The Sword Named No Way Out


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Legend has it that the world’s most formidable man Xu Shuangtze owned a cherished portrait of his deceased wife. But no one knew that on its back was another portrait of his arch rival who Xu Shuangtze had killed with his own hands.

Sixteen years ago, the Chief of Immortal Alliance’s Department of Discipline, Gong Wei, brought a blade with him on the Immortal Ascension Platform. His assassination of Xu Shuangtze failed and he was slain on the spot by the sword named No Way Out.

Sixteen years later, Gong Wei opened his eyes and found himself reborn in the body of a beautiful fool who even had to kneel down when talking to Lord Xu.

This was not the only disturbing thing for him.

Because of his ravishing good looks, remarkable power and status as well as his premature death in his previous life, he was now the beloved muse of countless writers. Books and stories featuring him as the main lead to all kinds of relationships were circulated far and wide. Even among the famous sects there were rumours of his forbidden encounters with every sect leader…

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stardustmist rated it
May 20, 2021
Status: c95
First of all, this novel is very different from mdzs and tgcf!!! Just because there are some common elements, it's similar to these novels??? Xianxia novels have many things in common, does that mean every xianxia novel is similar to mdzs and tgcf?? I'll just say, this novel is not like the aforementioned novels, nor is the cp dynamic like wangxian...

What can I say about Huai Shang? She's just amazing!!! I love, love, this novel and it's so so so close to my heart. It made me laugh, cry, awed,... more>> surprised and delighted!!! The plot is intriguing and detailed while executed beautifully and I couldn't stop gasping at the plot twists haha.

Huai Shang is very generous with her side characters, they are beautifully fleshed out and you won't ever feel like they lack when compared to the main characters!!! I adore Ying Kai and Yuchi Rui very much, especially Yuchi Rui!!! God, he's so adorable~

Gong Wei, he's adorably annoying little shit, but he's more than that!! He's pure, naive, stubborn, powerful, but most of all, he has a beautiful heart.

Xu Bai, ah what can I say? He's just so cold and fierce at first, and his character is slowly revealed to be much more than what was shown on the surface. He's carefree, stoic, powerful and will do anything for his little fox *sobs*

The antagonists aren't just evil for the plot, they have their own stories and reasons and that's why I couldn't bring myself to hate them. I felt pity for them instead ah

Plot: 100000/10

Main cp: 100000/10

Side characters: 100000/10

I can't stress how amazing this novel is, it's a magnificent and grand plot which is explained fluently!!! Please do give it a try, it'll surely blow your mind~ <<less
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yukiko125 rated it
July 19, 2021
Status: Completed
I have finished this novel and I can say it is really good!
I won’t say anything about the plot because this novel has so many plot twists, especially in the later part. It started funny but will turn knifey in some parts but don’t worry it’s HE!!
The main CP and side charas also have solid personality, they are not just some random canon fodders or filler charas.

MC - Gong Wei, is a bright and funny person. He often dug holes and pit he himself (tho he didn’t realise... more>> it). His banter with Yuchi Xiao are gold, and sometimes he makes Xu Bai jealous of it, ofc without him realising it.

ML - Xu Bai, is mysterious and “no one can know what he is thinking” type of person. He often drinks vinegar because of Gong Wei, anyway he is kinda a vinegar jar. You may questioning his feelings towards Gong Wei at first, but no worries, he actually very kind and soft to him. When they’re finally became an item, they often unintentionally shoving dog foods to other charas. In other words they’re veeeerryyy sweet :)

In conclusion: this novel is worth reading. The plot and story are awesome.




p.s: this is my personal take but I wish people can stop comparing this novel to MDZS (or any MXTX novels) because both novel have totally different plot!! Just because the main CP has similiar troupes doesnt mean it’s same as MDZS. I know they didn’t mean bad, but I think some people didn’t realise that their behavior of keep comparing every single novel to that novel has an undertone like “this novel is good because it’s similiar to that novel”.

