I Became an Extra in a Horror Game


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For some reason, I find myself trapped in a game. The problem is, it’s a horror game without a hint of romance. Along with the protagonist and his friends, who are trapped in a castle sealed by vampires, “I” am destined to be crushed and killed.

Escaping from this castle is impossible by ordinary means.

Leaving together peacefully is also impossible.

So, I made up my mind.


▶ Marianne and Lars have fled somewhere. Everyone is frightened. What should I do?

1. Escape alone.

2. Chase after Marianne and Lars.

3. Stay put.


I decide to sneak away alone.

But even then, the protagonist comes after me.

“I was worried. It’s dangerous to wander alone, so let’s go together.”

The hand that holds me captive is firm and cold.

Wherever the protagonist goes, vampires always chase after us.

Because this bastard, who pretended to be so good-hearted, was actually the true villain.

The true master of this castle, who lured people in to feed the sealed vampires.

“I’m right here beside you. Don’t worry.”

…Someone, please save me!

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공포 게임의 엑스트라가 되었다
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