Governor’s Illness


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The world did not expect that the king of Shi Mountain and leader of good-for-nothings, Xia HouLian, would be reduced to the lowest rank in Dongchang. He had a monthly salary of two taels, which wasn’t even enough for rent.

As a rebel in the martial arts world and Dongchang’s most wanted criminal, Xia HouLian did not expect that the delicate young master he had met in his childhood would actually become the powerful and arrogant governor of Dongcheng.

As for that governor, there was a beam of white moonlight in his heart, a memory of someone that he had coveted for a long time yet was out of reach.

“I’ll become a ghost for you, and you’ll become a Buddha for me.”

Associated Names
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Du Zhu You Bing
The Governor is Ill
The Governor is Sick
There’s Something Wrong With the Governor
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5 Reviews

Jul 02, 2021
Status: Completed
I was only halfway through the novel and I was already growing white hairs. I felt like I had lived a whole life and experienced many vicissitudes while the main characters went through their own shit. That's how intense this novel is. I literally only read up to chapter 50 in one night but it felt as though I had lived 50 lives. In one night. (And then later on in the story ML was growing some white hairs from stress and I was like "hah, KARMA.")


I was not prepared for any of this. I went in blind. So I was found like a dried slug in the morning after crying all night. That's a crime scene. A cRiMe ScEnE. Author killed me with knives. It started out quite innocent and sweet (maybe because they were kids) but both main characters were shoved headfirst into cruel awakenings, separating to go onto their different paths and enduring their own shares of suffering. Despite their horrid fates and ever-changing lives, one thing remained constant: their bond that manages to transcend time and conflict.

I'm talking mad facts here: Even when Xia HouLin and Shen Jue have every reason to be enemies, they choose to trust each other and love each other. They NEVER hold grudges towards one another, NEVER hate each other--when it could be so easy for them to. And that's what makes all the difference. They could choose violence, but they don't and it's because their love for each other surpasses all those other petty feelings that have easily destroyed BL relationships in other novels--this was what awed me and made me root for them.

Y'all, this was a wild ride, and believe me when I say that—because I've had my fair share of wild BL novels. I had to constantly go "oh, okay, so THIS is happening now. Oh, now THAT happened. Oh, now HE'S crying. Oh, now I'M crying." I love that Xia HouLin and Shen Jue weren't afraid to cry; their emotional fragility really added to the core of the novel. It's such a stark contrast to their stern personalities. It's so weird how this contradiction can exist within their characters—they're tough, yet they shed tears so beautifully; this is very hard to pull off. They both have tenacity but they wield it so differently.

Xia HouLin is determined, but tender, soft, and never loses his bright core. He doesn't smile or laugh all the time, but he's that character that just gives off the vibe of silent hopefulness, of believing in better even though he's been put through the worst. Shen Jue is determined, but calculating and cold, and behind his icy exterior, he holds a heart of warmth for his loved ones.

They match each other well. Shen Jue is aware that no one truly cares about him. People either want his favor or they're waiting for his downfall. He falls in love with Xia HouLin because Xia HouLin is the only one who concerns himself with his well-being, who genuinely cares. On the other hand, everyone treats Xia HouLin as a knife, a weapon, trying to mold him into a sword that he's too tender to be. He loses everyone he cares about and at one point feels like there's nothing in life that can redeem him, and he's lost his home (literally). Shen Jue eventually becomes his home. With Shen Jue, he feels a renewed love for life. There was a scene where he realizes he can't die because he has a home, Shen Jue was his home, and he has to return to his home.

This novel revolves around a theme that I don't see very much in the BL genre (assassins), so I was intrigued and expectant and it did not disappoint! Because of the perilous nature of this trade, the plot itself was filled with suspense and action. The plot is literally shaped like a hill (or maybe several hills) ; you can feel the build-up. The beginning is so deceptively mellow and there are dark undertones just creeping beneath the surface. Building up. And it all explodes. And that's when it gets good. It felt weird at times because it felt like two stories of different genres mashed together (martial arts + political court intrigue) LOL. It felt like Xia HouLin and Shen Jue were two separate characters of two separate novels that had a crossover and ended up together, and that just shows you how different their lives are from one another, why the separation was necessary, and why their relationship became so much stronger despite their differences. Xia HouLin is the brawns (he's also very smart) and Shen Jue is the brain (he can fight if it's necessary lmao).

There is a sense of sad nostalgia woven throughout the story as—in between the bloody fights and the intense scenes—you remember that Xia HouLin and Shen Jue were once innocent kids who had nothing better to do than brawl and pester each other. Xia HouLin and Shen Jue are separated from each other for so long but it's so worth it because I was filled with anticipation for their next meeting—excited for them to see how the other has changed in the duration of their separation and how their feelings would still persist for each other no matter what. As the saying goes, separation makes the heart grow fonder.

