Inside An Ad**t Game As A Former Hero


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I got pulled into the NTR game I was going to gift to my pure harem lover friend.

The game has already progressed to the middle, and the heroines seem to have been already stolen away from the hero, in which I was transmigrated into.

Now I just deeply crave for a cigarette, but I can’t even smoke in this world…!

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Inside an Adult Game As A Former Hero
게임에 빙의한 전직 용사
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New hose246 rated it
August 15, 2022
Status: c44 part1
Well, before I started writing this review, let me clear some confusions for the earlier chapters. The MC is a former hero who was once isekaied to another world but returned to Earth. This is implied but not directly stated by the author in the earlier chapters, which can cause quite a bit of confusion if you don't know about it.

Alright, down here is the review:

This novel is a perfect power fantasy.

Though, when I say power fantasy, I'm not taking about the MC just slapping around some people for no... more>> reason. Instead, the MC slaps people around in a satisfying and relieving way, which is the way of good power fantasy.

The MC is an absolute gigachad. The first thing he does when he transmigrated to another world is check his own pp size. Yet, that is not all he is. He also have is own backstory with how he used to be a hero in another, which will slowly get unveiled the more we read the story.

The side characters are decent. I think the author did a very good job adding certain characteristics to even one-off side characters that you won't see again. It makes the characters seem more real instead of them just being some boring little third-rate villain when the MC eventually got slapped them around.

The world building is also decent. We have not yet get to see all the world building yet as this novel seem to be more character driven.

The plot is quite interesting. It is basically the MC doing whatever he wants in another world but with good comedy.

The first 10 or so chapters may make the novel seem a bit generic. But as you continue reading, you started to realize how enjoyable this novel really is. If you are seeking out for a power fantasy to read, then I suggest you to read this. <<less
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New Purps rated it
August 13, 2022
Status: c44.1
why does novel updates censor Adult?

anyway, good novel

long story short

MC is OP so expect it to be a "MC Never Loses" type novel

unless you count the OG body

though alot of "Mystery" because MC thinks something bad will happen if he uses his "Real Strength"

so thats why -1 star, because its almost the definition of a Chunni, "UHG I cant use the power in my left arm or it will destroy everything I care about!"

also if you care for revenge it happens in like, the first 44 chapters
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April 11, 2022
Status: c15
I will be editing this review when I'm confident that there are enough chapters to develop a proper opinion on the story. As of right now, I cobbled this together as a sort of disclaimer on what current readers should expect from this novel.

I normally don't read many KR novels, but I decided to try this one out arbitrarily. Chapters 1-5 got me absolutely hooked, so I ended up reading all of the available free chapters using MTL and other tools. (More info below).

A disclaimer I want to leave in... more>> this review is that while NTR doesn't happen directly to our protagonist, to say that there is no NTR in this novel is a bit disingenuous. The protagonist is never directly NTR'd, but on multiple occasions he will describe exactly how NTR will happen and step by step how he was/will be betrayed by certain characters, occasionally getting somewhat emotional over it. I'm not particularly bothered by this; however, I know for a fact that some readers will want to know about this beforehand.

Chapter 1-5 can be described as the introductory chapters. They're quite good and got me hooked as I'm quite interested in what the protagonist is going to do as well as if and how he will get back at the other heroes/members who betrayed him. However, after chapter 5 the story does devolve into a repeat of

1. Show up somewhere and get underestimated due to being scrawny

2. Obliterate / impress opposition with incredible skills

3. Gain money, items, or some sort of improvement that makes protagonist stronger.

4. If a possible love interest is impressed, reject any advancements and leave due to tiny manhood.

Return to step 1.

By chapter 15 where I couldn't continue reading anymore due to a paywall, the protagonist had done the above to 3 different groups of bandits and about 3 other scenarios. Although breaking the story down into 4 steps does sound like a negative impression, I will say that it's still incredibly early in the story and I have high hopes for what will happen in future chapters. That, and that there is information that a potion to increase manhood size does exist somewhere. This wouldn't be an ad**t novel without some ad**t scenes.

Could someone tell me why we are censoring the world "Adult" ?


How did I read ahead / my thoughts on reading ahead as well as important info on the accuracy of this review


The Korean website hosting this novel, Novelpia, is probably the stingiest site I've seen out of the many Chinese and Japanese novel sites I've passed through. To access the first 15 chapters you need an account, anymore than that costs around 10 USD per month. And then translating the actual novel to English is made borderline impossible. They have just about every form of security to prevent users from fiddling with the text in any way. This means you can't copy and paste the text, disable java to get the raw text, copy text from source code, download page as a pdf or as a file, or use just about any common methods to MTL text. Everything I've tried was blocked and the only reasonable workaround I could find was to screenshot some text then use a program to transcribe the image to text for machine translating. The Add-on "Copyfish" made this infinitely easier, you just have to tweak some settings, highlight text, translate, and then read.

