Ghost Bridegroom


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When the demonic sect’s Protector Bi Qianren was travelling around the jianghu, he encountered a malicious ghost who liked bride kidnapping. Without the slightest hesitation, Bi Qianren kicked away the ghostly head blocking his path.

However, could someone tell him why this headless ghost began pestering him to get married? Do ghosts toss their heads to find their matches now?

Zhuge Qingtian: If you’ve sat on my sedan chair and haven’t yet died, you must be my predestined wife, one matched by the heavens.

Bi Qianren: Scram, us demonic cultivators only become husbands.

Zhuge Qiantian: Alright then, husband, when will we hold our wedding?

Bi Qianren: Even this works?

That day, as he stepped onto the path to find a missing head, Mister Hitman Bi Qianren learned a bitter life lesson—don’t casually kick a malicious ghost’s head, because who knows if that ghost will one day become your wife.

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bigtoblerone rated it
June 16, 2021
Status: Completed
First, I want to thank the translator for picking this title up, or else I would have never come across this series. I also want to thank them for the quality of the translation, which perfectly captured the humour and detail-level present in the original novel, and for the care they used to translate and explain various idioms and slangs.

Second, I apologize for what will be an exceedingly long-winded review. I've done my best to keep spoilers out of it, but I am fallible.

This novel is one of the best... more>> novels I have ever read on NU. Upon finishing it, I want to add that, of all of the novels I've ever read here, this one is my absolute favourite

so much so that I finally shed my lurker status just to post this review. Others may have better prose, funnier humour, more exciting plot, etc; still, the way this novel unfolds before you paints such a beautiful, hopeful picture that, rather than wish I could read it again for the first time, I patiently await the next time I find anything as beautiful as this.

Content Warnings for the novel

    • implied s*xual assault (not between any of the couples)
    • manipulation and gaslighting (also not between any of the couples)
    • forced/indentured servitude, people forced to do terrible things to survive
    • mentions of past genocide + mass mu*der, also just a general blase attitude towards mu*der and torture
    • discrimination, classism, and sexism
    • the very concept of the Bifang Bird, which symbolizes disaster, being understood as a necessary heavenly cleansing force to balance out evil (thus the very concept of disaster being a way for Heaven to cleanse the world......)
None of the above appears "onscreen" (as in, actively happen). It's all things that happened in the past, as terrible things that continue to affect characters in the present. The author is explicit that the above is wrong and deeply traumatizing, and does not use such content in an exploitative manner.

Onto the review:

1. The author clearly cares about their characters, from the main two down to even side/minor characters. Everyone is clearly the hero of their own lives, with their own motives and desires. Even for characters who never appear and are only mentioned, I could clearly feel how deeply they loved and hated, how happy they were at the peak and how much it hurt to fall from that pedestal. There were times I completely forgot about the main couple, because of how engrossing the secondary characters were; and yet,

the author chooses how and when to reveal their story so carefully that this multitude never overwhelms, and always manages to bring back the narrative to the main couple in such a way that I never got lost or confused.

2. Everything in this novel is tightly plotted. Offhand remarks someone might make, casual observations someone might bring up, coincidentally meeting another character

all play a part in the plot. There is nothing filler about this novel except filled with foreshadowing. Passages in later chapters would prompt me to reread earlier chapters, just to see how the author handled such threads. Everything happens for a reason, even if sometimes that reason is simply that life is unpredictable and coincidences occur.

3. Those charmed by the initial lighthearted tone should take heed of the "Tragic Past" tag. Bad things happen to nearly every single character that is given even a little bit of narrative weight, and bad luck visits every single POV character (and this is a 3rd person omniscient narrator, so nearly every character gets the limelight at some point). You will meet a character, fall in love with them, and cry with them as they endure terrible pain and loneliness. You will meet a character, and regardless of whether they were innocent or evil, what they have or haven't done, what they might turn out to be in the future, and say,

you don't deserve this suffering.

And yet, despite all that, this story is about people processing and making sense of the trauma, and finding a way to move on. It's about people relearning the agency that was taken from them, learning to trust again after betrayal, or learning to cherish themselves after self-hatred or living a life dedicated to pleasing others. Characters learning to hope, to love, to reach out to others, to reach out for help.

4. This is a story about companionship (not necessarily romantic) and hope as well. Love can doom, but it can also save. You might suffer at the hands of others, but another's hand can still pull you out of your suffering as well. You might think yourself self-reliant, and maybe you really are, but having the unwavering support of another person can lighten your burden. You might think yourself unloveable, whether inherently or because of what you've done, but another person might see you in all your flaws and still choose to see the good in you regardless. You might think you only deserve death, but only in living can you atone and change and receive a second chance. No matter what, you have to have hope; no matter what, one day the pain will end, the sun will shine on you again, and whether you choose to walk forward on your own or along someone, you will find a world worth exploring out there, and people worth loving.

