Flirt [Interstellar]


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Lin Yi lived to thirty-five years old in his previous life. He became famous when he was young and was arrogant by nature. He sang and acted well. He died just as he was about to win various awards.

When he opened his eyes again, Lin Yi was in the interstellar era and has become a fragile omega that can be easily deceived and has lost their fertility.

At the Star Network press conference, a reporter cited Qin Nuo, the strongest Marshal of the Empire, as an example, contemptuously: “A low-grade omega like you can’t stand by the Marshal in this life, right?”

Lin Yi’s eyes drooped slightly, and his lips slowly opened: “Want to make a bet?”

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New Qwex rated it
September 13, 2023
Status: c29
Your main character can be OP only so far before it gets ridiculous.

MC is a genious actors, musitian, cook (in the beginning MC admitted that he was only ok, but then the author changed their mind and now he knows countless recipes). He is super cool and attractive. Everyone lusts after him: alphas, betas, omegas (not exaggerating, it is in text). His every action is perfect.

The plot is as cliche as it gets. If you read one novel of a similar premise, than this novel will not surprise you.

Side characters... more>> are divided into 2 groups: those who love and help MC, and cannon fodder.

Speaking of which. The final drop after which I simply cannot take this novel seriously is when a military (!) robot (who is firmly in the "MC's brainless fan" category) treatend a civilian (!) canon fodder with a f*cking GUN for cannon fodder's antagonism with MC. The author was clearly going for "cool", but firmly landed on "WTF is wrong with this military?".

World building is actually really weird. On one hand these robots are easily replaceable and destructable. On the other - they are self aware. Like, 100% artificial intelligence, every robot has it's own personality, and they get upset when disrespected.

For once, ML is not a "cool boss" type but "externally cool, internally innocent" type. Still cliche, but not that overused.

His deal is that he wants a relationship based on personality likes and not on pheromons. Interesting idea for a novel, I would've loved to explore it. But MC became interested in ML because of his appearence, not personality, so this doesn't count. <<less
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rorowingaway rated it
June 5, 2023
Status: c96
  • overall: 8/10 (-2 cos of the abrupt cliffhanging ending ahh I felt it was a bit too rush on the end)
  • comments: so MC gets transmigrated into a interstellar wrld and originally on earth his parents were actor & music geniuses whom he inherited the traits from. So aft transmigratin he is in an omega body and he breaks all the sterotypes and speaks out about issues that needs to addressed yata yata he is pretty badass overall though I enjoyed his character a lot. For ML he was just shackled cause of the tremendous pressure frm public etc cos he was the marshal then he met the MC who liked him for himself and yes he is a very doting person you can say. Anyways both MC and ML as a pair is very fun to look at and follow through their journey.
  • Spoiler

    The ML also never gave up with the marriage proposal rejections frm the MC HHAHA he just kept proposin till the ML was ready

  • but tbh this part was a bit toooo rushed of him accepting it ngl cos he still seemed not ready but it seems like the author wanted to finish the story quickly so rushed it. Its quite a pity. I wanted to see more of continution of the plot ngl.
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HaiRyuuKi rated it
May 29, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel is really good if you are looking for a sly and revengeful MC and shy and ascetic ML in an interstellar entertainment novel, which is my cup of tea.

As someone who likes interstellar and entertainment genre, this novel is a gift for me. But bias aside, the MC came as a surprise to me because I have read many smart MC novels, but this one - ... more>>

the MC not only could be patient in his revenge, his revenge also is a heavy hammer to his opponent. I am itching and irritated when he didn't immediately end his opponents, which I also admire his patience


I hope you could give this novel a chance! <<less
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Kyaaaaaaaaa rated it
July 31, 2023
Status: Completed
A standard face-slapping novel with a semi-likable MC and ML, whom unfortunately are not developed enough to have substance. The plot follows in a stereotypical behavior (MC wakes up in a beautiful body that gotten taken advantage of, is calm, starts building up connections with his earthly knowledge of food and idea of ABO genders being equal, meets ML, starts face-slapping), so much that a few chapters could be skipped and the plot would still be guessed at. The romance is honestly the only highlight because the MC is passionate... more>> but not completely committed while the ML has fallen hard (and is already planning marriage lol), however the lack of development in their romance leaves much to be desired.

