I Refuse to Take Medicine


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This is a love story between a singer with a vast imagination and the president of his entertainment company. Expect ridiculousness, complete butchering of various myths and legends, and mind-reading. Above all else, expect a sickeningly sweet love story.

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Mr. Qin Asked Me to Take Medicine but I Refused [Entertainment Circle]
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Kakipii13 rated it
April 4, 2023
Status: c31
Up to chapter 31 using MTL. I hope the translator keeps working on this series because it's super fun!

Basically, the MC is a singer with an overactive imagination who allows his intrusive thoughts to turn everyday situations into weird and dramatic stories. He knows the difference between fantasy and reality of course, but he lets himself get carried away with seemingly random emotions and ideas and says weird things and acts oddly as a result, much to his manager's consternation. Manager usually makes the MC hold back and doesn't allow... more>> him to say much to ensure he doesn't inadvertently shatter his image. However, realizing that the MC doesn't have any traits that allow him to stand out compared to other music artists, the manager lines him up to participate in some reality shows him allows him to spew his nonsense in order to gain popularity. Silliness ensues.

The romance weaved into the story is between the MC and the new CEO of the entertainment company. The MC runs into the CEO in a break room but doesn't know who he is. This encounter leaves an impression on the ML, and finding the MC interesting the ML enables him. A reveal that happens within the first couple of chapters but is interesting for first-time readers so I'll put it under a spoiler:


The ML has mind reading abilities and is so stunned by the imagery that comes to the MC's head on the inside while talking to him like a normal person on the outside that he becomes smitten immediately lol


Just a fun, lighthearted, entertainment circle novel. Seeing people's reactions to MC's odd decisions (that make sense to him and no one else) is funny. It could change in future chapters, but solid 5/5 for me so far. <<less
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