Governor’s Illness


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The world did not expect that the Yama of a mountain of corpses and leader of loafers, Xiahou Lian, would be reduced to the lowest rank of underling in the Eastern Depot. He had a monthly salary of two taels, which wasn’t even enough for rent.

As a rebel in the martial arts world and the Eastern Depot’s most wanted criminal, Xiahou Lian did not expect that the delicate little young master he had met in his childhood would actually become the powerful and arrogant governor of the Eastern Depot.

As for that governor, there was a beam of white moonlight in his heart, a memory of someone he had coveted for a long time yet was out of reach.

“I’ll become a ghost for you, and you’ll become a Buddha for me.”

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Du Zhu You Bing
The Governor is Ill
The Governor is Sick
There’s Something Wrong With the Governor
Đốc Chủ Có Bệnh
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21 Reviews

New a__ara
May 18, 2023
Status: c40
this novel has potential but really needed an editor, which I know isn’t something webnovel authors mention or might have access to. But unlike most of those novels, this one desperately needed an editor.

if the past had been shown as a flashback instead of taking up half the novel, I’d have enjoyed it a lot more. The bad guys keep winning and the “good guys” don’t do anything to actively change the situation. There’s NO counterattack at all. Just none. So it is just frustrating and annoying and boring.

If you... more>> want a satisfying book where the MC and ML are powerful and cunning and devoted, keep searching because this isn’t the right book for you. At chapter 40, they’re both still weak and still getting trampled.

if I had to draw a comparison, I’d say imagine if tgcf was written in a way that book 2 and book 4 were written first and you had to read them before you even got a hint about book 1, 3 and 5. I don’t know if it’ll get better because I have seen absolutely no sign of the MC and ML being powerful yet. (Using that as an example because it seems like the most popular book in danmei circles).

shen jue is selfish and uninteresting. Xiaohou lian is constantly weak and inadequate and incompetent.

none of the other characters are at all decently fleshed out. I don’t know if they’re one dimensional or not because there’s so much inconsistency. <<less
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Jul 02, 2021
Status: Completed
I was only halfway through the novel and I was already growing white hairs. I felt like I had lived a whole life and experienced many vicissitudes while the main characters went through their own shit. That's how intense this novel is. I literally only read up to chapter 50 in one night but it felt as though I had lived 50 lives. In one night. (And then later on in the story ML was growing some white hairs from stress and I was like "hah, KARMA.")


I was not prepared for any of this. I went in blind. So I was found like a dried slug in the morning after crying all night. That's a crime scene. A cRiMe ScEnE. Author killed me with knives. It started out quite innocent and sweet (maybe because they were kids) but both main characters were shoved headfirst into cruel awakenings, separating to go onto their different paths and enduring their own shares of suffering. Despite their horrid fates and ever-changing lives, one thing remained constant: their bond that manages to transcend time and conflict.

I'm talking mad facts here: Even when Xia HouLin and Shen Jue have every reason to be enemies, they choose to trust each other and love each other. They NEVER hold grudges towards one another, NEVER hate each other--when it could be so easy for them to. And that's what makes all the difference. They could choose violence, but they don't and it's because their love for each other surpasses all those other petty feelings that have easily destroyed BL relationships in other novels--this was what awed me and made me root for them.

Y'all, this was a wild ride, and believe me when I say that—because I've had my fair share of wild BL novels. I had to constantly go "oh, okay, so THIS is happening now. Oh, now THAT happened. Oh, now HE'S crying. Oh, now I'M crying." I love that Xia HouLin and Shen Jue weren't afraid to cry; their emotional fragility really added to the core of the novel. It's such a stark contrast to their stern personalities. It's so weird how this contradiction can exist within their characters—they're tough, yet they shed tears so beautifully; this is very hard to pull off. They both have tenacity but they wield it so differently.

Xia HouLin is determined, but tender, soft, and never loses his bright core. He doesn't smile or laugh all the time, but he's that character that just gives off the vibe of silent hopefulness, of believing in better even though he's been put through the worst. Shen Jue is determined, but calculating and cold, and behind his icy exterior, he holds a heart of warmth for his loved ones.

They match each other well. Shen Jue is aware that no one truly cares about him. People either want his favor or they're waiting for his downfall. He falls in love with Xia HouLin because Xia HouLin is the only one who concerns himself with his well-being, who genuinely cares. On the other hand, everyone treats Xia HouLin as a knife, a weapon, trying to mold him into a sword that he's too tender to be. He loses everyone he cares about and at one point feels like there's nothing in life that can redeem him, and he's lost his home (literally). Shen Jue eventually becomes his home. With Shen Jue, he feels a renewed love for life. There was a scene where he realizes he can't die because he has a home, Shen Jue was his home, and he has to return to his home.

