I Was Once a Legend


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Eight years ago, Cui Zuojing passed the final level set by the “Queen” and became the first person to have ever escaped from the Pure White Realm. But his time was frozen forever at the moment he left—the day of his sixteenth birthday.

Eight years later, he snuck back to that nightmare world and became a “prisoner” for novice player Dong Zheng.

That day, the monsters of the Pure White Realm once again recalled the fear of being dominated by the devil.

Dong Zheng didn’t have any affections for this little devilish youth at first, but with the mutual support of life and death, he gradually realized—Not good. He seems to be… a big shot!

Riding on endless trains, crossing time and space, the white-faced clown at the end of the railway smiled and handed out the invitation letter.

“Welcome to the Pure White Realm! This is the nightmare of the world, a gambler’s paradise. As long as you have enough chips, any wishes can be satisfied. But if you leave before the end of the game, we’ll charge a certain loss-fee. For example, your life!”

“Now then, please show your chips.”

And, like eight years ago, Cui Zuojing didn’t hesitate to bet on his own feelings.

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frozenlimabeans rated it
June 23, 2020
Status: Completed
I quite like how everyone is mildly suspicious of the MC, like "why is he so powerful for a prisoner" or "Wow, what a powerful player" but everyone also undermines him due to his youthful looks.

The romance is quite slow, only advancing once chapter 100 is reached. But every single hint before was just glorious and I quite like their equal relationship which I'm always a sucker for.

There are some confusing parts and weird "cuts" to certain scenes, but it doesn't disrupt the story. There was satisfaction in finishing the story.

Multiple times in the story, all the characters experience some "bad endings" and make you really wonder if it's the ending for them. But, no! They do all get their happy endings in one way or another. It isn't forced at all and in fact feels really smooth into the progression of their happy endings. There isn't a moment where you pause and wonder what is happening or why the author did it. It just makes sense for that world. Thus, Good World Building


Something else I really liked were the side couples: oh boy were they just as good as the main CP. Equal relationships and interesting dynamics!

Lastly, everything is interwoven. There isn't really a firm "fate" or "destiny" that the characters were forced to follow.

Rather, it's intricate, years of planning on the part of the character. They all quite literally worked themselves to the bone to achieve their happiness and they earned it. There is no doubt about it


This will remain one of my top novels in my list.
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Ritsuka rated it
January 19, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel needs more recognition!

After my BL novel count has reached too high, I rarely find novels that can hype me. Normally its just me going through them with a blank face after the novelty has worn off. But this, this actually belongs to the excellent category of BLs. Its nothing groundbreaking but its well planned, well thought out and was really hype inducing that I binged it in just a few days. Even these 300 chapters weren't enough, the author could have expanded it more! And I would have... more>> enjoyed it! My review is gonna be long, so bear with me a bit and hopefully you'll convinced to read it!

-First of all, that description is just total bull! This is such a great novel but this summary not only turns others away but also made me hesitant for a long time on whether to read it or not! The description describes the MC as super OP and having connections with all the bosses. So what I had in mind was a total clownish MC who's arrogantly OP just going thru everything easily while meeting past acquaintances with a cold faced ML who got some brain! And oh boi how wrong this is! The MC is not OP by any way nor is he clownish and stuff. This is such a serious plot based novel ruined by the summary!

-Talking about the real plot, its quite unique if I say so myself. It give an isekai-ish feeling. People die and are then transported to another world called "Pure White Realm" which actually has different levels and layers as towns with accommodations/organisations and different shops for players. Players must go thru different worlds/boxes and do their tasks to earn points and by earning points, they can move to different levels and then meet the queen to request their return to their previous lives.A pilgrimage of sorts! And the world surprisingly follows the Alice in wonderland themes making it super interesting! Our MC is someone who actually was successful in his pilgrimage (a legend to be precise) but was stuck in his 16 y/o self eternally by the queen's curse and now he is back to get his revenge and his time back! But he gets summoned by some newbie who held the prisoner card by mistake (and there goes all his plans down the drain~) and gets stuck with him and thus their adventure starts! (Bro this already sounds so freakin amazing, if you are a fantasy nerd just like me and if this doesn't move you? Then idk what will)

