How to Have a Baby Secretly


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Choi Sunwoo’s life takes a dramatic turn when he wakes up as a character in the very novel that enthralled him for weeks. Working as a publishing company PD for five years, Sunwoo is no stranger to dramatic twists, but nothing prepares him for this surreal twist of fate. Now pregnant and trapped in a cursed narrative, he becomes an integral part of the story he once read.

Sunwoo’s character, an ambitious Omega, daringly infiltrates the secretariat under the guise of a Beta, all to be near the enigmatic and dominant Alpha, Kang Jinwook. His bold plan spirals out of control, leading to a scandalous pregnancy and a botched blackmail scheme. As he attempts to extricate himself from this tangled web by resigning, he finds himself the focus of Jinwook’s intense and obsessive desires.

Will he outwit Jinwook and break free from the novel’s grip, or will he be forever ensnared in its pages?

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집착광공을 피해 아이를 낳는 방법
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Louya rated it
January 18, 2024
Status: c3
there are only 3 chapters at the moment but I find this novel very interesting and the translation is clear and understandable (I don't know if it's because the novels I've read have crappy translations but this one is the best I've read until now)

it's a story that clearly suits the kind of transmigration I like with a preg MC but since there are only 3 chapters, I can't say anything about the personality of the MC nor the ML (I hope that it's a green flag though)

By... more>> the way, Thanks to the translators because this story is very well translated! ^^ (this review was done with a translator) <<less
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March 29, 2024
Status: c9
Hi there, this‘ll be a short review...

... but anyway here we go:

- the translation is great and easy to understand

... more>> - I like how the MC swiftly copes with his situation and even tries to pursue his own dreams (at least so far 0.<)

- the personality of the ML still needs a loooooot of growth (for me he‘s a bit too selfish, rough and not really considerate towards or MC. Hopefully their relationship will grow steadily in the future ><)

And that’s it, thank you for translating and I look forward to further chapters ^^ <<less
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