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I entered my favorite romance-fantasy novel, which I have read many times.

Thanks to the body of a wealthy commoner, I bought the status of a fallen aristocrat, attended a noble family’s gathering and observed the romance of the characters in the original novel.

I wanted to return to the real world after witnessing the ending.

But somehow, even after the ending, I was not freed from the body I possessed and remained living in the original novel.

As a result, I acquired the stories behind the scenes that I refused to comprehend.

My favorite sub male lead, Caelus, has died.

Living impoverished in the original work without him, I eventually fell ill and died.

Now, I wanted to return to reality.

However, the irony of fate has returned me to the end of the novel overnight. This is definitely… to save my beloved, right?

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77 Reviews

New DriftingWhit
May 13, 2024
Status: Completed
As someone who immensely enjoyed the manhwa and then finished it through the novel, it pained me to rate this four stars.

Is it because I want to rate it five stars, but I don't want to exaggerate, or maybe I don't think it deserves that much? I can't decide or choose, and I think that's what the author felt.

To be clear, I'm not interested in finding author notes, so don't quote my assumptions.

However, there were a lot of interesting ideas at play here. The main one was how much of... more>> a "selfless fangirl" the FMC was, it felt almost like she was playing an interactive and immersive VR game.

The other interesting ideas were also connected to the FMC because it's about some psychological stuff like the sinking existential crisis of "playing a role" but never thinking about who you are as a person in this world, or embracing love regardless of how it ended because you found happiness in knowing how to love, or the blurry lines of how we treat people because of the things they've done that we classify as "right or wrong."

Okay, one of those things is not like the others. ANYWAY, the important thing is that you shouldn't overthink it since the author didn't either. Maybe I should hit up academic papers if I want to dive into these topics.

It was a nice romance fantasy, though it's a lot more focused on the romance. It's more of a romance comedy in the beginning and a little bit by the end, but the ending was... similar to going on a seesaw. If you're lucky, your mood will go up a lot, but it's somehow always meant to go down. <<less
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New potatosince1
May 11, 2024
Status: --
Not for me.

Might pick up again if translated better. But this doesn't feel 'Romantic'. Hestia keeps talking about 'my favorite', as if Kaelus is a pet. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But then again, she's a delusional fan. Or maybe it's just the translation, idk.

Changes in POV can be jarring.

Like, huh? Who's talking this time? Turns out it's Helios.
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Jun 06, 2022
Status: Completed
I read the full MTL, pretty easy to understand.

This is a really good novel! It focuses a lot on living a realistic life and character development. The FL is strong and doting, dealing with transmigration and life purpose. The ML is really going through it, but he is also strong and reliable. They make a really cute couple.

All in all, I totally recommend it!! I was hoping for a bit more angst, personally, but it was definitely a good read!
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Aug 15, 2022
Status: c5.1
Just to be clear this is my own personal honest opinion.... So for those who doesn't agree.. feel free to skip this review...

So here it goes:

... more>>

despite all the justification of MC for all her action, I still cant appreciate it as all I can get from it is just her self righteousness to satisfy her own fan girling heart. Like come on, its like seeing a fan girl suddenly intruding on her idol's life and making things right (based on her POV). I'm thinking of it as so absurd. Who wants an intruder who suddenly takes charge of everything in your life? I don't know, as someone who has gone through a rough time or a major setback, this kind of behavior feels like too forceful, intrusive and insensitive. I don't know how to describe it... But all I can say is that this is too illogical.I was expecting it to be more of heart warming or a touching genre... But it's too forceful to include political schemes, etc. Right at the beginning even before a foundation has been built between MC and ML. I would've understand it if MC was hired to do it... But no.. she's the one who came up with it.. -_-


Anyway, this novel is not my cup of tea. Nevertheless, I respect the opinions of those who love it. <<less
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Jun 16, 2022
Status: Completed
I really loved the plot. The character development of ML was so beautiful. The fact that he slowly learns to love again, was so beautifullly written.

Though the relationship between them develops slowly, it almost felt like natural. The fact that MC started to view there relationship as more then a fan and a bias was also so natural.

