Hedonist Sovereign


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A rich young master, a hedonist, has the Hedonist Sovereign System forced upon him.

Follow this hedonist on his adventure of becoming a Hedonist Sovereign through doing real life quests, filled with action-packed battles and hilarious moments.

A lazy and slothful hedonist doing exercise in the morning? A spoilt and self-entitled hedonist starting from the bottom as a salesperson? Watch as Qin Feng is changed by the Hedonist Sovereign System, inside and out

Hedonist Sovereign average rating 3.6/5 - 187 user ratings
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New loks1234 rated it
January 31, 2018
Status: c1700
I liked the novel at the early stage but as it progressed it became a generic xianxia.

The system should actually be named "hedonist change to hero" system similar to its missions after about 1200 chapters.

The missions from the system from about chapter 1200 have nothing to do with females and only about cultivation.

... more>> If you are only here for some fun about harem and comedy then read about first 700 chapters after that it is cultivation rinse and repeat new realms.

Absolutely no interesting missions after chapter about 700 chapters.

For harem lovers can give a rating of 4. <<less
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New Andeetected rated it
January 22, 2018
Status: c177
This is my first review, and I normally don't. BUT...

I must at least do my part as a member of this community. So I am here to warn people and urge them to avoid reading this at all cost unless you're a masochist because reading this would make you wanna pull your hairs out.

Nothing to do with the story or it being harem, or MC being a s*xual offender. The author jumps from one segment to the next without giving it a proper reconciliation. It feels like the author wants... more>> you to hate not only the MC but all the women as well. The concept is good and you hope that it improves as the story goes but no, it doesn't. In fact, it gets worst. The women he meets get dumber... and dumber. And the MC stops being shameless... but instead becomes a borderline rapist.

AVOID at all cost. <<less
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Haevrus rated it
June 1, 2017
Status: c500
Disclaimer: Not for those who hate Mary Sue characters and harems (@least at this point, from what I see).

If you are one of those. Back off now. (Rather then showering this book with 1-star reviews later on.) & Spoiler Alert. Alright let's move on.

Previous Review : I am recommending to whoever is reading my review to read this first, then move onto the "updated review" if you are insisted on reading this novel.

... more>>

Welp, have you ever thought about reading a xianxia novel where the MC is a arrogant stereotypical young master that are usually just scapegoats in a normal xianxia and are killed on sight. Well I for one, definitely did.

And then I found this book.

Well, the idea is same (at least on paper). The MC is arrogant, had flirt with thousand girls till now, does not starts out weak (or should I say, poor (Lamborghini reference). The entire world fears him.

He does not cares about anybody. Yep, perfect young master image. Except that he is lazy and the story is set in modern times. So all wents sh*t when the Hedonist system enters the book. And my immersion breaks (in a good way hopefully). He transforms from a young master to Yun Che. The system is like the Crazy Lich novel. Giving apesh*t objectives and punishments. So, it forces him to do which he is already professional in. Yep, you have already guessed it. The twist is, with girls he does not want to mingle. I though that was it. Until Martial arts and all those sects started coming in later chapters. Well, that's for you to read and me to know.

So, let's sum up.

Story - Yep, pretty fresh, I guess

Translation - umm, yeah, Very Good.

Characters - Qin Feng is Bae.

let's hope its remains good.

So. All in all, 4 stars hopefully. (But another + 1 for being a non-qidian novel, lol).


Now, my True Updated Review-


Beforehand, let me please tell you gentleman that I have read this novel till chapter 1000 on mtl, of which I understood whats going on till ch 700. So for this review to be safe, I am putting the limiter to chapter 500. & English is not my first language, not second either. So lets get this sh*t together.

Plot movement [0.5] : Holy f**k, What the hell is going on? Its so messed up. One chapter, our very "humble" protagonist Qin Feng is here. And the very next he is there. And it keeps on going here and there. Despite the semblance of plot that you are going to see expecting him to take revenge, go adventuring, rise to prominence, fight to higher realms. Dont expect to happen it too soon. Yeah it eventually happens, but not until you are eventually bored with this sh*t. What is the f**king use then? As other review pointed out, the plot is somewhere in there. But moves at such a small pace that its virtually invisible.

Reader Fact: There are a few betrayals, of which some other readers might call it 'NTR' or 'almost NTR' in the future. Keep in mind that it is not. NTRed girls dont beg the MC to forgive them, or even do wild s*x with him to the point that you get hormonal discharge. Anyways, the point is, they do come back and remain loyal and lived happily after. That is if the plot ever ends. Moving on.......