This novel revolves around a theme that I don't see very much in the BL genre (assassins), so I was intrigued and expectant and it did not disappoint! Because of the perilous nature of this trade, the plot itself was filled with suspense and action. The plot is literally shaped like a hill (or maybe several hills) ; you can feel the build-up. The beginning is so deceptively mellow and there are dark undertones just creeping beneath the surface. Building up. And it all explodes. And that's when it gets good. It felt weird at times because it felt like two stories of different genres mashed together (martial arts + political court intrigue) LOL. It felt like Xia HouLin and Shen Jue were two separate characters of two separate novels that had a crossover and ended up together, and that just shows you how different their lives are from one another, why the separation was necessary, and why their relationship became so much stronger despite their differences. Xia HouLin is the brawns (he's also very smart) and Shen Jue is the brain (he can fight if it's necessary lmao).

There is a sense of sad nostalgia woven throughout the story as—in between the bloody fights and the intense scenes—you remember that Xia HouLin and Shen Jue were once innocent kids who had nothing better to do than brawl and pester each other. Xia HouLin and Shen Jue are separated from each other for so long but it's so worth it because I was filled with anticipation for their next meeting—excited for them to see how the other has changed in the duration of their separation and how their feelings would still persist for each other no matter what. As the saying goes, separation makes the heart grow fonder.

When Shen Jue was running through the palace to reunite with Xia HouLin: "... the calm Shen Jue and the strategizing Shen Jue had all disappeared without a trace. He is Xie Jinglan, and he is going to find the book boy, Xia Hou Lian, whom he has waited for ten years." Yes, just rip my heart out, why don't you.

This is one of those novels where you can't have any attachments to the characters. They be dropping dead left and right like flies. Except for Xia HouLin and Shen Jue; they have character shields lmao. But in all seriousness, the sense of danger surrounding their occupations and lives is still very much real.

I am so jealous of the relationship between Xia HouLin and Shen Jue. They are each other's anchor. In a bloodthirsty world where no one loves them, they love each other. They are essentially two sides to the same coins, even if their personalities are vastly different (both had fathers who refused to recognize them, both had their loved ones torn from them, both had to grow up wayyy faster than they needed to, both believed they were irredeemable but found salvation in each other).

Do you ever read a novel and you feel it reaching deep within you and stirring something dormant? You're not sure if it's changing you but you know it's THERE. And you know that years from now you'll be sitting down or doing something and you'll suddenly think about it and you'll remember all the emotions it evoked in you and how it's touched a part of your soul some way, unknowingly, and it's only now in this moment--years later--that you're realizing how deeply it's influenced you. That's what this novel does to me, or that's what I KNOW it'll do to me.

I'm going to go read this author's other novels now. Their writing has me hooked, basically top-tier in terms of plot and suspense. Also, the bonding between their MC's and ML's is really different from what you usually see in BL, it's new and refreshing to me. No unnecessary drama, ambivalent feelings, over-the-top hatred for each other, miscommunication--just some light angst that comes from yearning and heated sexual tension. Their main characters are likable. I've noticed a trend among their works where MC usually has a humble/easygoing and comical personality while ML is more charming and protective. But BOTH have dark sides that will be triggered if someone messes with their beloved.

Now I'm tired and going to eat a donut. <<less
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Mar 23, 2021
Status: Completed
omg somebody picked it up!!!!!

I've been waiting for someone to actually pick up this novel, this novel is one of a kind

I have already finished this novel by reading raws and MTL-ing and I got to say this story made me cry. (Well I didn't actually read the raws, its just that my friend helped me read by her translating it)

It started as sweet, funny and heartwarming but when I got into the middle part, thats when things get depressing, the things the ML and the MC suffered... more>> is so heartbreaking that every night my mom will come to my room and ask me why am I crying.

Xia houlian suffered a lot, he was forced to become someone he doesn't want to be. I hate how fate just takes away all his loved ones, he is forced to live in a kind of place that is all about surviving and killing. I envy this kind of MC that just continues to go forward and see what will happen in the future

Im so glad that the ML and The MC got the chance to meet together again, they separated so many times and it pains me to read and see how eager the ML is to see the MC,

I love the ML so much because of how many sacrifices he did for the MC, even though the MC was an assassin he didn't blame him for what happened when they were young,


i loved how the ML tells the MC when they were young that when he grows up he will become the governor and save him (well that actually became true)


Im so happy that someone picked this up, a lot of people needs to know their story

(guys there's a manhua too, read it as well!!!) (there's an audio drama too) <<less
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Oct 09, 2021
Status: Completed
Governor's Illness is one of the best novels i've ever read so far. It's so good, so well written, I won't do a whole review so u can read one of those above, I only wanted to say that it's worth your time. The mtl version was confusing as always but it's still awesome in a different level. Please, give it a shot, u won't regret it, I promise u!
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Peerless White Chrysanthemum
Peerless Whi
Nov 21, 2021
Status: Completed
"If it's adapted then it's underrated" (Shout out to those not adapted but underrated novels as well! I hope those will have their spotlight too.)

