I Love Farming


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When Cui Qichao’s ancient emperor blood awakened, he couldn’t suppress the emperor’s instincts in various worlds…of crazily farming.

Yandi Shennong’s blood, quality farming guaranteed.

Cui Qichao: I love farming, farming makes me happy!

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c.decora rated it
December 29, 2020
Status: Completed
Do not recommend to MTL.

Please read CultivatorBunnyLan's review for more information/spoilers about this novel specifically.

Honestly, I'm a bit upset about the previous two reviews which were based on mtl-ing. This wasn't a good novel to mtl, if anything, then just because of all the descriptive language and comedic under/overtones. Pure mtl simply do not translate those well.

With regards to the 'boringness', this novel is a pretty slow burn/slow romance/slow QT, the arcs were generally more than 20 chapters each... If you're reading this book, you're not reading for the... more>> action. At the end of the day, this is a comedy with a slow romance which would slowly unfold as you follow our MC ridiculously try to take over as much land as possible to plant plant plant. It's comedic. To me, it's quite like Charlie & the Chocolate Factory without as many creepy undertones.

With regards to OP-ness, this novel isn't about conflict. Contrary, his bloodline isn't supposed to be taken as a golden finger, it's a physical condition with both pros and cons (which readers would come to see).

The MC's life changed drastically because the bloodline awakened, which is the cause of the novel... Everything afterward is essentially how he decided to deal with the problem.

Short version: There are a lot of nuances that will be missed if you decide to pure-mtl this novel. MTL not recommended. <<less
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CultivatorBunnyLan rated it
August 16, 2020
Status: Completed
The title of this novel is: I love farming.

I just wanted to say: I love farming too. *laughs*

The novel has 4 arcs (?)

... more>>
  1. School Campus
  2. Medieval World
  3. ABO (Alpha, Beta, Omega) World
  4. Cultivation World
and then it's back to reality. The MC and ML visits the previous planes in the extras.

Yes. There is romance.

I just didn't really expect much at the beginning before reading this novel but when it happened, oh boy.... It had me smiling.

At the beginning, I was almost scammed into thinking that there would be little to no romance

since the MC is really focused on farming. (Plus the audience are really funny. I'd like to think that they were like me too. Especially on the ABO World. There was an appearance of a supposedly "ML Candidate" but

Every new audience would be:

1. Expect that there's romance

2. Get your face slapped

3. Be focused at farming

4. Just want to let the MC farm and "ens*ave" others to farm *since the MC awakened his Emperor Blood but is focused on farming*

*poor new audience at the broadcast*)

It doesn't get boring for me.

It's nice to see the MC changing the world by farming.

Food runs the world. (There were times when I also got hungry because of the text. I can really relate to the audience who can't help but eat during the broadcast.)

What I really like in the different worlds is Xiao Bai (MC's Smart Cat) Poor little cat was made into a working farm cat

especially in the ABO World. It had me laughing so hard.

Are you curious about the ML's identity? Warning: it'll spoil the romance.


The ML is a genius hacker.

Who used to go in the entertainment company's data to explore and act as an NPC

He used to play human NPCs but later got curious about becoming another species as a data but still retaining his thoughts

Did you already guess it?








It's Xiao Bai.

Poor ML became a working cat at several worlds. It was only at the last world, the cultivation one that the ML had a human body but he still retained some of the cat instincts.

It gets better once the MC goes back and stays in the real world.

The extras are really sweet.

The MC realized that his awakened Emperor Blood really suppressed some of his emotions and desires that's why he's mostly cold and indiferent to romantic emotions.

He reflected on himself and decided to answer the ML's courtship since he already feels something for him amd is the closest person to him.

I really liked the last chapter and wished that there was more.

The last part?

They went back to the ABO world and coincidentally the MC went into heat and influenced the ML.

