Joyful Reunion


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His name was Duan Ling. He used to be nothing more than an illegitimate child with humble beginnings. As a child he had his fill of neglect and torment until a mysterious man named Lang Junxia took him away from the Duans. Lang Junxia fed him, put him in school, and made him a new home. Lang Junxia told him that when the peach trees blossom his dad would come get him.

Then his dad really did come. He was far more impressive than Duan Ling imagined, far more dashing, far more omnipotent. It turned out that Duan Ling wasn’t a bastard whose paternal lineage was in question after all. In his veins flowed the most noble Han imperial blood, and the empire was supposed to belong to him.

But in troubled times, with the beacons of war lit in all four corners of the world, his dad said everyone had a destiny that befit them, and their destiny was the way of benevolent rule, that was why they could never remain content with their little corner of the world. They were destined … to carry the enmity of an invaded empire, to bear the pain of losing their homeland; to live as the self required.

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Tương Kiến Hoan
Xiang Jian Huan
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New rnoshi rated it
August 27, 2023
Status: Completed
This is an absolutely wonderful read that is woefully underrated. It is not an instant gratification kind of read and delves deep into history, war and the complexities of politics. The first volume makes you forget that it's danmei because the main character is still growing up and it's only when he's older that romantic themes come into play. The wait is definitely rewarding despite the slow burn because the romance is so healthy, so believable and so beautiful. It's one of my favourite couples and I've read so many... more>> danmei.

I've read novels with similar settings but this is the first one I've read which has been written so beautifully. The prose is so well translated (props to fox ghost) and I've rarely read a novel that is so poetic without seeming pretentious. That being said, it might take longer than the average novel to read. I had to reread many paragraphs over and over to fully absorb the beautiful writing and picture the scenes in my mind.

I won't get too deep into the story since plenty of reviews do it well enough but I would highly recommend this novel to someone who values high quality writing and a mature story with great world building. Each character and their story is well fleshed out that it feels a shame to part with them when the story ends. I am never one to overhype a novel but this one is definitely a hidden gem that I hope will bring joy and tears to many readers. <<less
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oosydneyoo rated it
April 16, 2021
Status: --
Serious novel ahead. This novel includes heart wrenching moments and anxiety despite it's peaceful cover. If you want a good novel to get lost in this can do the trick. Now if you want harem packed, golden fingers, happy go lucky, fast pace all the time, look somewhere else, this ain't for you or maybe not for the mood you're in currently. Older audiences are probably more the market for this novel.

This was a good kinda serious. The affections of the characters are well and truly earned through the hard... more>> lives that they lead and these affections are even betrayed. It's a real struggle to know who to invest in and just like the main character you'll find it hard not to fully trust those you've grown very fond of. You'll grow attached to characters and than have to say goodbye to them too. Example of one?

daddy dearest

Spoiler, for those of you who hate getting attached to dieing characters like me, above (not that that tainted the novel for me, it's just that good).

When you get to the point that some of us novelupdate users get to, where you've treaded through countless novels and so much of it is tr*sh, you'll find a novel like this that you want to raise into the air for all to see and yell "this is the new king"... Yes, you have a Lion King moment... That's what this novel was for me. Look at this well written novel, especially when you've seen countless others on this site, and let it cleanse you. <<less
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wetheril rated it
May 12, 2022
Status: Completed
Months later after finishing this novel, this is still the book that evoked the most memorable emotional response from me, and I'm hard-pressed to find anything that can unseat its place in my heart. It's an underrated masterpiece, and one of my top 3 favorite novels (all of which are by the same author, Feitian).

Joyful Reunion is part of Feitian's Starverse universe (shares the same world as Yingnu, Let Go of That Shou, and the untranslated San You Mu Xi which is also a masterpiece), and features an extremely well-constructed... more>> historical world and setting. Readers of LSWW and Feitian's historical-heavy works will enjoy his depiction of wartime, politics, conflict, and cultural differences between different ethnic groups.

Joyful Reunion is much more than just your typical BL romance novel that focuses solely on the emotional development of the couple (although it does this very well later on in the novel). It's a story about the smart, capable, and resilient MC, Duan Ling, and his various relationships with the other characters in the book and how they change and shape him throughout his difficult childhood as well as his struggles to reclaim his birthright. It's both a tear-jerking and heartwarming novel, delving into various emotional flavors of friendship, brotherhood, childhood crushes, parental figures, loss, betrayal, loyalty, and love. It's a complex, nuanced emotional c*cktail, and readers who are looking for a more mature novel with strong emotional beats outside of romantic angst in that aspect will enjoy this so much.

