If the Deep Sea Forgets You


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When Xia Qingyi wakes up and finds herself in a hospital without any memories of her past, what else can she do other than to approach the person who had saved her?

Enter Mo Han, a renowned barrister in the legal world famous for his coldness, arrogance, and competence. With no one to take care of Xia Qingyi, Mo Han finds himself with no other choice but to act as her elder brother for the time being.

However, it does not take long for him to realize that there was something wrong with the girl.

What’s up with her ability to read others at a drop of a hat?
How is she so adept in fighting?
Just… who in the world is this girl?

With his world being turned upside down with the appearance of this mysterious girl whose new world has nothing else but him, Mo Han’s search for her lost memories begins…

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fltstrt rated it
January 23, 2019
Status: c158
Story: 3.5/5, TL: 4/5

Started off well but ended poorly.

The plot set up isn't realistic as the MCs' sibling relationship happened abruptly and forced initially. I keep waiting for their romance to take off but they barely communicate their feelings/problems which caused a host of lame ass misunderstandings. At times I feel the story borderlines onto slice-of-life as there are many redundant moments about them eating, sleeping and watching tv. I would much rather the author focus on the actual plot than include all these excessive fillers. Further into the story,... more>> I actually have many criticisms. I feel that dialogues are lacking and the writing style is report-like. I often feel disengaged when reading as the events are written in a touch and go manner with little elaborations.

As the story progresses, the MCs behaved increasingly out of character. The plot veered off tangent and I thoroughly lost interest. ML is supposedly a capable barrister but I did not see an ounce of intelligence from him. Ending seemed forced and the whole mystery surrounding the FL wasn't fleshed out well. A pity, as I like this premise and it has potential to be A LOT better.

I highly recommend 'Memory Lost' if you're looking for a better amnesia/mystery romance story. <<less
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LadyDumpling rated it
March 1, 2019
Status: --
Disclaimer: I did not read this novel in its entirety, only a few chapters in the beginning, jumped in the middle here and there, then about the last few.

I read my fair share of C-novels which are pretty notorious for having plot holes and unrealistic events, especially ones with female leads (quite unfortunate, I must say) but this one reaaaally bothered me. I get what the author was trying to set up which was starting the 2 leads off as siblings but the execution was rather poor. For example,

... more>>

The FL gets into an unknown accident so she lies on the road clearly bleeding to death and all the bystanders can do is run away–what–I thought you were supposed to call the emergency number. AND coincidentally the only person that did that was our MALE LEAD, a complete stranger that also just paid all her expensive bills and left. Oookay moving on, I push that aside, but what peeved me the most was the dialogue between the nurse and doctor continues "The nurse cast a glance at the pale, immobile patient who looked anaemic. She pursed her lips. "Well, as a person of unknown origin, it would be good if she were to wake up, but what should we do if she were to die here at our hospital?" Okay now, what. I'm pretty sure the event that a person of unknown identity is not that obscure. Especially in HOSPITALS. After the nurse says that the doctor responds with, "Doctor Zhang rolled his eyes helplessly at the nurse. "Even worse, she could go into a vegetative state. That would really be troublesome!""


The author seems to be lacking in many areas, not just plot execution per se, which as a reader I've come to notice more and more as I read. It just seems illogical which peeved me the most. I can do strangers becoming siblings but what I can't do is how weirdly this is set up. I have read much more poorly translated novels, I would not say this is the worst, I think the fault lies more on the author. The translations and writing are much better at the end of the novel than the beginning. That being said this novel does have its good points like some of the plot twists and the interactions btw the ML and FL. The ending probably disappointed me the most, like what a previous review mentioned about the "forced angst to bring an ideal ending", which to me should've extended a few chapters more in the name of fluff. Read the spoiler if you want to just know how it ended.