The pa pa pa scene is fade to black


Thank you so much for your efforts and please continue to translate this novel. *cheers and supports*

Give this novel a try if you want to read a very chill and comedic novel. Now, I actually want to try and raise a plant. <<less
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Superoringinal rated it
July 23, 2019
Status: c. 15
I really love this story. I think it is very cute and I am happy to read it. The main character is just doing what he wants without any regard to others and everyone is hating and loving him for it. (Not much can be said about him beside that but I have a good feeling.)

The description is accurate and if it peaked your attention you should give this story a try. So far no romance, can't say if the romance will come slow or fast, but for now... more>> the story (for me) is very likeable and (I'm willing to follow it) though not much has happened I find myself looking forward to more development. <<less
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theliongirl rated it
August 21, 2020
Status: Completed
Somehow, the author managed to make a story about a man farming interesting.

Set in a futuristic society, Cui Qichao is contacted by LJJ Media to star in a virtual reality show because he contains the blood of an ancient emperor - these genes must mean he's an exceptional person, right?

"Actors" are implanted into a virtual world, where they have free reign to live out the life of the character they're given. Their life and actions are then recorded, edited, and released as a TV show. This is a bit like... more>> a quick transmigation novel.

Unfortunately for LJJ Media, Cui Qichao doesn't want to play out any kind of dog blood drama, star crossed romance, or action movie storyline. No, he wants to farm.

I'm not kidding when I say 80% of this novel is about Cui Qichao farming. He's incredibly driven, the urge built into his very DNA. The emperor he's descended from is Emperor Shennong, famous for his advancements in agriculture. Farming, recruiting people to farm for him, acquiring seeds and machinery, trading the output, and cooking. The rest is about his viewers and the media company, the worlds he's in, and then in the last 15 chapters or so there's some romance.

The romance is cute and a bit funny; you'll probably guess the love interest after the first world or two. There's an age difference of 8 years (I mtld so I'm not certain but that should be right) but they're both adults.

The worlds and settings are interesting and varied; both modern, futuristic and ancient. The writing is good, sometimes surprisingly hilarious.

I was put off by the omegaverse tag when I was deciding if I should read this because I don't really like abo, but it's just in one of the worlds, and it's really just the background setting for a couple chapters. No actual abo. The omegaverse world had me laughing incredibly hard, it was hilarious.

If you're looking for a lighthearted read that's just the main character setting out to achieve his goal, this is for you. If you're looking for a lot of romance or drama I suggest something else. <<less
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August 18, 2021
Status: c24
Just a note at the to say you should always read reviews while having a balanced attitude. A good review shouldn't be there to convince you to read or not read a story, it should be there to give you an idea of whether the story might suit your taste enough to try. (Of course they can state whether they recommend or don't recommend.) There are some reliable positive and less-positive reviews that you can peruse before you try this story.

Now on to my limited review:

I'm part-way through the first... more>> arc and, so far, this is a laid-back and lightweight story. It's light on plot and is mainly detailing the MC's smooth progress in his initial plant-growing endeavours in an urban campus setting.

There so far hasn't been much focus on his character or feelings (beyond wanting to farm). It instead gives most of its detail to lecture-like instructions for how to plant and grow something or how to cook something step-by-tiny-step, and to the feelings and reactions mostly-unnamed people to the changes he's making - such as "students, " "staff, " "the owner of such-and-such, " etc. It's similar to the entertainment stories where you get a length of text focusing on people's reactions on the internet.

While I generally love stories that follow an MC as they develop a certain skill, career, lifestyle or grand plan, this one unfortunately is missing the mark for me. What I enjoy most is an MC's personal growth, their thoughts, feelings, struggles and relationships as they develop and achieve things. This story so far isn't focusing on these. As such, it's a shallower, lighter story, which may actually make it more readable for many people, but for me this lack means I'm not invested in most of the people the author is giving attention to. I'm struggling to stay interested in it and will put it on the back-burner for now. I'm aware that there's a lot more to come and future arcs may improve, but I think that if I'm still not enjoying it after pushing through twenty-four chapters, I've given it a good try.

(Incidentally, the slow-burn romance isn't what is hindering me, I generally prefer a carefully-developed relationship to a quick hook-up in these stories.)

