My Son is a Reborn Villain


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Chi Wen’s short life has been bumpy. Ever since he could remember things, he was already living in the orphanage, growing up without a family. Later, he entered the entertainment industry and became a first generation film emperor. However, he finally ended up in ruin. In the end, Chi Wen jumped off the top floor of a building, but did not expect that he would get a chance to open his eyes again…

Back to his infancy, Chi Wen coldly looked at the woman who was laughing s*upidly in front of him. He waited, waited until the moment she finally abandoned him.

 Fu Yuanruo was transmigrated as the cannon fodder in the novel ‘First Generation Movie Queen.’ When she first transmigrated, it happened to be the plot point when the malicious cannon fodder tried to frame the female lead for the last time. After that, her evil deeds would be exposed. The whole netizens mocked, and her father angrily drove her out of the house. A former wealthy and pampered young miss fall into the mud and finally died after accidentally falling into the water…

Because of the high popularity of the original book, the author used the daughter of the original female and male lead as the protagonist for the second book. The villain who had been against the main couple of this sequel also met his just end and died tragically. After his death, the female lead let out some vague words that made readers speculated that this villain was the illegitimate son of the prequel’s cannon fodder.

After recalling the plot, Fu Yuanruo stared at the pregnancy report in her hand. She was torn: should she give birth or not?

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Nikkiart rated it
May 19, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is my favorite in the "transmigrated into a villainous/cannon fodder with a child" novel trope type.

First, I will start off by saying I don't think the romance is spectacular. It's not bad and the ML is a good guy, but it's like lukewarm at best in my opinion. It's not bad at all, but it's not really expanded on properly and it feels really shallow compared to everything else. Like ML likes MC cuz she has his kid obviously but also she's pretty (might be standard for webnovels,... more>> but everything else is so well done that this feels superficial).

Later in the extra, in another universe type thing, it comes out that

the kid isn't actually his but he adopts him anyway which is sweet

He is a good guy though and there's never any of that really dumb "I'm jealous my wife has someone she cares about other than me even though it's literally a kid" shit. He does sometimes think that his kid is being an obstacle but it's never in a jealous kind of way that I find is so weird in webnovels.

Now the best part of this novel really is the son's characterization. You know all those novels that use children as just plot devices to push the couple together or as geniuses who can somehow do everything and self-sufficient adults. Yeah, this child isn't that. He's an honest to god child and the characterization is extremely deep and well done.

Normally in these types of novels, the child gets treated well by the MC for like a couple days and they suddenly forget all the abuse and trauma they've suffered which is not how trauma or mental illness or anything in the real world works. In this, MC transmigrated before she gave birth and in the past life, the villain doesn't remember the MC at all as he grew up mostly in the orphanage. Because of this, he really resents MC because he assumes she threw him away to the orphanage to get remarried or something since that's what the dean of the orphanage said probably happened.

He resents her and hates her and doesn't want to get attached because he assumes that no matter how well she treats him now, eventually she's going to get rid of him anyway. But at the same time, he craves the type of love he didn't get in his previous life and he's insecure about it so he does his best to reduce his burden so she won't throw him away.


at one point, MC makes him think that she's running out of money and so he stops drinking formula so to save her money so she won't give him up. This obviously really distresses MC as she can't figure out why her baby suddenly refuses to eat.


But even so there's this feeling of anger he has toward her no matter how much he wants her love, because he doesn't know why she didn't want him.


Later, one night when he gets sick and they have to walk home from the hospital really late at night and MC gets creepy vibes, she says something like "is it impossible to escape death in this life too" and the villain child loses it. He realizes or believes that his mom died in his past life (and was reborn like him) and he cries a lot before he finally starts to heal a bit from his past trauma of insecurity and fear.


Its honestly really deep characterization for a webnovel and I think that it's very realistic in ways. I also love that he continues to act like a real child though he thinks he's mature, but he does have the attention span and the mental age of a real kid due to biology. He's not suddenly super smart of anything (he grew up in an orphanage and then dropped out to be an actor) - later on in the novel, he realizes he can't even do 1st grade homework or something when he was expecting himself to be able to skip to sixth grade lmao.