Also, contrary to a common initial assumption that Lang Junxia is the ML:

He is not. Although he is a very important character in the novel, and will forever leave an impression upon Duan Ling, as well as the readers.


As is common in some of Feitian's novels (Seizing Dreams, for example), the ML is not apparent right away, and only plays a significant role from volume 2 onward. Despite the age gap of about 7-8 years between Duan Ling and ML, by the time the romance starts to develop, Duan Ling is already older and very mature for his age due to the hardships he's had to overcome. Part of why I love this couple so much is because the relationship development is incredibly sweet and loving; both Duan Ling and ML are two lonely souls who find each at the lowest point in their lives and they bring out the best in each other as their love develops and deepens.

No other BL novel seems to achieve this sort of perfection in terms of plot, setting, character development and deliver the wonderful feeling of enjoying every step of MC's journey. It's about more than just wanted to know what happens at the end. If you want to read a novel that delivers a lovely romance but so much more outside of that, read this novel, you will not be disappointed. <<less
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TheDecayingFlower555 rated it
December 1, 2020
Status: c59
This novel is so good!

I like how the author focuses on building up the setting and the characters first before the romance. Shit, I even forgot this was a Yaoi in the first place.

Currently, I am up to the war scenes and HOLY SHIIT, it's mad interesting.

Update: [01/20/2021]

... more>>

I can't believe Li JianHong died. I wasn't expecting it. I was hoping he would live to the end with his son. The fact that Duan Ling still believes his father is alive breaks my heart every time I see him thinking of it.

I wonder where everything will go from here.



It's not that bad and I like that Duan Ling is growing as a person. But man, that cute scene in C59 and the ending...

Also, I'm glad Duan Ling knows the truth about Li Jianhong.

But seriously wtf is Cai Yan playing. You who are not even the true prince want the throne? That's some huge balls right there. Why the f*ck is Lang Junxia helping him? Does he really think he can be saved when he lied about something so major?

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Cocole rated it
January 6, 2021
Status: c22
I’m so loving this and so very grateful to the translator for his kindness sharing this with us. DUAN LING is a beautiful person - courageous and lovable. His time with his dad is memorable and refreshing. Their views on life is extraordinarily contagious. I am really grateful to able to enjoy and relish this journey together with them. I’m also Looking forward to get to know more about Lang Junxia too.
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SmilingEyes rated it
March 31, 2021
Status: c60
At first this novel did not really seem interesting to me, but oh how good it turned out to be.

This is one of the most interesting novels I've read so far. I like how even though the romance has been a bit lacking up to now (I'm sure it's coming) it is perfectly fine, because there is enough happening to keep your mind busy and entertained.
At some point it felt like I went on a life changing journey myself. This is the type of novel that will move you.
I definitely recommend reading this!
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keighlysays rated it
January 17, 2023
Status: Completed
I feel like I've been fed a whole bowl of wontons, Lang Junxia, my heart hurts. It has me bitterly weeping after I turned the final pages of this book, reaching the end and it becoming one of my top 10 Danmei after having read over a hundred. Immaculate world-building, fleshed-out characters, court schemes and betrayal run amok the entirety of the novel, so who is friend and who is foe? I had my heart in my mouth the entire time as I decadently inhaled every page, with every word... more>> weaving together in a poetic fashion. Feitian is gifted in how he writes his characters, extremely complex with intricate layers, keeping their intentions and thoughts a mystery while keeping us suspended and afraid to trust and even more afraid to get attached to them. Never judge a character too early, the same ones we might hate in Book I may later catapult to become our favorite by Book II, and vice versa.

This is the first novel I've read where my favorite character was not the CP, but someone who I loved, then hated, then loved once more, and now I don't know if my heart can ever heal from this character's final letter. Alas, every last mystery and question I had was finally put to rest with that letter as I bawled my eyes out for the first time reading a Danmei novel. How Feitian managed to have a character stick out their tendrils and attach themselves to a reader so subtly so that by the book's end somehow they became a favorite I was unwilling to part with is a talent I applaud our chicken gege for. I almost didn't even mind that patience is a virtue in waiting for the CP's relationship to develop, where the shoots of their affections gradually blossomed into a beautiful romance.

