Faking Straight


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Li Zouxing is a gay man. A solid top, a gong, the real deal. Unfortunately for him, he transmigrated into a bg harem novel.

The Journey is a popular web novel based on an intergalactic setting. The whole book is filled with the straight romance between one male lead and his harem of beauties. The male lead of the novel is actually over 30 years old, but after consuming a secret medicine his body regressed back to that of a teenager. This male lead is the perfect mix of shy and mature, passionate and innocent – all at the same time. No other person can unify all those conflicting traits as well as the male lead can.

Needless to say the male lead is exactly Li Zouxing’s type.

If only Li Zouxing could, then he would.

But the author told Li Zouxing: there’s no way for you to un-transmigrate yourself, this is a harem novel, the world setting doesn’t even have gay in its vocabulary, and on top of that you have to remain in character at all times.

And what kind of character is this Li Zouxing from the book? Nicknamed Sunny (Little Sun), known for being sweet but kind of dumb, the male lead’s best buddie, a loyal little underling for the mighty male lead. And worst of all – straight as they come.

And so, every time he witnessed the male lead’s domineering aura while wiping out all the bad guys, Li Zouxing would pay his due respects and act along with the rest of the crowd: “You’re so awesome!”

But in his head Li Zouxing is definitely thinking: damn this slutty little thing, everytime he cooks he’s gotta wear that apron and tie it so tight around that tiny waist.

A waist that’s small enough for Li Zouxing to wrap his hands around.

For a gay guy, Li Zouxing’s always had pretty good luck with the ladies.

In a bar: Gu Wencheng watched as the woman with heavy makeup flirted with his best buddy. Gu Wencheng’s face darkened as the violent storm of emotions in his heart threatened to burst forth. For a moment, Gu Wencheng wondered if his controlling and possessive instincts are getting a little out of control.

It took a while for Gu Wencheng to realize that he was actually jealous of that woman.

But Li Zouxing, the one who turned him so weird in the first place, is actually an idiot that doesn’t understand anything – how could the idiot Li Zouxing know the effect that he has on Gu Wencheng?

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Cler rated it
January 10, 2021
Status: Completed
I would say the summary does a pretty good job already, so this is just a list of things I took note of.

... more>>

-Our MC has a little kink for ML's waist (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

-ML really likes to eat vinegar & one-sided suffering.

-The brotherhood aspect... don't underestimate it. I found it rather cheesy at times.

-A little dog food every chapter, but the emotional/official romance develops on the slower side.

-About plot holes: They probably exist (?), but I don't notice/care about them much.

-The extras: I wish I hadn't read them. They were saddening to read. Although they do end on a happier note, I still would have rather not read them. Of course, this is not to discourage from reading them, since they do provide more background & conclusion.

-The mtl, if I could summarize it in two words, is "mildly confusing". I understood about 70%, inferred 20%, and in general unable to understand about 10%. If you plan on reading the mtl, there's a simple list of character names in the spoiler below. May contain spoilers, at the very least you'll know about some more names.



List of main/main side characters: Only the ones who are already introduced in the tl will get a small description

Format: tl name - corresponding mtl name (s) - description

Astra - Li ZouXing - MC

Wen - Gu WenCheng, Consultant, [Counselor/Advisor/etc] Cheng - ML

Simon - Xi Nan, Xinan, Sinan - Crybaby

Liam - Ji Yu, Jiyu - Xi Nan's friend, handkerchief guy

Linus - Ling Nian - Technology guy

Svorin, Savorin, Swarin

Wasser, Worther, Worser

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alice-in-underland rated it
December 21, 2021
Status: Completed
This is a really interesting novel !! It definitely deserves its current rating (4.6), and thanks to dummy novels for putting this on my radar!

Unfortunately however, I had to knock a star off because of how localized the translation has been. I'm the type of person who very much prefers less/as little localization as possible, and the translator for this novel really likes to change/alter the original often.

