Second Marriage with the Alliance Marshal


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Xu Xinghe, a genius omega from the Department of Computer Science at Capital University, was matched by the AI mastermind to Mu Qingyun, a major general of the Alliance, the year after his graduation.

A year later, just after the marriage protection period, Major General Mu unilaterally announced their divorce.

Xu Xinghe learned the news of his divorce from a colleague. He hung up the phone call from Mu Qingyun during work hours with a cold look, and after work was completed, he sent a text message to his ex-husband: “Send the divorce agreement and I will sign it.”

Overnight, media coverage of his divorce was overwhelming. But no one thought that only a few days later, Xu Xinghe’s name would be on the list of mastermind matched marriages again—

This time, he was matched to the Alliance Marshal, Ling Changfeng, known as the “Black God of War”.

This time Xu Xinghe prepared a divorce agreement in advance.

On the first night of marrying into the Marshal’s Mansion, he put the divorce agreement with his signature in front of Marshal Ling. “When you want to divorce, just sign it.”

The divorce agreement was burned by Marshal Ling in less than three months.

And those who were waiting to see Xu Xinghe being divorced for the second time, waited and waited, only to hear news of the marshal spoiling his little spouse.


Ling Changfeng never received a marriage notice from the AI mastermind for decades, and thought that he would never get married in his life.

“What’s so good about getting married? A waste of time,” said the marshal.

Later, he met an omega who was many years younger than him and resembled a little hedgehog. Beneath the other party’s cold appearance, he discovered the messily sweet pheromones.

“It’s nice to get married.” The marshal thought to himself.

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Melange rated it
October 17, 2022
Status: Completed
I give this a 2.5/5. It's another one of those forced-into-marriage-but-never-consummated novels. Everyone illogically thinks MC is a homewrecker. Gets hitched with ML and ML's subordinates are stunned that their steel hearted boss suddenly bends. They fall in love, throw in some nonsense like kidnapping, face slapping, pining ex, whatever.

This is basically a cold-president-loves-me contracted marriage novel in an ABO/interstellar shell.
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IsaacaHawke rated it
June 24, 2023
Status: Completed
Disappointment. That's what my major emotion is for this novel. I genuinely liked the MC in the beginning but the more the story progressed, the more s*upid it got. The author set up the MC as smart, but the brains start dissolving into nothingness as story nears the later half of the novel.

The end... I could scream!!! The MC never learns his lesson, foolishly puts himself into danger & I really hate how his trauma is handled tbh.... more>>

ML kills the villain so his trauma is magically cured? Seriously? After we come to know that he was essentially brutally violated over & over? Can we address that? Nope. Instead let's do sexy time.


Even the mother's story


Are you seriously telling me that the mother had no idea? Suddenly she's pure as milk & MC cares so much about her that he runs headlong into a trap, one that he has already fallen in before, to save her. Just how did he plan on saving her? By forcing ML to save him. Lord have mercy, for a supposed genius he seems to not even be smart enough as my neighbour's pet.


Simply frustrating because it started off so promising <<less
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Common_people rated it
May 7, 2022
Status: c105
Start with the MC divorce, and just a few days become a widow, the ML agree to marry him Because of a minor fate like 'accidentally meet' event and then, the matching system says their pheromone are compatible. Even bed matter ruled and monitored by the government's system like... What the.. But I can't help but like it. Even though the MC and ML a Lil bit dense or whatever, it's annoying but good. So far, it's all about their relationship development. And then, mc's past start to be more... more>> clear and an unknown villain boss show up.


he is a disgusting Scum guy, a rapist who obsess in mc's pheromone. He almost tagging MC in the past. Fortunately, even the Scum guy bite MC, he can't Mark MC. MC can control the alpha's mind


