I Am A Child Prodigy’s Mother


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Anxiang is the most useless pureblood vampire.

She’s slow-witted and mute, and vampires call her a fool behind her back.

One day, the fool was poisoned and woke up in a different place.

The system told her that she was the mother of the male lead in the novel “The Descent of the Godson.”

She had to have a one-night stand with a man, leave with the child, and raise the future male lead until he turned five.

After completing the task, she would awaken the highest abilities of the pureblood vampires.

So Anxiang entered the wrong room overnight and successfully left with the child.

She worked diligently and responsibly, finally raising the child to adulthood.

However, the system said, “I’m sorry, host, you got the wrong person. Mission failed. Good luck, I’m leaving.”

Anxiang: “……?”


Anzimo spoke five languages at the age of three, entered middle school at six, graduated from university at thirteen, and died at fourteen.

He lived his life under his mother’s abuse and oppression.

After being reborn, he was determined to mercilessly retaliate against this despicable woman.

But one day, he inexplicably gained the ability to read minds.

When he deliberately knocked over the food she made—

“Son, you must blame me for cooking poorly.”

When he scribbled on the wall with crayons—

“My son will be a master of abstract art!”


Is she a fool?

Until night fell, Anzimo heard a faint voice beside him—

“Son smells so good, I really want to eat him.”


The sound of saliva.

Anzimo: “!!!!”

I thought you were a ruthless villainess, but now you want to eat your own child!!

Later, Anzimo realised that he had been born to the wrong mother….

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New Lightkaitou rated it
February 26, 2024
Status: Completed
This story is a mixture of wholesome and extremely dark thoughts. It starts off pretty good and completely dips after the forced cliche amnesia plot line.

MC is a good mother and an excellent cook. She cares a lot about her son and works hard to guide him on the correct path. Spoiling her son with warmth but also knowing when to be harsh against bad behavior.

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She loses it all when her memories were forcefully sealed away by her brother after returning to her original body. She just becomes silly and gullible. Easily tricked by the ML into everything he wants.


The ML at the start of the story was mature and patient. He was considerate of MC’s feelings even though she constantly hurt him by putting distance between them after all he has done for her and their son.

While he did have some indecent thoughts here and there. He completely changed in the second half to being a scheming/toxic individual that constantly wanted to do indecent things with the MC.


In my opinion, I don’t like that he tricked the MC into marrying him. And I found it distasteful that he gaslight her when she asked him if her son could read minds. He knew clearly that their son can read people’s minds from the beginning. But rather than confirming it or telling her. He chose to make it sound like she was imagining things and that she probably said what was in her heart out loud to her son. He would also carefully controlling her opinion of her brother by saying things to make her brother look worse.

While her brother wasn’t a good person. In the end, her brother gave up on MC cause he wanted MC to be happy. Especially, when he already ruined her life at the start for revenge against her father.


Their son was dark and evil due to his past experiences. He grew up a lot since the beginning of the story. Understanding more about the importance of life and emotions. He despised his mother at the start but makes up for it in the second half of the story.


His soul is from a parallel world where his mother used and abused him to the point of committing su*cide at a young age. It took a lot of effort to slowly change even after realizing his current mother isn’t the same as his mother from his past life. He technically nearly killed the MC twice if it weren’t for the ML’s timely interventions.

After MC died of cancer, the son tried to commit self harm to join his mother. He was stopped and now has the dream to become a pharmacist to prevent deaths like his mother.


Overall, in my opinion a lot was lost after the second half of the story due to the amnesia and going to college cliche plot lines. Kind of sad that the rest of the family outside of MC, ML, and their son was sort of pushed off and away.


She spent so much time drawing her interactions between her son and herself. In the event, that she wouldn’t remember him or lost her memories. Only for it not to be used or help her regain her memories. Instead, she got it after wishing on stars with everyone at the end.


Some Warnings for this story:


Animal Death

Minor Side Character Death

Temporary Major Character Death

Self harm

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New Yangkxin rated it
February 20, 2024
Status: Completed
So I don't usually write reviews because I'm lazy. But this novel deserves one.

What I like about this novel is the realistic emotional development within and between the characters.

... more>>

An Zimo experienced abuse from his past life mom and of course he won't be acting cute and spoiled straight away with a person who has the same face as his previous mom. It actually takes quite a while for An Zimo to open up to An Xiang.

It also showed An Zimo's response to traumatic abuse. He was abused and as a result he became apathetic and couldn't feel emotions for other people. The novel takes a really good route to open up An Zimo's heart to the point that I'm so invested in the character development I didn't notice I'm far ahead in the novel alrdy.

An Zimo is honestly one of the most interesting characters here but I feel like his development stumped when An Xiang returned without her memories. The novel could have showed more of his interaction with other family members than being revolved around his mother all the time.


As for the main character, An Xiang


I found her a bit lacking. A few more arcs could have been added to further develop her character especially after the amnesia and after she regains her memories. In my opinion, she felt a bit too 2 dimensional and lacked improvements in aspects other than her growth as a mom.


ML Pei Yizhou


I like the ML. He respects the MC and knows how to treat her well. He refuses to emotionally hostage, deceive, etc. The MC and it's refreshing to see that kind of Male Lead. His character didn't really change in my opinion but don't take this in a bad way. ML is reliable and that's how he acts in scenes like when An Xiang died, An Zimo locked himself up, An Yanze was trying to coerce An Xiang back, etc. But it doesn't mean he's perfect and infallible. Because as he acts reliable in the novel he also cried when An Xiang died. He cared for An Zimo. It shows a reliable and sturdy family man who truly loves his family. In other words, he's not stoic, he's human.


All in all, this novel is amazing. It resonates with reality and can make you cry tons.

Kudos to the author. <<less
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