It does bother me A LOT that ALL the names were completely scrapped because the TLer felt like it would fit the author's "non-asian settings" better, and they often use personal preferences and liberties when coming up with replacements. Personally I feel like this is highly unnecessary and crosses the line of what a translator should do, , , especially when space/galactic settings are a very common plot in c-novels, so there's no real reason to change their names, , , but again this is a personal preference



If you also have the same preferences, the MTL is decently readable with minimal issues (on a good reading day LOL) ! I also added the OG names into the summary in parentheses in case people MTLed and had no clue who these people were. I only included it in a few areas for clarification.


While it is done well enough and the TLer notes where and what is changed, it bothers me a lot. Remyrem and vvreath also bring up this issue in their reviews and sums up my feelings on it too, , check cler's second spoiler tag to see the translation names vs the OG novel names if you're confused!
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November 27, 2021
Status: --
I have mixed feelings about this, specifically with the TL.

The localized stuff is decently well done and fits the story well, but the TLer taking liberties with the story makes me doubt how much of the story is actually still true to the original. It's like listening to someone else describe a movie to you instead of watching the movie yourself- no matter how much you trust the person, it will always be not as good as making your own opinions by watching the movie yourself. It's not just names, there's some parts there'll suddenly be a TL where TLer didn't outright change the story but did modify the narration to suit their own purposes. And it's not something I can just ignore, since the TLer does mention every time they change something, which is good behavior sure, but it just makes me frustrated thinking "why did you feel the need to change it anyway?"


The story itself is interesting, but pretty standard fare for a transmigration story. I mostly enjoy it because of Astra's original character setting. I've always been partial to the best friend character in RPG games, the more sunny the better (like Atsuro and Daichi from Devil Survivor 1 and 2), and "story protagonist x sunny best friend" is one of my favorite ship types. Of course, in this case the protagonist is now the best friend character and the protag is the ML, and the "sunny best friend" is more of a wolf in sheep's clothing, but I still enjoy it. Plus, I think it's great that the original story was quoted a lot in the first chapters and gave a lot of context for the characters' original settings.

I would love to rate this 5*, but my issues with the TL above makes me hesitant to make any kind of concrete review or rating, and trying to MTL this kind of work is usually a headache for me, so I'll just leave this unrated.
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Iradesent rated it
December 24, 2020
Status: v1c2
I'm very excited about this, I'll be honest. I don't think I've ever read anything covered by this translator before, so I keep going back to this page looking for updates.

This ticks all my boxes: top protagonist; powerful protagonist; powerful male lead (power couple in general) ; "raising" the antagonist; etc.

Reminds me a little bit of The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love but, of course, better because of my ticked boxes.

Hoping I'll return to this later on with a less biased and more evidence-based review.... more>> But, for now, this'll do. <<less
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yuzuzuzu rated it
February 17, 2022
Status: c22
I've been using NovelUpdates for 3 years and this is the first time I've been compelled to write a review. Even made an account for this with midterms tomorrow but anyways. I have to say this is the worst translator I've come across. I felt iffy going on because of all the reviews about taking liberties and English names, but the plot seemed too interesting.

I kind of tolerated changes to the text since the translator explained the original at the end of the chapter. But changing the names just doesn't... more>> sit right with me. Looking at the original names posted in another review, none of them needed an English version and none of them were common Chinese translations for already existing English names. Even if they were similar, it still doesn't make sense to use Wen instead of Gu Wencheng. At the end of the day, it's a chinese webnovel, by a chinese author, with characters with chinese names. His name is Wencheng NOT Wen.