I think if you read the first 5-10 chapters and the story seems interesting and nice to read, then you can trust that this author's writing style will suit you.

I'll possibly try this again at a later stage to see if it improves. <<less
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Nanya rated it
July 2, 2021
Status: Completed
5/5 stars!

I got a bit impatient with waiting for translated chapters (although they are amazing translated) and decided to mtl. Its a bit slow in MTL and I didn't quite understand everything but man was it a fun ride. I'd probably recommend waiting for the translated chapters though for the full experience, I'll read those as those get updated too.

Anyways, there's so many interesting settings ... more>>

school cafeteria that was famous for its dark cuisine, medevil* (probably didn't spell that right) lord, abo setting as an omega, cultivation world, mermaid world.

That live broadcast feature and our MC's hilarity makes this highly entertaining. You basically get to see him subvert expectations many of times with his farming emperor genes in ways that will never fail to amuse.

The romance was cute but very very slowburn. We do get quite a few scenes at the end though. I definitely recommend checking out this novel. So good. :) <<less
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OrganizationZero rated it
August 25, 2020
Status: c27
I'm a big fan of slice of life novels with farming, cooking and pets, so I thought this novel would be perfect for me. However, after reading mtl to get through the first arc I decided to drop this as I found it rather boring (While reading I also realised that I've previously read this novel only to drop it after the second arc). Sure, I get that the plot is that the MC just farms instead of doing what others expect him to do, but the writing style just... more>> feels so... shallow. His golden finger is a bit too good and there is no struggle. There are also not very detailed descriptions of the farming other than a few when some crops are introduced and then other people's reaction to the taste... Looking back the first arc was basically him perfectly doing what he wanted on his own and then people reacting to his awesomeness...

I guess to me this combination of relatively short world hopping arcs with slice of life farming doesn't really work out as I'd much prefer the MC to settle down somewhere for the long run and work hard to breed improved crops and save up to get enough land to satisfy his need for perfecting farming. <<less
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Roxasfleur rated it
July 13, 2021
Status: Completed
Actually it's good if you really like slow burn romance and slice of life. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of both. Seriously, the title sums up the essence of this story.
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LetsCampTogether rated it
May 9, 2021
Status: c15
Even though I read just a few chapters, I really started to love it. It got me hooked and I love the characters and their interactions. The MC started to farm because of the awakened blood on him and I think it's awesome. He's devoted into farming and I really laugh at some scenes. I knew it's a bit slow but that's why I love it! I find some peace in this novel. Maybe some of you won't like it but we have different kinds of preference. But I really... more>> hope many will like it because I feel that this novel is a gem ๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑. Thank you for all of your efforts!♡♡♡❁ <<less
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dday0425 rated it
January 14, 2023
Status: Completed
Rating : 3.5⭐ round up to 4.

A unique story with very little romance. Although I have been reading a lot of farming and slice-of-life novels recently, this is the first time I've read a novel where the main character is this obsessive towards farming and so void of other emotions. He's almost like a robot. 😂 His personality is strange and really one of a kind. Sometimes, his actions were beyond a human's bounds, to the point of absurdity, yet I strangely liked him.

For the plots, the first two arcs... more>> were refreshing, but unfortunately, I found them a bit repetitive later on.

Well, because of his noble emperor bloodline, the main character tends to always order and brainwash people to farm. However, at the same time, he doesn't interact with people much and seems distant (he isn't arrogant though, just looks unapproachable). To me, this was less pleasurable than having him do the farming himself. It was boring.

Especially in Arc 3, when he has less human contact and switches his farming to automatic mode in order to keep up with the technology. I almost couldn't finish it.


As for the male lead, it's a bit awkward to comment since I usually dislike this kind of childish and whiny little boyfriend. However, his role as a love interest wasn't very big compared to his pet cat role, as well as the farming aspect of the main character, so his annoying behavior can mostly be forsaken.