I hope people can appreciate the novel because of the novel itself, and not because it’s similiar to a certain novel. Every novel is unique in their own way, let’s learn how to appreciate author’s hardwork for making an unique and awesome novel. <<less
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Myosmium rated it
June 6, 2021
Status: --
I now understand why some people think that MXTX fans are annoying 👀👀👀

Anyways, very interesting first chapter. The tags are very interesting too. I'll make sure to continue reading this once the translation has progressed a little bit more
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timefigment rated it
June 24, 2021
Status: c16
mischievous and shameless MC + cold and no idea what's in his mind ML (ML is the one who makes everything complicated smh)

story is interesting from the very first chapter. there's mystery of who or what the MC is, the reason for why he did that 16 yrs ago, how he's able to revive now, all these mysterious deaths that's connected with MC. and all these generated from 2 things: peach blossoms and a mirror. just so so good!!

this novel also has side characters that are not flat. they... more>> have their own personality!!

p.s. the genre is said to be shounen ai, but I found a smut on one of the later chapters :D it might be from the uncensored ver, but I'm not sure

p.p.s. these mxtx fans kinda annoyed me with all the claims that this novel is similar with mdzs. I mean, I'm a fan of mdzs as well but really? I find the only thing similar is rebirth, cold ml, and mischievous mc? but that's actually a common trope so... I guess they don't mean anything bad, but sometimes it feels like it reduces the worth of this novel as just something "similar with mdzs" <<less
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meridianna rated it
March 10, 2021
Status: Completed
dang I haven't had time to continue.

but anyway short review: Gong Wei is my son, he's so cute. Xu Bai er... Sovereign Xu is cold outside, tender inside. ... more>>

Ying Kai is mother.. eh I mean he's so mother-like. Yuchi uncle and nephew are legit tsundere.


plot is very intriguing. so not complete review till this novel ends. there are many things that haven't been revealed yet.

tbh I prefer Huaishang's modern works but oh well, this one is not bad, very good even.

edit: I'm hurt, I'm especially hurt. this one is less hurting that Tunhai, ngl, but the sense of nostalgia is so strong, I just... I just can't... T.T

everyone is not same as they look, especially Xu Bai and Ying Kai.. ;;-;; OMG Xu Bai, you... you... sobsobsob
except Uncle Yu Chi Rui, he's so simple and cute.

edit2: yess finally finished!! all ends well, a bit too fast-paced imho but oh well.

reading this makes my brain hurt... the twists are very complicated I need to re-think and re-organize my thought. I swear, the plot is not very easy to digest. take my word: basically it's The Matrix but danmei.

and the cutest one is Yuchi uncle, despite his age, he literally believes kissing=double cultivation


if you think more, the novel is actually sad coz the snusnu one only happened in dream world. rip Xu Bai, may you get your full in real world.

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shuairann rated it
February 23, 2021
Status: v2c47
The original novel is still ongoing. It's really interesting story. The MC, Gong Wei, is a genius, cute, sometimes so innocent, sometimes so savage. There's still a mystery about his real character. However, his point of view is so interesting, and cute! The body of Xiang Xiaoyuan is too weak for him, so his struggle is started from there after being rebirth. The ML is a cold, but tricky. He has a kind of domineering aura. His power was at the same level with MC (before MC died). His interaction... more>> with MC is so intriguing.

I couldn't elaborate the conflict clearly because the proper tl is still on ch 1 (when I write this). But, they're several mysteries that happened after MC rebirth. (Spoiler) There are some cases with mirror, puppet, and MC's body. It's really different from other xianxia.

Honest speaking, I got addicted from the 1st chapter. I rarely join to read the ongoing story, but this book is an exception. Please support this story on the raw! However I also wish to read the proper tl to reread :"). <<less
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srrrahim rated it
April 26, 2021
Status: c78
This is really good. This novel is like the combination of Heaven official blessings and Founder of diabolism

The translator group, is one of my favorite translator, and I believe all the work that they choose to translate has it own unique style. And it is! 😍 (And as always, the translator quality is 10/10 👏)

At first, when I read it, I thought it's just like FOD, when the world see MC and ML as fire and water that impossible to meet without killing each other

I expect something like that... more>> when I read the synopsis too. But I end up reading something similar too HOB because

MC is actually heaven official that come down to the mortal world to prevent the disaster. There's a reason why MC want to kill ML, and why he's reborn


This is a beautifully written novel. I love all the mystery and twists. The way author cleverly uncover the mystery, and when we, as the reader, get all the puzzle pieces and finally see the bigger picture, we will end up being speechless ⊙_⊙

I really love the brotherhood here between Ying Kai and Xu Shuangtze, and I also love our cute couple Xu Shuangtze and Gong Wei (I can feel Yong Kai headache in the beginning of the story, when he thinks his best friend and his lovely innocent child couldn't get along with each other 😂😂). I love how the villain has his own solid background. Who is the villain, who is in the wrong here? Is it the God's fault? If only he didn't give him (the supposed to be villain) a second chance, maybe this disaster can be avoided? Or maybe is it fate?

On the side note, don't believe the love at first sight in the tag.