Yes, the MTL translation is confusing but you'll understand the gist of what is happening. Refreshing characters (you'll feel sympathetic), the plot is thicc-.. Ahhh, the novel is too good for me to the point that I can't put anything more like, if you type something good it's difficult to stop. You'll get my point once you read and finish reading the story.

I hope this... more>> gets picked up again and the manhwa adaptation continues again, thank you for the translations! Author wherever they are stay safe. If they got something up their sleeves, I'll read it for sure! <<less
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waiting for it to rain
waiting for
Oct 25, 2022
Status: c110
It’s good, its wholesome, its gut-wrenching, its tragic, its lovely - there is a mix of emotions here.

Each arc is quite easily distinguishable, which is not very common? For me at least. This is almost like a coming of age novel, you watch the 2 protagonists grow - the times in which they are together and the times in which they are separated. Both going through tough, tragic times. The romance is slow (... more>>

around ch90ish

), and it focuses more on the plot - which I personally like (power struggle, court politics, life and death moments etc.), however some may find it harder to read. There’s also quite a few misunderstandings - but ones which are crucial to the plot, not like those useless fillers. Personally, I found this novel very immersive, you go through a lot of the other character’s POV (some might find it annoying, but I personally think it helps build characters and the world.) Perhaps the TL should make a character graph, it would certainly make the story easier to understand.

Overall, I enjoyed this novel very much. Thank you to the author and the translator! <<less
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Feb 25, 2023
Status: Completed

mc: xiahou lian

ml: shen jue (xie jinglan)

summary: ... more>>

the story starts in their junior years. MC is a good for nothing ruffian born from a group of assassins sent to infiltrate ml's home for a kill. ML is the discarded bastard son of his family. ML was supposed to be killed alongside his whole family, but the two of them grew close over time and so MC helped ML escape. fast forward a couple years, ML becomes a palace eunuch in order to climb the ranks. MC meets ML once again and their friendship grows deeper, but unfortunately that reunion is shortlived.

mc's mother is killed in a botched assignment, which fuels MC to seek revenge. through the course of seven years, he becomes a master at puppeteering and trains under his big brother to master the saber. its only later that he realizes his mother's death was premeditated, and so he kills his father, the leader, who ultimately was responsible for her death. he escapes from the assassins group and disappears off the face of the planet.

fast forward three years, we learn that MC altered his face and lives as a homeless vagabond. MC meets ML by chance under this new identity, and decides to stay and work under him as ML consolidates power, becoming the most powerful person of the country. ML later learns of mc's identity, they reconcile, and confess their mutual feelings. they discover that mc's father was merely a figurehead, and there exists the true leader hiding from plain sight, whom had begun disseminating a popular drug into the masses to wreck havoc. MC and ML join forces to kill the leader, dismantling the assassins group altogether. in the end, MC retires from being an assassin, ML leaves his government post, and they choose to travel the world.



words cannot describe how I love this novel, I am simply awestruck. 5/5, and I wish I could rate it higher, because it falls into a league of its own.


whats there to love? for starters, the characters. xiahou lian is my perfect wuxia protagonist. hes flawed, he is self deprecating, and believes that he is not worthy of living for all the sins he has committed. his philosophy is to give shen jue his life, protect him at all cost for as long as possible, because he believes that between the two of them, only shen jue is redeemable.

shen jue is a man known for his coldness, his schemes, and his relentless grab for power. yet in front of his beloved he shows his yearning, his devotedness, his possessiveness, and his self sacrifice. there is really no other way to describe his actions except 'everything is because of xiahou lian, everything is for xiahou lian'. he went through countless trials and tribulations to become someone capable of controlling his own fate and protect the ones he loves.

and their dynamic? xiahou lian is riddled with guilt, burdened with sins, and struggles to see why shen jue still treasures him so. having an assassin's upbringing, he thinks he is destined to die. except shen jue doesnt think so; he fought so hard to find him, and fought even harder to keep him by his side, yet hes always on the brink of losing him ("I always feel that when we're together, we seem to be about to separate at every moment, never staying for long"). it took a lot for xiahou lian to forgive himself, to realize he has to keep on living for shen jue, that only by being together can they be whole. they may be flawed, they may continue to struggle, but at least they'll have each other to rely on, to warm each other on the coldest of nights, to comfort each other during the hardest of times, and a lifetime with each other to heal.

both went through so much loss in their childhood that it was enough to instill a lifelong of hate, enough to push them onto a road of unrelentlessly bloodshed, to topple on countless innocents and guilty for their own gain. and yet, at the pinnacle of their achievements, they realize that the top is lonely. they had become antiheros, and the further they go, the deeper they fall into a cycle of continuous torment and sin. eventually, shen jue chose to use his power for good and accept retribution for his wrongdoings, before finally stepping down altogether. as for xiahou lian, he achieved his own goals, dismantled the very organization that screwed him over, and came out alive all the same. in the end, they leave everything behind them, and so begins a new chapter of their life.