On the bright side, his style can bring vitality to the main character and more colors to the story, which helps alleviate the boredom arising from the main character's and his crew's repetitive behaviors, which is not bad. <<less
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trash_generalist rated it
August 30, 2022
Status: Completed
This is 100% a novel all about farming, there's no lie in this! Okay, maybe it's more like 99.999% farming LOLOL. The story is set in the interstellar era, but there are some fantasy elements mixed in, like the fact that people can awaken to bloodlines that can affect their desires and urges. In the case of our MC (Cui Qichao), he awakened an ancient bloodline from an emperor that farmed for the sake of his people -- as such, all of his actions were driven by the urge to... more>> claim land to farm for the sake of his subjects LOL. In order to appease his instincts (which is impossible in the heavily crowded interstellar era), he decides to sign up for a virtual broadcasting company that will allow him to hunker down in different worlds to farm.

If you want to know what types of worlds he visits, there are five arcs in the main story: (warning for minor spoilers!)

  • Spoiler

    [In order: Farming in modern era campus, farming in the middle ages as a Lord, farming in an abandoned planet as an omega, farming as a low-talent errand boy in a xuanhuan universe, and finally, farming in reality.]

As for the Shounen Ai tag, our dear ML is a bit of a spoiler himself because, as mentioned, farming is the focus and everything is background. Much of the development in their relationship happens in the last two arcs! So this is a super slow burn novel. Even with the ABO world, the story maintains its fresh and clean style. I recommend that you read it if you're looking for something funny and casual. There's lots of foodp*rn too, so that's a plus for all the foodies out there. Other than that? I found the lengths of each arc to be pretty good, even though some parts dragged a bit, there was always something new to enjoy in all the different worlds (despite the continuous farming theme). The translation is great too! And since this is CG, you can enjoy great pics of the foods discussed while you read~


Although one cannot say that the characters are overly complex, they're not simple either, it's just that the author doesn't really focus on character development, so their complexity is hidden in the subtext. Anyway, the characters of this novel are all very unique and memorable! There's no drama, but the author does a great job showing off each of their unique styles even without the usual conflict.

Cui Qichao (MC)

The MC is definitely Gary Stu material. As an inheritor of a Divine Farmer bloodline, his key driving force as a character is farming. As for his personality, it's the cold and stoic type. One can definitely see him play the role of a true emperor~ Ah, he's a lot more abstinent though LOLOL


Our spoiler of an ML is a bit special. All I can say without spoiling is that he's quite immature -- contrasting the MC's extreme maturity. He's quite different from your average Gong ML as well LOLOL. Kind of reminds me of LBH from SVSSS!

    • Minor Spoilers:

      The ML of this novel is the MC's cat, Xiaobai! He's very obedient, but he has a hidden temper and likes to act spoiled~


What can I say about the romance??? It's not the focus of the novel, so giving it too high of a score is impossible. Still, I really like the unique dynamic~ As mentioned, the ML reminds me of LBH from SVSSS, and the MC is definitely more like the original SQQ than Shen Yuan lolol, but that mature!master and spoiled-coquettish!disciple remains dynamic~

SETTING: 10/10

The author focused a lot on the setting, or settings, rather. I love the whole broadcasting & virtual world fusion setting! This was the first time I saw it. And the virtual worlds themselves were quite detailed. Not only in the farming aspect (which I assume required quite a bit of research!) but also in the distinct types of people and environments at those times.

PLOT: 7.5/10

As a Quick Transmigration novel, the plot of the novel is quite simple. There are no real ups and downs either. It's just the MC being challenged to farm in different environments -- with different people, different tools, etc.

RATING: 3.93/5

This novel is really quite fun! I held off on reading it for a while because I wanted to wait until it was finished~ I'm glad I did LOL. Since the romance is very very delayed! But, I digress! It might not be for everyone, but I think the charmingly unique characters and humorous vibe should be able to satisfy most casual danmei readers. Especially those that like worldbuilding as I do~ If nothing else, you can pick up a few tips on farming lolol <<less
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RipeApricot rated it
February 28, 2022
Status: c84
4.5/5 great! I'll round the rate to 5 above.