Joyful Reunion is a novel about Duan Ling's (MC) journey back to the capital to rightfully take back what was his amidst a turbulent, restless period in ancient Chen dynasty. We begin the novel with a young DL who was saved by Lang Junxia (assassin) per orders by his father, Li Jianhong. DL grew up in the Duan family, but was beaten and abused, so that formed the foundation for his tough personality with a strong survival instinct. As anther character said, DL is blessed with his ability to worm his way out of sticky situations, and while every one else may die, DL will someone come out unscathed. This novel is his journey of growing up, and watching his character develop from a sticky child to a grown (albeit still somewhat sticky) adult. Along the way, he meets many people, both friends and foe, and he finds shelter in an enemy's den, where he later learned about the schemes that took place behind the Battle of Shangjing. He navigates his way into the court and rises to avenge what ought to be avenged and take back what ought to be his.



Duan Ling is one tough kid, he can be beaten, kicked, poisoned, tossed down a cliff, and time and time again he will get back up and make those who schemed suffer a fate worse than his. He's incredibly intelligent and knows how to read a person and the room, and for his dad he would brave through a turbulent warring period to find him, and then to avenge him. He's strong, but afraid; he's weary of trust after LJX's betrayal, but then will trust Wu Du whole-heartedly. He's small and his martial arts skills are weak, but he doesn't hesitate to jump into a icy river to protect Wu Du. He's a scheming two-faced liar, but he needed to be in order to survive. He's clingy and sticky, but he learns to be the first to walk away. He's a child who had to grow up in a warring period and endure tons and tons of setback, but he doesn't stop until he accomplishes his goals.


ML (don't click unless you want to be spoiled on his identity)


Feitian got me good. Who knew the centipede creep from the pharmacy was our dorky, anti-social, poison-master ML all along, our very own Wu Du. I was ready to take off on the Lang Junxia ship until the big betrayal happened, and even after Wu Du entered the picture, I still wasn't willing to part with LJX. But perhaps it's because Wu Du is so protective, loyal, and has a tenacious ability to chug an entire vat of vinegar that I later could no longer see DL being with LJX. Wu Du is a character who is just as lost as DL was, both down on their luck and meeting each other during the lowest point in their lives, both lifting each other up to rise together. The only person in the novel who, regardless of DL's identity, would still treat him the same and not change the way he loves and cares for him would only be Wu Du. For that, Wu Du eventually comes out on top as DL's best love interest among a very generous helping of suitors. And DL, in addition to Li Jianhong, were the only two people who did not treat Wu Du like a weapon created to kill, but they treated him like a human being, and that is something very precious to Wu Du, to be recognized and treated as a person who has ambitions and aspirations with dignity.

He's an interesting character who is blunt, crass and without the ability to read the room, but he's upright and will defend his morals and teachings. While he was lost and followed Zhao Kui in Book I, we later learned that he never killed indiscriminately and has a rather strong moral compass, but later that compass only pointed toward DL. Protecting, loving, and ensuring that he's physically and mentally happy, I think no other character is more worthy of DL than Wu Du.

Lang Junxia


I'm still thinking about his character, and he's ultimately my favorite character in this novel. Hell, I need a novel where he's the protagonist because I want to understand his character more, his thoughts and why he acted the way he did. A tragic character with a sad backstory, he was Prince of the Wuluohou clan and fled to the Xianbei mountains, where he was later saved by his master, who taught him his martial arts. After murdering his master and the disciples in his sect, he attempted to assassinate Li Jianhong three times and failed, but luckily Duan Xiaowan pleaded for him after he saved her. Thereafter he pledged his allegiance to follow Li Jianhong and help him care for Duan Ling.



Bawled my eyes out while reading the epilogue and the LJX extra, and my eyes are still red-rimmed as I reflect on this character. From Book I's betrayal to the way he tailed DL, I could never get a grip on exactly what his thoughts were for saving him one second and chasing him the next. Finally I got the closure I needed with his letter hidden in the scabbard, and the fresco painting in the Tianbei mountains, but that made me ache bitterly every time I think about his rueful smile. He may be cold, but he wasn't heartless because he's the type of restrained character that was so emotionally suppressed that while he appeared heartless, he had always been silently protecting DL. From the way he played Joyful Reunion with his flute on the first night he dropped DL off at the Illustrious Hall, and silently observed a young DL nodding off in class and dropping a plum on his head to wake him up, to the way he tended to the flowers in their garden while DL was at Biyong college, and the way he told Cai Yan he would be leaving after he poisoned DL (his leaving was probably to kill himself if he couldn't find DL, but then changed his mind after he realized DL was still alive), he was always silently looking after DL. He deserved so much more, and at the end of the day he didn't betray Li Jianhong, and protected DL to the best of his ability, even laying his life down when it comes to it. I'll never get over the epilogue and extra, especially of him looking into Li Jianhong's eyes from the painting while playing Joyful Reunion, and then telling him that he'll be going, and then coming, to him.