Here, the ML save the beauty MC on time. <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Bb_me rated it
June 10, 2022
Status: c13
So far, It baffles me how shameless and s*upid the majority (specifically most of Mc's co-workers, ML's servants/maids, his ex and ex's fiance and the internet) have the audacity to assume everything bad about MC to be real. Like I know there's gonna be a lot of people who'll believe his rumours about being an annoying, clingy, ill-tempered, scheming person but almost EVERYONE just assumes he is even if he clearly isn't. Like they make it such a big deal, stating it on almost every chapter about him being "arrogant,... more>> rude and evil" til' now! Can the co-workers/maids at least have the decency to not talk out loud when MC is around??? ಠ_ಥ

Anyways back to the novel, up to now (chp 13) there isn't much plot, MC and ML's relationship is still developing so I can't properly rate this novel yet, however the novel good potential and I'll try to re-rate this again once it has more chapters. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nivelung rated it
September 25, 2022
Status: c109
The story was somewhat interessting in the beginning. After a while I really got frustrated with the MC. And all these text logs with his so called friends did nothing to the story beside skipping over it. The thing in his workplace was boring as hell. And the ending was so.. not worth it. Maybe I just don't like the MC.

Does not even give the second marriage any chance at all. Instant divorce? I do not understand his mindset. Said that the marriage is only on paper and never talked... more>> to the Mr. Ling at all.


The story about his family is worser. Mother sold Child to Father. The sob story that she got scammed by her husband to it. I do not buy it at all. The reason she was so easily decieved was because she came from an uneducated Planet? The Sister is here for the moe but not interessting. Feels like forced family situation. Sadly there was no mention about MLs family as if they were not important at all.

The ending part... Wow, the story is so bad and not even worth mentioning. The only good thing is, the ML kills the so called Villain on the spot. And destroys his reputation. But there was no prolog for the villain story at all beside the scar on his neck. Sadly I am disappointed about it.


ML works hard the first time the met. I like that part of him alot. Not some stories where the ML will slowly start to like the MC. And the style of showing like is a good one and he tries activly to show it. Everyone know instantly that ML likes MC fromt he first moment. No questions asked. I like that. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
maymori rated it
November 24, 2022
Status: c109
This is quite good to fill my boredom, but I was waiting for the mpreg because the tag is there, but no there are none of it...

i mean why put the tag, I guess the MC is an omega so he can get pregnant but there are no mpreg in the story so I'm a bit upset because I was waiting for it until the end... 🥲

soooo sorry I will delete it myself lmao it was misleading
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Suibian_bc rated it
December 3, 2022
Status: Completed
I picked this up because of the 'arranged marriage' tag, expecting something fresh.. Well it did hooked me at first 20 chapter, so I read.. Read.. Had to skip few chapters because it started to bored me. Completed it nevertheless with not a small smug on my face. Compare to all abo stories i've read, this one was the most tasteless ever, boring. So 2.7 for me..
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Katielicious rated it
August 19, 2023
Status: --
I really didn't enjoy this read, but the writing isn't so bad to rate it 1 star.

I despise stories that drag on. The first 70 chapters is the MC being oblivious to the ml's feelings. A few more chapters of him denying the ml's feelings. &Amp; even after accpeting, they had to deal with his trauma. The relationship building is just way off.

I was so irritated that MC had his guard down with anyone but the ml. His IQ literally went out the window with strangers to have been kidnapped... more>> 3 times. I strongly dislike protagonists that always have to be saved.

I'm not going to bash on his trauma but since it was such a huge component of the story, I don't feel I understood it enough. It felt like a plot device to justify the appearance & ending of them villain. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
shiroykumo rated it
July 20, 2023
Status: extra 2 part2
This is one of those stories that one character manage to save it.

I will be honest that I want to give it 3 ⭐️ even 2; but the ML is such a green flag for me. I know he's not the best in communication and everything but he tries so hard for MC afterwards.

I truly enjoy around 50-60 chapters in the beginning. I love the interactions of MC and ML, but after 70ish when the plottwist ... more>>

the mother suddenly came out of no where

kinda happening, it went downhill for me.


