I Was Adopted By A Dragon In Another World


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Luya transmigrated to a strange post-apocalyptic world.

When she woke up, she found herself trapped inside a cage at a monster’s market, ready to be sold as fresh meat.

In this world, monsters run rampant and humans are powerless. The era of civilization is over, and the remainder of humanity struggles on the verge of extinction.

Dragons like humans very much, similar to how humans are fond of cats. Just before Luya was about to be butchered, an actual dragon bought Luya and carried her back to his lair.

The first gift the dragon gave Luya was the human prince who had been turned into a dog by a warlock.

Dragon: Now go cook and eat it.

Luya: ???

This is a crafting and technology-focused story. The heroine transmigrates into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Starting from the dragon’s lair, she builds things from scratch, employs science, and helps mankind regain civilization and order.

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Adopted By A Dragon
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yuzuki rated it
September 25, 2020
Status: Completed
Hiyo, is it shameless for the translator to leave a review?

I got into this story because it somehow hits everything that I like. I love dragons (like, actual dragons, not those silly dragon-bloodline humans), fantasize about dragons, and I would marry a dragon if I could lol. In a sense, this is very similar to the protagonist.

The author clearly enjoys many games. Her story is inspired by Final Fantasy XIV and has a strong JRPG influence. The protagonist is very self-sufficient and proactive, and she is certainly the hero of... more>> the work. She does not count on anyone to save her, and becomes fairly epic/powerful as the story progresses.

This novel is divided into four arcs, and each arc has a unique setting/atmosphere. The first arc begins on the dragon's volcano and is fairly slice-of-life/crafting focused. Starting from the second arc, the plot unfolds and Luya is pulled into this massive conspiracy involving the fate of the entire world (no joke), so the plot does get very intense.

If you are here for the romance, it doesn't really start to pick up until the third arc. The author is a tease and Farus is so gentle — they are kind of a quasi- couple but not really, and I was dying for them to officially get together but it doesn't happen until the very end. The heroine is kind of a pervert, by the way, hahaha.

Overall, I liked all of it! But then again, my tastes may be a little weird... <<less
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Goldeneyeddragon rated it
October 2, 2020
Status: c16
Very cute and interesting story, I like the worldbuilding and how smart and resourceful our heroine is.

And the translation is great - the translator even includes author's notes and explanations about uncommon terms used in the chapter.
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Bib rated it
October 17, 2020
Status: c25
This novel is a hidden gem. Story is quite interesting and the protagonist was born to be a comedian. I was laughing a lot reading this. Quality of translation is excellent. You can’t convey the hilarity if translation is subpar but this translator delivered it right.

Here’s some dialogue that had me rolling in laughter:


... more>> Luya quickly changed her mind, and started to eat the roasted meat in front of the Shiba Inu. She also asked if the red dragon wanted to have some.

【No, you’re too thin. Eat more of it yourself.】

... Oh f*ck!

Listen, what kind of fairy boyfriend response is this?

She clearly remembered that the priests said that she was a god-slayer, that she would destroy the Grandina Continent, and have a sexual affair with the evil dragon...

The only thing that was somewhat plausible was having a sexual affair with the evil dragon... wait, actually no! It was impossible for her to have that kind of relationship with a dragon! <<less
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skill rated it
June 10, 2021
Status: c19
I was really disappointed with the main character.

... more>>

the story started out great then she came across some goblins robbed them.

they came to get their stuff back and she attacks then ens*aves them and her excuse is they are unintelligent despite them clearly speaking. She declares her self "messiah, goblin-slayer, dragon knight, star of another world, and survivor of humanity, will become the new master of you measly goblins.” its only chapter 19 : (world building crushed in an instant the author probably spent too much time watching game of thrones.

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LuneyLune rated it
September 26, 2020
Status: Completed
It's a nice lax story. It's not the most intricate when it comes to plot and neither is it super straight to the point. The good thing about this story is that the characters that matter to the overall plot are fleshed out to a decent degree

A 3 for the story as it's short and sweet. A 4.3 for translation quality. (I'm referring to Yuzu's Milk Tea's translation.)

I recommend you read this when you're bored or want something fluffy.
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theAlienHuntsman rated it
October 21, 2020
Status: c16
The Idea of the Story is better, then my rating.

I think also, that the stile is good and the translator did a perfect job!

But it's nothing for me, all the references to overworking yourself is something, which put's me of, greatly!


We must have a snobby prince in one of the most admirable dog races?


For better understanding a detailed rating:

  • Setting: *****
  • World building: *****
  • Characters: ***
  • Entertainment:**
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