Hero? No, I’m an Ordinary Citizen (Monster)


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In the summer when I was 16 years old, I was summoned to another world as a hero.

After that, a psychic, an alchemist, a sage, spirit mage, Demon Lord —being summoned by many other worlds, I repeated a lot of meetings and partings.

Lives I could save; lives I couldn’t save.

Hatred, sadness, happiness; with many things mixed, I recklessly pushed through.

And then, at the seventh parallel world summoning, I was dragged in a hero summoning.

Being summoned into Rivadeil, I wish for a peaceful life as an [Ordinary Citizen ]

——But his wish wasn’t fulfilled at all.

He was dragged into it this time around, so he was thinking of passing this one half-heartedly, but he was dragged into trouble right from the start.

The truth of the hero summoning, the disease of the king; dragged into the rampant darkness of the kingdom, by the time he noticed, he was turning into a central figure.

As he watched over the summoned heroes from the shadows and under the sun, he complained as he resolved the problems that he was dragged into.

And so, new encounters bring forth new enemies, and the tragedy repeats.

This is a story of a pitiful ‘toy’ that had its fate distorted by a god and wants to bring back what he has lost…

Associated Names
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QualiaA ~ Tada Kimi ni Aitakute ~
QualiA – Simply wanting to meet you once more
Yuusha? Iie, Tada no "Ippanjin "Bakemono" desu (Previous title)
勇者? いいえ、ただの『一般人《バケモノ》』です (Previous title)
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New LTigh rated it
November 15, 2021
Status: v1 epilogue
Yet ANOTHER novel where the story doesn't live up to the premise, this time to a disappointing degree.

As others have mentioned, MC doesn't match the parameters set up for him-- a dude who's been forcibly summoned to various other worlds 6 times previous and we're following him on his 7th go-round. Instead, it "feels" more like it's his first go-round.

SOME of this may be hand-waved because

... more>>

of the God who's been screwing with him behind the scenes having either altered or erased his memories multiple times and messing with his thoughts at crucial moments, to the point where he doesn't remember two of the other four people also summoned with him, with whom he'd been [Childhood Frens] and had once confided about some of his previous Isekai summonings. They had previously passed it off as a bad joke so he stopped mentioning it, then afterwards he presumably got his memories erased AGAIN on a subsequent "adventure" and forgot about his [Frens] and their conversation.


Still, it doesn't excuse the mediocre-to-bad writing, which seems more to be an excuse to set up cringe-worthy manzai dialogue between the MC and various characters, especially the Queen's head assassin-maid in DAMN NEAR EVERY FREAKING CHAPTER. Probably a cultural thing, since the Japanese love their straight-man/funny man stuff, but sometimes less is more, since it's excessive and does nothing for the story.

So yeah, the writer seems more interested in the tsukkomi/boke stuff and various hardcore lesbian fornication interludes with the character he's setting up to be this story's Joker to the MC's Batsmans, than writing a cohesive Isekai Adventure. Save that garbage for tumblr or whatever passes for it in Japan. Or maybe just re-title the story "A collection of attempts at writing cringe-y comedic exchanges" and remove the rest of the story entirely and stop advertising it as an Isekai adventure.

Quite frustrating, to the point where the translator finally dropped the story and no other translator or team has bothered to pick it up in the last few years, and if the story continues on this trajectory, deservedly so.

tl;dr: Great premise muddled by poor execution, the author's heavy reliance on manzai that doesn't fit the story, and seeming disinterest in any other part of the narrative that isn't related to his obsession with snappy patter or villainous lesbianism.

EDIT: upon closer look, seems that the author stopped work on the story around the same time the translator dropped it, citing poor health, putting it on hiatus. He DID start another story, but also had to drop that one due to poor health as well. Quite unfortunate, I'd hope that he would be able to improve the work enough for a LN treatment under a much-needed editor (it's amazing what a good editor can do for an otherwise borderline WN-- see "Seirei Gensouki"). <<less
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shelwyn rated it
October 19, 2018
Status: c95
Typical Isekai garbage. If you want a well written plot go elsewhere. The MC is supposedly nearing 1, 000 years old or at least past 700. He's been warring, killing, fighting, leading and conquering for hundreds of years nearly none stop through multiple worlds and 'life times'. This iant even spoilers it's basically the description.

Somehow the MC keeps his Japanese Isekai passive attitude. There's nothing to look forward to. Anything remotely serious is reduced to tr*sh by completely inappropriate comedic relief. It's just so dissatisfying, the MC has never seen... more>> a pretty girl before? It's like a harem tr*sh novel done wrong. This is just so dumb. Ah I'm so frustrated it's these type of novels that make you hate the genre. I want to filter out all Isekai and even Japanese webnovels and light novels for a while it's THAT bad.