The major downside of reading text from an image, though, is that the machine will guess a wrong word about every 5 or so sentences. This means that the review I've just written could be slightly wrong assuming the program messed up enough times. (Of course all of this might not matter if you know a superior way to translate untouchable text).

So in the end, if you want to read ahead I will say it's almost certainly not worth it. Even if you read the 15 free chapters, the time taken to do so will be significantly more and the accuracy and quality will be quite bad. Even if you plan to pay 10$ for access to more chapters, I genuinely think it's better to support the current translator than that stingy Korean site. Hoping that the current translator does have access to the premium chapters of course.

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Shadp rated it
May 5, 2022
Status: c10
This novel exudes the aura of GIGACHAD.

To clarify, Cloud who is the owner of the body is the one that gets cucked and not the MC (original name still not known). Cloud is a HERO from a game the MC is playing. Cloud, gets depressed from all sht that is happening so he decides to die and let someone else take over his body and fulfill the role of the HERO which is now the MC.

The cucking happens at the prologue so you can just skim it if you want... more>> and then proceed to the story because the moment MC inhabits the body of Cloud, it's where the story unfolds and gets interesting, the author also gives us a few backstory of the MC bit by bit as we progress the novel.

Very early to give a decisive review but with the way things are going, I'd say it's far better than any wannabe chad MC novels/self insert jp dude.

Highly recommend and I suggest y'all leave a review too so that it'll get popular and thus help the story progress.

100/100 <<less
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lilscarra rated it
April 9, 2022
Status: c3 part2
Very interesting story! I like it so far!

Please note while the main character's Heroines are NTR'd already at the start, there's really no attachment our main character has for these characters, He seems to be on the sigma grindset. Really fun, and I'm interested in seeing how the story develops.
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RajSanthosh rated it
April 23, 2022
Status: c8
This one is seriously good...

MC is not the one getting NTR in first place, it was that hero. He decided to replace his soul and did some ritual.

After that our MC soul takes hero's body, he doesn't care about that three b*tches leaving the party. Honestly, that scene was good. I just hoping more emotions on B*tches side.

Hope 3 B*tches will have more regrets in future.
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orpheus_rm rated it
April 11, 2022
Status: c12
I'm really liking this story. The MC doesn't give one single f*ck about anything so far in the story except good food. I respect it. It's never really addressed much in transmigration stories, but the food in most medieval societies must be nearly inedible to modern humans.

The story seems to be laid out in a decent way that will lead to our MC becoming some ruthless overpowered badass that gets all the best women and I love it. Most harem story protagonists definitely do not deserve the girls, but that... more>> doesn't seem to be the case here. Looking forward to more. <<less
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PSpaulo rated it
June 8, 2022
Status: c22 part1

Great novel, pretty different from the usual isekai cliche and their OP and dense MC's, this MC has played the game and knows who is who, knows their motivations and circumstances, it's not like he doesn't give a f*ck for people, he knows who deserves his help and who deserves to die, as well as who he can't take on "yet".

The NTR thing has already happened before the MC transmigrates, he doesn't give a f*ck about those girls and just ignore and let them go without caring, it's not like he had any relationships with them before anyways.

Apparently, they had a reason for that which is probably to protect the original Cloud or something, the guy had a pretty hard life and was a big simp, so even though he was a hero, he was the weakest one and other heroes could harm him easily, so it kinda makes sense if the other hero who enjoys humiliating him used that to blackmail the girls into NTR, which is pretty common in this genre, but after that, there's no NTR anymore at least to this point in the translation.

The reason for the 'sigma' thing is simply because the original Cloud had a smol pp, so the MC can't get with women "for now" because it will just be embarrassing to him anyway, it's not like he don't wanna get involved with women, but he says there's some item to "solve" that, he'll get a good enough tool later, it's a fantasy game so that's it.

Also for people questioning the novel high rate, it's deserved, the MC is not cliche, it's well written, well translated, good pacing, things make sense and there's not much useless info dumps, the NTR is just mentioned and don't affect the MC, there's a "adult" tag but there's no s*x scenes, just mention of things that happened before the story started, I guess those will be happening after MC gets a better tool.

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bloobloo rated it
May 26, 2022
Status: c10
As someone who absolutely cannot stomach NTR, I ended up giving this a shot after reading some of the reviews. I tested the NTR poison for all of you... So thank me.

