Interstellar Super Doctor


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Taking the Sword Heroes game system with him, Xiào Mu transmigrated into an interstellar world. Then he became a guide who has waste level physical strength but OP spiritual power. While trying to improve his spiritual power, activate skills, and make medicine… He unknowingly became a heartthrob in the hearts of the imperial sentinels.

Leo, the youngest major general in the empire, has rejected the Golden Tower’s matching suggestion for the 102nd time, stated, “Instead of marrying a weak chicken guide, I would rather live with inhibitors for the rest of my life!”

Leo is the only single sentinel in the empire who has SS level in both physical and spiritual power. He hates wastes and disdained weak chickens the most. Later, he fell in love with Xiào Mu, the weakest person in the empire in terms of physical strength.

Xiào Mu’s daily routine after work: Sorry, the appointment for spiritual treatment this week is full, please come back next week.

The assistant glanced at the terminal: Boss, quickly come to your senses! The appointment for treatment has already reached 2 years later.

Leo’s daily life after falling in love: You want to pursue Xiào Mu? I’ll see you at the challenge arena!

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53 Reviews

Du Xiao Mi
New Du Xiao Mi
Jan 07, 2023
Status: Completed
This story has a lot of potential, however it also has a lot of plot holes. They may be small but they become increasingly annoying as they accumulate. It feels like the author started a lot of subplots and then forgot about them. (The author would need a lot more chapters to satisfactorily ending these subplots, I get it, but I would read them happily if they did so)

... more>>

for example in the last chapters MC adquieres the ability to attack but never uses it or MC never being able to study pharmacy and so on


As I said before, the story has a lot of potential and I liked it (especially the relationship between MC and ML and how ML learns MC boundaries and how to respect him) so I can recommend this novel to you. Still I hope the author will make some adjustments to it in the future.


you probably saw it from the tags but there are no kids or mpreg even in the extras even if they mentioned the possibility of men having kids together more than once


Lastly, sorry if my English is bad...I hope you can understand it nevertheless <<less
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New _jwxo
Jan 06, 2023
Status: Completed
I finished it but I was bored of it pretty quick. The whole story was meh. It didn’t need to be 99 chapters and there were a number of elements that were just very flat, besides the characters.

  • The MC’s overall goal was achieved too easily, and he experiences very little pushback from the established power players in the story, mainly because he’s both legendary and OP.
  • The MC and the character he supposedly look like, didn’t look alike. The character who he was originally mistaken for had obviously different physical features. So I didn’t really understand the point of that, and it seems to only serve its purpose later on, but still doesn’t make sense because they have certain physical features that are obviously different.
  • Personally, I didn’t understand the purpose of his system or how he levelled up to unlock new medicines or abilities. Also, some of the explanations regarding certain abilities and their consequence (good or bad) were hard to understand or didn’t make sense.
  • Keeping with my issues with the system, there were literally ZERO drawbacks to all the medicines and abilities unlocked (as I understood it and I may have missed something), which fine, OP MC. But it didn’t feel believable.
  • I also didn’t get why the system had cultivation style elements to it. Or why specifically it was based on the game/character he was playing before transmigrating. The world in which he migrated to didn’t even have cultivation elements involved, to make sense for the way the system was set up. So it was an odd choice to me.
  • The world-building was lazy, especially because the main conflict is related to the existing social organization of the world, but it’s barely addressed. This also ties into how the MC basically forces societal change with little resistance, mainly for personal gain but also to the benefit of other guides. The only major resistance comes the main villains, all the other entities who should be throwing up road blocks aren’t. Well not any that last, as the MC is OP and connects quickly with a powerful backers unintentionally which seems to negate almost all of his issues.
  • The sentinel/guide trope is really only there to justify the OPness of the MC and ML. If you want the lore–of any kind–associated with this trope this is not the story to look for it in.
Tbh, it’s enough to kill time if you want to... more>> engage in mindless reading, and don’t want to pay too much attention to the story. I skipped ahead a lot, though I did read the story from beginning to end, I think you could probably get away with reading every 5-8 chapters and still get the gist of the story. <<less
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Apr 14, 2021
Status: c35
Overall, the writing is quite boring with MC going through the daily life motions without much going on. MC transmigrates with a system and is a S-level guide but he secretly hides his identity to prevent himself from being put in the tower. He has to heal people with his mental strength to level up and sell medicine in the black market while laundering money through his online cookie store. (You don't have to do taxes in the future?)