and shoutout to my fav side character: xiahou pei. this novel features the most beautifully written mother-son relationship. she may not be the best conventional mother, and there may be moments where xiahou lian felt distanced from her, but the love was still so palpable. I especially liked her little acts of defiance; such as when she forged household registrations for both her sons should they one day be free from garan, and where she disfigures herself before dying so xiahou lian wouldnt grieve for her passing. she may be bound by duty as a garan member, but as a mother, she still wants the best for her children. its so rare for a wuxia danmei to feature such a prominent mother figure - one who maintains her relevance from start to finish, no less - and I appreciate how the author made her shine in the story.

as for the writing? its addicting, impactful, full of imagery, and full of life. everything is written for the purpose of building its characters and moving the plot. all her goodbyes, partings, and deaths evoke strong emotions. even her antagonists are treated with care, their motivations, life and death, and reasons for choosing their paths, can be empathized. her fight scenes are dynamic, fluid, exciting, and inspires your imagination. they dont lose to visual media at all - which I think is a testament of her writing ability.

as for the plot? its one of my favourite parts of the novel. it is very ambitious, and there's a lot of back and forth between the court and the jianghu. both settings blend so seamlessly together without overstretching the worldbuilding. the garan intrigue is well written, and I like how the multiple layers of this orgnization were carefully presented for maximum suspense.

theres a fair bit of plot armour, especially for xiahou lian, because there's multiple instances of where he should've died but lived due to *waves hands* circumstances. but that said, it's not overdone, and he doesnt walk away without losses. each time he falls, he is closer to hitting rock bottom, and the narration does a great job at conveying his sense of frustration and hopelessness.


my favourite quotes and scenes:

1. the scene where xiahou pei died and used her dying breath to call out to her son was the scene that made me realize this novel does not hold back its punches. xiahou lian coming to the realization that his mother lost, died, and her corpse humiliated and desecrated in public while he couldnt do anything. the fact that his own group members forced him watch it unfold and sear that terrible image into his mind forever? the shock, hatred, and self-blame was so visceral and so painful to read. I especially liked his final goodbye to his mother, as well as a promise that will change his life: "Unfilial son Xiahou Lian, saying goodbye to my mother here! I cannot live under the same sky as the enemy who killed my mother. From now on, Xiahou Lian and Jingdao Mountain Village, and Liu Guizang, will not stop until death!"

2. the scene where shen jue found out xiahou lian's identity and the utter devastation that hit him once he realized he had hurt the one person he had sworn to protect in this life. "It was a prayer, and it was also repentance" as he kneels in front of xiahou lian's unconscious body to seek forgiveness holds so many untold emotions. it was so beautiful, and so bittersweet.

3. "Benevolence and righteousness cannot save me, loyalty and filial piety cannot protect me. Only by having a saber in my hand and having great power in my grasp can I take revenge, can I take hold of my own fate!" this sentence embodies shen jue's actions to a T. he is able to recognize that this power hurts him, and will continue to hurt him for the rest of his life should he hold onto it, but so long as it keeps xiahou lian safe, he is willing to endure it.

4. the scene where shen jue climbed and kowtowed to the buddha temple without a care for his reputation and image. in those ten years he had prayed to the buddhas ceaselessly, and perhaps it was those prayers that allowed xiahou lian to return to his side. and so when xiahou lian was on the brink of death once again, it was sheer desparation to look to the divine when all hope seemed lost. "Buddha, I beg you, the sins are mine, the retribution is mine. Punish me, do not punish him."

5. "Impose the retribution from the heavens upon me. My young master, my Shen Jue, my Xie Jinglan, must be well."

6. "Second to one person and above thousands of people" this was shown twice in the novel in two complelely different context. once when xie jinglan vowed to topple wei de; and once after shen jue had toppled wei de. he fulfilled his wish and became the one that he hated the most. instead of gratification, this quote comes with a sense of foreboding. shen jue's future isnt glorious at all; because should he fall from grace, he will fall hard.

7. shen jue going back to his original name, xie jinglan, in the final chapter. he had forsaken this name long ago, and so its pretty significant when he returned to this name once he chose to repent. I also appreciate how xie jinglan remained very personal for him, as when mister dai addressed him this way, it made him ashamed to face his former teacher with the person he is now. I always hoped that shen jue would revert back to his old name, and im glad that it came true.

8. the scene where shen jue erected an altar for xiahou pei, with her ashes and her sword hengbo. its significance lays in that xiahou lian's last memories of his mother was of her corpse desecrated in public and chewed by dogs. but with her ashes recovered he can now be at peace knowing that she has a dignified final resting place. and so it was especially painful when he was forced to destroy her ashes and her sword in order to rescue shen jue. as well as the extreme grief he felt when he saw his mother in a bliss fruit-induced hallucination, and had to come to terms with what he had done.

9. "Young Master, I have sent many people away in this lifetime, some complete strangers and some with deep ties, ones I loved and ones who loved me, one by one, I saw them leave in the distance. Now, it's finally my turn."