-The MC (Cui Zuojing) is not OP or clownish and doesn't have all the bosses as friends as I also mentioned above! The MC is a badass! Yes a really cool and epic one at that! I love him! He has his own principles! He's chaotic neutral type but kind deep down within. He is proud/arrogant but only because he's got the skills to back it up. He's strong but he's not all brawn but no brains. He's witty and intelligent and can survive by himself! Witty enough to hide his lack of emotions from nearly everyone. Plus his commanding and training everyone just enhances his charisma! He's a natural leader! And I love that the author gave him all his qualities and didn't make him second to the ML. He was only slightly overpowered in the novice boxes but later on he could only deal with stuff in his own power so no OPness here! He was trained meticulously in the past and has his own ability.I love that despite going through horrible experiences at 16, he never gave up. Even tho he suffered from loneliness all these years and with the whole system against him trying to trap him, he still struggled to achieve his goals (my heart ached for him so much! Wanted to give him hugs). He never lost sight of his goals!Never gave up hope! (Exactly what attracted the ML to him)

-The ML (Dong Zheng) is really different in this one. He's not some cold faced intelligent character. But someone who had closed off his shell due to his own circumstances and was observant/witty and willing to work hard.I love how he developed so much after encountering the MC and finally solving his problems! His development was really good! Like its my first time seeing an ML catch up to MC instead of the other way around and it was seriously great to see the ML's wishes to get stronger so he can protect the MC as he had already noticed how the MC always protected him in all scenarios subconsciously.i love how he was just smitten with the MC loving everything about him. Plus his corny words! UwU and Lol his struggle about seeing the MC grown up and him wanting to be beaten up the MC thinking 'if only that was me' xDD.

-The romance is natural slow burn and it was really sweet and cute to read it. Both of them always saved each other from perilous situations and worked together to survive. The ML finally got a person who helped him leave his past behind and the MC was finally freed of his loneliness due to being stuck as a prisoner of time eternally. No wonder they fell in love. But they both had reservations at start. The MC had to check if this person could help him achieve his goals while the ML felt that the MC was dangerous and was ready to get rid of him if proven dangerous to him and his brother. So they both were on guard against each other and it was a treat to read how they communicated and worked their way around that and became teammates who could leave their back to each other and companions who could share their secrets with each other! I love how they stood as equals! And I'm so grateful that after they got together, they both didn't turn into some mushy/brainless ooc fools and still focused on their goals. The plot wasn't left behind for the romance (which most novels do) but was balanced with it! So I, being fan of both romance and plot based novels, loved that!

-Moving to the side characters, Can I say that I haven't seen more well fleshed out side characters than in this novel? I loved that it wasn't just about the MC and ML with everyone being just some passerbys or damsel in distress companions. Rather the MC and ML built their own team, recruting their own companions to go through their adventures! Its such a whole new take in a BL and I loved it absolutely! I loved how the author gave every character their own setting and past! And their own development! And how they each played an essential role in the story and weren't damsel in distress. They were really fleshed out and actually felt 3D.i really loved them all! I'll introduce them a bit in the spoilers

The development of Dong Linhai was just *chef's kiss*From him being overly dependent on his brother to finally becoming an independent adult who can take on his own burdens, this change was super satisfying.

Wang Que overcoming her past trauma and moving forward was really good too! She was such a nice girl. Its actually rare to see such a likable female character in a BL! Plus he was a fujo like us xDDD and she even intoduced these all boys squad to ABO xDD

Victor was such a gentle character! I loved him a lot! I loved how they all got their own screen time!