The author spends so much time doing inner thoughts, the main characters are cookie cutter, card board cut out, trope tr*sh. Completely unoriginal. You can see why the novel hasn't progressed look at the chapter count. Just read a slice of life novel instead at least one of those is meant to be that way. This novel is just frustrating and boring. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
November 1, 2018
Status: c10
it gets an extra star for not being a harem. I don't have the problem with OP characters but after six or seven lifetimes, the guy still acts like an inexperienced fifteen year old nerd-boy who's never even held hands with a girl. Plus he has that whole Japanese beta thing going on, letting himself be pushed around and walked all over (maybe he's an M?). You would think that after experiencing so much he would have learned, sometime in the past 700 years, to say no.

his experiences never comes... more>> into play and he certainly doesn't seemed to have learned anything from all those lifetimes. It would have been better not to add them in but then the author would need another reason for his hero's motivation. Still why add in those past lifetimes and not use them? It really bothers me when authors set up a scenario like this and then make their MCs act completely contradictory to the set up. <<less
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Calixta rated it
January 2, 2019
Status: --
One of the worst self-fulfilling isekai ever, you can hear the author moan between chapters.

As pointed by more and more readers, the protagonist is supposed to be omniscient, matchless, with the life experience of hundreds of years and EMO, yes you heard it right, our protagonist is supposed to be an eternally depressed living god. Despite all the premises the author contradicts himself at every opportunity. The protagonist is all mighty and super experienced but gets flustered like a 13yo virgin, he is supposed to be terminally in love with... more>> the demon lord of another world but sexually harass his maid every second! He laments his inability to change anything despite his powers so often that it feels like at any moment the cursed dragon sealed in his right arm will start throbbing to fight The Men in Black.

Two points made me cringe the most,


first : he is supposed to be a loner because he is send to different worlds and doesn't want to miss his friends, a self called loner BUT his kouhais, that never before visited another world and that in real life have know him for a relative short time, are desperately in love with him?? He saved them once in the past but most of the time he ignores them but he is still their god? Is this the senpai power?

Two: The knowledge of the protagonist is supposed to be boundless and his spells of a completely different scale, he even creates a spell that AUTOMATICALLY searches and saves the true history of the world for his personal use only, but with just a glimpse the queen sees through his camouflage, what the heck queen were you actually more powerful than our one-man-army of gods protagonist? But then why not use your seer talents to save your country instead of beg the help of a random otherworlder?

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Asf rated it
October 10, 2018
Status: c66
Just your ordinary OP JP MC that can really solve anything with his powers.

You also got that JP trait where the MC dont want to go on a relationship because of a dark past. Or how girls throw themself at him just because hes OP.

MC also have this no killing policy and is kinda s*upid for a guy who already experience isekai transfer for 6 times before.

He always just relly on his OP power whenever something happens and keep choosing the wrong option of sparing the enemy despite knowing they... more>> will brew future trouble.

Its okay for a pass time but its not that well written with lots of OP MC isekai tropes..

The writing is also somewhat mediocre

For people who wants a more serious and engaging plot I sudgest to skip this. <<less
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Chryseum rated it
October 10, 2018
Status: c8
It had a good premise with the MC having been summoned to multiple worlds before and now wanting to live peacefully. The premise also gives it a chance at having some romance, but in the end the MC feels like he has never actually been summoned before. Since when he was summoned for the seventh time as an extra, even though he wants to live peacefully and is super strong that he can do what he wants, he just lets himself get dragged all over the place by other people... more>> and totally ignoring that he could just say no and they could do nothing about it. They make it seem funny by forcing him into weird situations, but the fact is that it is annoying to have an OP character have no idea how to do anything for himself. Even the maid pushes him around like he is the servant, and the Queen who notices his strength, just seems like a petty schemer who has nothing on someone strong, yet he just lets himself play the pawn. I read this to see someone who had plenty of strength and experience sneak around the kingdom hiding their strength while doing what they want, not seeing a weak willed MC who doesn't even use any of his powers yet still gets discovered and continues to play the pawn. <<less
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Lolistalker rated it
February 3, 2019
Status: --
Tell but not show

Author, please stop telling us how OP, smart or whatever the MC is when you clearly show he isn't, sometimes you could use it as a comedy/for humor sake but you clearly didn't mean it that way or I just can't understand your sense of humor

I think this is one of those cases of flawed execution, I like the idea of the story, it is by no means original but it could be a lot of fun yet despite having all the advantage the author failed to... more>> use them well, I mean when you look at it the setting are a well known cliche, the world, the race etc are already well established by other people so all he gotta do was putting his effort into turning all the set pieces into a fun and enjoyable story, yet it failed to even do that, disappointing <<less
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Renaxan rated it
January 7, 2019
Status: c42
I could describe this novel as non sense and mediocre. This review contain a heavy rant. Dont get me wrong, im fans almost all of reigokai novel translation and its not like I hate this novel either.