There's nothing like that. MC meet ML long before it, that's why ML can't help but feel attached to MC, and felt so sad when he thinks MC is a heartless person that couldn't even understand love. But even if it's blasphemy against the God, he can't help it. He loves him, even though he didn't understand it


The raw is still ongoing, but I am willing to set up a tent here and waiting for the update 🤗 <<less
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Berlin rated it
September 25, 2021
Status: --
Story instantly starts off with a bang, which I like as some novels tend to be a bit draggy before they take off.

I like the MC so far, he’s a total riot - funny, charming and mysterious. And as for the ML... He is one hard to read guy, which I enjoy as well. Their relationship is convoluted, dubious and strange. Normally even when the ML is the cold kind you can more or less gauge their feelings a bit, but even in the flashbacks the ML is cold, yet... more>> his actions after the death of the MC betray his true feelings. Can’t wait for more reveals about their past. <<less
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Doom25 rated it
September 14, 2021
Status: c29
It's amazingly beautiful and heartfelt.

The novel manages to capture such a stunning plot line and interest for the readers. From reading, it's really like MDZS and TGCF togther, but also an entirely new read! The descriptions are very thoughtful and well executed.

The MC and ML have their own unique traits, as well as their entrancing descriptions which are very well done! They are both complimentary to each other, so that's another plus!
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This person is dying
This person is dying
November 28, 2021
Status: c40
The plot is good. The mystery is intriguing.

The writting often have short flashbacks in the middle of action. I guess the transitions are quite smooth and well done for native speaker... but at this point my English failed me. I need to read those thrice or four time to get it. And since I have bad short-term memory, the miniscule information/ foreshadowing from those 'flash' are bound to leave me.

Many sect information and people also somehow escape me. I don't ever remember reading about them and they already showed up... more>> and playing important role. I guess I can't be proud of surviving names in MDZS anymore ¯_ (ツ) _/¯

I'm a bit sad that I can't enjoy this story to its fullest detail, but I'll just forget about those and continue reading casually.

Beside, I really really like Gong Wei (MC). No comparison to other story MC.

But - again - I don't like the ML that much. I don't mind his treatment towards the MC because I know they have some history that made ML treat MC that way. Beside, Gong Wei is no damsel in distress, I like the predicament Xu Shuantze put him in. I see ML as this cold beauty tsundere.

What I don't like is XST's attitude towards all side characters that I can sympathizes more than him. His personality is normally like that, but it becomes unattractive because it seems as if he is like that because of Gong Wei. I think he knows though that his action is his own volition because of his feeling, and Gong Wei is no reason for him to be like that. He is just normally like that. I hope it'll be potrayed better in the future chapters, or explained why he's so overbearing towards matter related to Gong Wei. I still have great expectation for this story.

Beside those two-three points, I feel this story is almost perfect for me - it's really suit my taste.

Enjoyment - 3/5 (average, because the flashback & ML potrayal?)

Characters - 4/5 (pretty good including side characters)

Expectation - 8/5 (really high expectation)


No kidding! The mystery is spread too thin for my memories... I already read 50 chapters which is halfway through the book, but I still don't get the main point of this story.


So, okay there is a ghost mirror and then the walking/reanimatian of corpse happen, they tried to investigate it and instead find a memory/flashback of giant mechanical soldier which idk why they started to try to find out about it more and kind of forgetting about the corpse??

Beside flashback, there are also a lot of myth/legend/gossip (?) which are actually extremely important. Maybe because I didn't think of them seriously the first time because not all of them true in the first place, so I didn't get the clue at all.

But honestly I still feel like a lot of chunks are missing.


I need to reread and drink my concentration juice.

But I still think Gong Wei is one of the best MC out there. <<less
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November 12, 2021
Status: c34

im so turned off by this ml. If you redid everything he's done to the MC until now but with a male and female, can you see absolutely fcked, abusive, controlling, and bullylike he has been? This is the most chinese fantasy version of toxic Alpha Male ooOoO love interest I have ever seen.

