Hundreds Years After I Was Called [Just Corpse], I’ve Become Strongest Undead When I Woke Up


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Zion, a solo adventurer, recklessly entered a dungeon beyond his ability.

Alas, that was the last thing he did. Wandering inside a dungeon for hundreds of years, as an undead, he kept advancing into the dungeon. Slaying monsters left and right until his undead body underwent ‘evolution’ many times over――

――By the time he regained his ego, he had already become the strongest undead: 【No Life King】.

Humankind, who was made aware of the appearance of a new world-class disaster monster, felt dread as they fell into the abyss of despair. 「The world is… done for.」…Or so they think.

「It’s okay, do I look like an evil undead to you?(Smile~)」



This was the tale of the humans who trembled in fear [out of their own convenience] and him, an undead, who actually had no intention to destroy the world.

Associated Names
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After Spending Hundreds of Years as a Common Undead, I’ve Become The Strongest Undead When I Woke up
Suicidal Undead
Tada no Shikabane no You da to Iwarete Ikuseisou, Kizuitara Saikyou no Undead ni Natteta
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Fluffums rated it
October 11, 2020
Status: --
"This was the tale of the humans who trembled in fear [out of their own convenience] and him, an undead, who actually had no intention to destroy the world."

That's all you need from the description, and the story sticks well to that and is good enough except for one minor (major to me) issue.

... more>>

Somehow he was an adventurer before dying despite not being able to communicate well with people, especially women. Okay, but he spends the entire first arc looking for someone who's willing to talk to him, and when he finally finds one, he sprints away at full speed. Because she's naked.


If you find that funny, you'll probably rate it at least a 4, if you don't mind it, probably around a 3? But the first arc ending with that was enough for me to instantly drop it. <<less
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AvERaGeNP rated it
December 13, 2020
Status: c22
I couldn't withstand so much pov changes on this novel. 22 chapter and more than half the chapters were just retelling of same events. Its so blatant that even a small conversation exchange has pov change and don't even mention a brawl where even the bystander gets pov not to mention the enemy just after. So frustrating to read this novel where multiple pov tells a same thing across multiple chapters.
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montblanc512 rated it
February 13, 2022
Status: c15
I am just so very tired of the cliche of a protagonist having selective inability to communicate and every other character being too s*upid to put two and two together. Like, reading LN you'd think Japanese has to be the shittiest language on the planet since literally anything the MC says can be interpreted as basically being a threat. "Hello" should not be misinterpreted as "I'm going to kill you". That's not how the language works. No stretch of the imagination makes that work. It'd be like in English if... more>> someone said "Yo" and everyone around decided they were trying to say "You're going to die now". The author could have made undead unable to speak or something, but no, the protagonist is just so darn bad at talking he can't explain that he's not hostile to anyone and everyone always assumes he's a mindless monster. Repeat ad-nauseam. It's become as generic and annoying as using magical age-rules to excuse lolicons, and is just so lazy.

And then there's the perspectives. We get it, others see him as a powerful monster, we don't need different POVs for every interaction.

Real shame because the translation quality is good and the concept otherwise would be fun (if not particularly unique). <<less
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cranes_stairwell rated it
October 27, 2021
Status: --
Similarly to the other low-star reviews, I also think the POV changes are bad. While POV changes can help emphasize how comedically different each party views each other, they are far too frequent, and they rarely add more to the story. You can generally expect non-MC POVs to repeat the scene, but now MC is scary. Very formulaic.

And, call me boring, but the "I'm deathly afraid of women!" and "I'm too socially incompetent to talk to women!" tropes are... really not that funny. An OP character playing a salted fish... more>> is funny. An OP character actively running from plot development because it involves women is annoying. I also just don't like piss jokes.

Also not a fan of the incredible transphobia! Transgender people aren't monsters, drag queens aren't monsters, gay people aren't monsters. Somehow, the author managed to click all of these boxes in one scene with one character, so that's commendable, I guess.
Summary of the scene with an obvious warning for transphobia and assault:


One of the minibosses/enemies is described as a monstrously ugly transgender women, though her appearance is clearly supposed to be a caricature of a drag queen. She also kidnaps and sexually assaults men. Since the scene is supposed to be comedic, there's significantly more emphasis on her being monstrous because she's ugly, rather than because she, yknow... kidnaps and assaults people. Transgender people already get a bad reputation without continuing the "Haha, transgender people and crossdressers are predators!" s*upidity.