OgMC and ogML got what they deserved. I'm not gonna spoil what happens to them, well MC got her revenge in the best way she could.

The novel was so realistic. There was no... more>> magic, which I was so glad for. No unnecessary temple shit, no high priest or pope or whatever. The aristocratic society was depicted so well, I fell in love with it. The nature of our MC is also very good. The fact that she becomes a formidable duchess that no one can mess with was also very good.

Ending!!!!!!!! I loved the ending. I felt so good after the ending. Everyone got what they deserved. Happy ending it felt me so fulfilled. <<less
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Sep 24, 2022
Status: Completed

Do not read this novel! Because you'll never enjoy this same type of novel the same way again.

Alright, jokes aside, this novel has some things of"don't judge a book by its cover or description", so let me clear up a few points.
    • Don't pay attention to the "status COO" of this site, the novel is complete here, 36 are all the complete chapters of the novel (Along with the extra chapters) and the chapters are pretty~ but pretty~~~ long, so the novel is by no means short.
    • Although the MC has a kind of unreasonable love for the ML, this love doesn't run away from the kind of romance you find in this kind of novel, in fact, it's the basis for the whole story. So it won't get in your way of enjoying the novel, in fact, you'll even find it quite natural. Because it's the kind of love that is very common in this type of novel, our MC is not the first to love a character from a novel and end up being transported to the world of the character's novel. "The Villainess Wants to Marry a Commoner" is an example of many of this type. The difference is that you might end up wondering if the ML deserves our MC love because he loves another woman, but I'll get to that point below. (But spoiler: Yeah, he does!)
    • The novel is very mature (It even has two smut scenes with very explicit words, but that's not of what I want to talk about). Our ML got hurt because of love, and he doesn't start loving our MC right away as you would normally expect - "Oh! My lover has abandoned me, now I love this new person, envy me my old lover". No, their relationship is very gradual and long. All the time it's just our MC putting all her love on our ML and hardly ever getting a response. But there's a reason for that, and here's the big point of this novel.
    • This novel as I said and I will repeat is very mature. Our ML is depressed, and he wanted to kill himself. Don't let these points fool you, because the great point of this novel is to be very adult, so this point is taken seriously. Not the novel type - "Oh, I was hurt, but now I have a new love and I'm immediately healed." The big point of this novel is adult love (note how I'm repeating the word love to make this point clear). It's not the kind of teenage romance where the two characters love each other and face the whole world simply with love.
Now for my review.

This is a very beautiful love story.

A lot of the time it's just MC putting her love on the depressing ML, but you can't help but empathize with the two characters because of their story.

Our MC is a very adult and resolved person, she is always patient with the MC, always treating him calmly, never crossing that line for her own pleasure.

As I said, our ML is hurt and depressed after being unreasonably abandoned by the heroine and his best friend. He's unresponsive to most things, and just wants to keep to himself.

Our MC is aware of this, and is very patient with him, she doesn't pester him, and doesn't demand a response from him. She is willing to never have the love reciprocated, she genuinely just wants him to get better. If he will love her after getting better?! It's not that she doesn't think or want it. But what she wants most is for him to be okay. Even if these thoughts come to her, she does not indulge them nor keep brooding over them. She is aware that she is in the world of a novel, and just wants to write a new story for the character she loves.

She doesn't know when or if she'll ever go back to her world, but she always keeps a detached mind, always getting ready for after her goal is complete, for day that may never come.

The ML can get better and end up being with another woman at the end or even the heroine (Not before she regrets or apologizes tough), but she is willing to accept it, because for her, his happiness is the most important thing.

That's why she is patient with him, helps him, doesn't bother him with her love and is always honest with him. Even as she show with actions how much she loves him, she never crosses the line.

