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In the middle of night, on the way home from the convenience store, suddenly he bathed in a strong light, and then what waiting in front of him is an another world.

Since birth, Yoji Tanaka* (27 y/o Job Salesman) who in what ever he does “first thing first” is his motto, without understanding anything was blown to another world. The place that he arrived at was a middle aged kinda frontier village. It’s a story where the situation is though he neither knowing the lifestyle nor the language, using a doubtful cheat called skill bonus, somehow the timid mc was able to live through in a world dominated by monster using present-day common sense and little trick.

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Isekai de Ikiteiku Houhou
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Scotchntacos rated it
February 7, 2017
Status: v1c4
The protagonist is a "my pace" kind of man, that gets transported to your usual high fantasy world, for no reason other than it just happened "all of a sudden". At least it wasn't another truck. He starts off weak, finds out he's the only one that can allot skill points (or bonus points) received after gaining levels, and thus gets stronger with level ups, much faster than anyone else, who don't even have the concept of levels as they don't have access to his game-like menu panel.

It progresses... more>> fairly quickly, feeling almost like I'm reading summaries on the back of a book, or someone's journal that only writes once a month. That may be due to the short chapters that are about only 1-2 pages long. It doesn't feel like anything spectacular, and honestly pretty forgettable, so much so I had to reread previous chapters to remind myself what this was after not seeing an update in months, over a freaking year since the last release. You can safely drop it at any time and you won't have missed a thing that you haven't already read in another fantasy novel. However, it makes decent filler time while waiting for other novels to update. Overall I give the story a generous 3/5 for enjoyment, although a 1/5 for originality, at least for the premise.

Before deciding if this is for you or not, I can however confidently say: avoid the translator's site like the plague at all costs. That's right, the only ones currently translating this novel as of writing this, Kurotsuki Ryoudan. Aside from any title they pick up seems to be lost in translation hell, never again to see an another English release years later, the site itself Is riddled with ads, popups... And worst yet; redirects to spam ad sites that you cant get out of without closing the window, all without even giving you the chance to read more than a single word of the novel. I get that people gotta make money somehow, be it from ads revenue, donations, or sponsored chapters... which is the very reason why I don't use adblock, but this is taking it too far. The only way this novel is even remotely readable, is with adblock, or go to another novel leecher site, because you're not reading all of it in their site (as many links are broken too).

Even after all that, I can still deal with it, if only the translations themselves weren't so god awful. There are TL notes after every few sentences about something either irrelevant or adds absolutely nothing of importance to the story that should be just left out, because all it does is break the immersion. If you want an idea of what those TL notes sound like, they're like email or chatlogs with one or two liners talking about jacksh*t spliced throughout the paragraphs. And then they have the balls to call their releases "fanfiction". Seriously? Do they not know what that even means? Fanfiction is a work of fiction derived from an already existing property by fans of said work. Be it localization, or interpretation, a translation of a work (even a self published works) --is not Fanfiction. Its almost as if they were trying to claim this as their own. I wouldn't be surprised if English was their second language at this point.... either that or they use machine translations with zero editing effort, as they would call an orc "Ork" with a bloody k. And all this on top of having releases being months to a flipping year apart for short simple chapters that honestly would be faster and more easily understood with google translate. If you can stomach all these faults (mostly on the translators group's part), this novel is an ok time waster with a speck of potential. If not, then you likely won't be missing out on anything.

However, I sincerely wish another, better group would pick this up (as well as all the other titles tainted by this group), because it has potential to be a good story, that is, if it's just a slow cliche start that only starts to get interesting after snowballing. But seeing as how the current group looks like they may as well have taken a piss with their level of inferiority, I fear this may turn away most people. Oh well, time to keep looking I guess. <<less
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Cryarc rated it
March 27, 2017
Status: --
The novel cover is a false advertis**ent lol, there are no major characters aside from the main character. The story is being told solely focused on the MC so the people around him are extremely shallow that you can explain them with "she's a nun" or "he's an adventurer" and there's absolutely nothing else on them. They don't even have personality, they're even less than NPC in RPG games whether they're there or not it doesn't matter. To make it worse the MC himself is a blank state character lacking... more>> personality, which means he's not even better than the side characters.

The story itself is so thin, the MC just do quests after quests. There's no proper human relationship in the series. It's all about him fighting with monsters with his status point allocation skill which becomes dull very quick. <<less
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mismarca rated it
March 18, 2017
Status: c40
At the beginning the story starts pretty good, but later on the MC starts to get really s*upidly naive for a 27 year old. No OP skill just becoming jack of all trade by resetting the bonus points and allocate it according to situation. After becoming adventure the story starts to get very boring and s*upid. He seems unable to make the right decision when accepting quest while knowing the danger so ended up becoming a yes-man and keeps getting on problems.

Need 40 chapter to make him doubt other people... more>> due some betray event. (At this point I want the MC to die there and end the WN series x_x) <<less
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