It's honestly not bad at all. I've only read about 10 or so chapters but I'd actually say that this story is ANTI-NTR (so far!) Our MC completely separates his identity from Cloud (the guy whos body he crossed into). He doesn't get any of his feelings or memories it seems like. So where as Cloud would be devastated... more>> by the NTR if he found out, MC kinda goes "eh, whatever she wasn't my girl or anything lolz". He then ditches them all in within the first few chapters.

MC here truly gives no f*cks and he's traveling on the world munchkining his way into getting sh*t tons of power ups and even increasing his d*ck size, lol. I'm sure there's gonna be a juicy revenge arc later on but I half expect our MC to barely remember them. I'd say give this one a shot and don't let all the NTR in the summary scare you away. <<less
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Jastermasher 1029
Jastermasher 1029 rated it
April 30, 2022
Status: c49
It's about a dude possessing a body of a cuck-hero of an NTR game he used to play. He is a former hero in his past world so he is definitely not weak. Its a good read to pass time, typical munchkin type.

... more>>

The premise starts with the MC being cucked and his party members, harem members, left him for other heroes.

Well, the ones who left him only got abused at the party they transferred to. We get a few chapters about that. He also found a new girl, she's OP and a loyal one at that.


Although it kinda ruined it for me


The ex-party members came back to him. Like he just accepted them, but of course, not like he forgave them. He also broke away from being a cuck since he got a pen*s enlargement medicine in a dungeon. The start was the only time he was a cuck anyway. Most of the time he's a chad.

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half_f rated it
June 8, 2022
Status: --
I'm genuinely curious about this. Why do I feel like there're bunch of overrated Korean novel?

Now, I have no idea what's so good about this. There's no this, there's no that, solid 5 stars, just what in the actual...

Here's my impression, if I were to put it kindly, "there's that, but no, and then he goes to adventure or some sort"

Ffs, I could read this everywhere but here, and I still would be disappointed.
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Triarkdown rated it
May 4, 2022
Status: c110
[NewEdit:This novel was good it still is good but theres bad too. This will never give you happiness the plot is good but you are left seeing the heroines that couldnt be saved suffering around new heroines that MC managed to save from bad end. Really if only MC reincarnated early to save the first 3 fls like the newer next 3 fls he saves. Nice Lore but stressing plot choice ykwhatImean]

Its not ntr

Game MC:

The original game hero is so bad none of the heroines fell in love with... more>> him at all. Like sweet poison or those friends your parents warn to not hang around who will slowly pull you down with them.

Fok it original game hero is so bad the mage noble girl almost fell in love with another hero whos a prince. I like the logic here. Original hero kills himself then MC goes into his body and doesnt care about anyone around hero cloud SINCE CLOUD IS DEAD LOL AND HE ISNT CLOUD. He wont live as cloud or inherit Clouds mistake so MC goes MIA to get strong instead of chasing women like cloud.


The synopsis has no NTR written for reason. Everyones Virgins even when R*pist hero takes 2 by death threats, Nobel extremist hero takes the noble girl. They all have ntr flags to be taken out the laters ones and early ones.

1. The Saint here cant fall in love/worldly emotions and has to remain Virgin or goddess foks her up (Goddess does fok her up anyway)

2. The C-hood Friend I wont lie does kinda betrays game MC by keeping quiet about death threats by r*pist hero agreeing to go to his party, Saint worried goes with her

3. The noble girl. Better than above two (obv since not with r*pist hero), nobles stay away from eachother body until marriage. Rather she joins Noble Heros party for protection from her family but gets treated same as her family treats her.

Our MC (not game) cant do anything to saint obv. Nor anything to C-Friend since cloud this one likes ran away. The noble girl has best chance but she only cares about Research and praise from MC, she has no desire. All of them are brought back together ofc Esp those 2 with R-hero before point of no return. Altho dont mistake other heroines have their ntr flags too our MC came to game world before their flags so no worries.



MC MAYBE commits r*pe and even If I show what MC did to 2 random girls to my sister she will say same. Ofc this is just laughed off then said that they are charmed by MC but author intentionally wrote this scene forceful then potrays it as satire so IDK I AM JUST TELLING THE REASON FOR NO TLS like other KR novels**


MC doesnt care about anyone around cloud hel l he hates the hero cloud most since he summons MC intentionally to run away from the world and leave our MC suffering ; From clouds own mistake of being white knight to women instead of becoming strong and now hes too pathetic weaker than adventurers for anyone to love him.

Hear in MCs own words:


"However, for women, more for women of nobility, a man's appearance was not everything.