Li Jianhong


LJH gives no sh*t and the way he and the fourth prince tell each other "you do it" when picking among themselves who gets to ascend the throne, I just loved his character to pieces. I didn't think Feitian had it in him to write what is probably one of the saddest ways to kill off a character, and I couldn't believe it when the arrow pierced his heart. After reading Danmei for a while, I kept wondering if there was a magical pill that could resurrect him, but alas, even though he left us in Book I, his spirit (metaphorical) remained through the novel to lift DL when he most needed it.


The Four Assassins


They all came off as intimidating and menacing, and my hackles were raised

every time they appeared in Book I, but by Book III, it's revealed that they're all just big fat dorks, constantly bickering and bantering at one another. I loved it whenever all the assassins appeared because they're just so badass and capable of so much destruction, but when they get together, they act like one big dysfunctional family.


Read this if you like:

  • Epic story-telling and strong world-building in an ancient Chinese setting. A novel with a tragic backstory and vengeance subplot.
  • A myriad of handsome men who are stunning and peerless, yet turn out to be complete dorks
  • Strong sense of camaraderie and amazing list of side characters. I loved all the assassins.
  • Feitian's humor is scattered throughout the novel. You'll be sad one moment and laughing the next.
  • Best boy Benxiao
  • the way Feitian writes 2nd MLs. One second you're shipping him with the MC, and the next

    you're shipping him with the MC's dad.

Avoid this novel if you don't like:

  • A big age gap between the CP
  • Reading about a child growing up. It's DL's story, and he remains a child from 8-14 for most of Book I, and eventually grows to 17-18 by the novel's ending
  • Court schemes and politics. If you can't forgive a character after a betrayal, this may not be the novel for you.
Epic moments:

  • MC sniffing the ML's scent after confusing him for another assassin, and ML awkwardly asking, "you want a man or something?"
  • ML getting the zoomies after their first kiss. Literally zoomies, he disappeared and hid behind a tree.
  • "You peed the bed!" -ML
Final note: thank you so much to Foxghost for your time and dedication translating this novel. I can feel the love oozing out of every page, thank you so much for the beautiful translations <3 <<less
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swen rated it
October 19, 2022
Status: c150
after finishing the classics and tried many popular novels, danmei in particular, I couldn't seem to stop dropping other novels halfway. after snagging my attention for the first ten chapters it seemed like I just couldn't continue. and I was looking for a very specific taste- a novel that would be funny enough at times to make me laugh, sad enough to make me cry over and over, long enough so I will take my time reading it, but short enough so that it keeps my attention.

this is a beautifully... more>> written novel. it snared my attention from chapter 1, I fell in love with the characters by chapter 2. I cried at least 6 times by chapter 10 and read all the way up to chap 100 in 2 days.

you fall in love with the MC in chapter 1 just like a parent-child relationship. you watch the MC start out as a little child, all bruised and beaten, and it breaks your heart. as he grows older, you get to see him slowly start to mature, to quit his childhood habits and gain a greater perspective of the world. it's strangely nostalgic, after the 100's, to return back to the early chapters and see the MC. after all he's been through, you just want to scroll back to a time where he had no worries.

the characters are so wonderful too. they have dimension. their dialogue is realistic and moving. two words-

lang junxia. when he sends duan ling to school and duan ling gets into a fight with the kid there, and lang junxia yells at him to kneel to the headmaster. the scene feels so real because it captures the sternness that comes out of care when you're looking after a child, and the helplessness of having to tuck your pride away and submit to the higher power for your own good. also, when lang junxia is late to pick duan ling up, despite batu being sure that lang junxia wouldn't come, and said that he must not want duan ling anymore. I was BAWLING. lastly, when lang junxia brought duan ling to their new home. staying awake for him and then he couldn't help but collapse. screaming crying. I don't even know how to describe lang junxia's relationship with duan ling in the beginning. I don't want to really say father/son because li jianhong already takes that title. I don't want to say caretaker because that makes their relationship seem too shallow. anyways, I don't know how to put it, but lang junxia.... just, , he showed so much unconditional care for duan ling. even though he was described as a type of person who didn't speak much, hell, he's an assassin who betrayed li jianhong 3 times, he was such a good person taking care of duan ling.