The fact MC is op and still hiding while lurking arround is bothering me, for the reason he dont wanna to stand out. Despite his 7th summon, he act like someone who just get 1st time summon and collect information, while try solving them while hiding. There's plenty smarter way how to hiding yourself... more>> while still assist the 'hero' but as I said MC did it with nonsense way. He find the culprit, but he doesnt kill it, and rather he play with it. Until latest chapter the problem getting into critical. In example he could killed the enemies when he know at first meet, or get out from the country and secretly helping them in way (the hero) which would be more safer. Rather he keep spectating and the problem get bigger. People said, "dead man dont talk" yet, its like MC arrogant and underestimated his enemies like beta MC just because he's OP (but isnt he is actually experience things like hundred years). Idk author actually want to keep dragging the story, intending to keep MC act like that or what, I cant feel the way MC act is smart either so truly weird way to describe experienced op MC yet act like beta.

In my humble opinion, things what interesting about op MC is:

1. What op ness they kinda have. In this novel, the MC power still not fully described, with his background as 7th summonned time we could expect MC has a lot special power revealed in future.

2. How they using their power. Maybe they build a country and army with it (like overlord), Collect harem and waifus and journey with them (like return of former hero), or act smart like escape from country to hiding their power and avoid trouble (like isekai mahou wa okureteru or konjiki no moji tsukai). But in this novel, MC while want to avoid troublesome things, he keep ignore the problem in front of his eyes until the problem getting unnecessary bigger, he has power to solve yet he dont wanna and yet he seems unlike those lazy op chara either and acting of his own. This is really downside of this novel.

3. Attitude of the op MC. Some of op MC japanese mostly act protect their members (like death march), maybe bloodless killer (like summoned slaughterer) or revenge (like niidome no yuusha). In this novel, MC act is questionable. He clearly want to avoid problem but he avoiding in nonsense way and he doesnt seems really want to assist hero either. I mean, wth what you want to do mc? I didnt understand.

Honestly I keep reading this because I hope MC would realize what he does actually really inefficient and bit s*upid. Other else, character is okay, world building kinda detailed and plot is "meh" because we mostly read the annoying way MC acting to a problem. Overall I could give it 3/5, would raise if this novel getting getter. <<less
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October 31, 2018
Status: c15
I've read the entire first volume and I have to say although the story started out good with internal squabbles and one-upmanship it soon devolved into the typical OP MC trope where everything is solved with power.

Not to mention the fact that for someone who has been through multiple summons he is surprisingly bad at identifying troublesome characters and killing them.

The entire first chapter would have been soo much shorter if a couple of people encountered accidental deaths but for some odd reason even after so many transitions he is... more>> unable to identify and eliminate problems.

I would understand if he was doing it for amusement because it's so easy for him to sort everything out if he wanted to but he is not.

He is a failure at using the power he has effectively. <<less
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graydragon12 rated it
October 11, 2018
Status: c19
So far I been enjoying this novel. If you want a Isekai with active MC going out if his way pulling political maneuvers that make no sense and magically fixing everything, this is not your style. This novel is about a guy going in his 7th Isekai but this time as a add on. I used to have a problem with old age character acting out of age but my friend said this phrase that had me thinking: "With age doesn't always come with wisdom" and if what you been... more>> doing for the past hundred odd years are warring, following orders and the usual riff raft, you won't be gaining much wisdom out of it. MC obviously had experience in politics stuff but choose to look the other way cause "annoying". His instinct also developed to a point where he can instinctively understood some hidden trick is being pull behind his back. With MC being a beta despite he could kill everyone, I mean would you do it just because some dude look at you with contempt ? He know for sure that no one there could put up a challenge to him so why wasting his breath correcting them.