While I understand that the author might've not have had easy access to LGBT+ resources, that doesn't make the scene any more tolerable.
(Also, the MC being isolated for 1, 000 years is not an excuse for the godawful social skills-- he wasn't self-aware during that period! He clearly knows the right actions to socialize, his actual excuse is that fine motor control needed for facial expressions and speaking have atrophied from 1, 000 years of disuse.) <<less
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HentMas rated it
March 11, 2021
Status: --
Interesting premise, interesting characters, interesting humor... abysmal writing style

It's your staple BAD japanese novel

Forced obliviousness: check
Irrational development: check
No plot: check
No character growth: check
Multiple POVs that bring nothing to the development of the story and just repeat the exact same thing over and over and over again: check
MC dense as F: check

The humor relies entirely on misunderstandings and multiple POVs, but the author forces them to the point of shattering common sense to keep the gag going, too far, too fast, he's saved multiple people but... more>> no one cares, supposedly everyone fears him because news from his initial misunderstanding arrived in the papers before he himself gets to the next town but no word of his good deeds is ever mentioned.

The story develops like this in EACH ARCH.

*undead see people, approach to chat*

"aaaa! undead!"

"undead no can speak"

"AAA! undead! kill him!!!"

*nothing harms him*

"AAA! undead no harm"

*big monster shows up*

*undead kills monster saving everyone*

"AAA! undead scary!!"

*undead moves on because he no talk with them*

Break in a couple of chapters where talks with other undead just to make it frustrating that he doesn't talk to people, and then REPEAT EACH CHAPTER FROM DIFFERENT POVs... rinse and start over in a different town.

I actually enjoyed the first couple of chapters... then I began skimming them, I don't find this funny or interesting anymore, it doesn't even try to be consistent or keep the tone up and the rhythm is terrible because it's broken to pieces by each repeat POV.

I'm guessing this was thought as a manga because it doesn't make sense in novel form... but I can feel that it would probably make a good manga because the fighting scenes are good enough, and there is enough meat in it to do something usable... but in novel form it's disappointing.

EDIT: you know what? after reading other reviewers I'm gonna keep going, because I want to see what happens, I'm just gonna skim whatever seems boring.

EDIT2: OK... I read everything available... it does get better but I'm still iffy on the humor... <<less
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
January 1, 2021
Status: c11
Pretty disappointing.. This is like a completely reversed concept of HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou in it's early chapters which btw I also dropped early..

Instead of MC just running away because afraid to die, MC here is looking for a way to die with both being invincible & low IQ and EQ..

MC here is pretty dense in a bad way, this is just bad in my personal opinion coupled with his supposedly shy personality is a recipe for disaster..

Though I don't know if this is like HP1 kara most likely... more>> he will always be rejected by everyone at every place he goes to except for maybe those he saved directly, then repeat that while growing his harem.. Now that reminds me of That Person later on novel, well at least the comedy on that novel is ok, while the comedy here is really an undertone and not enough for a comedy tag, I didn't even find anything funny in the entire 11 chapters I've read.. <<less
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The Unassuming Oliver rated it
September 25, 2021
Status: c61
It's s*upid and I like it. You just don't have to give that much close attention to the plot and just read this in a fast-paced speed to enjoy it. I'm not some critic so maybe my opinions towards this kinds of poorly written stories is low but really, to enjoy this story just throw away your common sense while reading.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Banditman rated it
July 17, 2021
Status: c51
General consensus seems to be that how often the POV changes is annoying, and I can see why. I think it could work though. The primary issue for me is that the main character is very one-note:

... more>>

He can't talk to women, he wants to die.


He doesn't really have anything else going on, by far the most interesting chapters of this novel are where you see the story from other characters perspectives, reacting to his actions. The repetition can get frustrating, to combat this I feel like it'd be better if the sections from the main characters perspective were briefer and the sections from other characters POV were more in-depth. That way rather than getting one telling of events, and then another equally detailed telling of events (with the addition of a secondary characters dull thoughts) - the second go around reveals more information you didn't get in the first making it feel a little more worthwhile.

Just my take on it.

As for the actual story:


The main character revives as an incredibly powerful undead but simply wants to die. In 51 chapters he has excessively limited interaction with any of the other 'developed' characters beyond simply trying to avoid them. He's faced two serious foes so far, an undead organisation and a dragon - both of which he dispatched with little effort. His confrontation with the King in 'battle' had the potential to be interesting, but it was brief and didn't lead to much. The much anticipated confrontation with the holy woman who has been chasing the main character has finally happened in chapter 52 - it mostly skipped over it, only showing the beginning and end of the conversation, feels like a missed opportunity to have some interesting dialogue.