I really do love the plot and how ML is a big vingar jar who eventually chases MC. MC flirting with ML, and being overall obsessed with his waist is adorable too. I may pick it up again if another translator appears. But for now, I'm not sure it's worth reading. <<less
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October 16, 2021
Status: c10
tbh, it sounds like a fun novel and all, but not a big fan of the creative liberties the translator took with angelicizing the names of the characters / locations. I'd much rather mtl at this point, and I'm having to start from the beginning because I cant understand who is who with how the names were changed.

translator aside, its a fun read. I like how we finally have a gong type character, and both are pretty independent and neither look like they're riding on their partners coattails for power... more>> yet, which is even better. I always enjoy the characters who are open abt their sexuality, def gonna finish this! <<less
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Emmy-Reader rated it
December 28, 2020
Status: Completed
  • MC is so playful and easygoing! The person in your friend group that gets everyone up when they're down, and sets a lighthearted and comfortable atmosphere with their funny antics (I love it). The guy who's a good best friend (I agree with the earlier reviewers on MC's amazing seduction skills, he's skilled at that innocent but also hot-blooded youth guise strategy that serves as a brilliant cover-up for his "clueless" flirting movements.
  • 100/10 flirting and interaction scenes between the main couple as their relationship transitions from just bros; to companions; to something that carries underlying inexplicable connotations (wow, that phase was.... my favorite 😍 cuz of the sexiness of it all) ; to finally, that official something called boyfriends status.
  • The Brotherhood is real, a really heartwarming quote that I forgot but it was like "the best thing in the world is to have friends like these". The team is like family that only consists of youthful teenagers that mol*st a certain friend of theirs and only exists to gather black history on each other, haha.
  • I love all the characters and I know you guys would at least love the MC. The ML's attitude towards MC is cute in how he over thinks a bit too much sometimes, and his self-sacrificing attitude (you'll see if you stick around till the end!) is really admirable.
I really enjoyed this novel, as everyone in Taffy's discord server knows (hehe) bc it was like tailored for me, omg I want to read fanfiction about Astra and Wen so much!
17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 8, 2022
Status: c17
I haven't even finished the first quarter of the novel, so don't take this review too seriously, because you should always trust people who have finished it more than those who haven't. But, even after just a few chapters, I have a lot of concerns and dissatisfactions to express.

First and foremost, the translation and translator. I'm not sure why they felt the need to change the novel's localization, adding unnecessary sentences and details that weren't present in the original raws. It makes you seriously doubt the translation's authenticity and whether... more>> the previous chapters and paragraphs were even accurate to the original.

Because it shifts so quickly, the transitions from one scene to the next can be confusing and abrupt. In some scenes, it doesn't even explain or imply why the character is doing this or that, or why or how this happened in an incident. You can't tell if it's the author's or the translator's fault. It detracts from the overall experience of the novel. The developments can be too quick, which adds to the story's fast pace.

And another thing, this is an issue I have with authors who write gay male protagonists. The majority of the stories I've read with a mlm main character water them down and give them characteristics that are just weird and gross. It's as if all they know is wanting to f*ck another guy, pointing out people's looks and figures (especially men), and other such things that are simply unpleasant to read about. I'm not sure if this novel is included, but from what I've read so far, it definitely includes scenes like that. I just wish they tried harder to write them well and stopped emphasizing the protagonist's homosexuality and desire to do another guy for the hundredth time. <<less
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Melange rated it
January 24, 2021
Status: Completed
This is a pretty light read about a capricious and mega gay MC who is forced to be the BFFL, while making ML try to take the initiative. The result is that ML clumsily fumbles along for a long time, because their novel world doesn't have any gay resources for ML to follow. Being gay isn't even a thing in their world.

But never fear, ML is a quick learner and with some hints from MC, he manages to "seduce" the "unwilling" MC.

In terms of overall plot and world building, there... more>> isn't much depth. I wish MC's situation could have been explained, and that there was more closure for the friends who ended being sidekicks A, B, C, and D for the majority of the novel. Maybe some of it was explained in the last extra that I didn't read because I didn't want to pay for it... Oh well.