And lets not forget to mention my favourite character Lin Hangzhi! I bet everyone just loves him as much as I do! He was the true comedic relief in the story with all his shenanigans with his good and bad luck and pffft his reactions to it! How he actually always tripped on air or on his own foot xD. Plus that meteor when they facing Cerebrus and he had just given up on life ahahaha. His almost choking on a leaf while CZJ and nana were battling xD! I'm glad he actually got Xiao Xia at the end tho! So happy for him!

Allen was a true bro! And I loved how gentle and elegant Fu Zhe was and ofc how can we forget Luo Yan who set everything in motion.

And the side CPs were actually really good! Like I'm surprised! I haven't ever found any side CP which I loved like the main CP because authors actually just take space from the main couple which makes it annoying. But the side CPs romance was slow and steady in the background along with the main romance and you just couldn't help but root for them all!They were so freakin wholesome! I love all of the side CPs in it!

-The setting of this is pretty realistic and get ready for some angst because there is no 'they are the main characters so they are safe' cause you'll be hit hard! And some moments of this novel are really just freakin amazing! Enough to give you chills! Be it the part when CZJ talked about his past to DZ or the part when Victor was contemplating about life the time his 2nd seal was going to be broken. Morality vs the party was chill inducing! (No spoilers) The author has used a lot of references from different works and I love how she integrated them into plot and I love myself a well thought out philosophy and dialogues! You will be mesmerised!Plus the overshadowing will take you by surprise. You'll love how it connects from the beginning to the end! A full circle!

-Each instance/box held different storylines not only horror like different UFs but rather also sci-fi/fantasy/ancient settings with great diversity so you won't be bored! Each box/world was really fun to go through! And I like that the author had different settings and didn't just stick to horror.

-About the ending and extras,

ok bro everything was going alright but the ending was seriously rushed? Like the Party could have trained more and gained more experience! And the heirs were just dealt with like what thats it? Like add some more action, feels and struggle! Why just take them out so simply and crudely! Plus the Queen too was taken out just like that.I admit that Wang Que killing her and being the next queen was a shock and well thought out (really good foreshadowing through out the plot) but EXM this was supposed to CZJ's revenge dude! He was just reduced to a mere passerby! It didn't feel satisfying at all! That Domingo part too! Like the author could have gone stein's gate route and let Domingo be from some failed timeline where everyone failed and it would have been so exiting and angsty! But well the never ending cycle in the same timeline plot works too. (Once again great foreshadowing and a well thought out plot! Author, I never suspected domingo having such an important role when he first appeared) I liked the extras tho, having chapters for each CP and giving them a way to be connected to the pure white realm satisfied me.I like how the Author handled the Fu Zhe and Cerebrus ship because there didn't seem to be much solution no matter how you thought but I liked the author's resolution about it sooo much!but the author never clarified about the Dong Linhai and Wang Que CP! Did they stay together thru dreams in the end or no??? Except the rushed part, the ending is really realistic tho. Its bittersweet and not the happy one where everything just gets solved happily. Even tho it made me wet my pillow with tears, I appreciate it.


This is such a great novel and I really had a great time reading it so thats why I wish more people pick it up! Don't read that troll of a description but give it a try yourself! The first arc is okayish and info dump but it just hets better and better as you move on! 10/10 I recommend everyone to read it! <<less
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TragicReader rated it
July 24, 2020
Status: c7
Very interesting! The premise itself is nothing new, but the dynamic of the op MC and the not-so-op ML is definitely refreshing!

But the actual reason I'm leaving this review is that the author seems to be a fan of SCP's, and sprinkles references to them throughout the story! I love SCP's so this novel is an instant like, and the fact that it seems to be a genuinely well written novel doesn't hurt either.

Obviously I can't comment too much on the quality of the novel as I haven't read a... more>> lot of it, but from the other reviews and the chapters I have read, I have high expectations for the rest of the book.