The main character's quest to die is difficult to sympathise with. He has no reason to want to pass on other than 'man, it should've happened already, I really want to go'. There's no inner conflict, he's resolute without reason. If he gets someone to care about and then has some kind of crisis about whether he wants to go - that'd make his character a little interesting, but there's no sign of that happening so far.


So, ultimately, pretty mediocre. It does live up to the 'overpowered protagonist' tag, at least.


I hope he meets an enemy he can't just defeat in one punch soon - I'd like him to make full use of his regeneration ability and outlast his opponent. I also hope he learns to actually care about something other than dying so he has something real to fight for.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rcpsycho rated it
February 26, 2021
Status: c27
The premise isn't that bad, but the plot doesn't really keep moving forward.

It's a repetition of the same events over and over again in different places and with slightly different people, and because the MC can't utter a single word, nothing changes. And you'd think there'd be a chance for him to approach people elsewhere, but because the world has undergone an industrial revolution in the time the MC was dead, they have newspapers and fast communication which means everyone knows of him and is afraid of him the moment... more>> they can see his appearance.

So rather than an undead who tries to die and ends up finding a purpose in some adventuring style story, it keeps being a misunderstanding type one, and not in a particularly humorous way like Tilea's Worries.

Add to all of that the fact that basically everything is retold from a different point of view at least once, sometimes even in the same chapter. With this many switches and retellings, the author should have just abandoned the concept of telling the story from first person to begin with and tried to tell it from both perspectives at the same time.

For now I will keep reading it, but to sum it up in one word, this novel is boring. <<less
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Haruko rated it
September 25, 2022
Status: c75
Its alright.

My real rating is 3, 5* but im now rating it higher because of the overly much negative revies.

Sure this is not some people's cup of tea, but I personally like multiple povs in the story. Story itself is nicely translated and there is actually plot! Even though this is echi harem novel those parts are not overdone and thus anoying.

... more>> This is just light hearted fast read of the ankward op undead in his way to hopefully end his existence with some echi parts spinkled in.

Give it a try, it is not that bad read to kill some time. <<less
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Professor Baka De DeluPerv
Professor Baka De DeluPerv rated it
January 21, 2022
Status: --
MC has a "Communication Disorder", and yet is somehow able to talk to undeads and a necromancer just fine. He can even yell at the top of his lungs! Makes sense right!? NO! IT MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE WHATSOEVER! All you get is the MC going from place to place and saves the place by accident/or unaware of it. He wants to die, and that's about as far as that plot got. He wants to talk to people, only to run away when those people show up... Can't talk to... more>> woman? Yeah right, and how were you a adventure when we all know receptionists are all elven beauties? Either you move on and spare yourself from this, or you read it and come to the same conclusion.


Frankly speaking, something has to be wrong with you if you like this garbage -_-

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Thraximus rated it
August 27, 2021
Status: c66
I've seen a lot of low reviews so just wanted to give my 2 cents. I think that the POV shifting is actually done very well, and makes the story much more fun to read, the thing with OP characters, fights aren't fun, peoples reactions to the fights are.

The second thing I saw people bring up is no character progression, I think we were reading a different book, because the MC is definitely getting over his angsty teenager mentality, slowly but surely.

Also people are shitting on the MC for not... more>> being able to talk to people properly. He literally spent hundreds of years in a dark cave, filled with monsters and demons, with 0 human contact whatsoever. It's a miracle he can talk at all, and isn't completely deranged to be honest.

Now on the other hand, this novel isn't perfect, for one it's another force harem, because we apparently don't have enough of those yet, secondly the MC is a bit too much of a pacifist in a weird way,

on one hand he has no problem killing a sentient dragon, that can talk and act exactly like humans, that just came to save a dragon that the humans kidnapped, while on the other hand he wont even kill a group of bandits that just killed the guards of some merchants and were about to r*pe their wives and daughters.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Manaprime rated it
August 6, 2021
Status: c31
I read to part 30 hoping it got better, it doesn’t.

The tl;dr of this novel is: “Undead bad”, MC fights something, “Undead bad”, MC runs away.

