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Meet Elena Kaslana, the half-blood Veela with a danger level that’s off the charts. Hogwarts’ guardian, creature savior, and magic-world unifier—she’s the powerhouse who turned chaos into harmony.

As Hogwarts’ Big Sister, she doused ancient feuds between the houses, making the school a haven. Countless magical creatures owe their lives to her, as she brokered peace between humans and the magical realm.

But Elena’s not just a peacemaker; she’s a trendsetter. She’s the Master Chef of magical cuisine, the Third Dark Lord with style, and the Apex Predator everyone respects.

Her journey intertwined with magical legends—Dumbledore, Grindelwald, Scamander—leaving an everlasting impact.

Get ready for a riveting story? Brace yourself for the extraordinary saga of Elena Kaslana—a cautionary tale celebrating an incredible female protagonist!

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LEMON1 rated it
December 13, 2023
Status: c371
This fan-fiction got me hooked! Elena Kaslana, the protagonist, is a blast to follow - she's fun, totally unpredictable, and keeps you on your toes throughout the story.

Now, here's the deal: the pace of this novel is very slow. We're talking 370 chapters and only hitting the first month at Hogwarts. But hey, it's got its perks! The author's taking their time to paint every little detail, and that's something to appreciate.

What's awesome is that it's not another Harry Potter tale! That's a big thumbs-up for originality. If you're up... more>> for something fresh and different in the Wizarding World, this one's worth diving into! <<less
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Simon Westeros
Simon Westeros rated it
December 15, 2023
Status: c480
I'd give it a solid five stars for the sheer uniqueness, but just because it's a tad slow, I'll rate it four stars. Yet, it's definitely not a one-star kind of story—far from it!
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greenHills rated it
January 9, 2024
Status: c52
Utterly miserable to read so far; the only reason I'm not giving it a 1 is because some parts were funny. Might progress a tad further to see how "unique" it is, but right now, it's incredibly cliche and generic. I suspect it'll only come off as fresh to you if you've never read any decent HPfic.

  • The TL is prob just poorly edited MTL, because there are "click here for more info" bits everywhere that don't go anywhere. It also translates some jokes wrong.
  • Elena, the MC, has transmigrated for ~4 years and passed 9 years of compulsory education and university courses in her past life. She has to be at least 25+.
  • Despite that, the MC is obscenely immature and conceited. She considers herself a "big sister", but acts like a whiny baby half the time. (if you know the term sajiao/ , the MC perfectly epitomizes this type of behaviour taken to an unpleasant degree.)
  • The "comedic undertone" doesn't work to cover up her insanely immature character because the fic takes itself really seriously sometimes.
  • E.G. MC calls Draco a brat for daring to say hi to her a few times and sort of grab for her arm, because she is obviously soo busy with her icecream (haha, how quirky). When the icecream gets dropped, she goes f*cking mu*der mode and half chokes him out with her magic. A+ for appropriate responses.
  • She also takes offense if some kid dares to "rebel" against her, but in a ~quirky~ way. Holy Jesus, how insufferable.
Basically, Elena is a mature big sis, except when she's ~quirky~ and bratty and fun, except when she acts spoiled with every adult around her, except she's also a voice of rationality (especially when she goes on impassioned rants to show everyone how smart she is), except she's also prone to unhinged violence, except she's a half-Veela and so cute that... more>> she can talk people out of enforcing consequences on her, and so everyone likes her.

She also coincidentally is reborn into an utterly beautiful half-Veela, coincidentally gets extra attention from Dumbledore, and coincidentally spouts off enough nonsense so that Dumbledore realizes she's another Child Of Prophecy for a different prophecy (that is, seemingly, more important than HP's). Her protagonist halo is obscene.

  • hit-wizard trainees make around 700g/month, so a professor wouldn't make 80g/month. You can change things in fic, ofc, but the monetary system in HP is already terribly flawed... introducing more flaws just to have your MC self-righteously monologue about why it sucks is kind of cheap.
  • "From various details in the original texts, the magical world's luxuries and entertainment seemed astonishingly scarce"... because canon follows Harry Potter, poor orphan boy (with a mountain of gold he doesn't know what to do with) and his destitute friend and his other muggleborn friend
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