I Will Eventually Become the Hero of Justice


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As a six-year-old, Shirou Emiya has not yet experienced the Fourth Holy Grail War, and his parents are still alive. In order to live a fulfilling life, he decides to avoid the war and the responsibility of being a hero of justice. Instead, he uses his knowledge of the future to amass great wealth and reach the pinnacle of life!


Eliminating All the World’s Evil…

Prevent the eradication of mankind…

Crushing the conspiracy of the Demon God King…

Saving the Pan-Human History…

My path seems to be getting more and more off track…

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New Zenftiy rated it
February 27, 2023
Status: --
Cool to see my fav chinese fic get translate.

I can't say much because its too long since I read it but the story is about MC who transmigrated into Shirou child body at Fate/Zero timeline before Shirou meet Kiritsugu and have peace family.

But unfortunately his peace come to end when he get kidnapped by Ryuusuke and his blood get used to summon servant. Without other choice, he manipulating all other servant mental with his knowledge in order to survive at fourth holy grail war.

Im love this fic so much because... more>> the MC will travel in all Nasuverse world including Camelot timeline.

Anyway, sorry for my bad eng. This is my first review in this web. <<less
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