And no girls were badly harmed during the process of writing this novel. So you may proceed safely. Long live feminist, YAY.

Character Development [1] : Now, this is where it gets plus. The primary characters of this novel are : Qin Feng himself, and his ever-growing harem. And hopefully they receive substantial amount of development. Harem development is a must for a novel like this, otherwise it will feel bland. But Qin Feng's development is something that can be appreciated though. At the start of the story he was a hemorrhoid, a pain in the ass. After 500 chapters, he will still be a pain in the ass. Just a lot less painful. I can say he will be an asshole. But a good asshole. Isn't this what girls like? A honest man, a good man (*nods like a sage). He will become more hardworking, more independent and *sigh more perverted. Things will happen that will facilitate his growth. So from this point of view. It indeed deserves +1 from me.

World Background [0.5] : Nothing much to say here. Usual exaggeration, combination of modern and fantasy world which does not fits really well with each other. Confusing science and numbers. Unlike in other xianxia or xuanhuan novels though, say CD or ATG where the more the world gets discovered, the more the MC will get to express himself. Its the opposite here, The more Qin Feng develops himself the more world background you will know of. If you still dont understand it means- Qin Feng will always be OP. Simple.

Last, Translation and Updates [1] : I cant say anything about it. One chapter a day is already a good thing. With quality translation. Gravity Tales indeed. +1


That's it - To sum up.....1+1+0.5+0.5 = 3. Therefore, Medium.

If you are a sucker for harems. Then its a 4.

All done. sh*t is up. <<less
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TaoTie rated it
May 29, 2017
Status: c4
Love it, so far.

Similar to I'm really a superstar - with a system, quests, rewards, skills, lottery - except concentrated on hedonism /living for pleasure and self indulgence

Also similar to absolute choice with sudden quests with rewards and punishments, comedically dragging the MC into situations

Interestingly it seems like a sysyem based off self indulgence is going to make the MC develop as a person.

Could be a really fun read
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easygoing rated it
June 8, 2017
Status: c400
The concept of the story is interesting to kill time but overall I don't think the author handles it well, plot jumps around a bit, he forgets about the tasks he assigns, he forgets goals he gave the character, the power ranking system is very bunched together and at times doesn't follow whats already been said

sometimes there's decent development with female characters but a lot of the time it follows a pattern of she's introduced -> 2 chapters later we're told she has funny feelings for the MC -> he... more>> goes to help her once -> she's hopelessly in love with him

a lot of things don't seem well thought out and honestly after looking ahead a bit it seems like the story is moving forward at an absolute snails pace and the story is nowhere near complete <<less
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frfr rated it
June 24, 2017
Status: c560
If you ignore obligatory elements like battles vs rich young masters for new harem members, cheating power creep and hidden plots everywhere, its a great snack of a web novel.

All girls have distinct personalities, MC is an amusing douchebag who could work hard when necessary and all those subplots and events are often unexpected, have great variety and dont make reader cringe too hard with each new development. Novel got game-like elements (the sole target of my hate) but its not too bad.

For me its the best 3-starred chinese light... more>> read since it appeared on GT. Amusing, non-motone and not too dumb - with this much its already better than the absolute majority of chinese modern day fantasies. <<less
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xzpwnz rated it
June 1, 2017
Status: c40
Another novel under the city romance genre, so you know what cliches to expect:

-Hero saves the beauty (recurringly) and beauties proceeding to drop their panties for the MC
-MC getting into conflicts with second generation young masters with powerful backings
-MC getting into conflicts with gangs and reining them in
-Cultivators hidden from the secular world

All that other stuff that usually comes along with the genre. This novel doesn't have anything else that sets it apart from the rest aside from the dandy/hedonist system which is the MC's cheat in... more>> this case. <<less
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Trane rated it
June 27, 2017
Status: c12
The protagonist is a hedonist (pleasure seeker) young master "experience" with the opposite gender.

Doesn't like long term relationships to the point where he turned down his engagement... That's right, it's not the generic "the other party cancels engagement and MC gets payback" type of novel.

One day the voice of the "Hedonist system" appears in his head gives a series of quests lunging him into danger and failure will reduce his lifespan, ban contact with females...
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bloodeity rated it
September 14, 2017
Status: c114
First of all if you are especting a young master MC that do whatever he wants like eating a girl just because yes you will be disapointed.

I started reading this novel because I was especting a young master like we see in almost any novel being narrow minded, does what he likes etccc and yes before the plot started Qin feng was like that a lazy and lustful young master that even paid girls for their virginity however from what I read till now qin feng is exactly the same... more>> MC that you find in any novel.