The villain is brainless with his 'brilliant' idea of taking... more>> MC's medicine and covering his guide flavor with another guide flavor as if no competitor ever thinks about analyzing the medicine they produce.

ML is your typical frat boy Brad, very insensitive, always having a superior attitude and insulting MC at every chance just because MC is physically weak. MC clearly doesn't like ML or physical contact with him but he tries to touch MC several times. In chapter 35, after discovering that MC is a guide, and even though MC is sick at the time, he tries to sexually assault MC who desperately fights him off... <<less
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Aug 09, 2021
Status: c45 part2
A very enjoyable setting with interesting characters and power development.

MC transmigrated into a sci-fi world that is not ABO but based off it. There are Sentinels (similar to Alpha) and Guides (similar to Omega) but these are not secondary genders like ABO and male guides don't give birth. Instead, any male, even "ordinary" (similar to Beta) ones can give birth if they have an artificial uterus implanted, but usually they just have test tube babies. Bit more realistic lol.

Guides are also not connected to fertility at all, they don't go... more>> into heat regularly. Exposure to a sentinel that has a high compatibility with them might cause something similar to heat for both parties though. Kind of like the concept of fated pairs, but it's not necessarily limited to one single soul mate. It's more like any two people have a compatibility percentage and above 50% is considered really good.

Our MC transmigrated into this futuristic world using a video game avatar he made for a game. But the game was an ancient cultivation MMO so it's not like he got sucked into a game world. Bit odd but it works lol.

MC is very hardworking and independent. He's not terribly stubborn and is good at cooperating with others. Actually, he has a surprisingly normal personality without being boring. He's not overly justice oriented, but he is kind-hearted and ambitious towards the greater good.

ML starts off extremely judgement and tsundere but goes through shock and subsequent character development after learning he fell in love with the type of person he looked down on before. And... Maybe he was wrong.

He also figures this out on his own, the MC didn't browbeat him. When he was being judgemental, MC acted like many people do in everyday lives towards that one difficult coworker or neighbor... Being polite, not getting to involved with the rude person, and not taking it to heart because they're just a passerby anyway why waste your time. It's annoying but not infuriating, you aren't invested in this person so why care?

MC actually keeps up this subtle indifference towards ML, and honestly it makes sense. He doesn't know the character development ML went through because they didn't sit down and talk about it or anything. And MC is busy doing other things.

I like that MC has his own life, goals, and bottom line, instead of just falling for the ML. ML also didn't fall for him right away, even thought he falls first. ML develops his feelings over a period of time after MC slowly, and not pointedly but just as a byproduct of living his life, shows ML that his assumptions are wrong.

The way the system abilities work is pretty fun too. It's not too cluttered, flows well with the story. There's enough new developments with MC's golden finger to keep things interesting, and he doesn't always get a boon right before he needs it. Sometimes something new cones up and he really values it because he got f*cked over multiple times in the same way and this new thing could prevent that.

Overall, I really like this! Definitely recommend. <<less
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Jul 23, 2021
Status: --
The ML changing doesn't make up for how he acted in the first part of the novel. Especially after he tried to r*pe the MC.
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May 28, 2021
Status: Completed
I agree to the reviews above.

On Rumi123's review I also agree that You Mo is pitiful ... more>>

but his pride due maybe to his high IQ cant tolerate the man he loves and another man infringing his territory to lie to him and he acted impulsively. Hao Mian is sooo to blame had he told his plans to You Mo it could have saved them from this tragedy ~~~and the entire interstellar at that. And I would not waste my time writing this review. But he (HM) prob wants angst in his life so yea he decided to keep this quiet from his bf and connive with a guide everyone believed to be his childhood sweetheart and is in love with him since forever. Millie is a WILLING victim as well as a culprit. He knows that the two had feelings. He could have found other sentinel who will love him from the beginning and avoid 20 years of painful longing. Well he got his just deserves for 2 decades. Hao mian should have suffered more in my opinion. In the end tho he got the best of both worlds. Tru dat both scum are meant to be ~ from You Mo.

This is the first novel that turned me off the MC. It was never mentioned even implied that he felt empathy towards anothrr character in this novel. He was like a block of ice while ML is a firecracker. He justvwent o with his life not caring about oyhers who might be implicated with his actions. Sc**w you other pips~~imma the MC vibes.

