Female Knight Simulator, I Am Full of Righteousness!


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Loria Jaratiya’s knight training grades were not ideal.

But after all, she managed to pass the graduation exam of the knight training school, although with some stumbling along the way.

At such a young age, she thought that obtaining a stable job would lead her to a happy and carefree life.

But one morning, a line of text suddenly unfolded before her eyes.

[Life Simulator loaded successfully]

This Life Simulator doesn’t feel right.

[Day a: You were captured by Queen Slime] [Achieved Ending: Bride of the Slime] [Day b: You were cornered by the Orcish she-monster] [Achieved Ending: The Orcish She-Monsters’ Shared Companion]

In countless simulations, various peculiar creatures like goblins, man-eating plants, skeletons, and dragons successively captured her, and she yielded without surprise every time.

“What kind of simulator is this? It’s causing a lot of harm!”

Miss Loria, as a female knight, was determined to bravely carve her own path to success.

But as the number of simulations increased, she noticed that her recruited teammates, Miss Mage and Miss Healer, were giving her strange looks.

You troublesome creature!

I, Loria, stand with righteousness and will never be manipulated by any of you!

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New AnotherWeeb rated it
February 27, 2024
Status: c113
This novel is a little more casual than what I usually read, but it is great. There is a major part about the simulation, what happens in them, and how the MC reacts to them, creating comedic situations. It may not be the greatest comedy, but it is good enough.

The plot is interesting, and I'm waiting to see where it goes. I greatly recommend that you turn off your brain to maximize how much you can enjoy the novel.
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Raigana rated it
December 8, 2023
Status: v5c185
The idea is interessting, the main character is also hilarious and the simulation are pretty fun, but I feel like the story overall doesn't do enough. A lot of things are setup and never paid off, and the last 5 chapters of the story really feel like an asspull.

Spoiler for the ending/romance :

... more>>

The story never REALLY commit to one pairing either, and while Adeline seems like the definitive love interest, they never actually get together. Also, I find it funny that despite the fact that she probably slept with the entire female population of the country during her simulation, she never actually slept with anyone outside of once, when she was drunk at the end of volume 4. But the series never really do anything with this either. There's a decent bit of time dedicated to Loria wanting to find out who she slept with, since she was blackout drunk, but it's eventually revealed that she slept with Yukihime AND Adeline, and... nothing.


Overall I still found it really funny, and it was an enjoyable read, but the ending kind of dissapointed me. <<less
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