10. "I always feel that when we're together, we seem to be about to separate at every moment, never staying for long...I have schemed to deceive you and conceal things from you, I have caught assassins to be test subjects and mixed formulas, I have sought doctors, asking for medicine and practicing Qigong, and I have also prayed to Buddha and asked the gods. I have done everything. But... in the end, I couldn't make you stay." shen jue's anguish and helplessness when he finally understood what kept his beloved away was not the heavens nor garan nor the illness, but xiahou lian's own decision. and so he could only relent.

11. that classic garan catchphrase. I get chills everytime I see it.

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Feb 06, 2023
Status: c65
I really like this story - full of actions, heart- wrenching moments and some good friendships amongst characters. I am up to chapter 65 and although not much emphasis or romantic relationship I have no complaints. Actually, I would not mind if the story ends on this chapter ! Leaving them sitting shoulder to shoulder after so many ups and downs! Sighhh (because the story is full of plots and actions - too much for my old heart).

The translation is superb - heartfelt appreciation to the translator and the team.... more>> :) <<less
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Dec 17, 2022
Status: c130
I stumbled to this novel randomly. The art drew me in, and next time I know I have immersed in the world of assasination, politic, and revenge. And I didn't regret it a bit.

Why I love this novel? First of all, it's in historical setting, my favorite. Not the xianxia, but just normal wuxia drama. There's no golden core, god, etc etc. Secondly, the characters are so human with all the flaws, pettiness, and warmth. Oh yes, they are powerful, but with all sensible limitation. Furthermore, the character development, the... more>> world building, and the TRANSLATION are so enjoyable. The story itself has solid plot, nice romance, handful very memorable side characters, good dose of comedy, but at the same time angsty as well.

I'm following the English translation, and it's almost completed. Can't wait to have the promised happy ending of the two main characters. But I really also hope that some of the side characters have their own happy ending as well. I find myself falling for the MC's brother more and more. He deserves some happiness as well.

Sigh, I am really bad at writing reviews. I just hope more people could read this novel because it deserves to be on the spotlight. Really.

Some people dropped it because it's too plot heavy and lack in romance. If you are seeking for the explicit romance, this one maybe is not for you. But if you love good storyline with memorable characters then please give this one a try. <<less
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Feb 09, 2023
Status: Completed
This is masterpiece. I feel like giving it 5⭐ is not enough, its probably should be given 10000⭐

Well you migh think Im exagerating, but thats is just how much I loooved this novel.
This novel was so well written, I like how the author is so good at describing things.
I really like the fighting scene here, its so cool and so thrilling.
I love the characters, especially the MC.

It was such a wild ride reading this, MC & ML's journey is not as smooth, they've lost alot of people... more>> that close/important to them and its such a pity.

Eventho MC & ML not the kind to be lovey dovey, but I really can feel their love, how deep their feelings toward each other are and its really beautiful. Its BL bcs the main couple is gay, doesnt mean that peoples around them also should be gay and its more realistic that way. BL and shonen ai are actually the same anyway, only shonen ai is Japanese and BL (boys love) is English. So if there are people who says its BL but its more like shonen ai, I feel really confused, like wdym bruh LOL

I really like action genre in the first place, so I dont really mind if MC & ML dont interact much and not being lovey dovey.
I was so immersed in the story I feel like I was watching a movie instead of reading a novel.

Well Im not good with word so I cant say much. But I hope there will be more and more people recognize this novel.
And hopefully it can be adapted into Donghua by BC MayPicture or Haoliner or even better if it can be adapted into a drama 🤧 <<less
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Feb 07, 2023
Status: Completed
One of the best...

Thank you ExR as always superb with your translations. It’s my top place to visit when I wish to read something worthwhile.

All in All, I liked it too much. Thank you for your hard work!

Slow-burn still worth it. Heavy plot, OK... Gong has a syndrome and read more to know. He cries more than MC 😂 it’s a cute yet unusual type but I like it. You will not have something hot but little warm not bad as the tag-wise/ 😉

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Jan 02, 2023
Status: c1
I made it to chapter 56 before deciding to give up. And I’m happy I finally went through more of the reviews to find at least 1 post not praising this novel to the heavens.

Severe really got it right. I was afraid that it was a shounen Ai pretending to be a BL and it seems I was right. And it just barely fits Shounen Ai. This novel talks about other same s*x relationships as a passing comment about how it’s there and people do it, but aside from hinting... more>> at MLs feelings there’s no definite acknowledgment of them.

