I Got the Wolf’s Sympathy


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In this story, Leila Cassilia, a detective, despises Arcangelo Urseau. However, when Arcangelo is poisoned, Leila is the only one who can save him by having s*x with him. From this moment on, Leila’s life becomes intertwined with Arcangelo’s as she must continue to have contact with him until the antidote is developed. While Leila struggles to find a cure for Arcangelo, the chief investigator assigns her to monitor him since he is suspected of creating the poison.

As Leila spends more time with Arcangelo, she begins to see him in a different light and questions her initial hatred of him. However, Arcangelo makes it clear that he is using Leila for his own purposes, and Leila must decide whether to trust him or not. She must navigate her complicated feelings for Arcangelo while trying to solve the case of the poison and its creator. Will Leila be able to resolve the case and figure out Arcangelo’s true intentions?

This story is a gripping tale of love, trust, and betrayal. It explores the complex relationship between two individuals who are forced together by circumstance but are ultimately driven apart by their differences. As Leila and Arcangelo work together to uncover the truth behind the poison, they discover that their fates are intertwined, and they must choose whether to fight against each other or work together to overcome their challenges.

Associated Names
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I Got The Wolf's Virginity
늑대의 동정을 가져버렸다
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neptunee rated it
July 23, 2023
Status: c16
the pronouns are all over the place, hard to know who is talking, hard to know if its someone thought... heck even the names are being thrown around like nothing, FL suddenly became a he, ML suddenly became a she, ML dad suddenly became ml, its such a mess to read

and the way the characters act are weird and have no thought behind it, both of the leads keep acting the opposite of how they act a few lines ago, they are supposed to be the 2 best detective, but... more>> they have barely any thought and do things recklessly, like ignoring this bad feeling they have had since entering and splitting up, knowing full well that its most likely a trap <<less
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