For example even thought he is the number one young master of acropolis city barely no one knows is face in the begining the people knows who he is but as you read the novel even people of is father company dont who he is yes I understand this because this is a type of protection but is very annoying.

Next even if some people know who he is like the villains no one gives a f*CK so he being the young master or no there is any diference of others novel.

Even thought he is know as the seductor sage or something line that know as someone that had s*x with hundreds of girls till now if you take of the s*xual arresement he still hasn't "eat" a girl and what the f**k is with this MCs of modern xianxia has with riding old bikes I dont f*cking undetstand okay is more fast but will you go on a old bike or in a sports car???? And finnally why this idiot doesnt clear the misurtanding the girls has he lets the girls in pain without reason.

I dont say this novel hasn't its strong points but as I said before if you want to read a young master villain type of MC this isnt the novel because this novel is exactly the same you find in any other modern xianxia so if you liked modern novel for example my wife is a beautiful CEO, my beautiful teacher, very pure and ambiguous, red packet server, omnigenius etc you will like this novel

P.S sorry about my english is horrible I know and this is my first review <<less
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Tarlos rated it
July 18, 2017
Status: c50
Basically a wish-fulfilment power trip. MC is handsome, rich, and has a powerful background. He is forced by a mysterious system to do certain actions, most of which involves picking up hot chicks. All of his enemies are basically stepping stones, and the MC is glorified as he defeats (embarrasses) them.

Although there's tons of love interests, I feel like so far at least they're all done very well. It's the cliche "MC solves heroine's problems and she falls for him" thing, but nonetheless it's quite satisfying to read. In particular,... more>> there's many adorable moments between the MC and his former fiancee. Hopefully the heroines don't devolve into one-dimensional "I love MC!" characters in the future.

Translation quality and speed is very high, so props to the translator! If you enjoy novels by Mars Gravity (ATG, Heavenly Star, Shura's Wrath, etc), then chances are you will like this novel as well. <<less
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Djablo rated it
October 22, 2017
Status: c154
I think I was tricked.

I read a review saying how we should read this novel before reading the other reviews. I ended up reading 150 chapters, and I was totally disappointed. The idea isn't bad but in my opinion, the author doesn't know what he wants to do with this novel. The MC received dozens of quests, with quite a high difficulty, and a deadline... I mean, the MC seems sometimes to forget about what he has to do, and the penalties are extremely harsh. Instead of being given those... more>> quests little by little, they were given every time the author could do it.

As I said, the idea is amazing, to have a typical "arrogant MC" who likes to sleep around as the protagonist of this story, but the author doesn't know how to take advantage of it.


There are other problems.

  • the MC is supposed to be "heartless", and yet he is known to sleep with women once and never see them again. Then why does he care about Bei Bei's purity, but not about her well being at all? It's like the systems, forces him to care about her, and once the quest is finished, the MC nearly forgets about her.
  • The author didn't write a single s*x scene or a small sentence saying how he banged someone. Isn't he a hedonist?
  • The MC isn't likeable sometimes, and pretty heartless. His teacher has a trauma about his killing, if I'm not wrong he knew about it, and yet he forgot... Oh well, whatever.
  • Again, why did the author give within 50 chapters, enough quest for the next few hundred chapters? (not including events, quests with a 24h deadline)
  • The author doesn't seek a harem for the MC, and yet he is in touch with so many women... He even seems to want to stay single!
  • The MC is supposed to become a better person through the system, and yet it seems that after accomplishing a quest, he forgets about the woman who was linked to it.

All in all, the further we go in this story, the less likeable the MC becomes.

1.5/5 <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
September 18, 2017
Status: c118
A complete FAILURE as a HAREM tag novel

The harem is there but how it was approach how it was execute is a big disappointment

... more>>

Girls are Like TOYS in this novel IF MC want them MC have them a one sided struggle as I read I can only see girls being abandon on the sidelines one after another and MC always meet some NEW girl before doing anything to the other girl, pretty much majority of his quest is about girls and yet MC always ends up putting all the girls in the sideline. For example a certain girl he help because the quest ask him to be her boyfriend what happen next? MC get her the best room, MC help her true but after that nothing... nothing at all it went into the sidelines. The annoying part is the lack of character of this girls even if MC abandon them they are like kids getting candies that would jump to MC anytime MC wants.