The author is somewhat absent minded in dealing with a lot of issues here but heyyyy what do I know. LOL. Like anyine can volunteer in the hospital and even administer untested drugs and get away with it without penalty whatsoever because evything worked out in the end. Pluuuuuaaase gimme a break~~ You still read on moron- inner dialogue.

You mo was executed in the end and everyone got to enjoy his research results while he died as a criminal and a madman. Yeah yeah yeah great!!! I'm soooo ecstatic😩😧😧😧 he got it coming. Like for real??????? Maaaaan~~ Imma pissed off! He is a criminal I know but so was Mitte. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison while You Mo was executed. I hope You mo will be reborn and live his life wayyyy more happier than greentea Millie and Scum Hao. (In a novel written by another) I cant trust the orig author. He'd have lived a glorious life w/out the two scums.


Well yea overall I enjoyed the villain's story as for the main story~~ waz dat? Can I eat it? I confess to being sarcastic but it was a really bland love story full of Mc's hadwork (he never rests okey) + cheats = perfect life.

my hand slipped and I clicked 4 stars ~~~ this is for You Mo's story btw. <<less
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Nov 02, 2021
Status: c70
after seeing the rating I had absolutely zero expectations for this novel

I just decided to give it a chance because I m interested in guide-senile theme after reading it in (I'm a slag shou)

and I'm surprised!!!! The plot is good the MC is interesting and the ML has a freaking character!

... more>> people who like transmigration novels like me will understand how hard it is to find a normal ML lol

He was arrogant at first and looked down on the MC as usual but it was so much fun to see his face slapped every time he remember it lol He did not impose his opinion on the MC and he respected the mc's choices and plans ! He even pursued him with flowers and gifts

its an interesting novel I rate it with 8/10 <<less
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May 22, 2022
Status: Completed
I like the story and characters. The reason I wrote this review is because I don't like some characters.

  • Xi Mu- He is a doctor but he criticise MC too much. Telling he is a narcissist or what. MC is a patient but its like they despise him for being ordinary. Xi Mu himself is ordinary person yet he criticise his own kind. Also, at the part of the fake parents wanting to get MC, he didn't even question it even though there is an evidence that he is not their real son. He thinks its not his problem. Th? Is it because it's a futuristic setting or is it because he is a doctor without ethics?
  • Greene family- I don't get the reason they didn't care about their own blood son but choose to get MC who have the same name and appearance.
No doubt this is a great novel. If the characters wrote above isn't like that then I'll read this novel over again.
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Feb 02, 2022
Status: Completed
This is one of those mindless reads without much fluff (a bit surprised tbh lol) and lots of plot holes. But let me focus on the positives:

- The ML’s journey to treating others as humans (wait, he only did that for the MC🤔 hmm.. Well it’s better than nothing)

- Side characters having roles AND making achievements in that world

... more>> - The Main Villain’s reincarnation/Transmigration to a better life (but needs therapy first tho😅)

- The MC’s strong feet for holding strong against the bullsh*t and sticking to his beliefs & goals

- The MC’s best friend and his love life (he’s so precious🥺)

- The MLs family for not being dicks and also competent

I may get tomatoes or sparse applause for the next few things I didn’t really care for which is spoiler territory so thread with caution:


• It would’ve been better if the MC had a regular system instead of the game version. There weren’t a lot of options to begin with and the ones he got, he never got to use them. There are also other things he had but didn’t use them to their full potential; like what’s the purpose of adding random people when he can’t even have his own partner in the space🙄

• I didn’t give a sh*t about those scums’ son stories that made the Main Villain into what he became

• I was also not interested in the Mitte + Green relationship; tbh I wouldn’t have been surprised if their relationship became even more toxic due to You Mou’s brain washing

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Nov 06, 2021
Status: c76
I have no idea what some people's issues are!! This is an amazing story! The MC and ML have a relatively understandable relationship it started off cliché but it gets more complex after that.

I say the TL is doing a great job on this one and the story deserves attention. I honestly think some people crap all over a story because it isn't exactly like that one story they read that one time. Every story is unique and should be judged as such
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May 12, 2021
Status: Completed
I dunno about other people but I liked the personality of the ML and his personality became awesome after the character development.

The only thing I dislike about this novel is about You Mo. This novel did him dirty, I seriously do not hate him, I pity him. TBH I hate Meli and Hao Mian so much for screwing up his life.