I have to say, after reading this story, novels and manhwas of this style will never be the same for me, because from now on I will always notice even more how immature the other MCs of these novels are.
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Aug 19, 2022
Status: epilogue 2
I recommend this book, for those that:

  • Do not mind a lack of and delayed fluff and romantic build up
  • Enjoy a particularly fast and light read
  • Do not mind a somewhat a rushed and derailed anticlimactic ending.
Most of the exciting moments came from the plots for revenge and the friction between FL and her targetted enemies. The romance was a bit lackluster, not fully well written and rather short-lived. Additionally, because of the delayed introduction of romance, my anticipation for it was exhausted and I couldn't fully well enjoy the chemistry between... more>> ML and FL that later on would feel forced. It was as if the author herself, did not love the ML she wrote for the FL.

Overall, this was still enjoyable to read due to the mostly clean and well-written translation. The plot, is actually not too emotional as the portrayal of emotions aren't verbose. Certainly, the point of the story is mostly revenge due to FL's obsession for retribution. A theme she herself re-iterates throughout the novel.


The novel tries to portray a more realistic approach to solving problems at the end of the novel, in a slightly sudden manner. FL had a strong and striking manner in solving her own problems which later we learn could back fire in the long term and would affect the ML's form of living due to her 'the-kingdom-can-fall-into-ruin-idc' manner in her approach. Basically, she had potential to plunge the kingdom into chaos which would just ruin everything she's built up for the ML

PS. I felt that FL seemed to have a more chaotic chemistry with the Prince, which I enjoyed reading compared to the delayed and subtle chemistry FL had with the ML.


PS. I do not recommend reading the epilogue if you want to perhaps see more of FL and ML. But I recommend it if you want to see the somewhat conclusions of the targetted enemies (Saintess and Prince). <<less
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Oct 09, 2023
Status: Completed
i was gonna rate this 3 since it did keep me hooked but eh my hand slipped

anyway, at first I was enjoying this but the ending threw a major curveball which besmirched the entire experience imo

... more>>

MC was plotting OG FL’s downfall for more than a year but it all went kaput because the ML suddenly decided to ~move on~

it felt like the OG FL went mostly unscathed because the MC’s plot geared more against the temple than her tbh.. Also I hate the fact that the ML would actually still do favors for the 2 people who pushed him to the brink and betray the MC’s expectations instead, when he very well knew that she’s been at it for a whole year and had an idea on what her machinations were since she runs everything she does through him.

The ML suddenly decided to get advice from his buddy the OG ML, just up and went “we’re not deposing her”, and THEN told the MC regarding the decision with his mind already made up.. He didn’t even explain sh*t properly to her on why he decided to forgive and forget, in the end the ML and the OG ML just gaslit her by saying what she wants and what she thinks she wants are two different things.. The OG ML also just guilt tripped her saying the ML is in panic blah blah blah..


It was so disappointing I honestly felt the MC should’ve gone back to Korea and found a new Guy. Also the smut was cringe. <<less
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Aug 04, 2022
Status: Completed
It was a very good read but for some reason I couldn't enjoy the ending

... more>>

im sure if it had gone the way hestia originally wanted it to end I would have loved it. I was so on board with having Diana be deposed by the nobility. But then Caelus stopped it and convinced hestia to live for their happiness which was ok.

If it had continued in like that with the prince and Diana slowly growing as people and eventually mending their relationship to a more understanding one and actually truly apologize from the heart it would have been wonderful.

But then Hestia got pregnant and the prince gave Diana a choice (on whether to fulfill her royal duty or stick to her ideals and get divorced) and it ended bitterly in divorce wich just left me off feeling sad for them.

He then married a lower noble lady and hestia gave her love advice and I just felt horrible for prince helios. It just felt like his love life was in hestias hands to manipulate as she pleased and is "mercifully" granting him the chance to love someone with this move. Dude wasn't even that bad and felt remorseful for what he did since his very first appearance.

if you were gonna separate them (Helios and Diana) anyway I would have liked it for it to be done by deposition since it would have been both a proper revenge and felt less realistically sad (separation because of realizing they fell in love with an idealized image of each other and general incompatibility) .

Sigh, I don't really read fantasy romance for realism.


anyway it was a wonderful read but would have either preferred a generic revenge ending or a true reconciliation ending. <<less
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Jan 04, 2023
Status: Completed
It was a good slow burn but the end really ruined everything for me and at that point I was hoping for her to just go back to her own world and leave the stress behind.

