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Hacker God Mo is the Number 1 Hacker from the 21st Century. Reborn in the Interstellar era, he was an ancient man from thousands of years ago. His ambition is to shine the name of God Mo in the interstellar era.

As for his Male God, he is a famous Marshal who sits in the top platform of Gods: a noble and cold person.

To protect his little chrysanthemum, Wu Zimo decided to pretend to be an ordinary person. Let’s see how long Wu Zimo can protect his chrysanthemum… I mean, his identity as an ordinary person.

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Nguyên soái thỉnh bình tĩnh
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52 Reviews

Sep 10, 2019
Status: c155
Cute and promising at first but it became bland. I like the plot in which the MC becomes part of logistics instead of the usual sentinel-guide story but the story itself lacks depth. Also the ML, is ur typical overbearing perfect type. Too common that for most of the time I feel lack of emotion on him (seems scripted and feels like a programmed robot since u could predict his actions)

Most of the chapters are talking about the "MC-ML" gossip and description of ML as male god. Repeatitive too... more>> much. The author should have focused on how to develop the story. Oh well, probably, the author wants to focus on fluff and funny moments instead.

Hence, It is just okay.. The only thing that made me smile is the dog eating romance scenario.

Though I'm near d ending, will still drop.. <<less
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Oct 01, 2019
Status: c100
The MC is pretty much OP when it comes to hacking and coding - so OP that even when faced with technology thousands of years better than in 21st century, MC can still overpower the future genii and the futuristic technology... Also, the MC is supposed to be a shut-in in the 21st century, but he's still able to interact well with people and command his team well enough, and there's no problem seen going from a complete shut-in to leader type role... Not to mention completely at ease with... more>> Army top brass!!

ML is of the usual overbearing CEO types - top family, top beauty, top sentinel level etc. Don't forget the comedian sidekick of the ML, with his poor repetitive jokes, and who has certain conditions to be met to become serious... The 'Top' Army fleet is a bit let-down, the squad is full of gossipy aunts and one just can't feel any awe-inspiring feeling from them : (

MC has OP guide level too, and there's a flag for 100% compatibility with ML's sentinel... ML fell in love way too fast, but it's a slow burn for the MC! Half-way through, ML doesn't even know MC is a guide... <<less
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Oct 20, 2019
Status: c60
Boring !

I was so disappointed and I can admit how easy I am in my likings.

The romance is too slow (chapter 61: still nothing).

... more>> And the MC is just very boring, his actions are unrealistic and pointless (the humour failed). He is super OP with god's skills as hacker. In his time, ok but after some days, he already get his skills updated ?! Really ?! So he likes to know what it's around him but does nothing to get acclimated to this new era.

And everyone workshipped him right away. WTF ?! Too awkward.

At some point, he have no reason to hide his condition as guide. On the contrary, he needs to make it know and learn about the guides but he is just very s*upid sometimes.

Finally, the story goes nowhere. Well, not exactly but it's just so boring that I dropped out. Cant stand to force me to read it. <<less
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Mar 16, 2019
Status: Completed
It was actually around 2.7/5.

This is an okay story. A very OP super sue. Lack of logic, plot, and characters in many ways.

MC was an OP hacker transmigrated into the future galactic setting (that somehow MC's ancient programming technique was better than future programming). Of cause, he awoke as a guide, which the original body failed to do.

... more>> ML was your typical ML, cool claim - except with MC. And yes, he was an OP marshal.

With how often I used 'OP', it certainly showed how bland characters were.

Actually, the story started off quite interested. But the plot was kinda lacked a bit. I feel a younger vibe from the story and find not so logical things which throw me off.

Since I bear to finish reading this, so I couldn't bring myself to rate it lower than this. Maybe I wasn't on the same page as the author or this wasn't my cup of tea. <<less
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Jan 16, 2020
Status: --
I could barely stomach past the " nationalistic" first chapter. There have been tonnes of Chinese stories Ive read with the same plot in the beginning. Chinese actor gets racist remarks from foreign paparazzi but in the end shows them the greatness of China by winning everything. Do something new yaar. I'm tired of the same old plot.