I seriously had depression over this, my heart was so anxious, but overall everything else was good.
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Jero Rex
Jero Rex
Jun 25, 2022
Status: Completed
I honestly don't have anything to say since my opinion is just like the other readers with positive review.

I'm just here to say my dissatisfaction about the side couple.

... more>>

Mitte and Greene, these two are annoying. I don't understand the relationship between these two, falling in-love with your kidnapper just because he treated you nicely, like, he's also part of the kidnappers. Greene did 'help' MC, but it was not because of everyone's safely, but because of Mitte who almost caused MC to be killed. Mitte, these f*cker has two reasons to kill MC, the first reason is because of his rescuer who hated the sentinel and guides. The other reason is because MC looked like Greene. The first reason was understandable but the second reason was just draggy. Greene kept on protecting and keeping secrets about mitte when asked, resulting the villain to have more time, and mitte getting a happy life just because MC avoided his trouble and Greene pleading for his safety. Both of them are so f*cking draggy and annoying. There's already 2 or 3 other side couples, why add another useless one. Greene could've just live a normal life and Mitte to be imprisoned like YM, but no. Mitte lived a happy life with Greene after getting his 'Karma' which doesn't make any sense. F*cking annoying as shit.

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Jun 04, 2022
Status: Completed
(Updated 12/23/2023 - 2nd Reread) Interstellar Sentinel & Guide Novel! With Transmigration and System Administrator/Game Elements! The MC, Xiao Mu, transmigrates into an interstellar world with a SYSTEM in his head. This world is one where there are three types of people: ordinary people, Sentinels (who have heightened senses and enhanced physical strength), and Guides (who have the ability to support one's spiritual health and, later, create medicines helpful for all sorts of things.) The MC transmigrates as a Guide with a veritable golden finger, one that allows him... more>> to create god-tier medicine that can help Sentinels with their spiritual energy deficiencies. In the meantime, he consistently encounters a grumpy Sentinel (the ML, Leo Arnold), who has a bone to pick with all the 'weak chickens' of the world. Oh, and there's also a conspiracy going on in the process~

The main premise is on exploring the golden finger. Basically, a poor-to-rich story! It's not the most organized, and you will definitely discover many areas where things appear a bit clumsy. Too many things happen as well, and most of it was convenient for the MC -- making this more of a shuangwen type of story (where the progress of the protagonists is relatively smooth). I don't think there's anything wrong with that though. I had fun, and that's enough for me! [Oh, and as for the translation, it's edited MTL, and starts off pretty rough. The quality improves a little overtime, but in the end, it remains as edited MTL.)


The characters of this novel are not the best, but they're not bad either. The side characters don't have much screen time, but they had interesting characteristics.

As for the main CP, the ML had a very clear development path (which is more than most MLs). He starts off very unlikeable, but there's a reason for him being that way, and he's not really horrible to the point of being disgusting. Just, he's a bit of a jerk lolol.

Xiao Mu (MC)

The MC was a doctor that was transmigrated into an interstellar world. There are some mistaken identity problems in the beginning since he's mistaken to be the adopted son of a prestigious family. But that's not really all that important. What's important is that he's a Guide. A strong one. And even more than that, his golden finger SYSTEM allows him to create strong medicines that can serve as an alternative to Guide-driven treatment for Sentinels.

Leo (ML)

The ML is a Major General in the army. Considered the strongest in the empire as an S-Level Sentinel; he values strength greatly. And, when he encounters the MC in the beginning, seeing his weak physical abilities caused friction instantly. Fortunately for him, fate is constantly throwing them together. So, he gets a chance to right his wrongs and improve his treatment of the MC.


I thought their dynamic in the beginning was a bit more lively than it was in the end. The friction between the two was great, and I was hoping that they would continue to bicker even after getting together T.T Unfortunately, that's not the case. In the end, the ML undergoes a very drastic change, and then quickly becomes the same as your average "leg accessory ML" (only playing the role of a possessive, sex-driven maniac lol). I still thought the romance was good when it was developing though.


I found the Sentinel&Guide premise on the Interstellar setting endlessly fascinating. The SYSTEM/game elements are also really fun, despite being a bit too OP. So, in all? The setting for this world just so happened to be the kind that I enjoy, which is why I rated this novel so highly in the end. The minus point on the rating is due to the lack of details. There's just so much going on that not everything is explored in full. Which is a shame.

PLOT: 7.5/10

The plot for this is really predictable. It's not really the focus, so it's very basic and pushed all the way to the end to finish things up. In the end, the main theme was the Sentinel&Guide element and improving the MC's medicine-making skills.