If you are a fellow SCP fan, or enjoyed other stories of the bl survival/horror genre, give this one a try! <<less
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Axvii rated it
November 13, 2020
Status: Completed
An unexpected worth reading novel.

At first, I expected to read a bland novel, due to the countless unlimited flow novels I've seen.

This was better than the expectations as the reality is. It was so good I went and bought chapters form the books original site.
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Kiki0246 rated it
July 27, 2020
Status: c52
This is one of my favourite novels that I have no idea why it has so little readers even though it has a fast release speed and amazing plot. I love the MC sooooo much and the plot's great. Highly recommend~
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L0GIC rated it
November 2, 2020
Status: --
I love it. It's not boring lmao, the MC doesn't know everything that's gonna happen since he didn't travel back in time but went back to the realm itself. He is the new master of the element of time but don't forget he can't control it and is the prisoner of it, basically the prologue explained this already, that the queen did that to him. I personally enjoy this, which is why I'm a bit confused since I have high standards lmao. I don't care if a novel is famous... more>> or not, as long as it's really good, then I'm reading it. And if I really like it or love it, I would show it off to my friends or to people online proudly haha.


I love how the novel is purely based on the realm and the fights, and that everything is so oddly realistic especially with some deaths of one of our loved characters : (They weren't kidding in the prologue.


The pacing is really good, the characters are portrayed really well, and the development isn't noticeable but you definitely know it's there. We readers won't know it until we see some scenes hehe. It's realistic on the romance part too. Everything is so well done and normal. It's like the entire novel is in real life, since the development is also like what it should be if their current situation were to happen to anyone.

Anyways, this is a great novel. I am saddened by the fact that not many people read it, or there could be a lot but they just chose to hide themselves from the internet. I hope the novel gets the recognition it deserves. I think it's not that famous mainly because the cover is kinda empty. The prologue/description is what brought me here though. I just love it. I love everyone in this novel.


There's a lot of mystery that will be solved and questions that will be answered that keeps appearing in this novel. It makes me kinda excited. The concept of boxes makes me thrilled too. Every single box has a literal life of its own, which makes me happy. I love it.

I can't wait for the day when Cui Zoujing's emotions are finally back, and we can finally see how he really feels ;)

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
October 29, 2020
Status: c139
I'd recommend this a read! This is a pretty good unlimited flow survival game series. There's really not that much horror. The survival games are much more about action and mystery.

Beware. I think many readers are put off by the initial chapters and the synopsis/title. I think this series gets a lot better later on. Here were some of my gripes with the initial (first 40-50) chapters.

  • The title, synopsis, and the first few chapters make the MC appear to be OP, so the beginning kind of lacks tension. The MC is still currently the main attack force, but he's not OP. There's plenty of suspense in later chapters and the boxes are not a breeze to clear.
  • There was a lot of info dump in the early chapters talking about different characters and different abilities. We not only go through MC's current team, we also go through all his former teammates' abilities.
  • There is a lot of unclear POV switching in the initial chapters. It jumped between character perspectives a lot, and I found it pretty disorienting in the beginning. This has gotten a lot better in later chapters.
After getting through the initial chapters, I started to really like the series:

  • Even though this is styled as an unlimited flow series, there's a very clear end scenario and proper story progression. The MC's setting and background isn't just a placeholder background! There are properly characterized enemies who are on the move. As the MC's current team progresses, more and more is revealed about the story.
  • The love progression between the MC and ML is slow, but it's very subtle and sweet. I'm a real sucker for this couple.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 26, 2020
Status: --

After defeating the queen, one of their girl teammates (The one who has the ability to control bugs) became the next queen (The MC tried to kill the queen but since he is a male he didn't inherit the throne, which sucks. He could be a mighty god/overlord or something). After the ascension of a new queen, everything is over, everyone goes back to their own lives in the real world. Everything goes back to normal.

