The Sin of Not Loving Me


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Heavenly Hill.
A place where heather blooms in spring and wind and fog fill the winter air.
It was a completely different paradise from the back alley where Lila lived. Though the purpose of her marriage was impure, she found herself falling in love with this place.

Duke Cain Vanderbilt.
Had she not come to love the man, had he loved her, this place would have become her eternal paradise.
From the beginning, there was no heaven for her.
It was all just an illusion.

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나를 사랑하지 않은 죄
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astropia rated it
June 8, 2023
Status: c63
I've been reading MTLed raws on ridi so I can't comment on the translation.

The description is accurate for what to expect. Cain (ML) is a real bastard- not just unappreciative of Lila (FL) but deliberately going out of his way to hurt her mentally and even putting her in danger physically. He has some grand revenge scheme but Lila is a completely innocent victim (and he knows it, but doesn't care). I get that it's the regret genre but I think Cain is worse than other MLs. He can regret... more>> all he wants later; just the thought of him ending up with Lila puts a bad taste in my mouth. He deserves to die alone.

Lila can be kind of frustrating as well. Her naivety is extreme for someone who supposedly grew up in extreme poverty. I get why she fell in love with Cain's facade, but she's completely lost and despondent after he's gone for just a few days? How has she survived with her lack of self-sufficiency? I still feel very sympathetic towards her but I wish she wasn't quite so helpless.

I just complained a bunch but I have to admit it's an addictive story. Lila is hopefully starting to grow a spine, and as a lot of Korean commenters said, I will relish Cain's groveling. Some of those tags are wild but they haven't come up yet. So right now it's like half hate-reading, half anticipation-reading. <<less
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