RATING: 3.87/5

Although the story is far from perfect... if you're like me and you enjoy stories where the character transitions from weak to strong, or, in this case, poor to rich, then this should be a good read for you! In this story; the MC and ML are OP and are handed everything they need (and everything they don't need) in the palm of their hands. The conflicts are also pretty easily dealt with. So, it's self-indulgent and light! Perfect for when you're in the mood for that kind of thing.


  • Personal Enjoyment: 5/5!!! This is my kind of story. So, even if it's far from perfect when it comes to plot and character development. I still enjoyed it a lot.
  • Literary Level; Author had great ideas 5/5, but executed them pretty clumsily. Some aspects are rushed and others are barely even touched upon at all 3/5. As for the translation, the one here is not bad. Not the cleanest, but it's readable.
  • Heat Level: Not smutty. There's some foreplay scenes. But mostly it's kissing scenes and light petting. 1/5.
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Cold Service
Cold Service
Apr 17, 2022
Status: c49
Bruh, I have friends working in social media and this one part made me spit out my milk.

Gave the low rating because in the story a sentinel tried to force a breakthrough (which is most likely to be fatal) by taking one of the MC's pills while livestreaming the entire thing. And no one thought of forcibly closing the livestream?!! Because not only will they be possibly streaming their death, they'll also be encouraging other people to abuse the medicine regardless of the consequences, pain is not a deterrent to... more>> everyone. Not only that, but the MC traveled there to treat the sentinel, exposing how OP his healing skills are and making others believe he can help sentinels advance. Seriously??? Why not shut down the livestream? Why not let the dude, who is clearly too dumb to live, die? I bet if this were the real world, there'd be plenty more people livestreaming themselves taking dangerous drugs in the hopes of meeting with the god-sue MC. Because as soon as the guy got healed and actually advanced a level, he tried to cling onto the MC, seemingly with no remorse at all. Clearly, these pills have to be taken under supervision. And the MC clearly needs more protection because the 4 bodyguards don't do shit, like how can he always go somewhere without supervision??

The rest is average, not bad, not good. The ML is so painfully cringe to read about, and really doesn't know how to take no for an answer. Most of the characters are really judgmental as well including the MC and ML without ever getting to know the person first, makes it hard to empathize with any of them. <<less
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Jan 15, 2022
Status: Completed
4.5/5* - story gets better after more chapters

Underrated interstellar story. Formulaic yes, but very entertaining nonetheless. Story is about OP MC that has special abilities (assisted by system) that can cure the planet. Usually, if well executed these kind of stories has a rating of 4.25-4.5*.

Personally, I think this story is well written so it is more in line with 4.5*, also because the premise of sentinel/guide, which I hadnt seen before except once as an arc in Heroic Death System (QT). I like this whole sentinel/guide concept a lot.

I... more>> guess the low rating (3.8*) has to do with the character design of ML in the beginning? He is arrogant and short sighed, thinking everyone incl. MC is in love with him. But no worries, he will be punished for being so arrogant! MC repeatedly rejected him afterwards, so there is some well deserved gong abuse. ML slowly learns how to be a proper human being. I loved how MC really didnt feel anything for ML at all. It kept the story more interesting in the first 1/2 of the novel. The romance is OK. Not extraordinary, but wasnt bad either. Expect the usual sweet, doting, protective and jealous ML.

The whole sentinel/guide concept can somewhat be compared to ABO world. Guides are rare and their compatibility level with sentinels are important. The higher the percentage the better they fit. As a high level guide MC has a super high fit (+90%) with all high level sentinels. Normally, a score of 50%+ is already rare. So, MC is loved by all sentinels.

Thanks to system MCs skills improve more and more, eventually changing and improving the lives of all people.

Key words: OP MC assisted by system, smooth sailing success story, highly coveted MC, sweet romance <<less
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Nov 17, 2021
Status: c47
It's OK, just subpar. I have read a lot of these types of novels. Pretty generic.

... more>>

Anyway, MC is dense and have very average smarts but i'll take it.

This is a rant. Both MC and ML have low eq. Like, the MC knows he's very popular and prone to accidents so why can't he just accept more bodyguards? It's not just for his safety but also to prevent chaos and accidents to happen while he's travelling, looking for herbs, or treating patients.


