Second Marriage with the Alliance Marshal


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Xu Xinghe, a genius omega from the Department of Computer Science at Capital University, was matched by the AI mastermind to Mu Qingyun, a major general of the Alliance, the year after his graduation.

A year later, just after the marriage protection period, Major General Mu unilaterally announced their divorce.

Xu Xinghe learned the news of his divorce from a colleague. He hung up the phone call from Mu Qingyun during work hours with a cold look, and after work was completed, he sent a text message to his ex-husband: “Send the divorce agreement and I will sign it.”

Overnight, media coverage of his divorce was overwhelming. But no one thought that only a few days later, Xu Xinghe’s name would be on the list of mastermind matched marriages again—

This time, he was matched to the Alliance Marshal, Ling Changfeng, known as the “Black God of War”.

This time Xu Xinghe prepared a divorce agreement in advance.

On the first night of marrying into the Marshal’s Mansion, he put the divorce agreement with his signature in front of Marshal Ling. “When you want to divorce, just sign it.”

The divorce agreement was burned by Marshal Ling in less than three months.

And those who were waiting to see Xu Xinghe being divorced for the second time, waited and waited, only to hear news of the marshal spoiling his little spouse.


Ling Changfeng never received a marriage notice from the AI mastermind for decades, and thought that he would never get married in his life.

“What’s so good about getting married? A waste of time,” said the marshal.

Later, he met an omega who was many years younger than him and resembled a little hedgehog. Beneath the other party’s cold appearance, he discovered the messily sweet pheromones.

“It’s nice to get married.” The marshal thought to himself.

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New Bb_me rated it
June 10, 2022
Status: c13
So far, It baffles me how shameless and s*upid the majority (specifically most of Mc's co-workers, ML's servants/maids, his ex and ex's fiance and the internet) have the audacity to assume everything bad about MC to be real. Like I know there's gonna be a lot of people who'll believe his rumours about being an annoying, clingy, ill-tempered, scheming person but almost EVERYONE just assumes he is even if he clearly isn't. Like they make it such a big deal, stating it on almost every chapter about him being "arrogant,... more>> rude and evil" til' now! Can the co-workers/maids at least have the decency to not talk out loud when MC is around??? ಠ_ಥ

Anyways back to the novel, up to now (chp 13) there isn't much plot, MC and ML's relationship is still developing so I can't properly rate this novel yet, however the novel good potential and I'll try to re-rate this again once it has more chapters. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Common_people rated it
May 7, 2022
Status: c105
Start with the MC divorce, and just a few days become a widow, the ML agree to marry him Because of a minor fate like 'accidentally meet' event and then, the matching system says their pheromone are compatible. Even bed matter ruled and monitored by the government's system like... What the.. But I can't help but like it. Even though the MC and ML a Lil bit dense or whatever, it's annoying but good. So far, it's all about their relationship development. And then, mc's past start to be more... more>> clear and an unknown villain boss show up.


he is a disgusting Scum guy, a rapist who obsess in mc's pheromone. He almost tagging MC in the past. Fortunately, even the Scum guy bite MC, he can't Mark MC. MC can control the alpha's mind


Here, the ML save the beauty MC on time. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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