Game of the Monarch


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Park Moonsoo worked REALLLLLLY hard in life before dying.

After awakening to the memories of his previous life as Park Moonsoo, Milton thought he could finally have an easy life as a noble. At least, that was what he used to think before he found out about the enormous debt his father had left him.

“Okay, I’ll pay off this damn debt. I will.”

I died from working so hard to pay off the student loans in my previous life, but I’m burdened with more debt again?

Milton wanted to sell the ancient scroll his father left behind to pay off his debt…

[You have awakened to the Monarch’s Authority.]

Argh! I wanted to have an easy life, please leave me alone!

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군주의 게임
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29 Reviews

Queen of Sheba
Queen of She
Jun 23, 2021
Status: c64
This could've been great. A character-driven story, with a balanced system - and some good old kingdo.

So where does it go wrong? Simply put, due to the Mary Sue that is the female lead. Tragic background. Escapes alone after at 10, builds a huge financial empire at 17 and is so beautiful that countries can be toppled by her. Alright.

Around the FMC the protagonist's IQ drops to single figures. Not good, but maybe this is all for characterisation? Eventually the protagonist's IQ raises enough around her to finally use his... more>> system's identify around her. Turns out she's a shocking genius, with a massive background, and more importantly some skills (max level seduction) which basically brainwashes men! The MC shrugs it off, gets played into her hands - and becomes her vassal in merely 10 chapters. After 10 chapters his heart aches at the very thought of leaving her. If that wasn't enough, this FMC is a complete hypocritical monster - orchestrates a civil war, and gives a flimsy reason justifying it. MC happily accepts like a love-sick puppy.

First 40 chapters were brilliant. After that, this story becomes physically painful to read. The forced plot development, the excessive emphasis on the FMC and the devaluation of the the MC is just too much. <<less
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Jun 09, 2021
Status: c266
I want to rate this as 2 star overrated novel however for the sake of effort, I will settle for 3. At first I thought it was promising because the MC has been using his brain for a bit but gradually turned into a yes man of the princess. I even bought all of the raw volume and read it straight but I was disappointed and felt I just wasted my money. The MC became like the brainless prince being controlled by a female, what's worst is he has the... more>> ability to know the personality of an individual, allegedly used it for his benefit but gradually became dumb and bit*h of the princess. Also, there's some forced plot that happened so the MC can escape the crisis. Even the swordmasters of the empire became s*upid as f***. I've never seen such s*upidity where your army is superior in everything even with the number and quality of swordmasters that you have and yet the plot dumbed down these guys and let the MC army to buy time. It's so annoying that I wasted my money and time to buy the 10 volumes. If you like a spineless MC masquerading as cunning then this might be for you. Overrated waste of money. <<less
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Lee Zanda
Lee Zanda
Nov 10, 2021
Status: Completed
Good in the beginning and getting worse with each chapter published. With the ending come out in; 'Finally! I'm glad that this sh*t over!'

No nothing, just pure s*upidity.

Why are Korean novels like this? Them b*tches creating a novel like they don't want to create one. Very rushed and very bad near the end of its life.
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May 22, 2021
Status: c33
An excellent start to what is sure to be a solid kingdom-building novel. We've got war, politics, and personal growth. Really enjoying the pace so far with the MC having come into his own by this point (ch. 30) and having settled the most pressing troubles of his past self is now free to carve out his own home. By blood and iron if necessary.

Wish the novel would go into more detail about his territory and the lives of those around him such as in more acclaimed contemporary works but... more>> its still early days and there is plenty of room for Milton and the story to grow. <<less
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May 17, 2021
Status: c27
I've read better and I've read far worse.

This one is pretty alright in my opinion. Except for the lacking worldbuilding that every novel like tbis has it's fine. The MC isn't ret*rded and tries to make the most out of the situation.

The antagonists are pretty much 2 dimensional villains though and there are a few plotholes.

It could be better but we'll see in the future whether it becomes better or becomes a raging dumpster fire.