... more>>

She spent the ENTIRE story trying to bring down Diana all for Cael to ruin it in the final stretch and his reasoning was so dumb. Like you chose saving Diana vs being on your WIFE's side. I don't care if his ex-bestfriend asked for it, you knew exactly what your wife wanted but you still choose the two people who almost lead to your death over her. Then the entire running away to a new city and causing all the rumors in the capital that you had to flee cause you could never forget Diana. Add alongside it that Hestia was having her own existential crisis about staying or leaving. She would have been much happier going back to her own world and finding someone who puts her and her interests first, over his first love. No matter what the author said, to me it just felt like Cael just couldn't hurt Diana like that. Diana's ending was also lackluster. In the end, she never had any consequences and went on her happy way back to the temple.


I truly wouldn't read this again. <<less
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Jul 29, 2022
Status: c14
FL is so spiteful, I love it, it's also an interesting take on the whole 'transported into a novel trope', I would highly recommend this.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 21, 2022
Status: Completed
The translation is clear and having the metaphors or idioms' meaning right under its used sentence is very helpful!

Thank you so much for translating I wanted to see the ML's growth and development from moving on in more depth. It's also helping a lot of things in the manhwa make more sense. &Lt;3 <3

I know you've only started translating so far but I can't wait for the rest!!

... more>>

(Edit) I love this so much!! It was so touching to see the ML grow so well and move on, as well as love the FL. The pacing is so good as well!! No conflicts were dragged out too much, and the emotions were very well written and realistically portrayed by each and every major character. Shame I couldn't see more of Diana's direct suffering though. <<less
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Mar 27, 2023
Status: special 5
Novel was off to a good start, had some interesting arcs, but then it felt like the author lost interest and didn't want to see it to it's conclusion. Maybe they thought they were doing a realistic "subversion" where instead of excessive gloating and faceslapping, the MC and ML just drop everything and live a peaceful life, but it felt more like they got sick of writing and just wanted a quick ending.

Translation quality was meh. They completely missed the Roman god name references, had a bunch of "keikaku means... more>> plan" style T/N, and couldn't seem to follow the logic of the story. It's minor, but at one point they had this whole T/N about how something didn't make sense so they changed it, but actually the original made more sense. Basically the MC weakens the church by reducing the amount of followers who visit them, so naturally the church warehouse/coffers will also be reduced and become more empty. Except the translator completely didn't get it and translated it as the warehouse would become more full. <<less
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Jan 05, 2023
Status: epilogue 1
Everyone loved this, and I liked it too at the start, but it's just subpar at a lot of things.

I won't get into it too much but MCs motivation/mindset wasn't to my liking and I didn't like the pairing. I didn't like their relationship, it didn't feel natural and romantic; an obsessive fan that sees him as a character in a book and lives only for him and a man that had an unrequited love and now "loves" MC (likely because she was the only one he could depend on).

The... more>> smut wasn't good (the only thing that was maybe ok about it was maybe the "dirty talking" of the ML), it was extremely abrupt, aggressive and not even immersive, it felt very incomplete and wasn't really satisfying. There are only a few scenes of it at the end.

Some other thing I didn't like too much:


Helios and Kaelus found out about her regressing but not about her possessing Hestia, at least as far as I know (I stopped at Epilogue 1 because I didn't want to spend more time reading it), I looked for spoilers but didn't find any indication that she told anybody which makes sense since she did say she would take it to her grave. I wanted her to tell him, so her not doing that felt unsatisfactory to me.


If you don't have anything else to read, it's ok to read this, although don't read it for romance since the ML is in love with someone else for 3/4 of the novel and the "romance" after that is supbar anyways. <<less
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Feb 15, 2024
Status: Completed

Story : Beginning (5/5), Ending (3/5)

Translation : 4/5

Romance : 3/5

There are already alot of reviews on this but honestly I need to let my emotions out, because the ending really broke the love I had for this novel. The author was doing really great in their character development. However they completely flopped on creating a romance for our ML and FL because their characters didn't develop enough to end the novel. In conclusion, it felt rushed and made without love.

