I Became the Lousy Side Top


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One day, Jaewoo found himself possessing a character inside of a story. And not just any character, but a lousy side top who rented out a room in a slum to the poor main character of the novel! He was fated to be killed by the main top part way through the story.

So he made up his mind! He’s going to try his best to support the main character while avoiding the main top in order to save his life.


Jaewoo piled up a mountain of rice into the bowl. He placed it in front of Hyunjin and Mujin, who were sitting around the table, and pulled apart the freshly-made kimchi with his bare hands. Then he scooped up a spoonful of rice, rolled it with kimchi, and held it up to Hyunjin’s mouth.


At Jaewoo’s words, Hyunjin blinked slowly. It seemed he couldn’t understand why he was doing this.

“Eat, eat first and then we’ll talk.”

Gulp. Was that the sound of drool coming from somewhere?

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찌질한 서브공이 되었습니다
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sagastile rated it
October 16, 2023
Status: c29
So I am conflicted.

It started really good. But then when the Crazy Mujin or smth came in I was like.... red black dark angst flags. Skipped a couple of ch to see were this is going. Not a fan of Angst and tragedy at all. Hope later it is not. And honestly the MC is a little s*upid in some situation. With the young ML (i think he is the ML) its actually cute but with Big Crazy Sadistic Wolf - not really.

For now waiting to see were it is... more>> going. <<less
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