Other reviews have said that he's reborn and shouldn't have that kind of personality, but honestly I don't think people realize that no matter how smart, understanding, experiences a child actually is, their brains aren't fully developed and their actions and behaviors cannot be the same as adults. Chi Wen understands a lot of things a regular child wouldn't ever be able to understand (ie. The relationship between his mom and her sister), but he still can't control things like his attention span. In addition, he's choosing to allow himself to be a child like he should've been able to in the first life. This is his re-do to get a sense of childhood and he realizes that he too has family who cares about him and who will take care of him so why should he not be a child and ruin his second chance?

The villain being reborn doesn't really give him any cheats either. In his past life, he grew up not knowing the connection between his MC and the FL (of the og novel) and her daughter (FL of the sequel) who killed him. He knows nothing about what happened to his mom or how to get revenge so his rebirth really is solely for him to be able to live another childhood happily this time.

The face slapping is pretty satisfying though not too prominent. Overall, the mom/son family vibes are the best and it's very heartwarming and cute. <<less
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CaptainBunny rated it
November 24, 2020
Status: c58
I really enjoyed this story. The female lead, male lead and son are just so adorable together. It's not overly complicated which I liked. In addition it has a bit of a slice of life feel in that mother and son were equally apart of the story and actually did stuff together. Unlike a lot of stories where they mention a child but never have them really show up.
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Crayon rated it
December 24, 2020
Status: --
This novel got me crying badly when Wen Wen know the real reason why his mother left him in previous life. It was so heartbreaking T_T

I cried so bad but that part was my favorite. T_T

Oh and clarification, in the previous life Chi wen wasn't the son of Si yue (ML). This life MC who transmigrated at that time got away from the man her step sister pay to r*pe MC, then she met ML who coincidentally was drunk/drug? (Mtl is really confusing). So don't worry, MC and ML broke... more>> their virginity together when they had Wen Wen. Hehehe

Overall this novel was one of my favorite. <<less
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pastelbunnyyy rated it
March 1, 2021
Status: Completed
Can I just say that I enjoy it when MC doesn’t go into the entertainment industry lol. This one decides to be a florist/botanist which was great, and I love how she was resolute when she decided to keep the baby.
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Lisarra rated it
December 9, 2020
Status: Completed
I really liked this story. I usually avoid slow romance but this novel kinda played it out well enough for me to not want to drop the novel.

I liked the ML. He is domineering yet didn't force FL for anything. And his fights with his son were cute.

FL is likeable too, mature and accepts the identity of mother unlike other transmigrated mothers who stays in utter denial of being a mom.

The son's past life was quite a tragedy. He is really a cutie pie. Really happy that he got a... more>> second chance in life and a complete family to love him. <<less
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Lumina25684 rated it
December 6, 2020
Status: Completed
It feels okay. Not like the other transmigrate into the book and become the mother of the tragic son. There's not a lot of romance, leaning more towards mother-child love, but the father does appear in almost every chapter. Not a lot of character development, at least not one written out in details.


... more>>

MC transmigrates to the night original was drugged and ran to her world's hometown to hide from the media. Chi Wen has memories since birth and is prejudice against his mother, always thinking sarcastically that she would leave him one day to live a better life despite how much love she showered him. Finally, he called her mother and decided to protect her when he learned that she had died in the original world, something MC slipped out in fright one day while taking the sick Chi Wen, now named Fu Wen, to the hospital.

In order to make milk money, MC joined a life-stream platform to grow flowers, and ML, Shi Yue, an emperor of the entertainment industry who can do anything but grow flowers, became her number one fan after giving her millions to get her to plant a seed for him.

Later, when Fu Wen was four, he met his father, who came to record a variety show and MC met the green tea step sister, Xuerou. Due to the last life, Fu Wen hates Xuerou and it's exposed that Xuerou is a stepdaughter, causing netizens to analyze and comment that where there is a stepmother, there is a stepfather, and Xuerou's smooth path began to become blocked.

Later, Xuerou was arrested for instigating a fan to try and kill Fu Wen and Fu father divorced after finding out the true face of the mother and daughter. However, Xuerou still came out due to pregnancy, but did not live a good life as Shi Yue made original ML's family bankrupt.