The author also makes it a point to note that tunnel-visioning onto a single person is wrong, whether done so out of romantic love or not, and that carrying your burdens all by yourself is wrong too. When you focus on a single person, you miss out on all of the others who could have changed your life for the better, or who you also bear a responsibility towards. When you keep all your hurt and worries to yourself, that means others won't be able to help, and you won't be able to grow. People need each other; even when you find the one person in your heart, you still need a support system around you, whether it's someone who's always had your back since day 1, or the kind hand of a complete stranger.

5. One of the biggest themes in this novel is luck, and as things progress a reader might wonder,

what are the chances of things connecting the way these events have? And that is the whole point, I think. Everything is a coincidence, and yet because of luck, everything is connected. Meeting the right person, meeting someone at the right time, being in a place at the wrong time, etc, it all boils down to luck. The main couple themselves will remark on this, that they met due to luck, that they chose as they did due to luck. Characters will miss out on certain crucial information simply because of luck, and suffer for it; characters will chance upon crucial encounters that open up new paths because of it. The novel really makes the point that trying new things can be worth it despite the risks.

6. Characters get happy endings not despite or as a reward for their suffering/patience, but because the premise of the novel is that kindness and happy/hopeful endings are important; what they go through doesn't elevate them or canonize them into saints, but rather, striving for a good life for your own sake is meaningful. Along with that message, sometimes living a good life means saying goodbye to pieces of the past that you've carried for so long with you, or cutting out people you've cherished your whole life. Sometimes it means taking risks despite the fear of getting hurt, or even reaching out to do a random act of kindness despite feeling like the world deserves to rot. And along with

that message, the author posits that despite the cruelty of the world and that humans are capable, the world is still inherently good, and people still deserve to live in peace/safety/love (or in cultivator words, to be saved).

Other thoughts:

1. Bi Qianren and Zhuge Qingtian's relationship is very interesting, because it really reminds me of friendship. There is no love at first sight, despite what the summary suggests. You learn to get along with someone despite your differences, you start to get used to them, you start to like them as they are, and then you want to learn more about them --not because they're the funniest or the best-looking or the most hardworking, but simply because it's them-- and then, finally, you fall into each other's rhythm. Their dynamic can seem really off at first, especially because of Bi Qianren's cold personality, but it's not one-sided at all.

However, it does raise the question of when

did Bi Qianren realize his own feelings in turn, and when he acknowledged their relationship is something he wants to pursue. The author tends to focus more on Zhuge Qingtian's side of things, and more on Bi Qianren's actions in the pursuit

probably because Zhuge Qingtian tends to overthink and overanalyse, while Bi Qianren is straightforward with himself and commits 100% and immediately to his decisions

. I think the author could have devoted more time to their growing feelings, but I am otherwise satisfied with the development.

2. It's always strange to encounter a Chinese BL novel that portrays women well. The female characters here well-rounded, dynamic, and despite all the tragedy and period-typical sexism, well-loved and respected. They aren't saints, or upright to a fault, but rather are realistic in their actions and reactions. They both have good endings, too, which is always a plus.

3. Although gay people are still treated with confusion and fear in-world, the author takes care never to show any h*mophobia on screen. Gay characters are accepted and loved by those around them, and none of them ever suffer for it. The author treats their orientation as minority but normal. There's a scene where the future father-in-law feels like the future son-in-law "bent" and "stole" away his son upon the relationship reveal, but he gets over it by the next sentence and accepts the relationship immediately.

4. It's so strange, to laugh out loud at the various shenanigans and mishaps the characters get up to in one breath, and then be deeply saddened by the pain they try to hide to stay strong by the next, and then be deeply moved by their decisions and realizations, and then laugh out loud again. Everything flows smoothly, so it never becomes jarring.


It's really cute how Bi Qianren gets used to being physically affectionate, and

while Zhuge Qingtian can't feel it (being dead), he still appreciates it; later on, when he recovers his sense of touch, he gets really shy about it but

Bi Qianren is always careful with his boundaries. In return, Zhuge Qingtian learns to become more honest and to ask for what he wants, which is a huge show of trust that delight Bi Qianren.


The main couple is proof that in a truly loving relationship, your partner spurs you up to become the best version of you that you can be.


1. There really were only 2 female characters that appear in the whole novel. A 3rd is mentioned, but never appears. Compared to the frankly vast cast of male characters, this felt very lacking. There are also no lesbian couples, because of that very lack of women.

In addition, both of them, though with their own career and ambitions, eventually decide that motherhood is the greatest culmination of their lives.

2. The Demon Venerable/Mozun's genocidal run kind of..... gets dropped? Like the consequences are shown as truly horrifying, the act itself as despicable, and the person doing the deed as unforgivable. But, like everything else in the story, the genocide/mass mu*der happens for a reason, and actually an understandable reason at that (but author was careful not to portray it as sympathetic), but then afterwards, it just becomes..... a non-issue? I get the story takes place many years later, but the characters should still have some reaction...