But wait, is it? Cause, in the end, they seem to have retained their power, but only a little bit. The MC should still have his time ability, so... he could still become a powerful god. Maybe he could visit that world and see how it turned out under the ruling of his teammate. I kind of want to see the new nightmare world.

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Fudanshi Coco
Fudanshi Coco rated it
June 29, 2020
Status: c119
Ah... this is a good novel if you are interested with mystery, conspiracies, and such. I also love the pace of the romance between the ML and MC. I must admit that I didn't put much hope with it due to their difference but... alas, I must admit, it was one of those which felt real.

I am actually looking for spoilers because there's a question I want to be answered, due to reading MTL I am quite dizzy and unsure with my conjectures. I will read the novel again from... more>> the start after it was completely translated.

Definitely a worth read... so far. Loving it. <<less
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August 7, 2021
Status: c1
Before I read this novel, I read quite a lot of comments and reviews comparing it to The World is Online, and yes I see some elements that are indeed similar where the ML in this story uses some kind of math things to solve the problem.

But for me it is not enough, because the method is only used a few times. Besides that, instead of The World is Online, I feel the story has a plot that is more like Kaleidoscope Of Death (But with fewer elements of horror,... more>> because the novel is more highlighted the elements of thriller and action).

The story of this novel itself is very unstable.

At the beginning of the story, this novel describes a story that has a typical fantasy adventure story with very overpowered MC and etc.

Towards the middle of the story the novel begins to depict a serious theme, which is actually very good.

The bad thing is that towards the end, the way the author describes every box that is MC entered is getting worse and worse. There are also some side plots and main plots that is very unsatisfactory.


One example is in the betrayal of the MC group.

Fu Zhe is described as a person whose the soul is split into three. Where one of his souls is morality that can even kill his other self (souls) for his own sake.

But instead of making him the traitor, the author describes Nana (one of Mc's friends in the previous team) as the traitor.

Nana is described as a person who from the beginning was always alone (This is was before she finally entered the team). She was also known as the member who was most afraid of losing her teammates which was the reason she always alone and did not enter any team before.

Besides the fact that her character is opposite with traitor things. The reason why she entered the enemy's team itself is also doesn't make sense. It says the reason why she joining enemy's team on his own was because she felt lonely, which it was against her initial character twice.

While on the other hand Fu Zhe has proven to have a very strong selfish side which is not just a description but there has been an action (Morality).

Not to mention the Soul that is not connected to Fu Zhe until the end is his kindness soul (Which means that he has a very high morality dominant trait)


For the romance in this novel I personally think it's too contrived and too fast.

It's like ML saying "I like you" and the MC replied "Me too" in 5 minutes.

I mean, there is a lot of stories depict this kind of romance.

But it must be in accordance with the characters and the initial depiction of the characters in this story is that both of them have independent adult traits.

The way the author suddenly make them sticky like other general BL novel (Big boss ML with innocent MC) is just doesn't match at all. <<less
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BaiYihan rated it
October 12, 2020
Status: c31
I like the story but it feels boring as well. The MC already knows everything that´s going to happen and he´s friends with all of the bosses in some way. He has a blood contract with who I´m assuming is the ML so even if he doesn´t actively help out all the time you know he´s not going to die. That kind of takes all the suspense out of it. The cat is a fun character too but he´s so trusting of anyone who looks even remotely childish because his... more>> kids were sweethearts when he was still alive. All in all, I just wish the author had thought through their character descriptions a bit more than they did. <<less
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secondthots rated it
August 27, 2021
Status: Completed
Thrilling action, extremely confusing brain teasers, & hot sexual tension—this novel is gonna take you guys on a ride.

“At this moment, Dong Zheng clearly felt that his fingertips were trembling slightly and his heart was pounding frantically.

There was a voice in his heart, telling him very clearly—

... more>> I’m done for.”