The rest of the stuff is kinda bland. I found the characters very one dimensional. They are pretty OP. Good amount of plot holes. It's an average story. Simple and fun to read.
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Jan 20, 2021
Status: c77
I dropped this.

The story started off really interesting with the transmigration into a different era, where the OP protagonist isn't entirely unlikeable on top of the sentinel-guide trope. I thought it would be a good read..

But between the pacing of the story, loose barely-there plotline, and the ever-present peanut gallery I'm just not so sure what's holding this story together..

The pacing is way too slow. I'm not saying slow paced stories are bad. But it's not even tagged as slice of life so why is there a need to drag... more>> the pacing? I need a little excitement in the plot to get me invested in the story.

And at this point I'm not sure if there is ever a plotline at all. Where's the fight scenes? The action? Where's the romance or better yet, signs of character development?

Well, the novel is 200+ chapters after all, maybe the plot will pick up halfway?? Hopefully?

There's also the overcrowded peanut gallery. Characters come and go just to add their ten cents into the the evergrowing gallery. I'd like to see the romance build up between the main couple but instead what I got was the daily tabloid report. No thanks.

Anyways, I dropped this.

Will I read it in the future? Probably. When I have nothing else to read. If nothing else, I'd stomach it for the MC. <<less
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Feb 15, 2022
Status: Completed
I write this review because I saw many review saying too boring or bland, and repetition but actually this novel you only need patience then you will eventually understand. Actually I added this novel In one of my fav, it's actually very interesting at first until it got to 70's to 100 I got impatient because it getting my hopes up but it keep in extending I even have the urges to just jump chaps but it's still ok for those with patience to read then after some more chapter... more>> the scene will be very interesting and exciting then there will be explanation then you will actually discover Wu zimo decision on hiding that he is a guide is a good thing (you'll eventually realize it). There are also new characters that will appear, I even take liking to utaihime? Haha just the contrast.

Sadly it lacking chapters really, I need more😔

there will be a little white little bun later hehe ☺️


Just don't judge it, it had its lackings but for me it's ok, it suite me just craving for more chapters. <<less
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Jun 04, 2020
Status: Completed
I like it when I MTL'ed it. But now that I'm reading the TL'ed version, I find it so boring.

In so many chapters, there are only fillers, fillers, and more fillers. Seriously, there's no plot development at all. The fillers only talk gossip about MC and ML, from the elite's perspective, from the mother's perspective, feom cat and dog's perspective. Yada yada yada.

I really like the premise of sentinel and guide but it lacked everything here.
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Oct 18, 2020
Status: c55
I'm usually very generous with rating, fluff and OP CP.

However, though this novel didn't lack any fluff and even had OP CP, I couldn't force myself to give more than 3 Star.

Everything seemed so slow, mundane and full of repetition. It felt like author only have so much words to describe how OP protagonist and ML were. And kept repeating those words over and over.

If only the real plot was counted, then the chapters wouldn't be so long.

I don't know if I'll ever finish reading this.
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Aug 03, 2020
Status: c68
At first it was pretty interesting and engaging, and despite the nonsense of a 21st century hacker still being OP a thousand years later, I could still suspend my disbelief well enough to just enjoy the story. Plus, I do have a soft spot for the sentinel/guide trope. But after the yearly assessment arc it all became filler-y. So many words each chapter but barely anything happens. I kept looking at the table of contents to see how close I was to finishing reading all of the currently translated chapters... more>> not because I didn't want it to end but because I couldn't wait to stop reading. By the end I almost couldn't keep my eyes open--the lack of anything substantial happening was putting me to sleep. I could've endured the lack of plot if the characters and their interactions were interesting and/or funny but even those were blah. I don't think I'm going to continue this; there are so many more novels on my to-read list that I would rather give all my time and attention to. <<less
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Jul 03, 2020
Status: --
I'm usually okay with an OP protagonist. But this protagonis is just toooo boring and toooo bland.