I get that the mother is probably 's*upid' and 'naive' etc. But I can't handle the MC at all. Like okay, she's dying and you wanna be a filial son, but do you really have to do everything for the woman who kinda left you? No matter what she said, but she still left you with the father. Besides, you only heard from one side.

Then you met with your half-siblings and suddenly you trusted them so much that you even wanted to leave the house just for them? These strangers whom you haven't known for like 18-20 years? (I forgot MC's age) and then left behind your legal spouse of 3months who actually do so much for you??? And then be deceived later on which made you be a damsel in distress again??? Come on


So many times during reading, I had the urge to choke MC. I even had to skim through few chapters cause of that. His background story was actually sad and tragic, but the author didn't deliver it too well imo that I couldn't relate his new behaviour with the background.


And I kinda don't like when either MC/ML had shown a lot and the others were hesitating. Like did you want it or not?

Like after ML confessing, the MC is still not sure how to reply and how he truly never trusted ML. I can relate, but doesn't mean I can accept all of it. Not to mention that when ML had the susceptible period, MC went there but they didn't even do anything? And it's so confusing like if you wanna help then help, stop being indecisive.

also MC was like, sorry I didn't want to ask for your help then few chapters later, he ORDERED ML's subordinate to help??? Come on, make your mind!


And for omegaverse, I say the romance is too slowburn. Not to mention that from my understanding, susceptible period for alpha doesn't end that easy. How ML even managed to go out like nothing happened...

Anyway, I'm glad that the ML is so good that I manage to finish just cause I wanna read about the ML. He's such a gentleman imo.

I guess that's it for now <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Rira rated it
February 15, 2023
Status: Completed
I agree with those who gave 2-3 stars and their criticism. It starts interesting but after getting rid of the first husband, nothing really happens. The chapters are repetitive, MC doesn't understand anything, even after the confession, to the point you continuously question his intelligence. Reading this for 50 chapters long is really frustrating. There was some drama, like 2-3 chapters long but we are back to square one right now (Ch69). I gave 3 stars because I still haven't given up the hope that one day we can finally... more>> read the truth about MC's background and finally there will be some romance.

Edit: I finished it, overall, the story fluctuates between being boring and irritating. I think the author just doesn't know how to write a novel. The characters are superficial, MC supposed to be intelligent because the author says so but all of his actions undermine this. The author hints that he has some kind of trauma, this could be a plausible answer for his behaviour but because the author is also not good with psychology and feelings, MC doesn't really act like someone with a trauma (for example he is afraid to be bitten but goes to the room of his husband who is in heat and stays there; after his abduction, the next chapter show that he has a nightmare but after that the whole accident is not mentioned anymore and so on). The whole story could have been better finishing with 50 chapters and putting more emphasis on the complicated human emotions. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kyaaaaaaaaa rated it
January 26, 2023
Status: Completed
It's not bad... I absolutely love the ML but MC is a little meh (supposed to be kickass but gets described as "soft as a kitten") and side characters that appear just disappear soon after. There's very little character development (other than the ML, bless his heart) and the plot reveal near the end is illogical and lacks build up. The romance also drags a bit in the middle and it feels like there is little to offer while you're reading. Overall though, it's decent but not great good. I... more>> just favor the ML the most out of this novel (he has low EQ but he tries his best and is so loving and caring) but the development just lacks everywhere. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nuyanata rated it
September 11, 2022
Status: c150
Nice story. it happen not my cup of tea but I still mlt it till the end.

They're cute couple.

MC is friendly and easy going (but priky sometime) . the same kind in comedy novel.

I didn't hate it but I feel like I'm too old for this 🤣.

story has many plot hole but not that deadly. Nice for light read. If you don't think too much, you can enjoyed it

I give bad comment here

... more>>

MC is good but background story, setting and his personality not good combination.

