Give Me Your Hands and Marry Me


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A Miao’s first impression on the male protagonist: a psycho and pervert who always attempts to make physical contact with her through unrighteous means.

Shen Xinglan’s first impression on the female protagonist: dunno.
A Miao, a street burgler, ran into Shen Xinglan, a billionaire in S City. Who would’ve thought that they would start a beautiful, romantic love story with ups and downs?

Shen Xinglan came back from a kill-training base on a distant island and started a successful career as a businessman. Along with numerous incredible helpers, can he manage to resist the plots and schemes against his enemies in his family? Does he have more secrets? What’s the untold stories of A Miao’s mysterious background?
Join their journey!

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April 9, 2019
Status: c78
A true summary of everything that has happened to our female lead so far:


    • being reclaimed by her rich family after they disowned her mother and left them with nothing after the mother was pregnant before marriage
    • being forced to into an engagement
    • being drugged with an aphrodisiac and almost locked in a room with fiance
    • being sold by said fiance to a lecherous old man because she was ugly
    • having her head shaved bald and paraded around a casino to embarrass her, by the ML
    • being locked in a cupboard by the ML and damaging her hands so severely she needs to stay in hospital for a month because she is claustrophobic and afraid of the dark
    • being drugged, stripped, and placed in a bed with her cousin to incriminate them both
    • being drugged and placed in a room with another cousin who was drugged with aphrodisiac
    • being drugged, stripped and placed in a room with her former fiance by the current partner of the fiance to get out of the engagement
    • being framed for murder by the ML's step mother
    • being locked in a secret room in the library that no one knows about my the ML's half-sister
    • becoming the ML's fiance because it was the only way she could gain any protection from her family
    • being almost raped by gang members hired by the ML's half-brother
    • witnessing the murder of said gang members by the ML's friend who was passing
    • being almost killed by the ML's best friend who went on a rampage, saved by the ML taking a bullet in the heart
    • magically *falling in love* with the ML because of his
      noble self-sacrifice

The FL deals well with the stuff the ML throws at her in the beginning because she's tough. When it comes to the repeated attempted rapes/kidnappings she deals with it just like any normal person - with panic and distress. Because it's the ML who saves her from these situations, she feels grateful. But he only saves her because she's useful. And this is the man we're supposed to be rooting for. His changes in feelings and "merciful" behaviour towards her are nothing in comparison to what he's put her through.

Don't get me started on her family and "'ex-'fiance".

And the friend...


her friend of who knows how many years gets corrupted when she sees how much "wealth" the FL "has" and becomes an entitled brat with the stereotypical "why isn't all this mine?" thinking, disregards her friend's happiness and well-being, and only cares for mingling with the rich and wealthy. She almost gets raped and instead of thanking the FL for saving her asks whether she knows the guy and can introduce them. Thank goodness for the friend's mum who knows what's going on and tries to stop her foolish daughter.


On the other hand, there are some "positives":

    • The FL expects nothing from her family when she returns, and is clever enough to realise that nobody means her well. It's rare that the FL realises this from the beginning and not until after reincarnation (re: Rebirth of the Rich and Wealthy) or after the mask has been pulled off (re: Hidden Marriage).
    • The mystery with the jade pendents and the ML's quest to get them all is interesting and constantly there in the background.
Besides that the "secret" of the FL's eyes (she covers them with make-up) and the blank 2 year gap in her memory which corresponds perfectly with the ML's time in an "assassination organisation brutal hunger-game-style training camp", her knowlegde of jade and antiques and her stealing skill which she "mysteriously" gained during the 2 year kidnapping period... it's like the author wanted to go for low-key and subtle but ended up slapping a wet-fish across our faces and asking "are you getting the hints?".


That's all. Make of it what you will.
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Bkgksan rated it
April 6, 2019
Status: c77
Modern romance. It is slow moving. The best part is there is lot of mystery and back story that gets revealed but by bit. The interaction between the ML and FL is at times hilarious. Romance is slow. Love the story.
FL is really good thief and so he gets her to steal a jade pendant which he later realized reacts to her blood.

Not really a spoiler. But ML thinks he is in love with someone called Shanshan and he is looking for her. He feels if he falls in... more>> love with someone else, he will betray his love. But I think FL is Shanshan as it is pointed out that she has memory loss.

She is really beautiful but uses makeup to hide her beauty as requested of her by her mother on her deathbed. So she refuses to remove the makeup that makes her eyes look like dead fish eyes even when ML asks her. <<less
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