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팝니다. 몰락영애. 한 번도 안 쓴.
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New Mr.Mochi rated it
November 4, 2023
Status: --
Reincarnator into magic medieval world has gamer skills and abilities and goes to magic noble school. The twist is he buys the school idol as a s*ave and takes her along as a servant.

Generic plot, generic characters, low effort humor, exposition dumps, really it’s just another mindless Korean academy novel, with bland nightly content. I personally hate the trope of s*ave falls in love in like 3 seconds, but you do you.
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September 21, 2023
Status: c6
Ok, is a fun read the parts of fantasy adventure, the system of how things how looks really interesting, for example, using magic equipment have drawback like consuming more magic, really good to pass time,


Have the parts here is p*rn novel, you know the drill: magic makes MC pp big, woman + magic power = breasts big, s*avery plus Stockholm syndrome, "merciful, kind and good s*ave master", "it's bad when the ugly guy does it, but when it's a handsome man it's ok", double standards, r*pe and etc.

I was... more>> even surprised that in the first chapters not one more girl appeared like in most of the stories that go on these tag lists.

Breaks the rhythm of the novel, not exactly in a good way, at least for me, reading some fun adventure stuff, only to be received in the next chapter something looking like I'm reading a smut novel.

Not necessarily the worst thing, but nether really good because for it.

Now just a rant about a Detail.

The MC's condition is insensitivity to mana, that is, he cannot use or feel mana, so the solution is to use a specific magical breathing method to heal himself, so far ok.

But the technique was apparently created by the family's ancestor, who had the condition, which leads me to the question: how?

It's the equivalent of seeing a runner say that he managed to grow his lost legs again after starting to run 10 km every day.

The answer the novel gives is that he was a genius, arch mage, and the Meta answer is because the plot needs If not, there is no reason for things to happen. <<less
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Aharlequin rated it
September 16, 2023
Status: c100
Well, I read the mtl novel of this one and you can read it in mtl sites (translation is kinda rough but not the worst) . It is a very simple novel with a simple plot. Not a complicated plot.

MC reincarnated in the game world with a saved character and he has a lot of money so he brought some female s*aves and they became harem members. Quite a mild novel but it is a pure love novel and enjoyable.

Not the greatest novel on the shed but it is... more>> enjoyable novel. <<less
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