In the end, MC and Shi Yue married and have a daughter together. Fu father went to a nursing home and never saw MC again, as MC said that the person who can forgive him is no longer here. Fu Wen, now named Shi Wei, joined the entertainment company and met 2nd book's FL. He did nothing to her, but his fans and those around him guarded him against this white-lotus.


Fu father dreams of the original life.

Shi Wei returned to his life in the orphanage and tried to find his father to get back his pampered life, but found out that they are not related by blood and that mother is dead. Still, Shi Yue adopted him and Shi Wei became a big president strong enough to take down original CP's powers.

Original changed lives with MC and prayed everyday that MC can have someone to guard her against CP's halo.


Despite being reborn and having gone through all those dark days, Chi Wen decides to live as a child and became very childish, often needing to be coaxed, so it was understandable that if he were to return to the original trajectory, he would be unable to crop. <<less
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gryffinpuff rated it
April 16, 2021
Status: c125
Initially a pretty decent slice-of-life, lowkey showbiz story, but towards the end, its getting a bit intolerable and unenjoyable... Story started out strong/funny/serious and heartbreaking at times with MC taking care of her son, and the son adjusting to baby life and coming to terms with his prev life adandonment (?). But then the story started going downhill, pretty much since MC moved to the capital from village...

The reborn son is NOT a child, as a baby he couldn't control his body is one thing, but even his thoughts became... more>> more and more childish (?) as he grew... MC, although a good mother, is very bland character, and the 'romance' is very boring and stretched out at the end for no reason. Stop hanging the guy if you're not interested, and give a damn answer if you're interested; but the MC doesn't say anything, not even in her inner thoughts - we have no idea why she is resisting ML or if she even likes him or is just enjoying the attentions of a rich handsome guy... Same for ML, there's not even a 'Woman, you have gained my interest', he just decides one day that since they have a son, they should get together... May be it's a culture thing, but father and son competing for mother's attention for chapters and chapters gets a bit annoying... <<less
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Blueraven rated it
September 15, 2021
Status: Completed
Sketch af. Just saying. Loved the premise, loved the son and protagonist but there were certain parts that were sketch af.

First off, the ML was straight up manipulative. He schemed his way into being accepted into the fam, he knew off the bat that Wen Wen was his kid but didn't say sh*t until he knew he was a trusted friend, confidant, and a father-figure before finally revealing his identity and sneak attacking them. That crap was planned with ulterior motives.

Second, it was never acknowledged that the mom was r*ped... more>> [and ML was the self-aware rapist]. She was literally drugged and taken advantaged of. Even when the kid realized that, instead of being like " my beloved mother that I swore to protect was f*ckING r*peD BY THE DUDE I LOOKED UP TO !" It was " I was lied to!". Dude, wtf. <<less
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Gushishi rated it
December 1, 2020
Status: Completed
The first 30 chapters is so cute. The relationship between FL and her baby son is so cute and teary and amazing.

The rest is okay, the relationship between ML and FL are good. Almost plain.

But, I really hate revenge theme. So tired...... Face slapping etc, I don't feel peace at reading for this most heartwarming story..... turned into a dogblood relationship's story. I really can't enjoy the story anymore.....
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SSKF rated it
November 16, 2021
Status: Completed
This is not really a revenge story. This is more of a “Little bun wants revenge but is soaked in honey so much and his parents inadvertently take revenge for him”. It’s so heartwarming and sweet.

The lack of any real conflict can make this boring but there is so much sweetness in here that it is not boring. It’s interesting reading about the baby’s past life and how he is pampered in this life. The sweetness is mainly parent-child pampering.

The is nice and light. I like it.
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Honefuusen rated it
January 19, 2021
Status: Completed
It's pretty good. Though I think FL and ML got together a little too slow.

The part where WenWen got to knows the reason why he was left in the orphanage in his last life was really heartbreaking. Also when he dreamt of going back to his past life, it's just so awful.