  • ppl calling the ML possesive and I like that
    me: do you think attempting murder, actual assualt (im talking about stabbing his eye), emprisonment, controlling who is around the MC etc is attractive?
  • honestly maybe theyre perfect for each other bc the MC is strange, dense, ignorant to a fault, and honestly the way the author wrote him imo doesnt add up.
  • is it decently written yes but it has holes that dont make sense to me but if u dont care, you will probably love this story.
  • i just want to say that if the MC was a female, would you see this as a cliche romance? I know my answer.
im still trying to give it a chance ok but im doubtful
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SpicaGG rated it
March 27, 2021
Status: c61
Another gem found!!Worth my time MTL in.I was initially planning to wait more for the translated chps got curious and read the few. Wat can I say, I got hooked!The story kinda remind me of Lan wang ji, it has tat kinda vibe. The story is action filled (and really pretty cool btw), the romance is kinda slow burn.. But it just makes u itch and more curious!Arghhh the only downside is I didn't know that it's not finished and I'm dying to know the continuation!
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sharapova rated it
March 23, 2021
Status: c1 part1
Really nice book. MC and ML kinda give the wei wuxian and lan zhan dynamics but the story is different. I really like where the story is headed. A lot of these characters do match the demonic cultivation books characters btw...I am in love already lol
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Red lily
Red lily rated it
October 9, 2021
Status: c32
Even though I haven't read to the end, I can say that this novel's completely a masterpiece! This novel will keep you hooked up and curious! The author's writing style really are unique, and make you keep guessing. Anyway to me this novel really is my cup of tea🍵~ just read it, you'll not regret reading this novel.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Potatoxxcake rated it
August 17, 2021
Status: c25
This is really a gem. I really want to read raw novel but cannot find it. The couple personality reminds me if lan zhan and wang xian but the story is different.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nnshii rated it
February 8, 2022
Status: c36
I think the plot is good, and I love the both main characters. While some commenters dislike ML, I can't stand MC for some reason. At some point when everything kinda get resolved, the MC's character change (I can't remember clearly) and I hate it. I guess at the point, I never want to finish this and ending kinda meh to me.
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guge rated it
January 17, 2022
Status: c47
This is definitely a novel for fans of MDZS! I actually picked it up by chance after seeing that SVSSS was taken down, when I had meant to read that next.

I LOVE it! While there's similar elements, such as mysteries and animated corpses and the experience of becoming someone different in a place of authority, it's very much a separate and original story. And Xu Bai is much more blackbellied that Lan Zhan, which is fun (for me, anyway) to read. The MC is also much less prideful than Wei... more>> Ying, but actually has a really well written and interesting story imo. They would get along though. Both are very relaxed with death and the dead.... As well as both truly loving to experience loving life and enjoyment! Poor Gong Ziyu is completely tone deaf though. RIP.

This did remind me of other stories too, also ones I liked reading. Another would be Trying To Prevent My Disciple From Turning To The Dark Side, or White Cat's Divine Scratching Post. A few settings from at least two quick transmigration danmei I can think of. Additionally, Those Years In Quest Of Honor Mine, which also has similar dynamics and a similar feeling at certain parts.

Basically, if you love to read, enjoy some intricate but not dragged out plot, aren't too sensitive, I recommend this! Writing and translation are great. The pacing really moves along well. Mysteries draw you in. Other ships emerge because the side characters have their own lives and relationships.

I do wish I didn't read it before it was fully translated! Argh! It's now 5 in the morning, but I just wanna finish reading this story! Inject it directly into my skull!

(Also: very relatable for the main character to be so autistic coded, and I don't mean back when he was nonverbal. Love that, love to see it more, but very different than say Mu Chen.) <<less
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nabz_01 rated it
November 20, 2021
Status: c40
the story is nice. It kind of feels like reading tgcf and mdzs together. The plot is fast paced too which I like. Let's wait and see how the story develops.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 17, 2022
Status: c56
Author likes to pull so many twists. Anyways, the true events are still blurry. No one is a reliable narrator due to the revelation in the recent update. Scenes are funny, interesting plot, and I'm so weak for the "everyone think they're enemies but actually they like each other" trope. Please recommend me some if you know similar novels. Thank you.

Gong "Poisonous Tongue that pits himself and others" Wei must have offended the heaven in his past life (at this point of revelation, he must have and it was no... more>> wonder that he keeps on making it worse). It was a bit pitiful to be honest, he started to like Xu Shuangtze and was actually meaning to express it but his lack of common sense and actions that freely gives that kind of affection to everyone makes one (ahem, Shuangtze) misunderstand. Chill, absolute, chills with how ready he was in taking lives and besmirching corpses (EVEN IF IT WAS HIS OWN, LIKE WEIWEI PLEASE TREASURE IT EVEN ID IT WAS ONLY A FLESH TO YOU).

Xu Shuangtze kind of come off as a bully. It was endearing in the present (because you can think of it as a payback for the attempt of Gong Wei on his life and not telling him the truth now) but in their past, it was kind of off-putting. I'm feeling complicated still.

Holding off judgement because their full real history of the events is not yet revealed. <<less
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Severe rated it
January 23, 2022
Status: Completed
This whole novel feels like a fanfic to a grandmaster, but, oh well, it was not a bad one. I mean it, almost every scene of their relationship was implemented))

One of the impressive points of the novel were a lot of good twists. It makes you engrossed till the very end.
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