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Rong Yuheng, a rich second generation dude, was driven out of the house by his father and had no choice but to sneak off to participate in an audition to make money to survive.

While introducing himself on the audition stage:

The host: “Please briefly describe your experiences.”

Rong Yuheng: “In the first half of my life, I lived like a joke.”

Audience: “He must have a hidden tragic past!”

In his promotion, Rong Yuheng, with his comedy skills, muddled along and made a name for himself as he debuted as a comedian among a group of idols.

Audience: “……So, it turned out to be a joke like this!”

Meanwhile, Wen Zecheng, a top star in the entertainment industry, made his debut at a young age and won three awards, his road to stardom shining and bright.

It was commonly known in the industry that Wen Zecheng was a serious, rigorous, cold, and restrained man without any hint of scandal.

They danced together for the first time on the audition stage.

Rong Yuheng, with his mouth filled with obscenities, said, “Wen-laoshi, let’s rock! Raise your bu*t higher! You can do it right?”

Wen Zecheng: “……”

On a certain year, underneath dark, windy skies.

Wen Zecheng, “Raise your bu*t higher, you can do it right?”

Rong Yuheng, “……” Huhuhu.

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The Hottest Comedian
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New anjellyfeesh rated it
November 18, 2023
Status: --
I just started and my stomach already can't take it. I felt a secondhand embarassment because the MC is too funny and shameless. It's a good way to show that idols or artists don't need to be perfect human beings. They can laugh and make jokes without worry.

Even the judges laughed a lot during the audition, which is different from the usual stoic interpretation other authors write them as.

The ML being hesitant but participating is very professional of him. Even his own fan club is professional enough to think that... more>> the ML went along with it and not because the MC wanted clout.

So far, I like the offline and online interactions between characters and would love to read more! <<less
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Likalily rated it
December 25, 2020
Status: Completed
A realistic entertainment novel, unlike the other novels I've read. Usually ML is very OP and acts recklessly like liking and openly supporting MC's weibo. But ML is not here because he knows the MC has just debuted and is afraid of a scandal even though the MC doesn't care because he even eats his own melon. Since the beginning of the chapter I've been laughing and yeah this is really funny, let's read this very soft and funny! MC and ML are not very OP because they are... more>> also helped by their friends and it is amazing because it fits the second generation background like MC so that he has many relationships. Poor ML because MC has a gold master or brother on the street (rich second generation), which is very much more than 40 people. And I really laughed because the MC joke was pregnant why ML, MC's brother and dad are so serious? 😂 And there is no side partner that bothers just implied. <<less
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Scarletsky rated it
January 6, 2021
Status: Completed
I'm leaving a review 'cause this is still fairly new and I hope many would be able to read it or at least check it out, especially if you want a light-hearted romcom bl novel.

The MC is adorably funny lol, sometimes if not most of the times, he borderline looks like a fool, especially at the start, but he's a cute fool that brings joy not only to the people in the novel but to us readers. I read this before midnight and then I decided to mtl the further... more>> chapters 'cause I really had fun reading. I've honestly read a lot of showbiz bl novels so I've already had the pattern memorized but this is truly a refreshing read and a first for me to read about an MC that isn't so talented in singing, dancing, modeling, or acting, but well he is particularly gifted at bringing happiness though lmao. I'm sure readers would also be delighted in the cute dynamics that he has with the ml. So if you want to read with laughter, I hope you may try this. <<less
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JustAki rated it
August 31, 2021
Status: c33


I also love the ML and MC interactions especially since ML is supposed to be "cold" but instead he's just so Wtf-did-I-just-came-through; HE DOESN'T DISLIKE IT THOUGH, HE'S LIKE SWIMMING ALONG THE RIDE. The ML is very patient in warming up the MC's feelings. He's not like a pe*verted overbearing ML that is always seen in this type of entertainment story.

I specifically love it every time MC's brothers on the road... more>> are there. They're so funny! MC is quite smart and I so love him. His self-confidence is so high sky.

Also ML, MC sees you thirsting for him. Step up your game.


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m0rph3uS rated it
May 5, 2021
Status: c23
I've only just begun reading this novel but the first few chapters already made me wheeze from laughing and nearly die from secondhand embarrasment.

The MC might seem like a little fool (and in some ways he is as his brain hole can be quite big) but he also has a way of seeing life which works out more often than not. I legit teared up whenever he acts up because his antics are just too funny for me. And to think that I watch a lot of shows like the... more>> one that he is in, imagining the scene just makes it many times better.

The ML is just as funny and cute but in a completely different way. I understand why he totally caught some feels when MC made his appearance because MC is endearing in that way.

I look forward to the other developments with the main characters and the side characters.