... more>>

The crown prince Helios got the development he deserved, which was the empire over his emotions and it settled calmly. I liked him quite alot more at the ending, with him trying his best to move on with his life and peace.

The male lead Kaelus did not develop too much from the beginning. He was still obsessed with a girl (this time our MC) and was still overly loyal to the empire. The choice he made at the end by sparing the saintess Diana was annoying but suits his character. His love to our female lead Hestia felt less like love and more like he was paying back a favor she did (literally him thinking 'oh she gave her all for my happiness so I should give myself to her). The romance scenes felt really forced too, , no real POV from him it just kinda happened.

The female lead... sigh. It was really going so well, she had a whole breakdown where she needed to accept living in the new world vs it's just a novel and she can return some day. I thought the author would address this more but NO. Instead of letting the girl settle into her life now that Kaelus 'loves' her and doesn't care about Diana anymore, she gets one paragraph about picking herself up and making kaelus her sole reason to exist. It's not even love at this point, that's obsession! She doesn't even have any thoughts anymore, quite literally she is a machine that only cares about kaelus' happiness. The author doesn't even address this and gives her a pregnancy arc. Everything felt so forced.

Diana doesn't even get any development LMAO. She just gets divorced and questions life. That's it. Still thinks she's right.


With all that in mind, I could not enjoy the epilogue or the special chapters afterwards. The love felt artificial and my interest has dropped to the ground. I found myself skipping the scenes and looking for any information to what happened to Helios or Diana.

On the topic of her transmigration,


She never told anyone until the end, they just think she regressed. Even though she had a whole manic episode of almost jumping off the balcony. I can accept her not telling anyone, because it would be too much to ask someone to comprehend that their world is a novel to her and she's essentially a greater being.


I think it wasn't a bad idea to keep it that way in the ending, so no opinions on that. Although the story that could have been has so much potential to be great.

All in all, it had great potential but flopped at the ending. The author was trying to go more realistic but forgot to make the love realistic too :D haha. I hope it's different in the adaptation, but it is what it is.

Not a bad read, but the ending will leave you chocked up in emptiness. <<less
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Apr 21, 2023
Status: c31
It was rated highly so I thought I'd give it a go. But I just can't get over the FL and her lack of, well, humanity.

... more>>

She's read the book 9 times (something shoved into your face over and over again) Watched the whole novel go down personally as a bystander and only thought to act after she died two years after the events of the book and regressed? Why? Why regret? You showed your indifference to the world and the characters the first time around. Why would you care even if you regress?

And that indifference doesn't really go away. The way she treats the ML, the whole friken world, as just a work of fiction.

Her attitude is like some little girl playing with dolls. Like she's some god writing the story now. Self inserting herself into some after story fanfic.

And the way she devotes her whole life to the ML because he's her favorite character? Like some stalker putting him up on a pedestal? It's just creepy.

She doesn't care about her reputation, her actions or even if he likes her, so long as she can make him happy again and get revenge for him.

Absolute devotion is not love, it's obsession.


Now, I didn't get very far into the story and maybe it gets better, but I just get over how creepy the FL is. <<less
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Nov 28, 2023
Status: Completed
In my opinion ... more>>

it would've been better if the ending was just like "Kill the Villainess". I wanted her to just die and go back to her reality and leave Kael after he choose to not abdicate Diana. But that's just me being an aggressive fan who supports karma.

This is the first time I'm amazed with an author because they were able to write something that I can relate to if I wS the one who got reincarnated or if I were to write a novel (this would be the same writing I would've done although I would've made it tragedy (as what I said on spoiler lol). Anyway, for some reasons, the ending is okay for me. But yeah, I would've wanted it to end in a different way. <<less
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May 27, 2023
Status: Completed
I'm giving this story 5 stars because it was written really well. I loved the characterisation of every single character in here. I came here after reading the manhwa (beautiful art, btw) and I was not disappointed at all.

The first thing I want to say is, if you like morally grey characters or things that aren't seriously divided into black and white, right and wrong, then you'll like the MC. If you dislike reading things that go against what's strictly deemed as 'moral' by the society, then you're better off... more>> passing this novel.