He's still young, don't want marry, Have health problems and have past trauma. Not easy case to marry but mastermind match him very fast.

He not ready for love or have family.

I think he suit for slow burn love but author hastily and forward it. Make excuses and create situations force them together.

Such as get monitored or follow up so they should stay together/sleep in same bed. (Even turn out to be half lie) this setting is very unreasonable when at first marriage no one care about it and MC get abused or provoked but system let it be.

Author set MC personality to be priky sometime and he don't want to work thing out with ML so ML hit the wall many time. It's very annoyed. He can be good with shitty servants or bad co-workers but he tainted and pick on ML many time. You can find this setting funny in school love comedy but when in this novel setting MC is grow man it's turn to be rude and too childish not cute at all. When ML try to get along with him and be nice. He slap him at the face with words and deeds.

MC personality has problem. they can't harmony get along. It good if author let MC and ML slowly work thing out but author quickly let MC get drunk and move forward. And I not fan of it, it's turn me off.

This abo setting but MC is too care free. Randomly get drunk. Go to dinner with the guy he just know, In heat at prubpic/ in the party, pheromone leaking sometime.

Author love to write about gossips and someone else talk /opinions. It's nonsense and too long.

Matching youth with 50 years old man. Big age gap, it's a bit creepy. I think the matching system really has problems...

Even all of this, story still fun and sweet. Ml's caring. They are sweet. ♥️

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Miri Mariana
Miri Mariana rated it
January 16, 2024
Status: extra 1.2 part1
I can only describe this as... bad. The first 15 chapters was *chefs kiss* the middle 60 chapter? I don't know, it was a bunch of nothing, people accusing him (MC) of pregnancy, him going out every single day, ... more>>

him getting kidnapped once.


There's a limit dumb someone can get while still being considered 'smart'. I don't know if his EQ is non existent or if his IQ likes dipping into the negatives for fun. This man was a s*upid man cosplaying as a smart one, no one can convince me otherwise. Not to mention his character is all over the place, I can't even say he's OOC cause his personality bends to what the author wants at that moment.

Like there was this point in the novel, very minor spoiler

where he BLEW UP on the ML for taking like 5 mins out of his work day cause he missed him, and MC wasn't answering his messages. I get he was busy but even when he was as busy as that before he did not behave like that. And the author lit described the ML's reaction as being awkward, and really surprised


Not to mention he just behaves strangely for the setting their in. The writer describes Omegas as being 'dodder flowers' and just yknow dependant and all that. So you'd think you'd see that slight influence, but he acts like a modern Chinese MC that transmigrated into the setting. Like this one time where someone (not gonna say who) refers to the ML as 'Brother-in-law' bit then (MC) corrects it to 'sister-in-law'. Which just really put me off, cause I hate that type of stuff in BL, AND that make no f*cking sense for the setting??? I don't if it was some type of really shitty joke, they took it pretty seriously though.

And he just comes off a liitle ungrateful, like he'll seek the ML's comfort, but when the ML wants comfort, he tries to run away. 🙄

Icing on the cake,

when he got kidnapped for the second time


I already felt what was gonna happen, I knew he was gonna pull some bullsh*t powers out of his ass that would magically save the day 😒 Does the Author not know what foreshadowing is? It wasn't even a possibility in my mind because it was so nonsensical, and dumb.

TLDR: Bad writing. Good characters (apart from MC). Nice premise, Horrible execution. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
earlgreyt rated it
August 20, 2023
Status: Completed
Cute and fluffy fic.

I got a bit bored near the later half, but overall sweet, fluffy, slice-of-life.

Although I'm glad it was wholesome and not annoying, the pacing could have been tighter. There was a lot of dilly-dallying and the romance got too slow / stale in some parts.