3. Everything might be plotted out, but there are still plot holes. What the first major villain hoped to do with his bird victim and why is never fully explained (which stands out in a book that explains everything). The timeline sometimes gets confusing (how long after event A did event B occur), ages get a bit mixed up (someone is described as being in his 20s the first time, and then suddenly is 18 later, when logically he couldn't have been younger than 20).

Favourite Scenes (in ascending order, and also order of appearance)

1. Gou Xing,

when she stands up for herself. It's the worst moment of her life, but she manages to turn it into a source of strength and self-respect. She does something no one else in the story is able to do: completely save herself through her own strength, and become a literal act of miracle.

2. Zhuge Qingtian waking up in tears, and finding that he is no longer alone, and finally has by his side someone who would move the world for him.


The end of the arcs of a teacher and an emperor, and the culmination of their platonic relationship.

The moment when the emperor finally ascends, the first thing he does is to bow to his teacher to thank him for his teachings and promise to hold the people forever in his heart, and the first thing the teacher does is bow back and formally acknowledge the emperor as his own (the teacher has never accepted any other emperor, because none has ever been morally upright and truly devoted to the people before).

This emperor deserves his title: he built his empire by hand, literally brick by brick, all so that his people would have somewhere safe and happy to live.

4. There's a scene near the very end where the author lists in order all of the major historical events that gets constantly alluded to in fragments throughout the story, and it's a triumphant moment of finally showing the whole picture. It's powerful and hopeful.

5. The marriage vows at the very end. Wow. Reworks the traditional "three bows" into the most romantic piece of prose I've ever read. Rather than the cliched "I will always love you etc", considering the story is all about how there can be no certainty in the world (someone you love might later turn into someone you resent), it's simply: thank you for giving me the chance and honour to meet you and love you. It is the most beautiful vow I've ever seen. <<less
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Daoist_TeA rated it
September 20, 2021
Status: c16 part1
Love this!!! Can't wait for the update (IF there would be an update) 😫😫 So cute and the mystery!! I like how the MC solve everything so easy and he's so smart and a good husband!!💖💕💖💋❤️

Actually I can't wait for the ghost ML to call him "husband" that would be so sweet jsjsjdjdjdjsjs 💕💕💖💕❤️❤️
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Nimi rated it
May 31, 2021
Status: c5
These few chapters have hooked me in. Both MC and ML seem to be really interesting and I would definitely like to be along for the ride. The translations are great. Waiting for more chapters :)
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Rio-mouse rated it
October 21, 2021
Status: c24
I don't understand the high rating, if the translation is valued I understand, but not if it is because of the story, I don't find comedy in the couple, it is very irritating, at least this story is not for me, there is a strong incongruity of why the MC tolerates the ML so much,

... more>>

in what part of the logic does a demonic cultivator tolerate a ghost that is no longer useful and is only a nuisance? I can't find the grace of the constant use of the word wife to address the MC, I am a woman and I would explode angry if someone unknown addressed me like that, taking that freedom, I do not understand how a demonic cultivator has not torn it to shreds.

the ML is very silly, despite the argument of "I lost my head (literally) and I use that of a mere scholar" cannot cover how irritating it is to have a head of air around, supposedly Quianren cares about his dignity and his face, but he is very tolerant of the unknown dead that the synopsis let us know will be his partner


I lose more and more interest in this novel, the translation is good, but at the moment the writing is saturated with information that although it is introductory ends up cutting the pace of reading to make it very boring, if the translation were bad I would not understand well the unnecessary extra text that is left over, as is happening to me when I go on to read in TLM.

The relationship from the beginning was very forced, later the author fixes it by developing more of the characters, but the first 15 chapters of the story prevent you from really believing in a real love development between the MC and the ML without seeming forced, I will drop the novel, with this I do not mean that it is bad, but it has holes in the plot that are intolerable for me, if the logic does not matter much to you I suppose you can try to read it.

2 stars because the rating is very high, but in general if I only value the story it would not go beyond 4 stars being very optimistic, 3 if they are realistic like me <<less
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jadecarp rated it
July 14, 2023
Status: c19
I’ve come to read this after reading the masterpiece Fake Demon Lord, and have fallen in love with all these characters. Bi Qianren and You Jiang were already very interesting characters in the main story, and they are fleshed out and turned into the main characters for the sequels.
I usually don’t like mu*der mysteries and stories with too much conspiracies cause I get confused and can’t keep up, but these are so good. It’s one masterpiece after another, and the translator is amazing.
This story manages to combine sadness, comedy and seriousness all in one. Just when I think I’m about cry, I feel like laughing to death, just when I’m about to laugh, the seriousness of the plot makes me think, and just when I’m about to wrack my brains, I end up feeling like crying again, in a never ending cycle.
I love these stories to death. Translator Daren, please keep uploading! 😭
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