This novel is just like playing Girl doll, girl that has no characteristic or just plain blan NO romance at all this is LIKE reading HENTAI novel without the s*x part lol


A hedonistic person is committed to seeking sensual pleasure sadly in this novel all I can see is an annoying MC who is the last thing he can do is to have fun. If s*xual harassment is consider hedonistic then I you can feel how bad this is. There should be a clear line between flirting and s*xual assault.


MC is like OP and always s*xually assault girls funny part he never have s*x with them lol. So DON'T EXPECT any ROMANCE and s*x not even a single KISS in this novel!


I already stop reading this novel after a certain chapter


where he dump a girl because he want her safe I mean MC wanna keep the girl safe? So letting her live in a 5 star hotel and yet letting her wander all around defenseless.

You wanna make the girl safe by dumping her and abandoning her altogether?what part is making her safe when she is already assaulted by MC enemy without MC knowing? his quest is making the girl his girlfriend why dump her? He was suppose to be a playboy who's an expert with girls BUT why oh WHY I can only see a sissy and coward MC who has no idea what to do with a girl in this novel?

first thing in my mind was AUTHOR is still an old virgin? no experience at girls at all?


I was a good novel at first kind of similar to a certain novel which I also read that I give a 5 star but for this novel that is a big insult to all harem novel better stop reading or it will annoy me to no end. <<less
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seofear rated it
January 6, 2018
Status: c1137

i like to review this Novel, Truth I have dropped this novel before, but I read again till this now
the Caracter is good even if He is a Shamless one, but he care about his Family and Friend, what I really regret is about XuRuoRou till the chapter I read now, she betrayed him again, cause this is her second time didn't trust him and she let he go maybe they story will be stop till this.

btw the system now really Crazy, theres another System and our MC's name On the List of System Owner, and thats is before he have the System, now the story are starting new Arc thats is Martial Alliance, where he will find out about his parent, but this novel make me irritate really, before his Grandfather want to tell our MC about his Life Experience but Author just let it go didn't mention it again even after he go back from Duel with Divine Dragon. Haah soryy guys this is my first time to Review so I only Type what come to my head..

about harem, he really got big harem and all of them love him but he always not side them cause the system always force him to leave them and the Story really follow the Tittle and mostly this novel Show about system and his growth but about sentiment with his women not that many but Some Drama make my heart Break, dammit my heart is so soft..

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Jeebus rated it
June 21, 2017
Status: c30
This is your standard story, opening with a horrible, useless MC who slowly transforms into a butterfly because he does the things that the voice in his head, that only he can hear, tells him to do. The only difference in this story is that he didn't have to transmigrate, reincarnate, or find an ancient relic before becoming schizophrenic.

So far, the MC has done everything you'd expect him to do in the opening chapters of a modern-day, martial arts, Chinese web novel. He's battled gangsters, battled other rich dudes, been... more>> framed for something a much stronger guy in a mask did, and saved a few beautiful women from peril. It has introduced nothing original, but it's also not so horrible that it will make your eyes bleed.

I'm only up to chapter 30, but I'm already at a loss here. A hedonist is someone who gives up everything for pleasure. By all accounts, the MC was exactly that... before he started doing what the voice said to do. In this novel, so far, the system that's supposed to make him a Hedonist Sovereign has done nothing but cock block him. It just feels like the author is trolling the readers.

I'm going to put this one down for a while and pick it back up when I can binge-read a goodly amount. Right now I'm more frustrated with this convoluted system that the author has created to do exactly the opposite of what is promised for the MC. <<less
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rdawv rated it
January 13, 2018
Status: c100
Ridiculous, bordering on farcical. I actually started reading Skirt-Chasing Monarch first, but that translation was extremely slow. On boredom I started to read this. The are plenty of similarities: young man gets infused with a system that seems to deliberate steer him on a flirtatious path. The only difference is that the MC in this one is already an outrageous flirt and self-confident. It is really a time-filler of a novel: every aspect of the 'plot' has a beautiful woman in it: a fiancee, business partner, schoolmate, colleague, work superior,... more>> police officer etc. Every faction, organization and family involved has a stunningly beautiful woman ready to be molested by him. The 'system' urges him to do ridiculous things to them in order to get points, but when you have a shameless MC like him you really wonder what's the point when he will already do such things on his own. Perhaps that is why the author quickly added martial arts and skill-grinding into the mix, akin to those game novels.

There is little to recommend this novel save that the story doesn't shy away from encounters with women. The MC allows himself to be distracted very easily. Each woman starts with a bad impression of him and yet he manages to catch their eye by some ridiculous feat by saving them from thugs or some other personal crisis. A plus point so far is the lack of boringly long paragraphs or chapters of item/skill descriptions like Ancient Strengthening Technique; the chapters get into the plot without too much preamble (some of the linked chapters are only the events of several days).

