I Thought I Picked up a Girl Who Had Fallen Down, but It Turned Out To Be the Future Demon Lord


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It’s been 25 years since I found myself reincarnated in another world. I’m a traveler by profession, otherwise known as unemployed.

While I was wandering around, trying to enjoy fantasy from top to bottom, I encountered an injured dragon girl.

As she looked at me, the image of the Demon Lord from the smartphone game I had played in my previous life came back to my mind.

She is a powerful opponent who is a great enemy of humankind, a brave man pulls out his sword and confronts the demon lord to get rid of it.


In front of me, there is a girl whose clan was destroyed by humans and struggled to survive even if it became tattered.

At this rate, her destination is the two characters of ruin.

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10/25/21 Noice Translations c19 part2
10/25/21 Noice Translations c19 part1
10/24/21 Noice Translations c18 part2
10/23/21 Noice Translations c18 part1
10/22/21 Noice Translations c17 part2
10/22/21 Noice Translations c17 part1
10/21/21 Noice Translations c16.5
10/20/21 Noice Translations c16 part2
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10/16/21 Noice Translations c14 part2
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10/14/21 Noice Translations c13 part1
10/12/21 Noice Translations c12 part2
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New ilLUMIAnated rated it
October 15, 2021
Status: c13 part2
While a part of me wants more novels that focus deeply on adventuring and conversations with people and less on combat to drive the plot forward, the other half of me wants to experience this particular writing style being used for combat encounters.

(I'm not very sure if I can explain this correctly. Some slice of life novels deliver exactly what I'm articulating here when it comes to the ambience of the story. Think "Kino no tabi", where it is psychological, adventurous and does it's combat scenes justice. It's just... more>> that they are really hard to find.)

World building with little breathing room to spare in terms of chapter length and volume is a challenging task without coming off as a case study (Think of "I only summon slimes" as a victim to that challenge). I applaud efforts of adding subtleties such as hinting on a RPG-esque skill system without elaborating further in order to prevent it from distracting the readers.

The author wants their reader to breathe in the mana-heavy air and feel the demon king's bloodthirsty gaze on their skin. But, they fell short in trying to achieve that immersion. It's as if you're in a nice dream and someone suddenly starts poking the inside of your throat with a really old pair of chopsticks.

That being said though, I'm pleased with this novel. It's a very good attempt at making something immersive with very few chapters that falls a bit short. <<less
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New Reafan rated it
October 6, 2021
Status: c7
The beginning is great and have many potential, but since its only have 30 chapter maybe its not really impactfull but still worth reading

I like the story concept, but feels sad bcs its only have 30 chp

*Forgive me god, I edit this review 9 time since I cannot delete it
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