The link isn't showing above, but you can find ILF under Chrysanthemum Garden. It is translated nicely.

- English translated version is currently at chapter 64.1. I MTLed it up to Chapter 84 before dropping. I don't recommend MTL-ing this, the MTL will confuse you and will ruin the charm of ILF.

... more>> - ILF itself has good story. I enjoyed the way our MC loved farming and influenced (forced some) others to farm.

- The novel has comedy vibes and it isn't boring, atleast in my case I'm not bored.

- The audience responses are also funny to read.

I'll read it again after a few translation has accumulate.

I'll update this review after finishing it.

- RipeApricot <<less
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chuunietsun rated it
August 21, 2021
Status: Completed
This whole story is a farming novel first and foremost. Cui Qichao loves it, gets everyone else to also do it, and subsequently get them and the audience hooked on it as well. It's got comedy interspersed throughout the whole text; most of the comedy coming from the audience and the barrage as they spectate on MC and his farming broadcast. MC is also very cool and practical—it's so funny how he slowly changes people's minds about farming until it becomes a part of their lives.

Now, the romance. If I'm... more>> being honest, the romance is just a plus. This novel could exist without it but I'm still glad that it's there. Xiao Bai is a cute as a male lead and his thoughts on revenge in the earlier parts are funny too. And while I wanted more from them as a couple, I don't really mind because they technically spent 4 whole arcs together already.

It's a good, chill read. It also makes you hungry and craving for vegetables at times too. I recommend reading when you've nothing much to do. <<less
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Chisaki rated it
August 19, 2021
Status: c94
Love it! The story is consistent with its humor and maintains a lighthearted mood throughout. I often find myself laughing because of the funny and outrageous things that happen thanks to Cui Qichao and his obsession with farming. Poor Xiao Bai 🤣
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nananna rated it
October 14, 2020
Status: v1
I read the mtl. It's boring. I only read the first arc but it was too boring. Maybe it's the mtl (I don't think so). If I have to summarize it would be

... more>>

MC different. MC farms. several information... no plot... MC cooks... People stunned.


It basically didn't have a plot. The only good thing is the food description. It's too bland for me.

Maybe you'll like it if you like farming and cooking. If not, it feels like blocks of text and info dump. It's easy to mtl

I wouldn't discourage you, this novel is ranked high... so it must have some sort of appeal

The MC is likeable. The ML too... it's just the plot or rather empty plot is a bit unbearably boring. I must add I actually like these kind of novels where the MC works hard to plant, where he has some kind of attachment to his plants. Or a slice of life country life...

The MC is overpowered because of his superior bloodline but seriously this novel to me was a block of text

PS: It appears for some reason my review seems like a hate comment but I really didn't mean it boring maybe a strong word. Also my review is based on just the story not the previous translations. <<less
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kari rated it
March 19, 2022
Status: c52
It's an enjoyable read, but can be quite slow at times... Mostly Farming slice of life + QT?

I was a lil tired of reading QT cuz the stories r quite similar (system-lord god- revenge/changeplot/romance etc)

This ones still episodic, so I get my QT fix... But, since the only aim of the MC is to take over land & plant plant plant, it's different...
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Mndiees rated it
December 21, 2021
Status: --
I quite like the story and there's also a cute cat ML >< I just don't recommend to MTL this
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Morfzine rated it
November 28, 2022
Status: Completed
Yes this is all about farming. Sorry for those who expected romance lmao. But the MC and ML relationship are purely comedic except for the last arc when we finally see the ML 'True Form'. 🤣

But that what's I think make this novel charming. The farming is really detailed like, down to the percentage. I suspected the author are an agricultural major or something similar to that lol. So if you like quick transmigration that focused on the protagonist career, this might be for you.

What I really like the most... more>> is MC's, Cui Qichao's, personality. I'm sucker for dominant bottom tbh. He is very ascetic, even borderline as*xual (he rarely reacts when ML tried to make out with him, he always thinks in a logical point of view). But he has his freak sides. Other than the farming fanatics, you'll know that he actually has a quite wild tendencies in his younger day.