But even then, after 100 chapters, there is only kissing and hugging. The MC is written like a tease: we read that he wants to go to the final stretch and yet when the opportune moment arrives, he stops because one contrived reason or another.

A time-filler read. <<less
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Kio Ciel
Kio Ciel rated it
August 5, 2017
Status: c75
Love the story with the system in it, not really unique but not bad, the mission parts are kinda forced in my opinion and the consequence for not completing the quest are either shortening one life span for a couple years, or losing one of the girl as the result, and topped that with doable yet ridiculous tasks, but overall great story. So far the MC did his best job to not fail any of the given quest.
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Zhang Ye
Zhang Ye rated it
December 27, 2017
Status: c221
It may be a bit rough. Nonetheless, love it so far, I was drawn to this novel by two factors.
1. The Summary: "Follow this hedonist on his adventure of becoming a Hedonist Sovereign through doing real life quests, filled with action-packed battles and hilarious moments." Really enjoy a novel where instead of transporting to another world the MC stay in his original world and may or may not get a system/cultivate etc.. (basically a plot item).

2. The Location: I read most novel on gravitytale as they nicely picked collection...... more>> (basically I trust their taste)

Ps. uh

Pss.. Anyone there?

Psss... Send recommendation my way <<less
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dragonNEET2526 rated it
November 29, 2017
Status: c192
At first I thought this novel would be good but it's bullsh*t he can't even make a women fall for him without misunderstandings.

All the time woman fells that MC is always in the wrong it goes to the point that MC starts talking and after the first sentence is completed the women runs away saying that MC is a bastard and to convince her that he is good who knows how many chapters it will take.

It has gotten to the point that I think author is just trying to increase... more>> the number of chapters and the content will be where the female characters think MC is an undeserving bastard and a worthless asshole just after the first sentence just to know he is a good after a multitude number of chapters.

It would be okay if a few FC think like that that to once in a while but in this all of them think the same line.

The introduction talks about him sleeping with many women but until now there was only woman out of seven or eight female characters. <<less
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October 20, 2017
Status: c152
Most reviews seem to be pointing out that the MC is the typical character who dies in other stories for being a shameless rich kid. Not quite right. After all, he's neither a hypocrite, nor a rapist. Rather, it's more like he's completely self-absorbed and not caring of what happens to other people, and more interesting in living a luxurious life. While still scum, he's not the type to try to offend a good natured MC. With that out of the way, we get to watch as this scum is... more>> transformed from a irresponsible brat into a responsible humanistic, but still hedonistic brat who actually cares for people (especially women). It's an interesting read as each girl has a different approach for their scars and how the MC finds a place in their hearts. <<less
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Anonymousse rated it
October 13, 2017
Status: --
i dont see the hype for this novel to get 5* rate?

Even the hedonist title gave you the impression that become a hedonist is count as an accomplish.

WRONG! heres the real deal: in real life most people saw hedonist as a failure, most of them are good for nothing second rate generation young master (like you read in some novels in NU, usually as the badguys who died in a couple next chapters).

So for some readers... WARNING! you might really regret and hope the MC to die... more>> ASAP after you read this novel.

Thats all from me. Read with your own risk. <<less
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rusticsoldier rated it
September 20, 2017
Status: c40s
Okay.. first... half the chapters are about rich boy showing up and everyone has to have there faces slaped so he can feel good about himself. The rest is quest to improve how some girls look at him...

To be honest MC is trash the kind that is best ground up and pushed down a drain... he is not totally unlikeable. However he is totally unacceptable as a human being. Better to be killed out of hand.
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SayMrrp rated it
August 2, 2017
Status: c73
Not the best thing I'v read, but it's pretty fun.

Don't go in expecting super epic awesomeness. Here, you get a sorta Hedonist young master that goes around powering up, trying??? to grab beauties, and slapping/killing baddies. All that modern day martial art generic stuff.

It's written well for a modern day martial art thing though. The important characters don't feel flat. There's a hint of mystery (cliche, but worth it) behind his family's background.

The cheat is pretty cool. It's sudden sometimes, but the prompts are hilarious. The punishments are harsh... poor... more>> MC. He hasn't faced any serious issues though. I swear the lottery is plot-armor. The MC's gotten fairly OP.

Overall, not the best so far, but lots of potential for awesomeness. <<less
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