But it's a heartwarming story nonetheless.
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jinkies rated it
January 6, 2022
Status: Completed
This feels... Flat. I don't know how else to describe it. There aren't any like concrete events of why and how original MC was "bullied" by stepsister or step mother. We are just supposed to take MC's word for it that the original was neglected by the father as a result of the manipulations from the step mom.

... more>>

If not for the end, where we are let into the thought processes and reflections of the step mother, I didn't quite feel like she really was a "villain"in the original MC's life. And even then, ok so maybe you divorced your husband and manipulated your way into marrying MC's father... I don't necessarily see her as villainous— materialistic, maybe— and the author kept pushing her as the mastermind as original FL learnt all her "tricks" from her.

Tricks being, playing the role of a virtuous wife.


Actually, while we are keep being made to believe that original FL is a green tea b*tch, and I guess she is, I didn't necessarily find her that dislikable (because yes she "stole" the original's fiance, but it was a betrothal arranged by their parents, the two never had a mutual relationship. fiance never really cared about her either. if anything I found him more dislikable) until


she instigated someone to sabotage the wires while Wenwen was filming so that he will fall from a sizable height which was "sure to cause a disability".


Because the family drama actually just reads as two divorcees with kids marrying for the wrong reasons, and having a really horrible blended family. Step parents are still addressed as "aunt" and "uncle" but Fang Xuerou insistently calls MC "sister". Original MC gained a bad reputation that is supposedly all fake but... MC admits that original MC was "pushed" to attempt to drug original FL in order to stage a scene and capture "humiliating pictures" only for it backfire on her, which led to Wenwen's conception.

Just makes you think that perhaps that reputation isn't unwarranted if she can come up with something like this. Maybe she never actually crossed legal lines prior, but neither did the step mom/step sister. Because all I got from what we are told is that original MC felt neglected by her father because he "sided with them against her"— we are not ever told what. And it just reads like... Maybe there's a reason.


In fact, when the father regrets his strained relationship with his daughter. He remembers her childhood but we aren't given the in-between. You can tell he regrets things, but he's looking at the past with rose-tinted lenses when he is hit with the realisation that his daughter looks very much like his beloved dead wife. He believes everything on the internet because ~the netizens are allegedly unbiased~ but we forget that the netizens are mainly going based on their knowledge of transmigrator MC's personality to judge the family drama of the original MC. MC claims him blind, and for one, I agree. Because he's blindly listening to the Internet to judge his family's affairs as if they are even more privy to it.


It's as if the author has an idea, but is too lazy to fill in the details. There's nothing concrete to back up the negativity original MC had to her family. We just have to take the unreliable narrator's word for it which personally frustrates me because then, all this drama feels so contrived. Which is also reflected in the later parts— transmigrator MC and our ML's relationship just... hardly develops until the very end but it felt really abrupt given how long it was dragged for.

The single most greatest part of this story is probably the reborn child Wenwen

who because grew up in an orphanage and was led to believe he was abandoned, had a love-hate relationship with his mother, having the mentality that she would leave him soon to chase after material wealth and therefore reluctant to form an attachment whilst doing his best to be a perfect child and ease her burden so that he will be kept a while longer. The moment when he realised he wasn't abandoned in his original life, and that it was because his single mother died was actually the emotional peak in this entire story.....


And that happened really early on. I really only kept reading to uncover the ML's real identity. Also the relationship between the family is cute I guess. Until they realised they were all actually a family and by that point I just wanted everything to end. Pronto. <<less
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haine22 rated it
November 30, 2020
Status: Completed
I read it all in one go - good found-family type of story (characters you will love like tsundere uncle Guo and sweet Aunt Mei are still family with the MC and baby Wenwen and they don't lose presence at all!).