3.8/10 good enough

Edit: ch122

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Nov 01, 2021
Status: c196
I swear this novel continues to get worse and worse. There were signs of it early with the plot being derailed by the protagonist's "love" interests, Siegfried somehow debuffing everyone's intelligence, but somehow the author manages to continue the degeneration.

It starts off strong in the first ~30 chapters, but it feels like the author started to fall apart when it came to describing large scale economic/political/military policies.

Despite all the hype that Siegfried is the Napoleon of this era, he shows little brilliance outside of prescience that the author grants him,... more>> or cunning maneuvers that take advantage of s*upid decisions his enemies (including the MC) make. It just goes to show that a clever/cunning/intelligent character can only be as smart as the author attempting to write them. Otherwise, the author has to resort to ass pull moments like the following:


Masters (who should be very experienced on the battlefield) randomly losing their temper and falling for the most inane provocations. MC walking into a fortress and having the gate shut behind him and the fortress set on fire. Siegfried randomly powering up when he falls into MC's death trap (literally went Chinese MC and got an ability called Defying the Heavens?????). The list goes on and on.


I was so frustrated that I had to create an account on NU just to tr*sh this novel. <<less
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Aug 07, 2021
Status: c70
The story was really good until chapter 55. After this the MC’s IQ just drops significantly. I don’t know why he is funding the princess, don’t know why he is helping her when he can become independent and create his own kingdom. They try to show the princess as some kind of genius but she really isn’t. The MC basically becomes an idiot and I feel like I wasted my time reading this novel. Had a lot of potential but the author wasted it.
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Jun 11, 2021
Status: --
I dislike the MC's personality, way of thinking and his overall incompetence. The story itself wasn't written well, it was as if the author wrote this a day before his deadline.
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Aug 30, 2021
Status: c132
I really don't get why people are piss off about the princess. I think they though the MC should aim for the top and become king of it's own kingdom, but that would be totally out of character in my opinion. At least, at that time.

The MC is interesting and the setting is kind of ''realistic''. He doesn't know how to make a gun or soap and he can explain most of a recipe, but it's not an expert cook. If you read other reincarnation / summon novel, this will... more>> come as shocking for you!

All in all, it's best feature it's is willpower. He makes moves when needed. Will they work? maybe. At least he is able to make decision.

The sad part it's the length. Only 132 chapter for now... : (I wanted more like 300-400. So, it would take me 3-4 day to read. I didn't sleep a lot last night and I didn't work that much either. I was unable to stop.

Give it a try, it's worth it. <<less
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Jul 05, 2021
Status: c70
So far so good MC is smart enough and Wise what if he married daughter Leila etc like him He will have more problems with women in the next few chapters
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Jun 08, 2021
Status: c61
Very good so far.

It hits a really nice niche of nation-building which is hard to write well. The novels it reminds me most of are "I am the Monarch"and "Release That Witch" though it also reminds me of the chinese novel "The World Online" as well.

So far, I think the characterisation is pretty good. So far I have felt that there are enough characters that have adequate depth, and funnily enough, gamifying the characters has in some way made them have more depth, because if they have a character sheet,... more>> they are at least a little fleshed out.

The nation-building has been enjoyable to read. It doesn't happen too fast, but not too slow either. In some ways it is unrealisitc, in the space of about a year the population doubles, without any territorial increases. There are no acknowledgements of how housing was handled, or why so many people migrated. Basically if you are expecting a lot of depth, its not there, but then again MC is not always handling it himself, he does delegate a fair bit.