Origin, character, ability and wealth. Everything has to be weighed on the scale. And Cloud had nothing to offer except for his handsome"

No wonder cloud couldnt get any heroine to fall in love except CHD Friend at all lol.

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Zones rated it
April 17, 2022
Status: c7
This has been a feel bad story so far. I know the "Omg my friends betrayed me and stole my lover" is super popular now days, I don't understand why, typically however they have one initial chapter of betrayal and then almost immediately things start going up for the MC. Haven't seen the upturn here.

... more>>

The story starts with the original owner of the body basically killing himself because of the betrayal which is covered so NTR is technically in the story. Then the MC gets shoved in and he seems to be basically suicidal with his general disinterest in life and frustration at being stuck in a situation he really doesn't want to be in. He's then stuck dealing with the aftermath of the NTR with the girls pretending to care about him and showing no remorse for how he is treated until he can finally get free.


So I got no clue how long it's going to be for something "good" to happen but this isn't like the other stories that are all using this setting. The inclusion of "NO NTR" is misleading in my opinion, I don't like to read stories that make me feel bad like this one did and the synopsis didn't really set me up for what this story was actually going to be. <<less
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whitenight2013 rated it
July 5, 2022
Status: c32
The story is a bit unique in that it is an R-18 novel, but it isn't a p*rn novel. There is no s*x scene every other chapter, nor does it feel the need to throw a bunch of sexual content at you to show you what the story is going to be like. It is a more general isekai story just with an awesome MC who isn't afraid to have s*x with girls who are throwing themselves at him. And at the beginning, I'm loving it. Honestly, any content devoted... more>> to s*x is content that would take away from our awesome MC being awesome.

When he first gets transported, our MC yells, "Not this sh*t again!" so you know right away that this isn't his first time in a different world which does a lot for explaining why he is able to do the things he can do despite his knew body being weak. It also gives a bit of mystery to our character because he isn't going into too much detail on what he can do or what he has already experienced. It's why you can accept a lot of the crazy stuff he says/does. At one point, he says if the next restaurant he goes to has bad food, he is going to kill himself. You wholeheartedly believe he is being serious when he says that because he seems to think he'll be able to return home somehow if he pulls the trigger. He is also just genuinely funny and loves to screw with people. The MC alone would make this worth reading.

Something I do appreciate with the story is how it deals with the initial heroines. The first couple chapters leave you with a small murky feeling, but as the MC readily admits, they didn't really do anything seriously wrong. They were never in a relationship with the former hero, so they weren't cheating on him. And our MC constantly complains about all the stuff the former hero screwed up on. Their big sin would be more that they're bad friends. They thought the former hero wasn't taking the cut, so they left him for what they perceived as better opportunities.


They thought the former hero had hidden himself in his room for a month when the MC first transmigrated, and they just left him alone after the first day or two. They were bad friends, and while they do come to regret their actions later and rejoin the MC's party, there is no way of telling if those relationships will become sexual or not.


One thing that may turn some people off is how the MC does not shy away from murder. He joins a colosseum event and kills his opponents. He gets jumped in a bar and kills almost everyone. He isn't bloodthirsty, but there is certainly a time or two where you think "That guy probably didn't deserve that." <<less
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GodlyGodMcGodGod rated it
July 5, 2022
Status: c32
A lot of people are saying that despite the title, there's no NTR. That's a misleading statement. While the MC doesn't personally have any heroines NTR'd from him, the character whose body he was made to take over certainly did and it's brought up as a theme (mostly in the form of MC's memories of the game) periodically throughout the novel so far. Now, as someone who personally absolutely despises the genre of NTR with every fiber of my being, such themes are kept infrequent an impersonal enough that they... more>> aren't a deal breaker for me (every dozen or so chapters he'll reminisce about trying and failing to get the pure love ending or something), but it's still enough to make me slightly uncomfortable. What I really didn't need was

them showing the formerly NTR'd heroine's post NTR-ing situation along with her POV as she's cornered by the consequences of her betrayal. That kind of stuff is welcome when there's genuine animosity to a character that we've seen being shitty, but when it's the NTR and betrayal that we've not really witnessed of a character we've barely seen, all it really does is serve as reminder that NTR happened and turn a character I don't know much about or care about at all into a punching bag.