... more>>

mostly read the story for baby Wenwen having a happy childhood hahaha he's such a cute baby declaring "I'm an adult!" sometimes since he's also reborn, but like Wenwen you also forget he is one too when he's not talking maturely. Like there's a part he confronted a neighbor village boy who bullied his friend, but gets picked up because he's super cute and small haha or another time he forgot he's filming a show with the ML and ditches him to go have cake with his friends because he got so excited. He's smart too. Closer to the end, his paternal grandparents wanted to meet him and his mom but they understood the FL wasn't ready yet since she hasn't quite confirmed a relationship with the ML, so they disguised themselves around the property. Wenwen figures it out right away before his mom even notices lol it's nice how complex he is since he has his moments of insecurity that he's carrying from his past life (so he doesn't call Si Yue dad for a long time, and he even had this dark look when he was looking at Original FL's pregnant belly since they caused him so much misery in his acting career). Major spoiler but Wenwen final insecurity was losing Si Yue's love for not being a good boy (since again, his darkness seeps out when it came to his past life enemies) but he realizes Si Yue loves him like a father to his son by choosing to teach him better. Anyways I was surprised when the story ended so suddenly on a happy note - Wenwen (who long stopped calling himself Chi Wen in the narration) was running around with a sparkler (?) happily on New Year's... Like I thought the story would have a time skip or something 🤣 but it's alright that it ends knowing he'll have a smoother life now


Low-key hoped for more chapters:


i might have missed it but did ML ever get the orchid the FL was raising for him? Or was it all "look but don't touch" since both father and son (and paternal grandfather!) are natural plant killers? Also would have liked the female bodyguard to have had an action scene or something hahaha or if it's confirmed whether or not the FL was originally reborn back into this world since she herself isn't sure (originally she switched bodies and dreamt that Fu Ruoruo is happily living with her parents, later on she stopped feeling the original bodies feelings or memories and had to imagined how the original would feel seeing the Fu father, but near the end she's speculating "was I originally...?" So that's a mystery that's never solved or maybe I misunderstood idk I haven't read the extra chapters)

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 20, 2021
Status: --
I am rereading this novel. At first read I would give it a 4 but after rereading I would give it a 3.

Here's to why. The first time I read this novel I was like it was cute fluff and heartwarming kind of FL with a bun with some face slapping trope which us something most cn novel have. Its a good read at FIRST.

Until I reread it.

... more>> 1. While I don't mind the FL being a single parent with a Reborn son. I just don't like how the story progress with the ML. Meaning I felt like the romance part is so abrupt.

2. ML knows that Wen Wen is his son pretty early on but the FL didn't know that since she never looked at the man she slept with basically but the moment she learned the Si Yue is Wenwen's father she continue to deny that for like a couple of chapters. And even tho she knows that Si Yue wants to be a responsible father to their son she doesn't let it and let Wenwen continue to misunderstand and bully his Dad. Knowing that Wenwen thought that his dad is someone who bullied his mom with bad intention or something and better of dead one more thing is that he is reborn and grow up an orphaned in the first timeline thinking that his parents abandoned him. This continue for like atleast I think for a couple of chapters.


Anyways its just my opinion this is good read when you're just trying to past time. <<less
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Dragon_Reader rated it
May 3, 2021
Status: Completed
It's a fairly good story. Kind of like slow life, slow romance. Not too much issues. Face-slapping is done mostly by ML coz MC is least bothered about it haha. MC son (aka the villain) IS THE BEST ever. He is so cute and cuddly and once he realises his mother won't abandon him, he gives up and becomes a true child. This is so rare especially with most stories filled with kids being adult-like due to their old adult true self. We all always talk about how we want... more>> to go back to our school days of playing, running around etc etc but when it comes to stories suddenly 10 year olds are attending board meetings and stepping into the adult world. In this story, MC Son decides to enjoy being a child and subconsciously becomes a true child too. He plays with other kids his age even though he is more mature than them, throws tantrums, bursts into tears (Yes! Crying loud!), acts cute with his mother wanting her to pamper him etc etc. In the entire story, u will never believe he was once an adult and that he carries his memories of being an adult.

Wonderful novel if you want to read about a cute mom-son relationship, cute but grumpy Grandpa and villagers who are totally nice and not judgemental at all and who protect MC and her son from outsiders fiercely. And this is despite the fact that MC Son was born out of wedlock and should have been looked down by conservative villager mindset. Instead, it's MC's dad - a big shot businessman living in the big city who looks down on MC. I liked this contrast. Most novels show villagers as gossipy, judgemental people who are v bad in character and education but this novel has portrayed them wonderfully. <<less
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MadCC rated it
August 18, 2021
Status: Completed
Not as good as I thought it would be.

