I Don’t Need a Guillotine for My Revolution


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As a noble of a corrupt kingdom, I died after failing to quell the Revolution.

When I opened my eyes, I returned to the time before the Revolution erupted.

Now, to survive, I must join the Revolution

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내 혁명에 단두대는 필요없다
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6 Reviews

New frostcrystal
Apr 06, 2024
Status: c62
First of all, the novel: f*cking fantastic. I love it. I dig it. I love the clever but not OP MC and his character growth, the clever but not OP FL and her political savvy, and the fact that this isn't a harem. I love the fact that Great Britain is populated not simply by demons, but by British corporate demons. And they chose the place because the sun never shines!! Laughed my ass off hahahaha. Definitely recommend giving it a try if you like alternate history stuff.

Secondly, which translation... more>> to read: Genesis, if I were you. Not because their translations are superior, but because the TL notes are mostly in caps and absolutely hilarious. Live your best life, Genesis TL. Viva la baguette. <<less
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Mara Sov
Mara Sov
Dec 20, 2023
Status: --
Hello! Im the Translator for this novel! (The original one from Genesis Translations)

(We will do an official release on Mid January, for now this is just a teaser chapter!)

First things first, this is an outstanding novel. It's a regression type where the MC (Pierre) a noble from the Kingdom of Francia dies after the Revolution took control of the Kingdom.

... more>> The plot may appear simple and rather boring, but believe me, this is nothing like that.

The author of this novel has an excellent way of writing his characters in such a way that you become deeply involved in their struggle. And one of the things that may appear obvious and even simple, is that the MC's death (before his regression) does weigh heavily on him, and also the fact that he is no Mary Sue. He will make mistakes, he will sometimes do 'questionable' acts, but he is also not an Edgy lord of Evil MC. He is simply someone who lived a whole life, died and now is trying to make his kingdom a better place (whether this means burning it down and starting again or not)

About the Romance. I would say this romance is one of the best I've seen. It's slow, believable and real. The female lead has her own share of problems and challenges she will have to overcome, as the initial arc of this novel (chapters 1-10) focuses on her a lot.

Anyways I started doing this novel, because of both how refreshing this take on the Regression troupe is and how believable the characters are.

I sincerely recommend this novel for everyone wanting to read a more serious thing, without having to do a session of therapy after reading. <<less
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Jan 25, 2024
Status: --
there are so many laudatory reviews, but in fact nothing special. The unnecessary cliche about the return, the superficial narrative omitting most of the details and the idiotic actions of some characters like the bride of the main character who decided not to kill her younger brother. With the words "you can hate me, but then grow up and try to kill me."
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Dec 21, 2023
Status: c13
Read the first chapter, I'm sold reading the rest of it. As a fan of political and war-themed narratives, I love seeing that those will probably be the main focus of the novel which is something I haven't seen before in a Korean novel (Well I mostly read only the one's from Genesis Translations KEKW). Before he regressed, I can see that he's someone who's trying his best to be different ruler from the corrupt nobles despite doing things that is considered immoral, it's not to benefit himself but... more>> for his subjects, what's interesting here is during his trial is when he realized how much he can't justify himself that he's no different from the corrupt nobles due to him despite doing things for the benefits of his subjects he can't even mention a single name much less have someone defend him showing how distant he's to them. The main character seems promising, not leaning towards self-righteousness or villainy, which aligns with my preference for a protagonist who will engage in morally ambiguous actions for the sake of accomplishing goals, such as quelling a revolution. I love to see how the main character will stop himself being a hypocrite and actually be different from the corrupt nobles much less himself before he regressed. My initial impression is positive, and I hope the main character's decisions are driven by more than just his regression, and that any romance in the story develops at a satisfying, deliberate pace. <<less
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Jan 17, 2024
Status: c258
Honestly, this might be one of the best history novels in a long while.

While this novel is not actually staged in France, but 'Francia' the author has done a good job with his narrative.

The novel follows the MC - Pierre De Lafayette, a Marquis of Francia who was executed on the guillotine by the Revolution and regressed. From then on we spend a lot of time in the MC's head, since this novel narrative is mostly on the first pov with the MC being the narrator, so we get to... more>> know him very well. The first 20 chapters are absurdly well written, you can visibly see the MC becoming a better person, not a Saint mind you, but he won't be that tipycal MC who regressed and now can do everything because of his future knowledge.... No, the author does a good job showcasing that Pierre is a flawed human being, that is trying to make the most of his second life while working to avoid his destiny.

This novel is mostly a war and political-driven one, we have some good comedy moments, but that is mostly because of what is going on in Pierre's mind at the moment, as he has some rather sarcastic opinions sometimes

The Romance: It's very good, although some may find it a bit slow, but I think it's very real. The Female Lead - Christine De Aquitaine is another noble of a more commerce-driven territory, and her interactions with the MC are very good.

I would recommend on reading this novel from Genesis Translations as their translation is very, and I mean very good. The other guy may be faster with updates but if you read a couple of his chapters you'll see that's just edited MTL.

Anyway this was the first novel I actually read on Korean, and I didn't regret a single thing. I hope you won't as well! <<less
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Jan 18, 2024
Status: c22
Very promising start! The MC's characterization is well done, you can tell he used to be a noble and is actively trying to change his way of thinking.

the real world parallels were a turn off at first, but thankfully this novel handles them much better then other "French Revolution" works. The similarities never overpower the story; this is still very much it's own thing.

I love the idea of the main villains being ... more>>

"British" factory-owners during the Industrial Revolution. It's a logical evolution to the ideals of the French Revolution.


overall, I'd say check it out! Its well-realized setting and world-building are far above average for the genre. Some of the side characters are a bit stereotypical, but it's nothing that will take you out of the story. <<less
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