By 56 they’re not even in the same scene and I got bored of them going through random ass coincidences that somehow end with them meeting briefly and then jumping to not seeing one another for years.

it’s exhausting to read through. I was hoping for more and even the plot doesn’t seem like much of a plot. I’m not sure if this is something I want to read through so I’ll bookmark at 56 and maybe come back later <<less
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Apr 12, 2022
Status: --
It's a really good novel and well worth reading. The characters are well written. The plot is interesting. You should definitely read it. I strongly recommend!
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Apr 11, 2023
Status: c134
Brilliant translation of a brilliant story. A lot of action, a lot of suffering and long romance. The author is extremely cruel to the main characters, but thanks for the happy ending.
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Apr 03, 2023
Status: --
The Governor's Illness is soooooo goood, I love the relationship between xiahou lian and shen jue is so tender and deep, the fact that for them this other person is the one person in the world they hold dear and would be willing to suffer for! The story itself is also good, fast paced and exciting. And I feel like there were a lot of heart fluttering moments. There is a little bit of misunderstanding involved in shen jue and xiahou lian's relationship in the beginning and I will say... more>> it does take a while to get resolved, but I felt like it was worth it, and even in the mean time their feelings for each other are still clear. Such a good hidden gem of a novel! The translation is also top notch, thank you so much! People complaining that it's "not bl"..... lol I think you didnt read till the later half of the novel when our a-lian

gets his cherry popped lol I love the reversal of expectations there

. Yes if you're looking for something quick and heavy on romance/smut this is not for you, but this reminded me of something like TGCF that has both intricate plot and romance. <<less
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Mar 04, 2023
Status: c134
I’ve been immersed in this novel and very much enjoyed following the plots as the 2 male leads met, parted and met again. I urge you to read it. You won’t regret it, but it’s not a quick “fix romp”. It’s storytelling.

As others have said this is a plot driven story and it’s beautifully translated by Vivian of exiledscanlations. The emotions of the two men as they grow from childhood to men facing their own separate trials, kept me reading. I read deep into the night and reluctantly put the... more>> novel down each evening. I was lucky enough to read up to chapter 134 without waiting for another chapter to be released. I cried, shouted, was fearful and loved the stubbornness of these two.

The main leads are both strong characters and both had excellent, believable plot arcs. The whole novel is populated with (mostly) well drawn people. There is a wealth of description of location. It feels well researched. The clothing, furnishings and artefacts are described so you can visualise a room or person. Weather too is clear and you feel it’s impact as would people from that time in China have done so too.

I’ve read that it’s not BL. Well two boys fell in love. They took their time, but they definitely fell in love. <<less
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Feb 10, 2023
Status: c134
This novel is absolutely a must-read!! It is a truly unforgettable story. The writing is beautiful and amazing. The translation is also incredible! It really captures all of the author’s poetic prose. The story itself is intense and will take you through all your emotions - the highs and the lows - be prepared with tissues! And there is so much packed into this story ranging from thrilling sword fights to complex schemes to tearful redemption.

It’s a realistic story set in ancient China about a neglected young master Xie Jinglan... more>> and his servant Xiahou Lian who form a sweet bond with each other in their childhood. However, tragedy befalls the Xie family which causes the two to take completely separate ways - one becomes an infamous assassin and the other becomes a high-level palace official. As they struggle along their chosen paths, they fight to avenge their families and for a chance to reunite.

This is truly a slow-slow-burn romance. The story is definitely plot-heavy, but the romance does play a critical part in their motivations, thoughts, and decisions. You will not only fall in love with the novel but you will also fall in love with the love and devotion the couple have for each other.

Posting this review at the end of the main story but before the extras are out. Hoping that the extras give us some sugar! <<less
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Oct 18, 2022
Status: c51
I wonder if I would commit a crime saying that this novel is boring as hell?

Yet again another novel that has the main tag of Bl, but never really acting as such. Just change the cp to be the closest brothers and see if something is changing:DDD (major spoiler - it isn't)

And yeah, I don't see any heaviness in the plot- thats all just a list of events for me. Maybe that's cause they happened too fast, and all that years were randomly advancing at a galloping speed -... more>> but even serious plot twist with death and betrayal never got me.

Concluding - this is definitely not a bl. It is not an adventure or historical novel - neither of these characteristics are unfolded enough. It takes me some nerves just to read to the 50 chapter and I really have no desire to continue. <<less
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Feb 05, 2023
Status: Completed
If you're looking for a fluffy novel or a novel where ML and MC are constantly together then this is not the novel for you. This novel is more plot driven and romance is super, super slow. Like super slow. On one side, you get ML's storyline which is all about palace drama and scheming. On the other side, you get MC's storyline of his assassin life and the assassin organization. ML and MC both have their own agenda and life goals to fulfill that romance isn't really the key... more>> factor until much, much later. It took almost 100 chapters before ML and MC really got together, so you definitely have to be patient when it comes to their romance. I absolutely love their love and devotion to each other. Their love for each other goes beyond life and death.. However, I didn't like how ML tricked MC to be the bottom... and when MC asked to be top, ML wouldn't consider it. I think it's really important to be open to your partner's sexual desires too and I just wish ML would have been more open minded about that. Especially, since he did agree that he would do anything MC wants, even be the wife too, as long as MC wakes up again. (Ch. 107)

Overall, I loved this novel and cried so much. MC and ML both went through so many hardships and that's the reason why they are not your perfect type of main characters. They are both sinners but are also just two kids trying to survive this cruel world.