Most of the people who have given bad reviews have done so because of the MC's "saesang" or "crazy fangirl" behaviour, but let's be clear, she isn't saesang at all. In her first life after transmigration, she decides to deal with the fact that she woke up in an unfamiliar world in a completely indifferent and blaise way. It's mentioned at least once in the novel that she actually treated everything as a glorified VR experience, and tbh I feel that's very relatable, at least to me. There's literally nothing that's binding her to the world except her favourite character (s). She keeps telling herself "I will return once the story is over, I'll get back to my world soon" because what even is she supposed to do in her situation? If you can't cry, then it's better to laugh. Treating everything as fictional is her coping mechanism.

And then the story ends. This is also another reason I believe she doesn't behave as a saesang fan. Once the story ends, she finds out that her favourite character in the book has been trying to kill himself again and again. What does she do? Nothing, because once again, she treats everything as fictional.

Her biggest shock is that she doesn't return to her world after the story ends, and after seeing her favourite character so miserable in a story that was supposed to be a happy ending, she starts questioning everything, including her indifference. And yet she doesn't barge into the main characters' lives because she is, once again, not a saesang fan.

The reason she does what she does is because

the ML, her bias (beloved) whom she always paid attention to from afar but never interfered with, comes running to the place where she lives (she lives in a pretty abandoned and lonely place) because he wants to escape from the people who keep an eye on him so he doesn't die. They crash into each others' lives and MC finally starts to connect with the ML as a relatable human being. They share their loneliness at being abandoned by the world and that's when MC decides to live for the ML. Too bad ML didn't think the same thing. MC sees ML dying right in front of her, she sees the people ML died for not even mourning him, she sees the og FL and og ML of the story making wrong decisions and eventually separating after barely 2 years of marriage after they push our ML to his death. She sees the world that the ML had tried so hard to make a better place, and she feels angry that he decided to die on her for them.

That's her real motive of being so proactive after regressing. She sees no other way to save ML except barging into his life right as he first starts trying to kill himself. She does tresspass into the ML's property but she's a lady and she saves their lord (and gives the reason of being a prophet). Of course she isn't going to be punished especially when the ML himself lets her go.


I do not understand how people read the entire story and the only thing they could think was "woah the ML actually tried to kill himself because of a girl. How foolish/silly." The ML was depressed. He didn't mind that he couldn't get together with the girl he loved. He accepted it as long as she (and his best friend) could be happy. The reason he decided to commit su*cide was because


He was abandoned by the people he trusted and loved the most (his best friend and his first love) after he sacrificed his conscience and innocence to plot the mu*der of an aristocrat who was threatening the stability and lives of the empire, who repeatedly commiteed inhuman atrocities and got away again and again due to politics. He dirtied his hands and his best friend (the CP) also supported him at that time, but after the deed was done, he was seen as a mu*derer by everybody and lost everything. He didn't want to die because he couldn't "get the girl", he wanted to die because he gave up everything for the girl and all he got was endless hate and reproach from the people he saved.


Eh I got a bit long winded, but I believe people should know this before reading. This story isn't one of those "transmigrated into my favourite novel and decided to live as a silly little side character loved by basically everybody ehe" stories, it's got actual plot and requires some reading comprehension.

It's also rather funny that the MC is being villified as somebody without humanity when she literally makes the lives of commoners better. She hasn't really done hateful things. She does push the og FL into despair, but at every point, she's saved people who would've suffered due to bad decisions, and she's given both the CP Helios and Og FL Diana a way out. It's entirely their fault that they couldn't get over their differences or try to work together. I do not see where this hate for the MC comes from.

The MC's indifference is also explained and solved in a pretty interesting way. She does get depressed and anybody who knows a bit of reading comprehension would know that her mental status isn't any better. She's constantly fighting with herself in the latter part of the story, wanting to treat everything as a story and looking forward to leaving this world because she despises herself for what she's been doing (aka treating everything indifferently). She also suffers from imposter syndrome. Her almost fanatic way of treating the ML is her way of coping withthe fact thatthis world has nothing for her except the ML. She needs somebody to tie her to this world or let her go back to her original world.