This novel excels in its twists & turns. I think overall it was a really good plot & I loved the foreshadowing. It’s pretty detailed, a lot of fun, & you get to fall in love with the characters. My con is that sometimes it has the tendency to get sidetracked. There were some arcs that I had to literally muster up my entire strength to power through & other events that I felt were irrelevant but just so happened to be included. The ending is cute & an HE but it wasn’t at all what I was expecting. It seems a bit anticlimatic, but the buildup made sense.

My favorite CP:


OK as much as I adore the main CP, I am a sucker for Cerberus & Fu Zhe. Everything about them- the hot tension, the master x servant theme, the angst, the longing- I was sooo hooked. A little bitter that the extras did little to sate my craving for this couple, but all in all it was ok

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crownprince rated it
July 30, 2021
Status: Completed
What a gem! A good read, took me 4 days to complete it. Although there might be minor inconsistencies (not sure due to negligence or on purpose) such as ... more>>

the MC's feeling other emotions even though he said he sealed his emotions. But then again, the blood contract made him feel some emotions from ML. At the same time, the clown might have deliberately sealed only certain emotions such as empathy, such that MC can feel emotions such as curiosity, etc.

Then again, such novel has to be reread before you capture the details you missed in your first read.

Chaos Library portion is a nice surprise where readers has the chance to choose the route it wants the ML to go. Of course, with 3 routes, not all the narration perfectly aligns. But it's a interesting inclusion in the novel that matches the box.

The novel wasn't boring in a sense that although the author had the opportunity to write more arcs (boxes), potentially having even 400 or more chapters, the author still appropriately reined in and only wrote the arcs with appropriate development (unlike some other stories where certain arcs felt like fillers to the point I felt the story could have ended way earlier). The pacing was good, even though 300+ chapters is still a pretty long novel.

Satisfactory ending, although the Pure White Realm and its higher beings remains a mystery. It is regardless a good ending for the team. Nevertheless while tears are shed, I'm glad that the ending is something that is reasonable.

Lastly, kudos and good job to the translator for the hard work in translating the novel! <<less
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idksevky rated it
October 5, 2020
Status: c121
Oh damn, the rating was supposed to be a five-star idk why I clicked four-star. Anyway, I don't usually write reviews for books but I just feel a strong attachment to this one. In my opinion, this definitely deserved the high rating it got. From the incorporation of the different myths, SCPs, and bible characters to the smooth (in my opinion) world-building, to the slow burn romance (this one got me good sjfhsaufh), this definitely became on of my top novels.

I love Cui Zuojing so much I can't even express... more>> it in words (I'm not exaggerating) and the switch-up of a stereotypical OP ML and weak-at-first-but-then-became-strong MC made me go AAAAAAA


I dunno if this is spoiler but I'm just gonna tag it as one just in case. I'm currently at the part where they left Domingo back to face the Demon God and on to the next box (?) and I'm just gonna say that I have mixed feelings for the man like sjdfas sTOP iT I feel like I'm not gonna like it when he becomes a love-rival hshdshd


Edit: I'm at chapter 320 now and


I suspected Domingo's identity after I left my previous review and I'm really shocked to see that I *am* right. Domingo's actions towards Cui Zuojing had been suspicious, enough for me to suspect that he is Dong Zheng, or at least he's related to Dong Zheng.

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dee_ism rated it
November 21, 2021
Status: --
I love this kind of story but I can't give full stars due to I feel that it lacks something.

The plot is overall good, but the execution is a bit underwhelming, especially the ending. Sometimes I feel it's a bit boring and I can't feel the excitement or thrill. But it's just my opinion.

Still, if you like this kind of genre, then please do read it.
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myheartgoesbadumpforyou rated it
September 26, 2021
Status: Completed
honestly, almost the whole novel was amazing. The only problem is that.. The ending was extremely underwhelming.. Like.. Way too much. Honestly this book could've gone till 400 chapters, and it would've been wayyy better. The ending just happened way too quick. I liked the conclusion but it should've been spread out more.. And just not so.. Underwhelming..
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Liwff rated it
July 31, 2021
Status: Completed
1st of all, thank you translator for the job well done. 👏 Took me about 7 days to finish this. And I must say, I don't regret reading this book.