I was a bit disappointed with the ending too and that is why I only gave this novel 4 stars. There was not much explanation about the clean up of the bliss fruits afterwards. Also, there was no mention of one of my favorite characters. I thought the author would at least let us know if he's still alive or not in the extra chapters but there was nothing... so I was a bit disappointed. Overall, I still highly recommend this novel. Definitely have to say that I love the fight scenes the most. <<less
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Oct 08, 2022
Status: c50
Major Spoiler (Summary of the Story)

First Arc ... more>>

The MC/Shou is from an assassin village called Garan. At the beginning of the story, he entered the ML/Gong's house as a servant.

But he really doesn't act like a servant lol. He bickers with the ML and all.

So bit of a background, MC thinks that he's in ML's house for an assassination mission. But really, I just think that his mom and his uncle is busy with a mission so they kinda just stuffed him there so that he wouldn't cause any trouble cause there's no one that would look after him lol

Meanwhile, ML is an unfavored son. He gets bullied by his brother and the people in the Xie family doesn't really care about him except for his maids.

The ML really likes studying (although he isn't allowed to study and his brother even catches him reading old books and his brother tore those books, notes and even made him chew or eat some paper). When MC arrives in ML's house, he sees this and he also sees ML's insistence on trying to glue those broken books.

Soooo MC tells ML that they can just steal books from the library and so on. ML doesn't want to at first but MC kinda taunts him and he eventually agrees.

It was kinda sweet too when MC used the money he had on him to buy papers and brushes for ML (MC only have broken brushes and toilet paper to write on).

But ML doesn't use those because he thought that MC stole those things (because MC is just a servant and he shouldn't be able to buy those things) so he just kept all those under his cabinet.

And then the story goes on

Then, MC overhears from someone that a known scholar is coming to the Xie home and this scholar will accept a disciple. He encourages ML to try to be that person's disciple.

Unfortunately, on the day of the event, the madam asks for ML's courtyard to be locked! But, ML and MC thought to climbed the window and even get on a boat to go to the place where the scholar is.

Eventually, ML becomes that scholar's disciple and the story goes on

(There's still some minor stuff happening like ML still getting bullied and MC helping him, them suffering together etc. But I'll skip those and just focus on the main points or what I can remember)

Some points worth noting are:

    • MC is from an assassin village but most of his elders think that he isn't suitable for being an assassin because he is a good person and he doesn't have killing intent
    • They are kinda 12-13 years old in this arc
    • MC would tell ML stories about him, the village and his mother (who is the strongest assassin). Although, the MC will say that they are a family of thieves instead of assassins.
    • Eventually, ML finds out that the MC is from a family of assassin because of his master (the scholar). Turns out that years ago, the scholar was supposed to be killed by MC's mother but she doesn't kill him in exchange for a favor. And that favor is that he chooses a good name for MC (the MC's mother is illiterate I think so she wanted the scholar to think of a good name)
    • MC went to Xie family knowing that there will be an assassination plan but he doesn't know who will be assassinated. He thinks it's ML's father and he kinda hints that to ML. ML says that he doesn't care since his father is a scum anyway
    • BTW when the ML saw his father during the time that the scholar was choosing a disciple, the father actually asked ML who's side family he is from or who his parents are
      he totally forgot about him having ML

Then, the time came that MC's uncle fetch him. So ML and MC says goodbye to each other.

MC overhears that there has been a change in the assassination plan. Instead of just the ML's father being assassinated, the one who commissioned the Garan Village assassins (Wei de) now wants the whole Xie family exterminated.

That's because the ML's father supported the impeachment of Wei de actually made the whole family (except ML's courtyard) memorize the impeachment document I think. So Wei de is very angry and wants the whole family exterminated.

Btw, Wei is kinda a powerful figure. He's a eunuch and he holds a lot of power because he has a good relationship with the emperor from when they were still young I think.

Okay so

MC heard that and he convinces his uncle to bring him to the Xie family during the assassination time (he convinces him saying that when he sees the assassination, he will really get a feel of what's it like to be an assassin and make a decision whether he wants to be an assassin or not)

Some notes about MC and his village:

    • MC's elders doesn't really want him to be an assassin. But, for people of Garan Village, they only have two choices: to be an assassin or to work on Garan Village. But those who chose not to be an assassin, can never leave the village anymore.
    • Garan Village is headed by an Abbot (he turns out to be MC's father but the abbot and his mother doesn't seem to be in a relationship. I'm not sure yet what happened between them though cause I'm not there yet in the story.
    • The people of Garan Village (especially the assassins) really have no choice but to obey the Abbot because they have the 'Mid July' poison their bodies and it's only the Abbot that has the medicine.

Okay, back to the story.

The assassins and MC goes to the Xie family. MC finds ML and kinda forces him to wear his clothes ('forces' because ML is so confusing and there is also the part where ML wants to save his maid, the elderly maid that brought him up but MC says that he can only save ML.