The plot is... OK. I do feel the enemy is made to be dumb in order for MC to seem smart, and that would be my main complaint. Despite this, the novelty of the premise makes it enjoyable to read, and the enemy cannon-fodder are likely being used to disguise the real 'antagonists' who are hinted at being genuinely threatening. <<less
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Mar 26, 2023
Status: Completed
Man I really hoped that the series would get better it started so nice, with the MC being a general and a lord to his territory, trying everything that he could to get advantage, thinking up strategies regarding war or developing territory from his other life and applying them, really if the story had gone like this and he conquered the country like so it would have been a much better read, he was politically and military savvy, he knew his stuff and how to take advantage of his situation... more>> even in the worst possible moments, he became a survivor basically and a damn good one at that, we could see that he wouldn’t die, not because of the plot armor, but because he would try everything not to lose, however it all changed after the introduction of the princess, which changed wholly the protagonist for the worse, see the thing is the princess is just better than him at politics, straight up, he cannot win even once in a contest of smarts or applying any politics to his land, or at least that is how they show her since we never truly get a good glimpse into her genius beside outsmarting genuinely dumb nobles, so not much to show for it, and the MC ends up dropping all of his savviness in politics and leaves any thought of it behind, but at least he is still a general right? At least we can see him become the best military mind of the continent no?, Wrong, he eventually gets a tactician, which makes sense but loses him out of his uniqueness, the tactician is supposed to be better than him, although we only ever see the protagonist win, even in large scale conflict, but too bad he doesn’t think about this anymore, so that is the picture now, our great general and lord, gets reduced to a figurehead for the novel only meant to win the battles the plot (or the princess which is actually the same) needs, and even in fighting he doesn’t even get as good as he supposedly is based off of his potential, barely gets to master and never gets better, his rival, the antagonist is him but better everything, without the morals of course, but the antagonist is everything the protagonist should have been, the great tactician, fighter, ruler, anything that the MC tried the antagonist did much better, the MC never truly reached him, even after the end of the story you could say that he is still worse in all aspects if you compare them and you would not be wrong.

The novel had so much potential but lost it as soon as the MC started to be less and less important towards anything in his territory and battles beside applying intimidation and charisma buffs and debuffs respectively, it ended up an average story even its story bits couldn’t get you to have very strong feelings towards them as they lose their steam from the beginning of the story, they make you feel as though the story is just trying to convince you that it can still make you feel this is a good read, but it can only do so much when you can’t tell that your protagonist and side characters get less developed and lose importance.

The ending feels very rushed as well you can really feel like the author wanted to end the story so the ending fight between the protagonist and the antagonist just sort of happens, and progresses in a rush, which basically ruins the whole rival dynamic that they had set up for them but fine, whatever at least it doesn’t feel as bad compared to how much it lost steam at the middle though it doesn’t do it any favors

TL; DR this became a somewhat average novel if you can’t handle when series gets worse in the middle then drop it somewhere along the 100ish chapters, but if you can slug it through you will be able to see at the very least a decent ending for the protagonist if you still feel attached to him. <<less
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Aug 15, 2022
Status: c35
I expected this novel to do some justice to kingdom building and politics of medieval setting. But it seems I had too much of hope in WN.

I'm just 35 chapters in but already the novel made glaring mistake. MC defeats viscount Rossawei, while it doesn't have any glaring problem in and itself. The post war developments completely ignores mc's house poor standing and viscount's relatively strong backing. Author dismisses Capital disinterest in this matter as capital doesn't care about faraway territories. Which clearly indicates author's lack of knowledge in pre-industrial society. Next one is much worse because nowhere in history any noble lost his peerage and territory just for inciting another lord attack some other lord. It feels like Author just makes up reasons to whatever MC has to achieve to get plot armour.


And not even combat scenes are decent. It feels like Author put half-hearted effort in describing battle scenes. In my opinion, this novel is bunch of mediocre combat scenes, some decent strategies and abysmal representation of medieval politics. It is a novel with no extremely good part but with lot of mediocre tropes.
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May 01, 2022
Status: Completed
Not sure why it doesn't show the score: 3/5 (maybe I forgot to click the stars, teehee).

By the way, the story was translated completely, don't mind the low number of "available" chapters (just google for them).

A story that left me with mixed feelings (pretty many of those, now that I think of it). Why? Because it wasn't bad, but it failed to live up to my expectations. Hmm, how should I put it? It's a story with a nice potential, but the author was in too much of a hurry.... more>> The pace was too fast, there were way too many details omitted, and the author was too liberal with the use of time skips.