Really can't understand why it got such a high rating
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Dec 05, 2022
Status: Completed
Note: I've finished this around 2021, re-read for a refresher while adding to my Rec List. If you want the raw link just PM me

Sentinel is a very old fandom... even WAAAAY before omegaverse, it's easy to google it since it has a cult following. Unfortunately, this is probably one of the few chinese webnovel that has the sentinel AU-verse that I've seen translated. Omegaverse may be a bit similar but they were based on different novel (omegaverse is newer but got more popular in asia). Sentinel however it has... more>> an interstellar foundation referencing to the tv show. I like the sentinelxguide dynamics more because they are designed as combat partners, unlike how omegaverse usually portrays omegas as alpha's s*x s*ave.

However I was a liiitle bit unsettled about how MC kept on being protected and rescued like a shoujo princess.. I understand that his physical process is like a scum but like, he had the skill of absolute defence, at least make him a bit cooler and make him use it, not be absent-minded in the middle of danger all the time. What's the point of introducing that kickass skill that he never got to use except once at the last part. Or IDK, maybe I'm encountering a lot of capable bottoms.

Still, it's a very fun read as MC gets more and more OP in his journey of Guide discovery (and trying to hide it) not to mention the face slapping. I love those parts LMAO. MC doesn't have much attachment to those scum relatives since original body isn't close to bullied by them anyway and it's a nice feeling to slap them them as they come. Also has a little Cinderalla feel to it as the abandoned son got romantically involved with a marshall whose family owns a whole planet.

So despite the former issue I mentioned the story is still enjoyable overall because it did good in hitting all it's trope's pleasure spots. Giving it 4* for the world building and good interpretation of sentinel x guide universe. <<less
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Oct 06, 2020
Status: c75
The premise is promising but end up boring. I tried to read until c73 and feels tired every 2-3 chapter because too much repetitive description or naration. The plot moves super slow. Often its all about rumors between MC and ML. Fluff? Probably only 5-10%. Later I'm thinking about the premise and the execution in the story, many lack of logic too.

I don't know if it's this bad or just not my likings.
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Jun 01, 2019
Status: Completed
I have always been interested in the sentinel guide premise, especially from the many fast wears I've read where this concept has emerged. For one, I find it often less degrading than in ABOs, where pheromones rule over almost everything. While pheromones still exist in the sentinel guide relationship, it's more so a mutually beneficial relationship.

MC is adorable and hilarious. The reason for death is a little troll, getting electrocuted by a plastic keyboard? Really? The initial "drama" about MC constantly wanting to protect his body so hiding his guide-ship... more>> from everyone can get a little tiring at times, but he never really causes any big misunderstandings. He also doesn't keep the ML hanging too long and doesn't hesitate to reveal his secrets to him when needed. MC is definitely OP mentally, which is always fun. Can't help his sad physical ability though. But who needs strength when you have the ML. ML is of course an iceberg except with the MC, which is absolutely adorable, and there is plenty of dog food. Extremely OP ML, though I feel like I would have wanted like more chapters. It felt really rushed towards the end. The MC's quantum animal (?) spirit beast (?) doesn't appear until like 10 seconds before the ending. Epilogue is actually adorable, but it's super short.

MC might seem silly at times, but he's not as naive as he may seem. Plus his intelligence and not horrible EQ. Love the OPness of both the characters. The only thing that weirds me out is that the author spends like the same number of chapters at the start on the MC's school exam as at the end with the universe-changing final battle. I just needed more of a satisfying ending, y'know. I do love how attached the MC and ML were, and how often they stuffed dog food in everyone's faces. <<less
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Nov 16, 2021
Status: c2
Pretty lackluster read so far.

  • The first chapter is already hindered by the fact that author decided to come in guns blazing already ready to praise the motherland and scorn the outside world. I've gotten used to that kind of thing in CN novels, but then the rest of the intro also isn't that interesting.
  • MC is obsessed with his chysanthemum right from the start, which makes no sense for the story. Who time travels into the future and immediately reacts with "oh man I'm glad I'm not /that/ attractive so I don't have to worry about being r*ped!" dafuq is your priorities, man.
  • Speaking of the MC, I can't nail down his personality at all. Because I don't know what's IC for him, every action feels OOC. I have no interest in him or his story.
I want to keep reading on because CG translated it and it was recommended while I was reading a different good transmig story, but it's hard to get any interest in what I'm reading. Might try to keep the tab open and read now and then.
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Feb 21, 2020
Status: Completed

It's so cute specially the little ml. Don't understand what his name but he's cute.