the language of this novel is absolutely beautiful and I have to thank the translator immensely for allowing me to understand this masterpiece. from the beginning, you can tell that the author is no joke. he planned this entire novel out thoroughly and it shows. also I cannot stress this enough- all familial, romantic, unconditional love portrayed in this novel will both draw your tears and warm your heart.

in my opinion, this novel is best read knowing the least abt the plot. so if you've just started scrolling through the reviews, i'd advise you to stop. I started after just seeing how positive the reviews were (from my past experience, some reviews can contain unmarked spoilers). so I started reading this novel without any context- I even just skimmed the summary- and I was taken by surprise again and again by the plot twists of this novel.

also, you won't find the novel mentioning the word "cutsleeve" even once, and the MC isn't portrayed as one of those characters who worry over everything thinking "but I'm straight!!". in fact, it's hardly a matter discussed, and I love that it portrays the cp as something that isn't "unnatural".

and I agree with other reviews saying you completely forget that it's a bl in the first place— I love romance but mc's journey was genuinely so exciting to read through. by the time the romance starts budding it catches you completely off guard, remember, knowing less about the plot is better. this is the type of novel its the perfect slowburn because after I saw the first "romantic" scene I actually went to take a 30 minute break.

major spoiler

i genuinely thought lang junxia would be the ml, and I do love wu du, but my heart was stuck on lang junxia from the beginning :') don't get me wrong, I still 100% love the novel... BUT YOU CAN'T JUST HAVE LANG JUNXIA FLASH US IN LESS THAN 1O CHAPTERS AND THEN DESCRIBE HIS HOT BOD AND JUST EXPECT US TO FORGET ABT THAT. also I cannot get over how attached I am to this man after all those domestic scenes in the beginning and then he just......... poisons duan ling and throws him off a cliff- excuse me I was reading to transmigrate and punch him myself

14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
hndmng rated it
January 5, 2022
Status: c140
One word: Amazing.

If you like Qiang Jin jiu and To Rule in a Turbulent World, I’m sure you will enjoy this one as well. I’m a hardcore QJJ fan but I’m now wondering if this one is actually better. Poor Duan Ling has for sure suffered more than Shen Zechuan.

The only downside is, you won’t be able to put it down once you start reading it, so plan a three day break in your life.
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
sleep_deprived_homosapien rated it
July 1, 2022
Status: v4

This book is better than any book I've ever read. And I've read all the popular books here.

It's has my favourite MC of all time.

... more>>

The father son relationship had me bowling my eyes out


All the other characters too are distinct and so loveable. Not a single one of them is boring. I don't want to write names of my favourites here. Just the MC Duan Ling is f*cking everything. I just want to pull him out these pages and hug him tight. Also the most wholesome healthy relationships ever in any bl book I've ever read. I'm not gonna reveal who the couple is lol. This book is full of surprises.

I'm still waiting for the remaining 10-15 chapters to be translated. The mystery of a certain someone is driving me crazy. I don't knw but I can't help myself rooting for him despite everything.

Also can I just say this book's cover art is my favourite. After reading a better half of this book that cover art is making my heartache sm.

I want to thank the translator too for the amazing job they are doing. I want a eng translated version of this on my bookshelf so f*cking bad and I'm yet to even read the ending. <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Bluepersona rated it
December 24, 2021
Status: --
Honestly, I can't really write a review for this... cause if I do start, I'll end up writing a long essay... it's just that good.. hence I'll just leave the below sentences hoping to urge you all to read this gem.

''Expect the unexpected and be ready to fall madly in love with this 'unexpected', cry a lot over it, smile and feel warm and crazy emotions along the way''

PS1: (Assasins X Royals, Friends X Enemies)

PS2: Feitian gege (author) is an amazing writer who will take you through a long... more>> adventurous journey making sure your heart is safe along with all the ups and downs... Sometimes I really feel like he might be a traverser from the ancient ages- one of my absolute favorite author

PS3: I must also thank the translator a lot... such beautiful translations. It's not easy translating historic novels like these. <<less
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tonarinoneko rated it
February 19, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel is literary a gem: it's amazingly written and beautifully translated (it's one of the best translations that I saw on this site - both deep and poetic, with sensual and beautiful erot*c scenes). The plot is intriguing, but at the same time quite plausible, you literally can't stop reading and its' twists keep surprising you. But the most precious of all are the characters: they all are the living and breathing human beings and you laugh and cry together with them.