A bit spoiler-ly, but you might think that the guy is an average unemployed joe with some assets, but he's actually more than a farming obsessed human. I mean, he DID have a personal lawyer for whatever reason, very suspicious 🧐 The revelation will be some sort of easter egg toward the end, so that's fun!


Really, this guy obsession with farming is way beyond. Imagine, in ABO world he does not effected by estrus, even in a closed space full of alpha. Instead he got into heat because he successfully created a high tech farming tool AKA he's dicks out for farming JK 😤 (which also can be used as a weapon, MC is a STEM student before he awakened his farming bloodline) .


As for the ML, this is the rare case where a genuinely like dude as a character rather than as a love interest. Like his personality is so endearing ?? You can't help but root for him when he finally realizes his feeling. You will like him if you interested in younger bratty top. Anyway I really REALLY like his dynamic with our protagonist, romantic or not.

(Btw his age gap with MC is 8 years, just letting you know if you cares about that)

The only downside is how short it is. Like damn, at least let me see a sort of spin-off where MC decided to take matter into his own hand and actually becomes an emperor in the ABO world 😂

(Shortly, the MC is irked that in ABO, everyone always thinking about s*x whenever alpha and omega were mentioned. So he has an idea of conquering/creating his own country where he will reeducate his citizen lol)

The other is the significant amount of nationalism. But thankfully it's concentrated only in certain arc. And my personal opinion as a person who had read all kind of nationalism in novel, this one is actually quite non aggressive. The kind of nationalism where they l**ked their own boots like it's the only candy in the world.

The more nasty one is in the medieval arc btw. Author writes the trope "Boohoo, foreigner is so uncultured. They sh*t on the road, farm with hand, and never baths!". Otherwise it's just "Wow look at us chinese, so good at farming" Or "Bah, us chinese can eats everything" And all kinds of other weird flexes. Thankfully the protagonist itself never said that things himself (only side characters and narrator do this) , otherwise it will destroy his character.

My tier is:

ABO (really the best one tbh, you got the tech, you got the comedy, and you got the many relevant and amusing side characters)

Campus (no nationalism. and it's genuinely very good for the first arc. it encourage you too read futher. and perhaps this is the funniest arc in my opinion lmao, just short of an actual relevant side character)

Entertainment/Real World (have many amusing implied content. MC's fans is really one of the kind lmao)

Medieval (it actually pretty good if you look besides the nationalism. it has it's iconic moment. but it also has an unfulfilling conclusion)

Cultivation (lowest cuz the farming is the least. the comedy is still there but... eh, perhaps those who likes prefer romance will like this? I don't really appreciate this arc because it limits the prospect of our protagonist. because well, in cultivation, everything can be done in a grab of hand, some even doesn't eat at all) <<less
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bbyshark rated it
August 29, 2022
Status: Completed
This one heavily focuses on farming part and slice of life. It's enjoyable to read if you prefer easy to follow plot with some funny scenes here and there. I was starting to get eager about the ML but later like his fans in the story, I also gave up him falling in love lmao and only wanted to follow how he vents his farming desires next. I still enjoyed this novel even when the romance is not the main focus. Also, good translation by CG.
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nitan rated it
March 27, 2022
Status: Completed
I learnt alot from this novel, like it really went IN on agricultural techniques and all the practical details. It doesn't skimp on showing you real sh*t (in regards to this subject) at all. On the other hand, it's very breezy. Alot of the elements are just upwards trends + low IQ people around them. So you don't have a lot to look out for if you're just looking for a feel-good novel to relax and not feel heated over anything.

While its a good thing it's also a meh thing... more>> as well. Thus why it's around 3-4*, but otherwise I did enjoy the CP dynamic -- I thought it would weird me out that the ML is a cat at first, but surprisingly I can see how it works with them + their development. He doesn't become human until the xianxia one btw, anyways I enjoyed it <<less
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