But I still feel that there's a second book.

They haven't killed the king yet.

No matter. The ending is satisfying. The small villains like the feng family and the emperor, it's great that they died in their own hand. The protagonists didn't even need to take notice of them.
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Dec 30, 2019
Status: c21
Great story. Well translated. MC is interesting and the plot feels like there are more layers to unveil as MC becomes stronger and his character continues to develop. Looking forward to more chapters. Thanks.
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Aug 04, 2022
Status: Completed
Rating: 3.5/5

With an MC having second year middle school syndrome, also known as chuunibyo, despite him supposedly having lived until his thirties, you can imagine how serious you can take this novel. That is not serious at all. Aside from the MC there are a lot of other excentric/ridiculous characters. But the most ridiculous/s*upid characters are still the antagonists. All of them seem to be entitled little a**holes with basically zero brain capacity and a fatal lack of common sense. I feel like even the zergs are more intelligent than... more>> the antagonists.

The story itself was pretty slow-paced when considering how little happened when so many chapters had already passed. But then when you consider how little actual time had passed and the MC had already been recruited by the military and created two ground-breaking products, you will question your sense of time.

A lot of the plot points and character behaviors make little to no sense other than it helping set off the MC's specialness and opness. Like, I still have no idea why the MC was the leader of their team in the school competition when the little iceberg snake dude was the one who gathered all the teammates and lead the actual combat while MC is the "new" IT guy whom the little iceberg doesn't even like.

That aside, I found it ridiculous how gossipy everyone was. The school students were gossipy, okay, I still understand that. But heck, f*ck discipline in the military and gossip and tease our superiors, right? Let's spread gossip around til the whole nation knows about the marshal's dating rumors when the dude hasn't even done anything ambiguous yet. Weird af.

I should actually give a lower rating. But I did end up finishing the novel by sheer stubbornness on my part because I saw other reviewers complaining and saying that they couldn't go on. I wanted to at least finish it.

Maybe because I was already expecting a low quality read I felt like it wasn't that bad, at least not as bad as the worst ones I have read. So we could say that my low expectations saved my rating of this novel. <<less
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May 17, 2022
Status: Completed
It is my first time writing a review and I hope it is not too bad and hope it helps. This book is really not boring as various reviews say.

I like this story. I didn't read it in a go as it is a long book and sometimes I really wanted to stop reading it but thankfully I didn't. It was quite funny especially at the start and when wu zimo wanted to eat the zero meat and everyone is horrified and stopping him. I dont really remember much. There... more>> is an extra which is about there son. I liked it when their son wrote about 'my family'.

It was fun to read this book. <<less
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Rain in the sunny morning
Rain in the
Jun 28, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel was an interesting one. The first 50 chapters or so was pretty good but after that I had to mtl the other 150 or so chapters and I wasn't coping to well.

First of all the mtl made no sense and I can't even tell what was happening every few paragraphs. The genders are messed up obviously but I usually can tell who they're talking about but with Marshal please calm down it was just a mess and all of plot just kinda flew all over the place. The... more>> middle of the novel was just a bit like a slice of life. I didn't remember any of it.

I gave the novel a 4/5 mostly because of Ares. It's just to cute for my heart. The whole thing about the feng family was pretty interesting I gotta admit and the 100% harmonization was also cool. Kinda saw it coming tho. When the whole harmonization thing was mentioned I was like:

'oh yeah, so is the main couple gonna have 100% rate or not'

you know the answer don't lie.

it was average and my expectation is pretty low and plus I don't really like dropping things half way so I just carried on. 222 chapters... took me around 2 months with all that stopping in the middle of the novel. If I really like a novel 2 days would be enough but this honestly was boring.


kind reminder; if you're looking for an interesting chapter go read chapter 143. that's where the exposing stuff happens and you know what. wait a minute I never knew if they did it or not do to the translation on mtl being tr*sh *insert lenny face*

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