If you like a long story full of adventures and plot twists here and there, please give this book a try.

The amount of romance is adequate and the storyline are just mind-blowing.

I'll forever remember this book. That's how good it is.
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Lui_lui rated it
December 13, 2020
Status: c7
At first I thought that this novel is not amazing because recently all of the modern, sci-fi, games etc. Novels that I have read are so bland and uninteresting but I didn't drop it immediately for hoping that this story is different. And now, I am glad that I chose not to dropped it or else I may be regretful right now. The feeling that I am seeking for is now alive in me again. The thrill that I haven't feel for a long time came back but I have... more>> this feeling that something bad will happen in the novel. Idk why but I will face it because this novel is a masterpiece. <<less
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iamblair rated it
June 15, 2022
Status: Completed
I love this! There was never a dull moment in this novel. The adventures, friendship, and romance are all here. I love all of the members of the team together with the helpers but Lin Hangzhi is my favorite. He makes everything comical whenever he appears. What I like about this novel the most is the fact that even if the MC and others seems OP, they still have their own weak moments which made reading more thrilling. Every arc was also written very well. However, like the others, I... more>> also think that the ending seemed to be a bit rushed. I think that more fighting scenes at the final battle which will depict the extent of their struggle would make it better. Anyway, I think that overall, this novel is good. It deserves more recognition and readers. <<less
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shuulys rated it
April 15, 2022
Status: Completed
Awesome!!! It's a little long but it never bored me. I was very surprised because at first I only wanted to read something about unlimited flow or with different arcs. So when I came upon this I decided to give it a shot. It turned out better than what I had expected :> Every arc is filled with adventure and mystery which made me really invested in it. I especially love how our MC, Cui Zuo Jing, is once an OP character but after he returned back to the pure... more>> white realm, he had to slowly build up his strength again. Though he was still strong compared to the newbies, he was still far from who he was once, which made it more realistic.

I also loved how our ML, Dong Zheng, decided to work hard and improve himself so as to not pull the MC down. Afterall, they are linked by the prisoner card.

The relationship between the MC and ML is really sweet. I saw one of the reviews that mentioned that this novel is a slow burn but honestly, I did not feel that way. The pacing was great and they kind of got together (?) midway? Though midway is still over 100+ chapters, there were still many cute and sweet moments before they got together so it greatly satisfied my heart :))

The plot twist really shocked me though... I mean I had some suspicions but still, I never expected that person to be the one who betrayed the whole 'Afternoon Tea Party' team :// A real spoiler below. Dont open it unless you want to be spoiled. I suggest you dont though... it kinda takes the fun out from your reading experience :)


NANAAAAAAAAAAAA HOW COULD U :" ( I was still so happy when CZJ and Victor found Nana in the middle of the sea. That scene was so heartwarming that it hurt like a b*tch when she back stabbed them in the Rose Castle (?) box. She even caused the deaths of most of the members of the Wanton Insurgency team. Even our dear ML's little brother died... wuwu


Anyways, I love the extras!! Super cute.

I was still wondering how our MC will cope in the real life since I felt that he is more suitable for a life in the pure white realm (Adventures and excitements. Somewhere where he could really showcase his talents and abilities since after going back to the real world the first time, he was not able to further his studies or have a proper life.). But thank god, he was still able to visit the pure white realm and his friends in his dreams. Not just him but the rest of the teammates were able to go back too, which made the ending extra sweet and lovely. Also, I think that Fu Zhe and Cerberus relationship at the very end is super cute. Fu Zhe really needs someone to dote on him more :// He has suffered so much for so long in that huge castle that I hope he is able to gain happiness. I wanna give him a big hug and pat his head :<

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