If I were to compare it with other novels, it's something between Dragon Poor and Duke Pendragon (conveniently, both are Korean novels on the same site). It did the kingdom building aspect better than the former, but didn't really live up to the latter's standards in some aspects. To put it shortly, the author introduced the mechanics of a proper kingdom building/management novel (as opposed to half-assed novels of this kind), but he didn't really explore the depth of those mechanics. Too many things were taken care of behind the scenes, for one. Also, many aspects were only mentioned, and didn't really play any role in the plot (for example, the copper mine development). As such, the novel left me craving more than it gave as far as politics and governance are concerned.

The same goes for tactics and strategy, as well as general military. The author put quite a lot of effort into them, and I'm definitely appreciative of it, but there were many small imperfections. For example, the staff meetings in armies were pretty half-assed if you ask me, and the same goes for nonCOMs and junior officers in general in this novel. Also, some things have been too convenient, especially in the last war. Once is fine, but there were at least two instances (one was the outcome of two most powerful people's duel, the other one I don't remember). Still, the novel is still on a higher level than most webnovels of the sort, I guess.

The novel's protagonist and antagonist were done quite nicely. I have no complaints here, except that their private life got way too little screen time (which is fine in antagonist's case, but doesn't make sense in the protagonist's case... His family and love life should've been fleshed out much more coz it's stale). I won't go into details on the characters, but I guess some people would like to know what kind of people they are to know if they want to read it, so let me just say that the MC is, hmm, a lawful neutral kind of guy? Closer to good than evil, and generally a decent lord. As for antagonist, he's the type of villain who will do anything and everything to win but usually poses as an ally of justice or something.

Love interests, as I said, were quite lacking in terms of appearance time. They did appear plenty enough before they tied the knot with MC, and they did have distinct (if rather simple except for the main waifu) personalities, but I feel that the author pretty much failed at writing the courtship and family life, so to say. Oh, I know it's a bit spoilerish, but the novel already has a polygamy tag (which I read it for, by the way, so I was pretty disappointed by the underwhelming romance in the novel).

As for other characters, there were plenty of distinct ones, so this was a plus. However, many of them were barely distinct as well. A small spoiler: the author isn't afraid of killing some important characters, though I consider this a plus - there's no tension if you know nobody important will die. Well, some characters took way too long to die, and some died in a way as if to get it over with. What I think would've helped the novel, however, would be more of a peek into the lives of those characters (even if we knew about those, we were told more often than shown, so it felt pretty stale and far from interesting). In that respect, I very much welcomed one of the side stories (the first one, I think?) about two important characters and how they started out.

Not much left to say about plot that I haven't yet. It was more or less okay, and the author managed to surprise me with the developments more than once, but like I already said, the plot was often too hurried. The author was too impatient as he wrote the novel, and failed to flesh it out properly. If it had been much more detailed (but not too much, coz there needs to be balance with action of course), then I'd have given it 4 stars without any qualms, maybe more.

Oh, one more thing. The "gaming" element is pretty underwhelming in this novel. All the system does is basically scanning territory and people and showing their stats and skills. While stats don't need to be fleshed out more, the skills are few and not really important. They basically stand for talents or passives, and there are no active skills. Kind of pointless to make it seem like there's some monarch system going on.

To summarize, then: a decent kingdom building and war novel, but the author was too much in a hurry to progress with the action, failing to flesh out the story sufficiently. <<less
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Jan 13, 2022
Status: c142
It's boring... and the more you read the more boring it becomes... Why? Because of warfare, who tf cares about battles/fights if there is no story???

Every character is just a tool with a specific purpose (politics, close combat, archery, strategy and maybe something random like a mage, architecture etc.) Don't even look at their status, you only need to know that they are getting stronger and that they can't change their "class".

Even MC feels as dumb as a rock. He has a tallent with a sword from the beginning as... more>> a default and he can judge people by viewing their status (monarch ability). Because of his prev life memories he is also good with strategy and politics by default, wtf lol. That's basically it. <<less
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Jan 11, 2022
Status: Completed
After ending the series I love it. The pace is good.

The initial arc about MC self improvements and upgrading his army with region. Some military tactics and good solo fight.

Then it involve nobles politics such as civil turmoil. It remind me 'Release that witch'.

