyfriend' are horrific, and utterly saddening. There are some cute moments around them but it's quite clear even in those that the male lead has incredibly low empathy and that the majority of the time he disregards the MC's feelings. It's very tragic, as all the of the cast has some sort of trauma with depth as their backstory, MC included. Do not expect a happy ending for this novel, the best possible scenario where the MC gets a happy ending is when he breaths his last breath.

Do not treat this as some random garbage yaoi novel that's only written to fetisize the situation. It's much more than that.

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Samoubyt rated it
January 25, 2019
Status: --
First things first, I stopped halfway through.

This story would be more enjoyable if the MC wasn’t so... accepting. Even before it became worse.

Spoilers maybe, idk what counts.

... more>> MC clearly shouldn’t have been a psychologist because he can’t even recognize Stockholm syndrome, even when it (literally) hits him in the face.

He also knew ML was messed up, and still allowed him to get closer. Sorry sweety, you’re not the MC of a BL romance novel. Your love won’t magically reform this psycho demon into a loyal harmless puppy.

Also, the suffering he should be feeling just really feels casual sometimes.

Not enough mental torment or resentment either. There was only 1 good scene... -sigh- So much pain, yet not enough fear of the ML.

Though the brainwashing from the ML cronies was pretty obvious.

Guy: You must understand, he’s been abused and traumatized his whole life!

MC: I understand. I’m also being abused and traumatized right now. <<less
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J rated it
November 29, 2017
Status: c3
this story wants to be taken seriously. It gives you an overly dramatic premise - and while this might work with other authors, this one apparently didn't do a lot of research. Suspension of disbelief-wise. Nah.

plus, a bad portrayal of mental illness which further promotes and romanticizes stereotypes. Anyway, if you're gonna write about a violent deranged person (which in reality is a very rare case), you better do it as excellent as silence of the lambs or something.

other stories taken up by this group though, I give a thumbs... more>> up. Which is probably why this one feels like a disappointment. <<less
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Empress M
Empress M
October 11, 2019
Status: Completed
Woah. I’m actually surprised that there are a lot of 5 stars and less 1 stars for a book like this, filled with violence. Must be quite a lot of people that like this kind of stuff o.O

My mind might be a little twisted, indulging in these kinds of abusive stories, but eh. Not alone tho. Everyone has their tastes.
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Vanilla with Me
Vanilla with Me rated it
August 27, 2019
Status: prologue
First. I felt hurt for the MC. Second I hope the ML will change in the future and will trust his MC. Third. The story is good
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
JohnnyCakes rated it
April 4, 2019
Status: Completed
Wow. I’m fine with all that violence and triggering stuff. I just hate how it goes. I would give it a much lower score, but it was enjoying to read and I’m glad it was made.

... more>>

I really dislike the ending. Although it is labelled a “happy ending” I think it is more of a bad ending. CanSheng doesn’t learn and YunSheng keeps suffering. I think it would’ve been better if YunSheng actually died, and CanSheng realised his mistakes. Oh well.


despite all that, it was an interesting read, a bit different from the usual rebirth novels. It’s so frustrating and painful seeing all the things YunSheng goes through.

It kind of reminds me of “Gaze at the Scenes of Debauchery” which I highly recommend you read!

but yes. I still dislike this book. <<less
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nixxara rated it
September 3, 2018
Status: extra 2
I’m so sad. This is one messed up story with some messed up characters. I just wish the ending showed more of a positive change rather than just settling.

Honestly, it’s a 4 Star. It made me want to read it but inside I was really unwilling to continue. I just needed to know what happened next so I somehow finished it. Sigh.
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Nashi00 rated it
March 23, 2018
Status: c83
Either it's your cup of tea or not.

As stated in many of the reviews, there are violent, r*pe, abuse etc.

But really, it's so sad, I felt like crying every time.... I like this story very much!

... more>> Of course there are happy moments but following by that are sad moments... Everything went well between MC and ML, they had their blissful moments (although still violent s*x and so) but then that bastard destroyed everything *rolls eyes*

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Hyperkaoru rated it
February 7, 2018
Status: v69
This heavy taste does not suit everybody. It got imprisonment, violent, bloodplay, mindplay, drug, r*pe, child abuse, domestic violation and so on. I usually love fluffy novel with a little bit Yandere ML like "Reader and protagonist" but I could not say this is bad. It got such a low rate because people mostly could not stomached it. If you could, this novel has a good mind play and not so much gore that would completely turn you off. Now I give it 4 stars because actually, I prefer second... more>> ML more. He got such a complex as deep as first ML but comparing between Hurting a body or destroy a mind, the later is more fasinated for me. <<less
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