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Kakarious rated it
July 14, 2022
Status: c184

the story is incredibly well made and MC is a chad but is actually a guy who got his mind broken after what happened during his last world he went through (i mean the title already spoiled he is a former hero)

i promise u that the story is going to get better and better cuz the good stuff barely even started

to those who are asking about why this is r 18 not r 15 is because the 6 scenes are explicit and you will see that starting from ch 49 I think

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Masqore rated it
July 25, 2022
Status: --
The story is really good if you like munchkin stories, I won't go too much into detail of the story since everyone's probably already talked about it. Honestly, the most disappointing fact about this novel is that the translator stopped and you have to pay and read it in raw korean. I feel like too many gems like these are kept hidden from most because of this. Still, if you have a wallet then a highly recommend it.
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Glacierice rated it
June 27, 2022
Status: c160
MC is proper Chad. He isn't a psychopath like those cn novel MC's or a dude without balls like those jp novel MC's. He doesn't think with his dick, he knows how to comfort women and make them fall for him.

Story has layers to it and the MC himself has layers to his character. He has his own hidden past.

Pretty fantastic novel, the author was able to bring out emotions and desperations of characters.

This is actually a complicated story and things are still unfolding, not your typical transmigration story. All... more>> the characters have their own depth, they ain't 2dimensional.


Currently MC slept with around :

5 women - 2 milfs (both maybe pregnant, one of them is scummy hero's mother),

An angel, other scummy hero 's sister, part member (formal girlfriend)

These are only women with whom MC actually slept with, their other female members too with romantic interest

The harem isn't harmonious, there is tension between them.


5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Rasselon rated it
August 4, 2022
Status: c38 part2
Usually, if I just like the novel and don't have much to say, I'll wait till finishing it to write the review, but here I'll do an early one, even if it's empty.

10/10, read it. It is great.

Don't look at the title, there wasn't any explicit scenes after the prologue, this is just an amazing adventure series.

MC is amazing, especially his motivation, lol. "Former hero" tag at its best.
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pomoli rated it
June 25, 2022
Status: c26
I'm actually surprised it's so good. After reading the many "cuck this" or "chad that" reviews, I expected something really low level, but it's not.


    • MC seems to hide a deeper complex character with a mask of a funny carefree person, so there is more to him than I expected. Overall he is interesting, very powerful, but not a total psychopath nor a hot headed angry simpleton.
    • The story has more layers than I expected, especially with mc's past.
    • All characters seem to be developed at least a little. The (ex) heroines who betrayed the MC seem to only be there a few chapters before disappearing from the story, but maybe they'll appear again later. Interestingly they look like the pawns of a game between powerful people, who used the person the MC took over, who was weak and not up to the task. Their betrayal was both expected and making sense given the manipulation of others, the former hero's inadequacies, and their own weak mind.
    • The hinted heroines (not the ex ones), seem to be developed very slowly, which is good. And as far as of now, still no romance.

    • The first chapter (prologue) was rough and honestly it looked like the rest of the story would just be basic not very good smut. Thankfully that doesn't seem to be the case but, while I understand the intro's idea since it's an "adult game", I think there would have been ways to write betrayal or even erotica better than this.
    • While I can infer the (ex) heroine motivation for betraying the hero through the points I've underlined above, I think it would have helped to set things up with why they decided to betray the hero before he was taken over, because just the prologue was kinda abrupt. Especially as the author jumps through pov, so one chapter on why they decided to deceive the hero would have been made their logic... make more sense.
    • MC seems to be obsessed by the size of his penis, hopefully the idea isn't to make him some kind of skirt chasing pervert when he can pitch a tent again, because that would kill the LN imo.
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June 4, 2022
Status: c20 part2
so story short this is about a chad MC adventure. Lul
if you put the meme this MC is combinations of chad male and sigma rules combine 2022.
don't be scary about the descriptions it's extremely miss leading.

i wish somebody can edit the descriptions please, to not scare people away.

seriously can the author make better tittle's ? This is very good but the tittle scare people away ?! The most easy alternative tittle is " I got transferred / send into ntr game ! ". this is not ntr story, I... more>> repeat not ntr, the story is about useless hero do soul exchange ritual and his soul got swap to other people from earth then the earth guy our MC is absolute giga chad, He then ditches those 3 B*tches right away then become adventurer later on. (And yes the hero is dead, inside the body is someone else our giga chad MC).

i can't spoil the story, if you like Giga chad MC it's a must read.

if you still don't understand the hero is the one got ntr then go suicide using soul exchange ritual and in his body now not the hero but new guy that has no connections to those 3 B*tches. <<less
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grenfunkel rated it
June 3, 2022
Status: --
No ntr here. Title too misleading haisssssh. Just plain old strong otherworlder replacing the soul of the weaker person then wrecking havoc in another world. What perplexes me though is that the MC was described as a shut-in otaku in the initial chapters. Later on though it is said that he was a soldier/fighter or something. Weird background story but I'll take it I guess. Do soldiers become otaku after leaving the military?
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