MC really did nothing ground-breaking, and does not stand out amongst many face-slapping MCs. His road is very smooth, and the ML only exists for the purpose of romantic development and furthering MC's interests. Plot is, once again, dull, predictable, and lacking substance.

WHEW. With that said, did I read the whole thing? Absolutely. I'm a sucker for these novels, though I admittedly got bored after chapter 60. The ending wasn't really an ending as well, so much that I was confused when it did end. It's good for a light read after reading something heavy probably, but don't expect a lot. <<less
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August 18, 2023
Status: Completed
They never did it once in the novel. Screw that ah.

To me the potential of the novel was alot to be used but author cut everything short after few chapters. You can see she was really busy attending wedding, and going to holiday in the after notes....

MC is cool as a cucumber. He really talented, but most of his success based on bring this interstellar new taste of Earth food. Another foodie, 3 in a row now from reading novels recently heh. He's really strong minded and have a tough... more>> mentality. He plans well and knows what he wants. He's really kind and sociable.

ML is a just a innocent virgin despite him being in control of the whole Empire. He pampers MC and falls in love quite easily with MC.

I love the robots AI in this novel they are so cute. MC Is like their dad awww.

Main opponents to me is 2 cannon fodder villains, I thought MC would go against alot tough oppponents

There's alot of gender bias, discussion, social media involvement.. they always Diss MC. Pretty tiring at one point.

I wish MC develope his entertainment career more. Justs weird that he only did 2 film the whole novel.

The ending was cut short.. I want bed chamber scene.. miracle child birth and more.. <<less
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June 22, 2023
Status: Completed
shou is flirtatious with gong he takes intiative to say he likes gong without much twist and turns, theres no misunderstanding in their relation (except where shou wasnt ready for marraige)

shou is op from start sometimes gong looks like background character until end where gong starts entering politics

◇starts of with shou having huge debt, then have a variety show, he composes a song, acts in a movie (just a minor role) <where he meets gong >

theres no indepth scenario of making movie most of the novel is comment section... more>> of netizens

he did take revenge but feels to op like he never cared about his safety feels as if no one could harm him, wonder what actually happened to those cannon fodder villains in trail that alpha guy didnt get much retribution

really like those cute brains and the beta guy wei is so cute and soft like omega

at end MC is rich, but really have to admit MC does have brains instead of making food himself he coaxed powerful brain to make them unlike other MCs who think food from brains taste bland

theres lil political stuff fighting for omega rights and again MC is smart instead of doing it himself he manipulated mls mom into it

well felt abolishing concubine system is to selfish on mls part (but who cares power regins) but gd thing it was rejected.

what about lil phermones from MC ? Does it mean his gland can still function and hes not infertile? Well wouldnt know as ending is hasty

🚫dont read further nothing to do with og novel🚫

i always feel ML fell in love with MC easily just like getting bewitched

and mls mom didnt really like MC but after eating food made by MCs gift she changed (tho author explains ins and out of her change doesnt add up) even tho ML knew something was wrong he brushed it up thinking MC wouldnt hurt them

even military was so defenseless against MC well all these thoughts are just due to abrupt end dont mind I just wanted to vent <<less
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MeimeiXgreetsXNiangniang rated it
July 8, 2023
Status: c96
I enjoyed reading it however I admit I have skipped the comments of netizens several times. It's a pity the novel ended at 96. The last 10 chapters made me think the main characters are going to change the society and actually do something to these nobles.
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June 4, 2023
Status: c96
An easy read that I read in a day. It wasn’t anything groundbreaking but it was enjoyable and the relationship was respectful (which is surprising in an ABO novel) :
... more>>

The MC was the more bold and foreword one in the relationship, and even though ML was OP he wasn’t overbearing and the MC did whatever he wanted.


I also liked how the character of the MC remained firm and unchanged despite having transmigrated into a deeply sexist ABO world


There was no miraculous restoration of the MC’s fertility and no MPreg, and the MC was fine with that even if society mocked and scorned him for it.

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