This is a good read if you want to laugh and get some fluff. Plus it does have some sort of realism in its touch and though it seems like some cliched tropes are gonna appear in the future, I look forward to how MC's personality will affect these. <<less
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alice-in-underland rated it
April 19, 2021
Status: c21
This is the first novel that has made me want to actually leave a review !!

MC is absolutely a little sunshine fool (you can even say he's a Venus Star hehe) and ML is very much just unearthing these foreign things called emotions for the MC! This novel has made me laugh SO SO hard just picturing all the wild things MC does in the Entertainment/Showbiz industry I literally fell off my chair at one point! I did try to mtl, but–even if it wasn't the worst mtl I've ever... more>> read–I'm going to read as the translation updates so the jokes don't get lost in the mtl mess! But overall give this novel a try especially if you want something lighthearted and funny!

Good job translators !!! Keep it up! <<less
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nitan rated it
February 1, 2023
Status: Completed
I was apprehensive coming in, because I wasn't sure if I'd like another cold stoic ML + how the MC will be... but I can definitely say I was pleasantly surprised by the novel!!!

Although the ML is quiet, he's not cold... he's just reticent, actually he's quite active while being passive. All the emotional satisfaction and journey he gets by himself is amusing. He and his father's relationship is also cute, quite a normal relationship. He just 'looks' mean, but he's quite awkward and actually feels really happy if others... more>> aren't intimidated by him. Although I don't really care for the romance, I didn't feel annoyed by the ML at least.

The MC himself is like that one friend who's known for being funny. At first I wasn't sure if the author would force him to be funny, but his character setting is really... he really is funny. Also I've read so many transmigrated/rebirth entertainment stories that this novel (it isn't) took me off guard... he didn't transmigrated or rebirth, his parent and sibling had to live with them like that. They KNOW he's a menace. And now society knows too. It's fun!

This novel is less about 'going through hardships in the entertainment industry' but more like 'rich second gen came to spread "joy" and found love along the way' -- it's cute!!

Highly recommend for a change of pace, a breath of fresh air, and also it's very easy to read (digestible) the chapters aren't super long. Really light-hearted !! <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ylial rated it
July 23, 2021
Status: c76
I really love how the author wrote the novel, a very consistent sand sculpture novel!! No drama in the middle nor angst. I seldom see an author who is consistent in their genre throughout the story.

I also love the ML and MC interaction. The ML is very patient in warming up the MC's feeling. He's not like a pe*verted overbearing ML that is always seen in this type of entertainment story.

Downside: I couldn't understand the Chinese slang so the comedic moments in the latter part doesn't have much impart on... more>> me 😢 so will wait until this is fully translated <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
katsudone rated it
March 9, 2021
Status: Completed
[EDITED: 16/06/21]

4, 3 ☆ to be more precise.

Quite short review but oh well, because I can't hold myself.

... more>> If you're looking for drama free novel but with genre Entertainment Industry (Showbiz.) sprinkle in it then I recommended you guys to read this. This one is hilarious, too.

I enjoyed reading this, altho MTLing this novel I could say.... was a tough ones. It was.... semi understable, at least.

All in all, this is a good novel to spend your time with. The story itself is funny and hilarious. And the progress of their (WZC&RYH) relationship? I could say it was slowburn, but oh boy....[is having flashbacks.] One is delusional, the other is a scallop. [ inserts clown noises. ] <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Yuen rated it
February 10, 2021
Status: Completed
I was searching for slice of life novel and then I found this. I absolutely adore this. OMG! MC is just so cute and funny with his antics (≧▽≦) I'm not joking, this novel is really funny. I've been giggling throughout reading this and my mother seems to think that I'm crazy (´∀`). You better read this if you want a fluffy and funny novel. This is really healing for your heart after you read angst.

... more>>

I really need an extra about the screenwriter (Xun Guang) and MC's brother tho.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Wynnfield rated it
September 14, 2023
Status: Completed
Sososo sweet! This book was full of laughter and warmth. The MC is a ball of sunshine and the ML is so dorky with his advances I can't get enough of them!

I love the MC's group of rich "daddies" (friends) whom he calls sons. His relationships with his Idol teammates and his work acquaintances. It's so hard to hate him and even people who disliked him at the start turned around because they were punching soft cotton.

I think the only thing that confused me was the hamster role-playing script the... more>> CP has. I can't wrap my head around how it took them so long to confess when they were already doing pet play, but I'm not one into role-playing so maybe I just don't understand how intimate they can be.