Overall a very positive, cute fluffy relationship. And the finale / climax was pretty cool (I wish the rest of the novel was as good as the finale)
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rorowingaway rated it
May 4, 2023
Status: c86
  • storyline: 6/10 (it got a bit boring 1/3 of the story like at the statt it was really funny and entertaining after that it was just fully draggy make su go like when will thisss enddddd)
  • chtrs: 8/10 (good characterisation MC is smart reliable funny and also unruly somewhat but not really after all he is a much younger generation compared to ML, ML acts like a big cat fr das all and both of them are a very cute couple)
  • overall: 6/10 (i felt something was lacking and it missed the charm that the novel had after chapter 40? 50? Anyways thats all wuite disappointing but you can read it if you are bored)
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Tasear rated it
November 24, 2022
Status: c109
From beginning to end this is a worthwhile read. It's a healthy growth of romance as they understand each other more. They make mistakes too but say they are sorry. They also thank each other. Lastly the comedy makes you smile and laugh with them. You won't regret reading this so try so today
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Yufeng rated it
December 4, 2023
Status: dropped
I skimmed through it. There's not much plot except dealing with PTSD from both the past events and MC first marriage. Was very disappointed when the scum ex and scum's lover just kinda disappeared after showing up once... Like, at least give us a quick look on how they're doing? There's no satisfaction of face slapping or scum regrets at all. It's basically MC get kidnapped, escaped/rescued, Ptsd and healing then repeated....3 times!! Even the ending of the "main vilain", like there's no crime exposure or anything... they literally just... more>> "this is the end for him!!" Then moved on to talking about dinner... <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
mxdberries rated it
November 1, 2023
Status: Completed
3.5 stars though I’ll bump it up for the good translation. It’s a bit of a slow burn, ML falls first but I think around chapters 70s that’s when the MC starts reciprocating. Overall very sweet I loved the ML he was very patient even though he knew he could have abused his power and resources to make things happen he didn’t. He was a big cat that would soften his harshness for his lover. A little disappointed there wasn’t a bun but then again they didn’t get intimate till... more>> the last few chapters.

I won’t lie, I was expecting his ex and the ex’s lover to cause more trouble but after one confrontation in the first few chapters the ex’s lover is off screen and the ex is also pushed off maybe a third into it. The set up for the actual bad guy wasn’t really there till the last third of the book. There’s a minor antagonist that made more sense l since there was set up for how unsettling he made the MC feel but I guess it was just bait and switch. I wasn’t a big fan of MC’s mother showing up and MC deciding to take care of her and her family but MC was desperate for one (again I was hoping they’d have a kid but nope 😔) his siblings were a brief but cute addition. I’m only slightly surprised they didn’t add his scumbag father to the villains side or try to redeem him. He was just a nonentity.
ML and MC’s friends were fun add on but didn’t take over like in other novels. ML’s best friend/aide I almost feel bad for the guy a single dog yet had to be a helper for him.


I did not care for the mind control powers the MC had. If it had been established beforehand that there were some peoples (regardless of alpha or omega) that could have special abilities I could probably tolerate it better but it just seems like an easy way to explain away things because how else is such a weak and traumatized character supposed to get out with out super powers. Also the MC has been SA’d and had trauma with ML going for his neck which considering the circumstances made a lot of sense. Poor guy was constantly bitten and made to heal. He swears he’s gonna take medication and got to a psychiatrist to deal with it yet immediately after his attacker dies he’s fine with being bitten?? No make them work a little.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
September 24, 2023
Status: c44.2
Dropped this. It was frustrating when MC gets cornered by ML and MC gives in as if he doesn't have a choice. Kept reading for a few more chapters when I realized MC has no leverage nor guts against ML, which means I can't expect much from him.

I wasn't surprised with the other reviews (read them only before I typed this). I don't remember MC displaying smartness in previous chapters. The only impression he left me is that he's weak.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 9, 2022
Status: c25
The baby hedgehog and the ML are só dense! Even if they are a mess when it comes to reading the room, they are still too cute. I love the dynamic and the story pace. The translation is good too.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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