Anyways, it's a decent read if you're not looking for too much complexity, like strong protagonists, and drama-free romance. <<less
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Nikilovelovetae rated it
January 1, 2021
Status: Completed
MC is in a typical harem book I would say, where the protagonist manages to fall in love with 5 or more girls hahahaha The author-kun makes him a golden finger:

... more>>

Whatever happens, the protagonists and antagonists feel good will towards him.


Is the role of MC the best friend of the protagonist? As a loyal fan, hahaha MC in his past life, he liked boys so it wasn't your typical plot of two straight boys loving each other out of nowhere.

I'd say even MC sees ML as delicious prey from the moment he sees it. And conquer the ML step by step.


MC is so flirtatious with the protagonist and says / does double-meaning things to him whenever he can. The worst thing is that our ML is dense and sees the MC as a baby.

She literally sees him as a lovable brother no matter what he does. Later ML says sun to MC I die his sun: ") It's so beautiful!


We even have racy moments. And ML is the first to act on these things + //// + ML is so cute and sexy lol.

MC and ML give you dog food all the time hahaha so you envy hahaha

Her group of friends is so cute too


Adorable group: ") They accept them very quickly when they find out about MC and ML's relationship (in their world apparently there are no boy-to-boy relationships)


I really love this!
OMG MC and ML are so sweet! <<less
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Elko rated it
May 22, 2021
Status: c93
The extra made me wonder if the author is secretly a sadist.

The universe of this novel is interesting and had the potential to be explored, which unfortunately does not happen, many explanations are not given and information is ignored. On the other hand, the romance is so sweet that it makes me wonder if I didn't go out with diabetes, the MC and ML are captivating characters, especially the ml, he is super strong but at the same time so sweet. I would also like to have read more of... more>> their teammates and their companionship (what I mean is that I wouldn't mind reading 200 more chapters) I loved the novel too much and got a taste for more.
Finally, I don't speak English so I'm sorry if my review is not readable, but I loved it. (._.) <<less
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Yenna2 rated it
June 8, 2022
Status: Completed
urghhh... because I badly needed to continue reading this I decoded to MTL the other chapters. BuT, A BIG bUT, that I hadn't expected is that the names in the translated chapters are different from the MTL where I am reading. And because of that I don't know who is who. Now, I decided to wait for a new chapter otherwise I would have to start from the beginning since I can't sympathize with the names.

... more>> Edit:

-- Nevermind that, after 30 minutes of sulking, I decided to continue with the MTLed version and thankfully I adapted. The more their relationship develop the more itch I feel so I can not bring my gadget down. And also I edited my review because I just have to comment this exciting feeling. Haha. Cause I feel that fujoshis are about to be born in the world of faking straught. And as one myself, I kinda feel proud. HAHAHAHA


I have completed the book! Ta-da! It is a good read. Light read, there's maturity, not brainless. sweet, amazing characters, and yes, it is recommended! <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ShizukaMomo rated it
January 15, 2022
Status: Completed
It was a pleasant read overall and I also find myself re-reading some chapters again and again. I'll recommend everyone, who doesn't mind reading the pov of a seme protagonist, to give it a try.

What I liked about the story is how the MC conquered the ML and how the ML was in the delusion that he (ML) was in top while all along it was the MC who was the top. XD

And I also liked the friendship that was portrayed here. It wasn't all the MC or the ML... more>> alone saving the day. They had to depend on their team members for support. So while the team members weren't that much fleshed out, it doesn't mean their were outright ignored or were one dimensional.

Now what really impressed me was the extra chapters.