My only gripe with the atory is that the transmigration isn't explained. The miraculous things that happen, like divine power and the regression are never explained, even though the MC is found wondering about the cause of transmigration and regression. It's kinda a plothole that can't be called a plothole since it's been questioned in the novel but never answered, sorta like an open ending.

Talking about the side characters, all of them serve their purpose, and do it pretty well. The CP Helios is probably the most interesting character in the entire story. His character sees the most development. The og FL Diona is another character you'd call a religious fanatic hypocrite who only knows how to preach about justice and morality bit actually never does anything about it, being both stubborn and passive at the same time. However, she's not the kind of 2d villainess og FL. She's irritating but not in that silly way most og FLs in such transmigration stories are cursed to be. The FL qualities are actually pretty evident in her, it's just that she's never had to suffer in her life and thus doesn't get to grow as a human at the right time. She does regret her actions though.

The ML, is probably one of the more passive ones I've read about in novels. His purpose (mostly) is to sit still and look pretty (literally). In his defence he's been suffering fron depression, and getting better from something like that is a battle in itself. After he gets better, he does everything he can to support MC. After this, it's mutual pampering. Power couple.

The author understands feelings and complexities and the fact that show not tell works best during storytelling. 5/5 stars from me. <<less
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Nov 26, 2022
Status: special 5
I am following the manhwa closely and was so excited to see the novel version is completed.

Now that I've completed reading the novel version I must say I'm disappointed.

I was looking forward to the character development of Kael the male lead, but I was so disappointed. I really wanted to slap him. After all what Hestia did for him, how could he just stop to dispose Diana?

Also I was looking forward to see how Kael fell in love with Hestia. (I was really hoping to see Hestia bonding a friendship with another guy so that Kael will be jealous and can finally realise his feelings.) At which point, did he realised his feelings for her. But no, when I read the novel I only found that he stole... more>> her lips when she was sleeping, than he confessed that they should act as real couple and than suddenly he had s*x with her.

Than when he said that he'll stop to dispose Diana I felt so bad for Hestia. His one decision made all her hardwork and efforts futile. She felt empty, useless. Hestia baby really wanted to return to her original world Korea. And I too wanted her to just go back to Korea. And when no one is there for him than only will he realise how imp she is for him.

Rather than showing us their children I would have loved to see how they fell in love.

Kael could've been the best manhwa character out there but no the author made him the worst. The author didn't realise that the main reason we readers were reading this work was because we wanted to see the revenge. The author build our excitement but let us down so badly that I really don't wanna recommend this manhwa to anyone. <<less
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Jul 27, 2022
Status: Completed
I read the MTL version of this novel, quite easy to understand if you want to overlook some parts.

Now onto the actual novel. I LOVE it! For a novel that's basically rofan, it is surprisingly realistic. There are no shortcuts taken by the author to justify plots. The ML has easily become one of my favourite ones, it's so refreshing to see a non-toxic ML full of green flags! And the way the author addresses mental health is like the cherry on top! Easily one of the best novels I... more>> have read. <<less
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Katou Yui
Nov 23, 2023
Status: Completed
This is one of my favourite novels. I understand Hestia very much, (I'm also coming and re-reading this novel a lot of times xD), her character is very easy to relate to.

You get suddenly thrown into another world, with no memories of what happened to you, but since it's your favourite novel you want to experience it since you think it's a dream. But it's not. The novel has reached its end, but that world keeps going and you don't feel part of it, and even more, you... more>> lose the only person (character for her) that gaves meaning to your being in that world... this is a very hard experience.

Hestia's character development is really good. She doesn't feel like part of that world, for her it's not reality. But it's Caels's development what saves her in the end too.