It's not bad, but not that good either. The translator already said it was not the best in the index. I enjoyed the ride nonetheless. Probably worth a reread. Kudos to IAmABanana for the clean translations.

On another note, everyone is gay. <<less
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Jan 11, 2022
Status: c47.1
I really tried to finish this novel but the ML just ain’t it.

When this novel started, the ML was a childish, narcissistic dude and I thought he’ll improve and stuff but when he almost forced himself on the MC, I’m like na-ahh dude.

I was really waiting for character development but nope.

Also, around the 40+ chaps I couldn’t feel the presence of the ML much like really, the story can go on even without the ML cause the MC’s more into building his own things
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Jan 06, 2022
Status: Completed
Very cute and fluffy guide/sentinel story!

I know a few people were confused as to why the MC is a pediatrician but doesn't know what a paramecium is--I'm pretty sure MC said he knew what it was but didn't understand the usage. So he thought maybe it was different in the new world. I think that makes it understandable personally.

So overall my verdict is: cute, fluffy, only miiiildly weird with the whole 'sentinels strong. Guides weak.' MC doesn't give up autonomy and fights it so A+! Not a heavy plot at... more>> all. <<less
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Dec 26, 2021
Status: ct
I really loved it. Usually most ABO novels end up off my fav list, but this was super good.

ML really has a growth in how to pursue people correctly and MC is badass in his own way with a strong will.

Side couples are sweet and moving and really have a presence, not just extras

I just miss that the ending was a bit abruptly ended😩
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Dec 01, 2021
Status: c19
Cringy. Very cringy. I got goosebumps to prove it.

At first I was okay with the narcisstic ML but I got sick of it as early as chapter 19. Like, MC already said more than a dozen times that he doesn't like him so obviously and very logically, ML and his grandpa STILL mistook it as the MC being smitten to death with the ML. Ughhh so icky.

Also, there are more than 3 paragraphs just to describe how manly or how handsome the ML is in every single chapter where he... more>> appeared. It was nauseating to read because it wasn't as if he was the only one who has high spec or high matching degree with the MC.

While reading this novel, sometimes I wished that the ML was more normal. It was quite uncomfortable to read about a guy who is supposed to be a super OP alpha sentinel major general who is the cream of the crop to insist that another guy is in love to death with him while the other guy was just frickin' standing there, looked around and happened to catch ML's gaze.

Most annoying ML ever. <<less
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Apr 11, 2021
Status: Completed
A sentinel and guide BL novel, of course the sentinel is the gong and the guide is the shou.

The MC is a beauty with long hair, though the author did not blow too much rainbow farts to him, you know he is a beauty. Though he is as weak as chicken in the beginning of the story.

The ML, well, he is an arrogant, rude, narcissistic guy at the beginning before he turns into a dogleg for the MC later.

4 stars because I feel the plot, although there was some twist... more>> and turns, it did not affect much to MC, maybe because he is quite OP especially at the end, in a non-exciting way (well maybe because I poorly MTLed it). Another thing is, the villain is.... quite mediocre.

Maybe he/they is/are not, but they look mediocre. They are able and managed to influence and infiltrate some influential people, but their plan just took so long to bear visible fruit, and when the fruit is there, our MC come into the picture and makes everything sounds mediocre. Okay, maybe because I found the villain's motive is too mediocre for his plan.

Well this is a poor review from my poorly MTLed version, because I enjoyed every bit of the translated version, so of course I'm gonna reread it again in the future. <<less
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Oct 21, 2022
Status: Completed
The plot is pretty good and rather enjoyable. I would like to rate it 4.5 mainly, because I like the MC and his ideologies and the growth of the ML from a brat to an actual adult.

The first part of the story however, is a little problematic. Transition between scenes are not very smooth in the first few chapters of the novel and things just happen very suddenly and not with much logic.

I mean, how can you get an appointment with the Marshall of the country without any rhyme or reason, especially knowing that you might have intentions towards his grandson? Maybe they got him investigated or something, but the author didn't clear such points. Even the doctors in the beginning? If that is how ordinary people are treated, I can actually understand why the guides and sentinels were revolted against.


But, if you can pass the first half of the story (albeit with some patience), the other half is quite interesting. The ML too, shows decent amount of self growth.

Especially when he tries to understand that the MC is a person with his own brains and ability to defend himself if need be and learns to accept his decisions.

It must be mentioned that the ML really becomes much likeable towards the second half.

Overall, I think this story definitely deserves a try.
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