When Shen Jue was running through the palace to reunite with Xia HouLin: "... the calm Shen Jue and the strategizing Shen Jue had all disappeared without a trace. He is Xie Jinglan, and he is going to find the book boy, Xia Hou Lian, whom he has waited for ten years." Yes, just rip my heart out, why don't you.

This is one of those novels where you can't have any attachments to the characters. They be dropping dead left and right like flies. Except for Xia HouLin and Shen Jue; they have character shields lmao. But in all seriousness, the sense of danger surrounding their occupations and lives is still very much real.

I am so jealous of the relationship between Xia HouLin and Shen Jue. They are each other's anchor. In a bloodthirsty world where no one loves them, they love each other. They are essentially two sides to the same coins, even if their personalities are vastly different (both had fathers who refused to recognize them, both had their loved ones torn from them, both had to grow up wayyy faster than they needed to, both believed they were irredeemable but found salvation in each other).

Do you ever read a novel and you feel it reaching deep within you and stirring something dormant? You're not sure if it's changing you but you know it's THERE. And you know that years from now you'll be sitting down or doing something and you'll suddenly think about it and you'll remember all the emotions it evoked in you and how it's touched a part of your soul some way, unknowingly, and it's only now in this moment--years later--that you're realizing how deeply it's influenced you. That's what this novel does to me, or that's what I KNOW it'll do to me.

I'm going to go read this author's other novels now. Their writing has me hooked, basically top-tier in terms of plot and suspense. Also, the bonding between their MC's and ML's is really different from what you usually see in BL, it's new and refreshing to me. No unnecessary drama, ambivalent feelings, over-the-top hatred for each other, miscommunication--just some light angst that comes from yearning and heated sexual tension. Their main characters are likable. I've noticed a trend among their works where MC usually has a humble/easygoing and comical personality while ML is more charming and protective. But BOTH have dark sides that will be triggered if someone messes with their beloved.

Now I'm tired and going to eat a donut. <<less
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Mar 23, 2021
Status: Completed
omg somebody picked it up!!!!!

I've been waiting for someone to actually pick up this novel, this novel is one of a kind

I have already finished this novel by reading raws and MTL-ing and I got to say this story made me cry. (Well I didn't actually read the raws, its just that my friend helped me read by her translating it)

It started as sweet, funny and heartwarming but when I got into the middle part, thats when things get depressing, the things the ML and the MC suffered... more>> is so heartbreaking that every night my mom will come to my room and ask me why am I crying.

Xia houlian suffered a lot, he was forced to become someone he doesn't want to be. I hate how fate just takes away all his loved ones, he is forced to live in a kind of place that is all about surviving and killing. I envy this kind of MC that just continues to go forward and see what will happen in the future

Im so glad that the ML and The MC got the chance to meet together again, they separated so many times and it pains me to read and see how eager the ML is to see the MC,

I love the ML so much because of how many sacrifices he did for the MC, even though the MC was an assassin he didn't blame him for what happened when they were young,


i loved how the ML tells the MC when they were young that when he grows up he will become the governor and save him (well that actually became true)


Im so happy that someone picked this up, a lot of people needs to know their story

(guys there's a manhua too, read it as well!!!) (there's an audio drama too) <<less
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Oct 09, 2021
Status: Completed
Governor's Illness is one of the best novels i've ever read so far. It's so good, so well written, I won't do a whole review so u can read one of these above, I only wanted to say that it's worthy your time. The mtl version was confusing as always but it's still awesome in a different level. Please, give it a shot, u won't regret it, I promise u!
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Peerless White Chrysanthemum
Peerless Whi
Nov 21, 2021
Status: Completed
"If it's adapted then it's underrated" (Shout out to those not adapted but underrated novels as well! I hope those will have their spotlight too.)

Yes, the MTL translation is confusing but you'll understand the gist of what is happening. Refreshing characters (you'll feel sympathetic), the plot is thicc-.. Ahhh, the novel is too good for me to the point that I can't put anything more like, if you type something good it's difficult to stop. You'll get my point once you read and finish reading the story.

I hope this... more>> gets picked up again and the manhwa adaptation continues again, thank you for the translations! Author wherever they are stay safe. If they got something up their sleeves, I'll read it for sure! <<less
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Apr 12, 2022
Status: --
It's a really good novel and well worth reading. The characters are well written. The plot is interesting. You should definitely read it. I strongly recommend!
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