I also loved that Hestia, knowing that not talking can cause huge misunderstandings because she has read a lot of novels where that happens, just talks and explains herself. xDD <<less
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Jan 02, 2023
Status: Completed
i really liked this novel at the start, I began with the manhwa and this is the one manhwa I swore I would die on the hill defending: now, some things have changed


it was slowly building, then all of a sudden it hits you like a truck? it kinda caught me off guard lol. he was depressed and suicidal, he started getting more screentime and had an ok relationship with FL (felt a bit awkward on his end, like he was trying but still having seizures when he saw ogFL) then boom he's madly in love with FL and burning a gift from diana? maybe I was too focused on different elements of the story that I missed the progression but honestly I did not pick up the hints that his affection had reached that point? I swear there was a scene not that early before the reveal of him telling her to give him up. still, I will admit they were cute as a couple! I just needed to quickly adjust to the development and honestly, we spent so long fleshing out how hestia felt that his love for her paled in comparison. his love felt shallow when we look at hestia LOL


near-ending before epilogue


now, I know this is a common opinion shared by many if FMDF reader s, but hestia lowkey shouldve went back to her world.

we were at a point in the story towards the end, their relationship was established and I was rooting for them! sure, the romance kinda just jumped out at me, but that was just a little "oh, okay" moment for me, and I still loved them: but then, hestia's angst of being a transmigrator happened. it kinda built up in the chapters and she always shut it down, but after kael had confessed and they were happy, she began to wonder "why am I still here?" hestia never aimed for kael to reciprocate her feelings or have a relationship, her goal was to save his life and she had accomplished tha and she did so always seeing herself as an outsider. she knew that this was a reality with real people, but as she herself said this was not HER reality. yeah it was nice to save kael and be with him, but as time went by and she had accomplished her goal and her "prophecies" had run out, she no longer had purpose and said she had no real attachment to this world. she didnt want to live here, she never chose that, she only wanted to go back in time and save him (and that she did). she eventually stayed because all kael would do was cry in her room bc he thought she was trying to commit, but the way her emptiness was built up and shown really touched me and the other readers, so much so that we were all like hestia girl go home!! lol. I wouldnt have minded it due to her homesickness, and it felt like kael could never compete with her. her love for him wasnt that she wanted him at all costs, she just wanted his happiness, and I believe that had she gone home at that moment she really could have enjoyed peace. I possibly would have liked to see an alternative ending written where she goes home, and letting the readers pick out of the two their preference.

(a controversal opinion but if there ever were a diff ML I hope it would be helios bc I actually liked him and his chemistry and character development were mwahh! power couple fr. too bad hestia was disgusted when she found out he was swayed by her)




sooo unsatisfying! 😭 I know there are some controversial points in the novel and this is one of themmm. hestia spent the ENTIRE novel working her ahh off to bring down diana AND the temple. she set up a whole soap business so people wouldnt need to go to the temple as much for treatment and weaken the temples power so diana would lose all backing. she was so close to getting diana booted as the crown princess and had a whole plan with the nobles, but KAEL over here goes nooo uhm actually im gonna support her bc I just wanna be happy with you so idc if she goes down 🥺 let her keep her position and all bc im not sad anymore thanks to your love!! bit*h SHE SPENT MONEY AND ALL HER TIMEEE ON THIS AND YOU DO HER LIKE THISSS? hestia was like oh... okay do you still like her yk first love... kael was all no I love you but I cant be bothered w her anymore my depression? CURED so who needs pfft revenge! diana did end up losing her position later on because there was pressure for an imperial heir and diana didnt want babies? she escaped all consequence and hello what about the noble ladies you promised to represent when you were gonna take down diana? you rallied all this support and on the day you just do nothing and they were like awww okay theres always next time! girl be so fr how did they not have your head on a skewerrr you planned this? they were vicious in their hatred for her to so where did this generosity come frommm?


free_soul's review basically sums up and I said and we share the same opinion (though be warned they used no spoiler brackets so read at own risk) overall, I did like the story! these were the main two points that kinda got me and others scratching our heads but I dont think it ruined the story, hence the 3 stars. there was a lot of good build up and we know hestia worked harddd for her goal. I saw the vision, but it could have been executed more smoothly. the translation was pretty coherent, so thank you for all the hard work! it was pretty average, it had its ups and downs, I think the issue is that there was more good than bad but the bad was pretty tough that it started to overpower the good. when I think back, I really did enjoy the story and I dont regret binging it all lol
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