Gacha Addict in a Matriarchal World


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Gacha – Civilization’s Ultimate Game.

Spin now for a shot at fortune.

Spending that doesn’t disrupt your lifestyle? That’s virtually free-to-play.

Keep spinning until you strike gold – success is guaranteed.

Today, yet again, I’m at the gacha wheel.

“Did I get a 5-star?!”

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남녀역전 세계의 가챠 중독자
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7 Reviews

New Nerd_Bowl
May 08, 2024
Status: c20
The slow life of a dungeon-crawling gambling addict in the body of a pubescent boy jailbaiting h**ny women.

Really though, the title and cover art made this appear to be some common tr*sh to pass the time, but it's actually surprisingly well written. Funny interactions and a well done gender reversed world that doesn't go too far or lean too exclusively on the concept.
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New AMissingLing
May 01, 2024
Status: c30
From the author of "For Sale, Fallen Lady, Never Used" comes a new novel with the main character being reincarnated into a gender role reversed world.

I enjoy reading it. The main character Jonah uses their youth, knowledge, and beauty to overcome situations and woo the ladies. The power dynamics feel switched instead of being a superficial change where women are supposedly in power, but men still do all the work. Women adventure, le*dly gaze at men, and are at the top of whatever is the most important.

There may be some... more>> unease if readers look at the story with genders reversed. The one Jonah woos at the start of the story is a middle aged woman named Ellie. Imagine a middle school girl trying to get a 30 year old man to marry them. Fortunately, Ellie does know where to draw the line, but I can foresee Ellie reciprocating his feelings once Jonah is at the right age.

I recommend reading both novels of the author, though the other story contains more le*d s*x scenes, while this one does not. <<less
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Mar 08, 2024
Status: c18
Pretty okay novel for now but if it'll be overtaken by DevilsTranslation group, it will get rating 2 or worser. A lot of typos and mistranslation...

Overally, what can be said about MC and plot? A lot of men died in this world, MC got gacha abillity, which ables to pull for local currency and there is also misunderstanding... How Korean novel can be written without one? Anyway, despite everything I said, give it a try. MC for now, dont act like typical reincarnated/transmigrated guy and he... Is'nt OP I guess?
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Mar 08, 2024
Status: c5
Fair warning ⚠️: MC has wayyyy too many screws loose.

In summary: MC gets transmigrated into a game that he apparently developed (one with flipped gender roles), as a random orphan. His cheat? A gacha system. He resorts to stealing both to survive and to roll gacha. One of the few non-duds he gets in the gacha early on was a Thief skill to steal better.

MC decides to steal from the rich (everyone but him, though with a special focus on black market people), to give to the poor (his ridiculous... more>> gacha addiction). He is the kind of person who is willing to do just about anything to finance his gacha addiction, especially stealing.

Teasing people for money? Sign him up.

Offering to let people touch his body if they pay? Of course!

Knifing down female hag mob bosses that hold him hostage? Reluctant, but he'll do it to live and keep gacha'ing!

Steal from the friendly knight lady who helped save him from a mob boss, just because she got scared when he approached her drenched in the mob boss's blood he killed, trying to present himself as an innocent bystander? It's compensation for his hurt feelings, totally justified.

All of this in the first few chapters. Also, MC is a pinkette. (Has pink hair). If you've read certain literature on this site, you know pink hair = wh0re, it definitely will (eventually) apply to him, he's just having difficulty getting started due to being in a kid body. <<less
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Mar 30, 2024
Status: c27
I like the premise,

MC is a reincarnated individual, who entered his made-up world that he thought and fleshed out. (Wasn't a writer, he just used his imagination to flesh out the world)

In this Matriarchal world, he is a pink-haired boy who lives with a Female Tavern Owner, and is trained by an Female Adventurer to get freed from debt.