I mean there are stories where you know in the end when everything works out after the MC was transmigrated, the MC will again go back into the novel world for a brief visit to change some stuffs or slightly change the novels ending in a different way. So while this does happen in this story, I was impressed in the sense that the author really didn't shy away from showing that the novel ML was involved in a harem and was having s*x with different harem members in front of the MC when MC was again transmigrated into the novel for a short time. The angst here, the hartbreaking scenes that the MC was forced to go through really made me agitated. I mean after all that fluff, it had just the right amount of angst. And how the MC doesn't really get out of the depression, that he gets into after witnessing the novel ML's relationship with his harem members, when the MC was transmigrated back into the alternated novel world he belonged to with the ML and all of their lovely team members. It takes time and effort from the ML to cure MC's depression and this makes their relationship much stronger.

(Yes, the ML somehow knew that the MC was going to a different universe for a short time and it was the ML who I think requested or threatened the author to make one of their friends to accompany the MC in that journey. And the ML was also there in a spirit form so the MC didn't know that his original lover was also witnessing all that heartbreaking scenes. But the novel ML sort of saw that spirit ML and that brought a lot of anger and changes to the novel ML. I will say that the novel ML deserved every bit of angst he got from that event!)

And also the fact that to accompany the MC in that brief time in the novel, it was MC's friend who was transmigrated alongside with the MC. It not only showed how important the team members were to our protagonist couple, but also showed how fragmented and strained the team members were in the novel world despite being showed that they were 100% loyal to the ML in the novel world. It just shows that be it love or friendship, everything needs constant effort to make them stable and full of warmth.

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air1ine rated it
November 16, 2021
Status: --
This novel is so, so, so (gotta say it 3x so you know its REALLY interesting) good! I tried MTL'ng the whole process when I first found it on a site but as always, sigh, MTL is brutal QAQ So I was very happy that this got picked up, very hooked at the first chapter and so on but it was then dropped (? I don't know but the first translator [xfaustus] for FkngStrght stopped uploading chapters so I guessed it was dropped?) I appreciate translator Xena for picking up... more>> this novel! Hoping for more releases (/^^) / <3 <<less
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AbsAreHot rated it
October 6, 2022
Status: c13
Unnatural and unnecessary plot devices are used to make push the two leads together and it’s honestly so cringe.

  • Why is one character in love on sight? Pedo.
  • Why is that character jealous of an extremely malnourished and abused young boy when you’re literally 38? Pedo.
  • Why do u have to touch on each other for protection?
  • Why are can’t u control ur spiritual energy away using all your might and inadvertently doing something only physically possible between a pair of the opposite s*x in this world?
  • Why do u go out of your way to make that only possible between a pair of the opposite sex?
  • Spoiler

    Why does, suddenly, neither character have any sympathy for the beautiful would-have-been harem girl when you were barely holding back in anger for the other s*aves

Like your relationship hasn’t even developed that far for that device to even make sense in my mind. Y’all are still thinking the other is 100% straight.

Also the author will explain something about a character, and then say “so”, and continue to say the opposite about that same character.

Ex. “He invested himself to researching that topic for so long, he wasn’t even interested when someone said they had new information about that same f*cking topic.”

and if u want an example from the novel..

Something like- “He was bold, he was brave, he was determined. All while maintaining that bright smile on his face. What a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” bb girl... WHAT DO U MEAN???


Make that make sense.

However, I like the flirting. I loved the skirting lines that could mean both obliviously straight and hardcore flirting.

I like it firstly bc it’s slick af, and secondly bc this is how me and my other wlw friends flirt w each other. (Obviously we laugh and say we’re so gay after but like yk). The author is smelling experienced.

I also like how there’s no filler. I love how creative this author is and how the characters reflect their age. Every moment is fun to read and I’m looking forward to seeing how the main couple’s dynamic pans out.

Afterthoughts upon writing this:

The author seems worried there won’t be enough reason for the two leads to get together. Dude, ur doing swimmingly, pls stop being dramatic.

Dialogue is 10/10. Somehow, I can see each of them come to life, but they’re all total strangers to me. Usually it’s the opposite. I want to know more and see more.