But everyone who decides to read this novel... more>> must be warned that even though it's the HE, it's still a very sad story full of longing and the pain of losing loved ones. I cried rivers somewhere in the middle of the novel and the latest chapter left me heartbroken. It doesn't have the "tragedy" tag, but you still should prepare your heart, for at times it's going to hurt. <<less
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Sonofasun rated it
December 7, 2021
Status: c111
MC has the best father I've ever read of in all of Chinese novels... not that there's much competition from all the orphan and abused MCs we got flying around.

Great novel but not for the faint-hearted. Be prepared for anything.
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Bee Bee
Bee Bee rated it
November 16, 2022
Status: v5 epilogue part2
Just wow!
This is an epic story of love, friendship, betrayal, revenge and forgiveness.
For every other book I’ve rated as a 5 this one definitely makes me want to reconsider. The translation is a pleasure to read.
Definitely worth reading.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kit Grouke
Kit Grouke rated it
October 29, 2022
Status: V5 epilogue part2
In short, it is one of the best novel I've read. I couldn't read other novels after this. I had to re read it like ten times before I satisfied the urge to pick another. Damn the couple has climbed to the top of my best danmei couples. Lang junxia. Aaah I've no words how much I loved and hated him. Anyways this is just the best I've read.
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Belalang Sembah
Belalang Sembah rated it
February 7, 2022
Status: --
First of all, I am very grateful to the translator for this novel... OHHHHH GOD THIS IS TOO GOOD SIX When reading this novel I was always excited, MC's journey was very challenging, especially every relationship that exists and how the MC can always overcome it. From this novel I got a lot of lessons that I can relate to my life Ah, I think those who haven't read this novel really lack one extra material from life. the original writer is also very talented actually created a world for... more>> the characters of this novel, he really understands the principles of life as well as human feelings bottom line I'm very grateful to be able to get and read this novel. very, very grateful to Foxghost translator, you are very kind for sharing this with us. May you always be healthy and always protected by our God. ^^ Cheers to your world too Foxghost. ps. I always wait for your updates with a thump :') <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
December 4, 2022
Status: c1
Just finished reading this novel, I cried at the beginning and I cried at the ending.. so many things happened and I kept telling myself they are not real people so why are u you crying like this hahaha but you just can help it not when those characters are such beautiful humans.

I like the MC dad so much !! Hope people like him exist in real life !

Junxia.... He's the reason I cried almost every time hate you but I love you 🥹😭

Duan Ling he's so strong, glad that... more>> I could witness his journey of becoming a great price

Wu Du I didn't like him at 1st though he was "savage" but he's so loyal and brave

Totally recommend this novel, thank you so much foxghost for translating it 🙏❤️ <<less
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PeonyDancer rated it
March 26, 2022
Status: --
The best novel I've read by Feitian thus far! Honestly, I was crying cuz at the start I thought

Lang Junxia was gonna be the ML


and practically screamed in delight when I realised that in fact

the ML was Wu Du!


Love how the romance was introduced late, allowing time to set the scene and develop characters. Heartbroken over

some of the lost relationships here, but also happy over the new ones forged <3


BRILLIANT book - will keep you wanting more!!!
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Andcro rated it
February 15, 2023
Status: Completed
Absolutely beautiful. I finished it on feb 14 and I’ve been crying so much it feels pathetic, lol. But it’s truly one of the most beautiful novels I’ve read. The characters feel like my children, so real like I could just google their names and read a Wikipedia page about them. So worth it.
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Kala rated it
November 23, 2022
Status: v5 epilogue part2
A masterpice!

I love the fact that this story is so complete, author did not abandon any of his character, everyone played their part... Things did not happen for no reason and I did not meet any bandaids trying to cover plot holes as I didn't really find any...
Everything was so clear in the end... all of this complicated political plots were cleared well as we finish the book.
The only thing I was personally hoping for is ... more>>

that author would reinstall Li Ruo faster and then for us to have one book dedicated to his work as a crown Prince. I just wanted to see how he would govern and how he would deal with politics when he was in power, not hidden in the shadow.

Other than this I'm extremely satisfied with this novel...
Let me tell you... Reading this you'll definitely be:
-sad (prepare a box of tissues)
-h**ny (wow the scenes are quite steamy... reading it I felt sometimes like it was an erot*c book...) <<less
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January 18, 2022
Status: c24
I came here for some romance. But stayed because the growth of our dear MC, Duan Ling. With karma looping one round, it makes hope for a better reunion with friends and family.

Not a simple novel but a coming-of-age masterpiece
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