... more>>

He is a bratty instigator, who continuously makes advances towards the Female Tavern Owner for giggles. (It's a Matriarchal World) While the Female Tavern Owner struggles to keep her guard up, due to his charms of being a handsome kid. (Doesn't want to get married to the MC because she is a naturally good person and can't muster the courage to blackmail her male employees + MC, cause she'll feel bad. Even though she's very h**ny and active lol)


MC has a great killer-sense, which leads the Female Tavern Owner and the Female Adventurer to develop misunderstandings... (Spoilers Below)


The Female Tavern Owner is a retired adventurer who went on an expedition to save mind-controlled desensitized orphans who were experimented on by a cult. Basically, these subjects had pink hair which matches the description of our pink-haired protag.

Because of the fact that the MC makes remarks like "I'll marry you if you're rich, beautiful, and will spoil me", the Female Adventurer and Tavern Owner think he has no concept of Love. Which also conveniently lines up with what the test subjects were forced to learn.

As of now, the MC shows no remorse for killing people. In his first dungeon run, the Female Adventurer questions if he felt bad for the female goblins he killed. (considered low-sentient creatures with a sense of communication)

He nonchalantly responded "No", which further increased both the Female Adventurer and Tavern Owner's misunderstanding that he is an escaped test subject.


As for the gacha... Man... The Gacha Gods are not forgiving for this protagonist LOL.


The MC did everything just to get lucky: the gacha ritual dance, made a disfigured sculpture (then burned it cause he felt like it made his luck worse), and saved up money to buy more spins.

Visited an Elder Elf who gave him a lucky-enhancing pendant. Which SHOULD increase his luck...

But he has not gained a SINGLE 5 star Skill. (Which makes it more interesting, because it really shows you that this isn't a generic OP fast-level up MC novel)

Makes the gacha aspect more realistic and tense, and keeps you wondering as to "When will this MC get a 5 star skill?"


It's a very slow manga, 27 chapters in and the MC still hasn't gotten overpowered because the gacha screws him over with weak skills.

They also flesh out the world building. The Love Goddess is the most prominent deity, and created the guilds to explore dungeons... and Blah Blah Blah (Too lazy to explain the world, read it if you're interested)

Anyway, so far I've liked it. Give it a read! <<less
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Apr 26, 2024
Status: c39
I was looking for something to pass the time, but found silver/gold. I believe some may dislike it due to the "gender reversal" thing and how it feels too slow/the MC doesn't have a goal other than just tryna chill, survive and get win some 5 stars from the Gacha. (Which admittedly seems like an implausible feat, and it scares me that it was hinted at that, it isn't even the max rarity due to it being only a "normal banner"...)

Other than that, unexpectedly, I was very surprised by... more>> this novel.
It went from me thinking it was like "Pseudo Resident's Illegal Stay in Another World, " to it being similar to "Inside An Ad**t Game As A Former Hero" in terms of vibes. The MC doesn't have many dense moments (extremely rare from my pov)
A rare occasion of the MC that could be counted as "dense, ":

Asking Lydia to grope her b**bs in front of Ellie, though he fixed that situation pretty quick.


Very nice novel, I was unexpectedly having a big fat smile on my face while seeing the behavior of Jonah, which include:

Accidentally creating a gang because he wanted to extort some thugs, making two elves slowly become masochists (unintended), using every situation to tease his "friends" (Lydia and Ellie), the "translator" in his head for Eve going berserk and so on


The only moment I had to cringe was the Eve scene, when Jonah left.. That was embarrasing to read as she talked about how that one smile of his was "like the growl of a beast" and "Embodiment of Masculinity.". <<less
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Mar 14, 2024
Status: c6
Definitely a way too earlier review but it’s pretty nice. It’s not taking itself too seriously and it got a few grins out of me, and as long as it doesn’t become seriously edgy later on I think it’ll become a decent novel to read if you’re bored.

I mean the MC is literally a heroine in those dense harem stories. Y’know the pe*vert ones, the one that say some stuff like “my husband” and “kyaaa are you going to take my vCard tonight~~” and etc.

you never see much of these... more>> characters as the MC, so it’s quite intriguing to see one as the protagonist. <<less
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