That’s all :)
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
October 3, 2021
Status: c3
Umm I know I still haven't read much of this, but I just couldn't bring myself to read it? The story description is actually good and hooked me in, but while reading the chapters I almost felt like reading a Wattpad story... It was a bit cringe... I really tried to give it a try seeing the many good reviews of it, but I couldn't. So either I'll drop it or wait for the translation to complete to give it another try.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
sarana rated it
June 21, 2021
Status: c8
Haa I don't know why but it is just not my cup of tea. I know I'm currently still only at chapter 8 and maybe it will get better but....

I just can't bring myself to read it anymore. It's kinda really boring and I don't know why haaa....

The MC transmigrated so that's nothing new and from what I saw he is the seme. But at the beginning (at least until now) MC only likes the ML for his face and not because of his character. So if other good looking... more>> guys come and if the MC wouldn't need to pretend to be the little brother of the ML, I can totally see MC hocking up with others. Well but that's only my opinion...

Altogether the author tryed to build a story around a transmigrated MC and a strong ML. The only special thing is that this time ML is uke and MC is gong.

But this also doesn't mean that it's a bad story, because it does have a plot and I can really see other people enjoying it but for me it was just really really plain boring. <<less
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some lemonade
some lemonade rated it
February 26, 2023
Status: Completed
Li Zouxing x Gu Wencheng

The protagonist, Li Zouxing/Astra, is certainly the best part of this work. Funny, provocative, smart and knows how to act cute. I love when he looks innocent but actually controls other people really well (in a good way). It's not forced. Li Zouxing is a determined man and a top who knows what he's doing. His interactions with ML (Gu Wencheng) are pretty good, always teasing each other like two teenagers (and flirting a lot). And what about the scenes of flirtation and passion?... more>> Perfect! Very beautiful, I didn't get bored, I couldn't stop reading. ML is pretty good too. He is cunning but manages to be innocent at the same time. His feelings are like bombs and he wants every part of Li Zouxing for himself.


Li Zouxing promised the author that he would not be OOC. That's why he pretends to be straight.


The secondary characters are great and amazing friends.


Linus/Ling Nian: He is more serious, he is also the expert in mechanics and the Starnet.

From what I understand, he lost his brother and parents.



Simon/Xi Nan:

He has a more sensitive personality and is physically strong.

“You’re such a big guy, how the heck do you cry so much?”

Simon is orphan.



Ji Yu: Lively, intelligent and protective. He is an orphan like Simon.



Si WoLin/Swarin: He was the one who later joined the team. At first he was more shy, but later he was fun and a great friend. He also admires the relationship of the protagonists.

He was raised by his grandmother.


I think the balance of the story and romance is very good. <<less
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BrittaMarii rated it
November 5, 2021
Status: Completed
The novel is a great read, I love how the main couple aren't just in their own world, but they also have other people to talk with.

That is my favourite part.

Since I mtl read it I couldn't make sense of some parts, but it was okay as I just kinda inferred (?) All the parts that I couldn't grasp.
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PicturesqueSeeker rated it
September 18, 2021
Status: Completed
Okay so I mtled it because I really liked it and I definitely enjoyed this a lot.

The ending became a bit tedious to me ngl but it ended at the right moment luckily.

I did want it to be longer in terms of more action packed scenes and more missions but what is given is also enough.

... more>> I rally love the MC and ML dynamic/relationship where ML as the bottom is very possessive instead of the normal trope of the seme/top being extremely possessive.

The way the possessiveness hits me just right, it's overbearing but not at the same time, and the fact that the ML isn't always overly possessive such as his teammates being physical/close with MC was just wonderful!

Also, the amount of flirting and innuendos was really done so well 😭 ML was so adorable at times especially when he didn't know what to do since it was a straight world. The way MC acted innocent all the time was also hilarious.

I couldn't help smiling unconsciously most of the time when it came to MC and ML interactions.

I do have some cons about it but they aren't major. I wanted to see more world building and fighting tbh. <<less
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