The entire story hinges on MC not being able to talk and people jumping to the worst possible conclusion. Which would be fine there was anything else going on or if the gag was actually funny rather than just annoying.

Other people talk about the character swapping, which is fair enough, but I don’t think it would be such an issue if those other characters weren’t... more>> intentionally written to be dumb as a brick. <<less
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gegehehe8686 rated it
January 23, 2021
Status: c28
I like this story quite a bit. You do have to be able to laugh at his non-existent communication skills.

It's a bit frustrating that even though he never harms anyone, that everyone is so terrified of him and interprets his actions in the worst possible way.

On the other hand, I feel like that's justified somewhat. Even when he's trying to restrain his mama, he's still an Undead, probably the strongest undead ever to exist in that world. I imagine that his energy feels utterly terrifying to the living. I'd compare... more>> it to the presence of a Great Old One. Even if Cthulhu didn't want to harm you, you'd still go insane if you met it.

Here's hoping the MC makes a friend soon though. I feel bad for him. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Suyaris rated it
November 4, 2020
Status: c63
Aside from the running away from women part which I really despise, I’d say this is an entertaining read... atleast for me.

... more>>

A few people already realize he’s not an enemy like the Thunder Dragon Emperor he saved from the dragon attack, the girl who’s following him which is also helping to purify him, some villagers and kids he saved from monster attacks, and a few others. Unfortunately his reputation to the public is still bad because of a certain psycho who told them the “No Life King” has returned and he will create an empire with undead and rule the world or something.

He has the ability to resurrect others and so far he has 2 powerful dragons (busty and loli (?) with a 3rd otw, and an Empress.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
scribbledoutname rated it
October 21, 2020
Status: c11
Pretty interesting so far!

The MC dies and becomes an undead, and due to some circumstances involving a fight between dragons he reawakens with absurd strength. Unfortunately, he struggles at communication so things don't go so well when he encounters other humans, who basically take him to be a walking evil calamity.

I really like the overall idea. My biggest gripe, though, is how contrived the whole "oh no, he's evil!" thing is. One of the tropes I hate the most is where the story's misunderstanding is sustained by idiocy on both... more>> sides. Here, the adventurers keep sidestepping obvious possibilities and jumping to the word possible conclusions for the MC's actions and the MC doesn't make a believably genuine effort to clear things up.


The worst part is in chapter 11 where the adventurers are all collapsed right in front of the MC, waiting for him to kill them. They all heard what he said -- "won't kill you" -- but instead of realising that he might not be out to get them, they immediately assume he wants to torture them or track them down later and kill them then. Equally silly is that despite this perfect opportunity to talk to them, the MC suddenly decides that he doesn't want to explain himself anymore... obviously because the author isn't done milking this forced misunderstanding. He just heads off and lets the problem fester. Really?


So yeah. Contrivance after contrivance. That said, it's still enjoyable to see the shock his power causes so right now I'd say it's worth reading. Whether or not it stays worth reading depends on where the author takes it. The story does have a lot of promise. <<less
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September 6, 2022
Status: c20
This is s*upid. For 20 chapters it would change perspective between an undead who wants to die and apparently doesn’t know how to talk to people and tries to smile constantly even when they run from him each time he does. And people who encounter him who always thinks he says he will kill them and wet themselves when he smiles. It’s dumb. They played the same thing over and over. He was dead for hundreds of years. Even suppressing his aura everyone is afraid of him and will just... more>> attack him. He hasn’t held a conversation with a single soul in 20 chapters <<less
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September 5, 2021
Status: c58
Alright so here's the story the MC is an adventurer he went into dungeon far to high for his rank and died. At the same time he was dying a dragon died this causes to become an undead with an ego he sees black. Boom x amount years in the future hes a weird undead, super strong his personality boring. His goal almost interesting if it played a role at all he tries to find someone to help him but misunderstandings and now he's the spookiest monster to man. Kills... more>> dudes joke about gay people some cringe. Accidently makes something or someone their familiar of course they have huge breasts or something.

This story is boring it's a kinda unique but that doesn't matter because this boring, anti-climatic, op but without the stuff that makes op stories work, predictable, lame, waste of it's setting. This story has nothing going for it don't read it. Unless your just starting wn/on this will appear godlike to you cause it's different don't mix that up for good though <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 15, 2021
Status: c52
All the POV changes are kinda annoying but this is a comedy novel, the entire point is to watch everyone's reactions and thoughts towards the main character, and one of the best ways to do that is seeing their perspectives.
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