God’s Descent (Holographic)


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In the year 2060, the holographic game “Gods’ Descent” swept the world, and a group of enigmatic higher-dimensional beings calling themselves [Priests] descended from the sky, trapping 2.5 billion players in the game.

Human players have a slim chance of survival if they win the game, but if they lose, it means death for everyone.

Just waking up from the hospital, You Rongyi is unwittingly drawn into this game showdown.

Starting at Game Level Lv.1 with an ordinary player talent (F), with physical and mental abilities that were severely damaged, everyone believed he would die instantly upon entering the game.

However, to their surprise, they witnessed You Rongyi’s calm and skillful maneuvers in the first dungeon, obliterating the B-grade boss monster effortlessly and nearly killing the top guild player, “Blood Chef.”

Everyone watching, including the monitoring agency and teammates, were left in shock and confusion.

At first, they thought You Rongyi was just lucky, but soon they realized the entire “Gods’ Descent” holographic universe seemed to resonate with him.

The explosion of cyber fragments was just a background for his coronation; he was a weapon forged by death, an existence that all humans fanatically worshiped –

The first player on the server, “Traitor.”

Throughout his life, You Rongyi made decisive decisions and had few regrets, but there were two things he regretted in this lifetime.

The first was the kiss he shared with Qi Bing under the apple tree when they were young.

The second was forgetting about the first regret.

The in-game world draws inspiration from Egyptian and Greek mythologies, while the real-world setting adopts a cyberpunk framework.

Genre Tags: Fantasy, Leveling, Drama

Search Keywords: Protagonist: You Rongyi, Qi Bing (Yixus Lunwell) | Supporting Characters: You Buquan, Lulu, Jin Qiluo, Leo, Huang Jinghui, etc. | Others: Undefined

One-sentence summary: Destiny is in your own hands.

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shén jiàng (quán xī)
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