... more>> Then another war with great plot twist. MC meet his main antagonist. The noble politics end but there are lot of military fight.

Final war and end.

MC continue gaining side characters support. The best part MC main support consist of males and they work fine. Unlike other novel where male characters must be fat, dumb or blood related to prevent MC alpha being threaten.

There is some element of world building and army building which make the world more believable. The world dont revolve around MC instead MC is just a part of it.

Overall I love it because the it has many good side characters and they matter till the end. Since, I am bored of narcissistic novel that continues to glorified their MC.

Novel extra, release that witch is good novel with great side characters. <<less
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Aug 29, 2021
Status: c72
To be honest the female characters are more awesome than the MC. The author should have just made one of them the main character. I spent more time comparing the MC with them (and finding the MC wanting) than paying attention to the actual plot. Which is pretty sad since the MC is actually pretty talented, but even so the author chose to have him over shadowed. It was probably to make the main character seem more relatable. Though to be honest, 72 chapter's in and I don't see an... more>> actual plot.

Even the debt he was suppose to pay back was paid off pretty quickly.

And instead the story tries to dive deep into politics and warfare. I say try only because none of the political maneuvers, or battle scenes are that engaging. That being said the story itself is written well. I find the overall feel of the story to be a easy read for anyone who is interested. And I do recommend giving the story a try. <<less
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Aug 26, 2021
Status: c54
It's not good.

I can't decide what this novel is, I ask myself the question "Is it a wish fulfilment?" yet I cannot come up with an answer. One thing I can say is that this novel has the trope I hate the most. One of the lead/prominent characters is a "nation-devouring top alluring beauty" just like what you would expect in CN novels. Except, this time around instead of "jade skin" they're "blonde-haired, blue-eyed" beauty.

The kingdom building aspect was quite nice, the same thing with army building. While it was... more>> way too "plot-armoury" on some occasions, it was okay.

However, following the aforementioned "nation-devouring" beauty, our main character has to be bipolar or the biggest Beta main character ever. The best way I could describe him is a "simp" -- The main character is actually okay in the beginning, somehow, even though he doesn't have any experience whatsoever, he is a glorified combatant and commander. But I digress. The character constantly "changes" in a negative manner. In one chapter, especially the ones with our nation devouring beauty, he acts like a simp. A no-brain "big b**ba lady" simp. Whereas in most other chapters, he is, again, okay.

I guess this novel could be described as "okay" but never goes further. Just "okay." <<less
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Jun 21, 2021
Status: c62
Is a solid 3/5 = ok to kill some time

The story is about a few things (in special the first 3)

-kingdom building

... more>> Very barebones, we hear the most broad decisions that have little impact storywise if not for plot hook.

-army building and tatics

It is ok-ish and it has its moments of interest. But there is alot s*upid decision and s*upid enemy commanders. So not very exciting, like most battles are ok.


It seen to be the main point of the story as it buildup some interesting court intrigues and mystery, with enjoyable political double meaning banter. The author should have focused more on that.

- cultivation and worldbuilding

Is ok, but is really just very basic, it has one or two unusual ideas but dont see nothing interesting.

- cheat

Really basic, see subjeect status, talent and loyalty meter + possible economic upgrade on the fief. So much that the MC just dont remmeber of using it some times.

-romance, characters, MC

Alot character with holding the dumb ball; most one dimensional side characters are bare developed and the love interest being the only thing really interesting, but it seen to be turning the MC into yes man. Also MC is without motivation or ambition, that have a spark of interest but kind just going trought the motions by this point. <<less
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Jun 11, 2021
Status: c53
Untill chapter 50 I would have given 5 star. At chapter 53 I am holding my breath in hopes that the romance will not ruin this novel. Following is not a spoiler as I have no idea what will hapen after chapter 53.

There are 2 potential FL now. 1 that can be good partner and other one who can make MC a 'nice' doormat/doggy. So hope the writer continiues similary to I am the Monarch not like romance novel where ML is FL flunky especially as its writen on the... more>> side or ml. <<less
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