It just like when you play a RPG, of course you could quick save, kill everyone that look at you funny while making an enemy out of the faction and proceed to kill every single one of them but what is the point ? He objective this run is to have fun. Plus in other people eyes he is a random dude with super power that just kill a popular and well known politician, would you then kill all the citizen after that ? Also if you do the "but I have damming evidence that this dude is working for the demon and is trying to do blood sacrifice our virgin princess to do bla bla bla", who would believe you ? You are a add on waste in a hero summoning ceremony that is stronger than the actual hero, if anything people would be calling you a monster and demon lord servant at that point. As for him blushing with girls like he still a virgin, well that is for the person but I wouldn't put past an old man in a 20yrs old body to feel the hormone kicking in if a big breast cute girl proceed to sit next to you and lean onto you for bed time story. tl;dr: Slice of Life isekai with passive but not naive MC who wouldn't go out of his way to kill people just because they dis him. <<less
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TheePieMan rated it
October 24, 2018
Status: c13
I've only read up to the current translation at the time of this post and will write/edit the review at a later date to reflect my opinions and updated thoughts on it.

From what I've read so far it is enjoyable. Being a fan of the "transported to another world" or "Isekai" genre. Just like things such as DBZ, overpowered protagonists are interesting because there isn't a need to add tons of filler of training montages or needing to level up. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but the characters... more>> have to rely more on their personality traits and story elements to create a world that can or can't hold them. The character in this story gives off a mysterious air which is quite a bit different than most stories. The introductory chapters give you very little information to go off of outside of setting the story which gives him more room to grow/change how his character interacts with the world.

I want to see more before rating this further. It gets four stars for being able to interest me despite reading many stories with similar "OP" protagonists. Once I get 100 chapters in I'll edit this. <<less
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SproutlingUnderARoof rated it
September 12, 2021
Status: --
It's one of the better-written novels in this site, and I'll probably chalk it up to the competence of the translator. It's not amazing, but it's leagues better than the drivel a good 90% of the things I read here. And it's mainly why I continued reading.

The story itself isn't anything new, nor is it an interesting take. In its barest form, it's just a strong guy caught up in the Summoning. A 7-time isekai MC.

But, the thing is, it doesn't feel like it. He's strong, but he doesn't feel... more>> like he had gone through the same ordeal seven times. It feels like he 'says' he did it seven times, but actually he only went through once or twice. His actions isn't backed up with experience, or at least it never felt like it did.

The other characters aren't as shallow as most I've read here, but they're not much better. The heroes are barely a footnote. The queen doesn't feel like a queen and only devolves further into queen in distress that can't do sh*t on their own. The maid becomes irrelevant at some point despite the importance she had prior. The bald guy bad guy is as cookie cutter as can be, as are most other characters. <<less
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KhayDesu rated it
February 15, 2021
Status: c55
Meh it was But interesting in the earlier chapters but things soon went downhill. Despite the fact that he has 7 world summons and has hundreds of years of experience he reeks of being a virgin! Unbelievable. Are you telling me a dude like that never got a chance to f*k a woman before? rudiculous! (I may be getting in ahead of myself but it clearly shows in the interactions that he IS a straight up virgin!) and despite being overpowered and posseses the power to do nearly everything... more>> (from gathering info from the entire world using an original magic of his, being a peerless alchemist that can create a cure in a plauge just by getting the undiluted or the pure form of the virus and using magic to create a concotions that is basically the reverse of the virus! possesing a sword that can cut souls just by reciting a keyword and knowing the targets name) he acts all docile and s*upidly passive lol, despite saying that he will mercilessly punish anyone who hurts someone important to him. he even got his rug pulled out of him by some nameless mage in which he could've killed numerous times! but all he does is curse her and make her nit use a specific magic, and that bit*h managed to evolve herself into something more troublesome and escape! utterly pathetic! all because she was some important noble of the kingdom and it would be troublesome unless they had EVIDENCE Sheeeeeeeeeit now its become more troublesome! all because MC got careless. He is basically a walking contradiction in of himself. F*ckin hell

the other characters are laughable! I couldn't even remember their names after a few chapters, they're quite shallow and exist to make the MC look good and fuel his self satisfaction, they're basically characters without substance and I feel like they don't even exist! some charcacter's just appear for convenience sake.... oh wait! its basically all of them

Honestly dropping this, the part where he let Makirus escape while he was fooling around stopping the rebellion (which was a convenient time to escape, and he didn't notice btw). Anyhow goodluck if you wanna read thus then you're welcome to, people dance different tunes anyways <<less
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michbot99 rated it
March 1, 2020
Status: --
Well, I can proudly say that I have wasted my time reading this crap.

The author's dream of writing a grandiose political plot with savory betrayals turns out to be a on the level of Neighborhood Association squabbles. They have a government and military brains made of potatoes.

With USELESS sexy time included.

But Kudos to the Translator! (Even the translator gave up)
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