Thoughts on the ending: ML and FL get into an argument bc ML is jealous of FL's ex (who is in prison) but doesn't want to hear about FL's POV on it bc he's doesn't want her talking about other guys. Ok. Honestly, this is just how it should've rolled out after, the FL leaves the apartment doesn't come back to the next morning, they talk about it, hug makeup and the author could just go on to write an epilogue about a happy life (I WANTED TO SEE THE FLUFF US READERS DESERVED) NO. This is what happened. FL walks out, doesn't come back, ML worried sick and she decides to go to a different city to have FUN. Mind you she walked out without money, luggage, toiletry NOTHING. The city she travels ends up in a sandstorm so ML is now devastated, regrets, abandons his work and travels there to look for her. He can't find her and decides to wait for her in that city. IT DOESN'T END. She isn't dead but somehow wakes up in AMERICA. Author. Why. (Never got how she ended up there) It takes them 50 days to unite. ML's life is so screwed up bc the "light of his life is gone" and has surgery amidst this waiting–surgery that his friends dragged him to do. He wakes up from surgery, she calls him, (she comes back to China bc a nice person in the airport in America decided to buy her a ticket she gets on with no ID) they reunite, the end. yes, I was like wtf, I give up. There should be limits to this ridiculousness. I think the point the author was trying to get at was making the ML regret not listening to her and have the bs idea of "I will never let you go ever again" crap.


TL;DR Author had a novel idea, but poor execution killed it. There should be limits on illogics. Only read if you want to see the interactions btw FL and ML which is prolly the only perk of this novel. <<less
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Apaylia blackrose
Apaylia blackrose rated it
February 13, 2019
Status: c193
Let me see.. It was unusual setting. I liked how the was no unnecessary misunderstandings. First half was pretty good. The mystery unfolding was done pretty well. I just have one complain last few chapters seemed unnecessary. It seemed like forced agast to bring story to an ideal ending.
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Tofu Cat
Tofu Cat rated it
November 14, 2019
Status: c100
... quote from the descriptions

"What's up with her ability to read others at a drop of a hat?
How is she so adept in fighting?
Just... who in the world is this girl?"

but when you read the f*cking book, you realise that other than TWO puny little scenes where she shows off her skills, MC is basically a helpless Loli.

where is the bad-assery promised in the blurb??

there was one scene where she was ... more>>

almost raped in a dark back alley. there was heavy rain. she noticed there were people following her and had to call Mo Han (our cookie cutter ML who DIDNT answer bc apparently they were in a fight or something)

there was a mini flashback where the writer went: little did Mo Han know ignoring this call would eventually be one of his biggest regrets in life.

there was something weird about the timeline tho. apparently the first call he got was when she was lying on the ground after they ambushed her, but when he rushed there it was already like 20+ mins since the first call. he called back and felt a bad feeling when she didn't answer but when he got there apparently they (potential rapists) were still unziPpiNg thEiR pAntS, which took suCh A lOnG time bc it was rainiNg and thus harder for them to strip her and themselves.

to mc's credit she tried to fight back but got beaten up super badly... I know, badass.


i immediately noped the hell out bc I came here for an amnesiac badass queen who can save herSELF from situations and baddies. but after showing off her skills for a bit, her skills seemed to have reached a cool down limit of 100000 years. literally she becomes so useless lmaoo

but on the plus side, at least the translation quality is pretty good. as expected from QiDian ig 🤷‍♀️ all the novels they have, especially the ones literally forcefully taken away from right under other translators' noses, are of good quality.

character development: -5/10
unless you ignore the glaringly obvious flaw of the story being unlike what the description promised (badass mc) : 4/10>

plot development: 4/10 ?
<if you ignore the MC. if you add the mc: -5/10>

translation quality: 9/10
<-1 point bc I'm salty as heck about the descriptions. sry nt sry>

this story pissing me off big time lool <<less
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Miumiu rated it
December 29, 2018
Status: c76
This is quite a good novel. The FL has lost her memory but displays some unusual skills. At least till one every thing is very believable. The ML is the typical cold emotionless lead but he clearly has a soft spot for the FL. No romance yet but there is s slow build. Recommended if you want a break from the never ending shenanigans of evil family and friends trying to push the FL out
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April 20, 2019
Status: --
Well.. Well.. Well.. Good story. Finally male lead is in different profession and even female lead. Story is between a well settled and intelligent lawyer and the girl with memory loss. How slowly love develops between them and later peek towards her past. Rather than stories with thousands of episodes I prefer short sweet stories and I loved this. Go on and give it a try.
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IcyGlass rated it
March 16, 2019
Status: Completed
The interactions between the ML and FL is cute but I would have like the mystery of her lost memories be fleshed out more. The ending felt rushed but overall it was ok.
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