Though, I find it hilarious that the side stories is literally a hamster fanfiction that was written about them in the main story


The MC can be quite oblivious, but he's definitely smart and intelligent. He's my main takeaway with this novel with his comedic jokes. The ending was bittersweet because I can't bear to part with them just yet! I need more jokes from RongRong! <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Roxasfleur rated it
July 26, 2023
Status: c44
Pro: MC is funny. He's the fun outgoing weirdo in your circle. ML at first look cold and typical. However, turns out he is the cold-outside-warm-inside type. ML fell first quite quickly and started a long journey of getting MC on the same script.

Con: I got quite lost in mtl, especially on this chapter when MC met ML dad.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
late_choco rated it
March 2, 2023
Status: c142
Make sure not to read this outside. The unexpected jokes will suddenly come out of nowhere, when you least or don't expect it. Seme looks cool and aloof, but in fact he is like a smoldering ember when it comes to his "hamster". All the smex scene are describe or implied in another way, but at least author manage to show the process~
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
HaiRyuuKi rated it
August 27, 2022
Status: c11
Chap 11 and gahd I am already crying... crying due to laughing do much! I ran into this novel before and placed on my waiting list to read. I am really glad that I read this now! Such a gem!

MC is very optimistic, or else he won't be a comedian. He is also not just optimistic, but he is smart. As one of the characters said, MC can play dumb when he needed to play dumb and he can be smart when he needed to be smart. This is how... more>> MC deals with his opponents, to which makes his opponents choke in anger hahahahahaha as for ML? The standard cold, indifferent, successful ML. But, due to MC... lolll you read and you will know! I can tell you that ML

is becoming black-bellied slowly hahahahahaha

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 20, 2021
Status: c31
I really love this one! Won't MTL and will be waiting for the translator-sama patiently. The comedy in this is really good and I love the relationship between MC and ML and also between MC and his friends.

Edited - oh no..i forgot to give stars *face palms*

anyway, so far so good till now. FIVE STARSSSS
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Soulite rated it
June 23, 2021
Status: c29
Loving this book so far 🖤

I really like the MC plus the translation is soooo good. Won't MTL, will be waiting for yours updates translator sama.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
asampe_tae rated it
October 28, 2023
Status: c67
While I do like the story's idea and MC, Rong Yuheng, I hate the romance. It seems too much like grooming or emotional manipulation and slow boiling of a frog to me. I hate how much Wen Zecheng keeps pushing himself unto Ron Yuheng in subtle and loud ways. Why don't you just tell him like adult? A 9-year older adult? I find it super icky.

MC is adorable and I would have continued reading if not for ML. I kept pushing through because I wanted to see more of MC's... more>> story but the wannabe romance is taking the forefront.

Also, I generally really hate author's note that pushes the main couples relationship faster than it is at present timeline. Don't take the lazy way out, author-nim. Build the relationship steadily, don't use notes to induce readers to thinking how sweet the couple is when couple at present are not yet at that stage and making readers read meaning into everything that they wouldn't have read meaning into if the notes didn't exist. Not that hard. Jeez Louise😒 <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ouryane00 rated it
October 11, 2023
Status: c89
Too funny!!! Very very funny hahaha

I was laughing out loud every other chapter —- if not, every chapter!

Especially in the first half of the story, MC is just too funny, you’ll just love him!

In the later parts of the story, it focused more on the romance which is okay but there weren’t many funny moments anymore

Anyhooooo, I really like how this story developed

Note to self

To continue reading? Nope, really love it but when MC and ML got together, it was kinda cliche na

0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Fisukisuki rated it
September 10, 2023
Status: c72
Our MC is Exceptional Comedian!!! Without any 'intention' of actually being a Comedian. He always keep being Funny by his Carefree Friendly Nature and Witty Funny words, so his fans really see him as the Idol/Comedian! He's Soooooo Gooooood!!!

Our ML is Absolutely Different from many usual common theme of Film Emperor. He's neither Cool nor act like Mature Elder/Senior. Though he did act like Senior/Teacher at the beginning, but slowly we see his Dorkiness.

Our ML is Truly Absolutely ADORKABLE!!! His Desire is so Obvious. He can't be subtle. And technically... more>> our MC himself not Oblivious. But somehow ML can unintentionally and slightly intentionally made MC didn't notice his Full Desire.

But ML doesn't stop from 'subtly' showing his intimacy in public. He doesn't 'openly' support MC in public, but he's doing everything he's allowed to be close and show this 'CP' in public. He's Soooooo Cute that way!!!

Anyway this Novel is so far different from many usual Showbiz novel!

It doesn't have real Villain, only few with bad characters but not shown as Villain. MC really good at making friends too!! MC has THE BEST FRIENDS!!!

No Traumatic Past whatsoever from both side. Nor Bad Family Members. Both MC and ML has EPIC WIN FAMILY!!!

Pray so hard the rest of the story is AS EPIC AND AS SATISFYING!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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