Basically from all the reviews I thought that this novel would be a very cute fluffy heart warming story.

However I ended up not enjoying it much. Here are some of the reasons:

... more>> - Not as fluffy as you would think it is:

Starts off very cute but towards the end it's more about drama and badly done face slapping.

The plot and obstacles thrown in MC's way weren't interesting or fresh. Felt like I knew what would happen next. You never get worried for the MC.

The face slapping wasn't great because the villains never were regretful or envious of her good life. + The villain wasn't good.

You'd think that since the step-sister managed to get the original host disliked by her father and fiance, that she's be very smart and cunning but instead she's kinda dumb and just pretends to be innocent and pitiful all the time.

I never really felt angry on the MC's behalf.

- The MC is way too passive:

MC never fights for herself or get angry when people wrong her.

MC has a tendency to ignore her problems, she just hopes they will go away on their own.

ML protects the MC from everything. As soon as something happens to MC ML is there to save the day. This gets annoying because it breaks the tension and makes the MC seem weak and overly dependent on ML. Ex: At one point we get a sentence saying that the step-sister, our villain, has touched MC's reverse scale, this is at a point where she has a lot of fans and influence so you'd expect MC to actually get revenge on her own but once again ML takes over punishing the step-sister for her.

- The son's personality is inconsistent: kind of mature towards the start but gets more and more childish.

In many reviews people defend the son's childishness on the fact that he's in a child's body which affects him mentally but I disagree, he's still too childish for someone who has lived another life.

What's the point of making him a reborn character if he just acts like a normal kid all the time. + It's my impression that as the writing goes the more dumbed down the son gets, which is weird because him baby is more mature than him toddler.

Feels more like the writer wrote the son as more childish and dumb to make funny and cute scenes but remembered that it wouldn't make sense to make a grown man act like a kid so she just used the excuse of his body is affecting him. <<less
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Adira rated it
April 30, 2021
Status: Completed
I Mtl the whole story and let me tell you my opinion, this is a hidden gem!!!! You guys!! I’m telling you, if you didn’t read it yet, you don’t know what you’re missing out!!!!
Anyways back to the story, where I’m gonna highlight some of my favourite parts.... here goes nothing

  • KIDS..... despite being reborn and having 20 yr old or something mentality acting like a kid, and brainless at that. Which is super cute and naive, in fact every single kid mentioned are at some point, as either they want to take the MC son away hide in their home, or want marry, these types of scenes what just melts your heart. Like how cute is that because that what’s kids mostly up to these days, whenever they see something they like.
  • Now the MC, she’s totally a badass not some bland and an ignorant person. She’s the most understanding person I have read as a character, like the entire time she takes her own leisure to get together with the ML without expressing if she likes him or not. Or even at the time, when she’s not able to tell who’s interested in her.
  • The ML, ooff, he’s the real star of this entire story. The way he approaches towards the MC is what makes me believe in romance again.
Anyways... apart from my rambling, as I have a high expectations. I do find this story quiet interesting thus, giving three stars but since I accidentally (or is it 😏) pressed on two. Due to certain reasons, like the MC acceptance towards her kid, the entire revenge plot, not forgiving that useless father, some interactions (especially, the scene where the MC and the kid rush from the house to beat the originalMC’s ex-fiancé, like a loach), and the happy ending for the entire family.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Anastrisha rated it
November 10, 2021
Status: Completed
It's a good dog blood novel, with nice face slapping adventure.

Though I didn't find it as unique as other reviews, I did enjoy reading until the end of it. Just that didn't like a bit how they were condeming this story stereotype while also doing it lel, turned me off a lot.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ylial rated it
May 23, 2021
Status: Completed
The story is cute but I honestly dislike the meekness of the MC.

Also the antagonists are brain-dead. The author lowers the quality of her novel by writing characters (ex fiance, MC's father) very stup*d than a kindergarten.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 18, 2021
Status: Completed

This family is too shameless 😂

Of course the "peaceful-loving, gentle, and elegant" mom have a son who is handsome and "kind and not beating evil." Is present too 😂 its a 100000000/100 for me. The interaction between son and father though 😂✊
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