MC tells ML to walk straight ahead and out of the Xie house. If someone talks to him, don't answer and just go.

ML is almost caught but one of MC's good elders (Qiu Ye?) pretend that its MC and just says to the other assassin that maybe 'MC' is just scared that's why he isn't talking and that's why he's going out of that place even though the assassination isn't finished yet.

Unfortunately, the MC is caught. One of the assassins figured out that MC gave his clothes to someone so that person can escape.

The other assassins actually wanted to kill MC right then but some of the good elders (Uncle Duan and Qiu Ye) stopped them.

But ultimately, what made those other assassins stop is MC's mom (who just returned from a mission, she was even still holding a head or something). MC's mom told him that how knows what he had done and that he has two choices: to go back to the village and be punished orrr MC's mom will kill all the assassins present at that time and their mom-son duo would run away lol

Hahaha MC's mom is so cool!

Anyway, the other assassins get scared. MC chose to return to the village where he is punished 80 flogs (although he only lasted until the 30th and his mom took the other 50 flogs for him)

Next, we see that ML successfully run away from the Xie house but he doesn't have anywhere to go. He doesn't have friends and he cannot go to his shifu because his shifu will be implicated.

MC actually gave the ML two gold earrings before they parted so that ML can pawn it off but ML got scammed at the pawn shop.

ML had nowhere to go, none to eat and he was really miserable at this point. He resorted to stealing sometimes because of his hunger and often, he'll get beaten up.

Then, the ML remembered that MC ones told him way back that if he goes to the highest point of the city and places a coin there, MC will appear before ML.

However, its not MC that appears but another assassin (Qiu Ye) who actually noticed ML escaping the Xie mansion before but he just let him go. Qiu Ye tells ML that MC was punished and he doesn't even know if he's still alive.

He also tells ML to stop trying to contact MC this way because other assassins from Garan Village might see him instead and kill him (because he's still part of the Xie family) and Qiu Ye tells ML to go to the capital because he is less likely to starve there because there are nobles there who have feeding programs.

So ML goes to the capital. Unfortunately, he trusted an old beggar that gave him food. This beggar sold him to the palace so he became a eunuch.


Second Arc

Two or three years have passed and the ML/MC are now 14 years olds.

ML is now a eunuch of the cold palace. He kinda have some powers but only little.

There's also this other eunuch who fancies ML and wants to have s*x with ML. ML is disgusted with this eunuch.

This eunuch even peeps at ML while ML was changing and this eunuch actually discovers that ML didn't have his d*ck cut off like them (I think, it was implied but nit really stated).

So this eunuch blackmails the ML to being with him but of course the ML doesn't want that. ML ends up killing the eunuch.

While ML was disposing of the body in the well, he noticed a black clothed person 'sleeping' near. ML was going to disposed of this person too when the black clothed person opened his eyes and called out "young master!"

It turns out to be the MC. However, the MC is currently on a mission and he got wounded severely on his shoulder.

The ML helps the MC and MC hid in the dead eunuch's place. MC actually learned to change his face and he changes his face to that of the dead eunuch and pretends to be him.

ML requested to MC that MC stays with ML from now on in the palace. MC agreed.

So the story goes on

ML gets chosen to be a eunuch serving during the Emperor's hunting event. He serves Wei de by guiding Wei de's horse (the head eunuch who ML really hates because Wei had the Xie family exterminated. The horse suddenly topples over and ML caught Wei. Then, another horse was running and going to crush Wei and Wei suddenly made ML his shield.

Fortunately, a soldier hits the horse with an arrow. However, this caused the horse to topple and the crown prince gets thrown off (and becomes crippled). This caused the soldier to be sent out of the capital.


ML finds that the MC is sick. Turns out it's the MC's poison acting out.

ML hurries to find MC's mother (who he once saw in the palace but he didn't tell MC because he wanted MC to stay and not leave him). Turns out that MC's mom is actually pretending to be one of the consorts in the cold palace.

She gave MC the medicine but will also take MC away and go back to the mountain because they can't escape the village because of the poison.

Before leaving, ML and the mother had a talk. ML made a bet to MC's mother that within 10 years, ML will find a way to find the cure to the poison and free MC from the village

Then the story goes on


Next arc

Oops ran out of time

Remembering and typing all those above took me about an hour already lol gotta get back to what I'm doing

Will write the next spoilers when I have time :)


Note to self

To continue reading? No. A great story but a bit too much plot heavy for my liking. Plus at chap 100 they're still not together

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Sep 06, 2022
Status: --
actually this novel is good, the story will stir feelings. ML and MC both have a hard life and suffering. they are not perfect protagonists either... they are realistic, they can be evil and cruel in order to survive. At first I really liked this novel. but then I dropped it... because I like some side male characters but it's a shame they have love stories with women... so this doesn't suit me, I'm here to read bl but there are a lot of male and female love stories here.
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