I Ran Away after I was Forced into a Love Polygon


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Du You transmigrated into a novel and finds himself turned into a bossy CEO character.

He thought he would be able to have the time of his life from then on, but he is informed that this is merely one of the worlds in a QT novel.

And he is a bossy CEO character who has already fallen for the Bottom.

Now, it’s time for the final scene already –

The Bottom is going to detach from the world by faking his death, so he would end up devastated and become a mere shell of his former self.

Du You: What are we even waiting for? it’s showtime!

He imagines he will be able to enjoy a CEO’s vivid and vibrant life once the Bottom leaves the world for good.

Since the sole responsibility of the CEOs in these novels is to ‘sentence arbitrary companies to bankruptcies.’

Yet, apparently, the plotline isn’t over yet.

As a freshly secured love interest, he must follow the Bottom’s path.

Alongside the Tops of other worlds, they will form a Love Polygon.

In the end, the Bottom will discover that all the Tops are actually a split part of the same person, the protagonist Top.

Then all the split parts will join together, and then have a happy ending with the Bottom.

Du You: … F*ck this shit.

Bye bye, he’s going to run away.

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New MoniKo rated it
November 27, 2021
Status: Completed
I liked the title and description of the novel, and up to chapter 60 it was interesting, and the translation was excellent. ... more>>

And I had very high hopes for the ending I really waited for the moment when SHOW would just drop everything, send everyone to three Russian letters, and leave, enjoy life (the rest of his life) (maybe before that attracting the attention of other "colleagues")... Well, you know, I expected what was written in the title and description of the novel... but how disappointed I was with, seriously... just when I realized that my expectations would not come true, I abandoned the novel, it became more and more boring. A few months later I decided to finish reading it, it was difficult, and as if in mockery, the ending finished me off... You know, the ending I would compare to a cake. An expired piece of cake, all cut off, in one word: a defective piece of cake. The main character was left without a full-fledged description, he does not have a past and a future, he just exists and looks with it. Maybe you have questions, "why did Shaw choose this Gong? What does the world of the apocalypse have to do with it? What happened to the other gongs? Did the slag White Lotus die like that? But what about the main system? "Perhaps the answer was in those few chapters that I missed out of boredom. You might like the don't care - the character, but I would rather call him a person with zero EQ.
That doesn't paint such a dry ending. That cut off, defective cake also became dry rye bread.
But I can't say that the description is bad, no, I liked the way everything was described, I liked the translation, I liked Everything... except for the plot, the ending... Thanks to translator.

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boilpoil rated it
August 23, 2020
Status: Completed
Hey, it's the translator here. I'll just start with the cons just in case, and it's that there's way toooooo many personal descriptions of emotions or states which I've basically skimmed through as white noise in my first read... which are really paining me during the translation. Nonetheless, if you ignore them, you might be able to find its charm and finish it in one go like I did. In terms of characters they're archetypes, sure, but there's growth and interesting deconstructive interactions with them. The setting is... well, slightly... more>> bland and let's say it's not its strongest suit. The story is above average for me, at least above what average CN stories offer. If that hasn't turned you off yet, then I sincerely recommend a read! (And no I'm definitely not saying this just to get more clicks on my site :P) <<less
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iRaine rated it
August 25, 2020
Status: Completed
... Interesting.

When Du You is suddenly contacted by a newbie system to act as an overbearing president in a white lotus shou's QT world, he is... confused, but he accepts nonetheless. As someone from a post-apocalyptic world (and given his background), Du You lacks essential human emotions/feels them very dully. Truthfully, he can't act for his life, and his system makes up all his cringe-worthy lines. But he persists- for an unlimited food supply and an unpolluted world with modern comforts. Or so he did, until he finds out that... more>> the white lotus's favorite gongs (from multiple QT worlds) will be transported to a final world and "melded" together to create the perfect gong for the little shou. (QT = Quick Transmigration.)

Before realizing:... I don't understand how this works, but I'll try my best.

After system slips up:... No way. Period. I have to warn the other gongs away before the white lotus approaches them!

In the process of convincing them: ??? Somehow they seem to think I "like" them? What even is this "like" they keep talking about?

#Du You who only likes food and dog blood dramas (which he started watching in order to learn how to act as overbearing president).

While MC somewhat lacks common sense and remains insensitive to emotions, he isn't a naive fool. He is steadfast, calm, and rational with an iron poker face. He is also extremely straightforward. Because he directly asks the gongs to stay away from the white lotus, they misunderstand and suspect he has ulterior motives (he doesn't haha). The misunderstandings get ironed out, but by then, it's too late. They have all invested too much emotion into our oblivious alien (how does his brain work??). Overall, an interesting read. MC is a rather special sort of character, and you see this more and more as the novel progresses.


The chosen male lead was a pleasant surprise. While the other contender checked off all the traits of a typical danmei gong, Du You... simply didn't love him. It's as simple as that.

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Killgore rated it
October 18, 2020
Status: c65
I am actually kinda shocked at the amount of good reviews this books has. For me, I don't particularly like the book but it is an okay read. I only have one question to ask the author - 'What was the point'?

... more>>

The title says ' I ran after I was forced into a love polygon'. After he decided to be against Xiao TianTian, He went on to convince the other male gongs about the parallel theory. As a result, All of them fall in love with the MC except one who was already in love with the MC from his original world. So what was the point? He ran away from a love polygon to get himself into another one?



The plot is okay. A bit draggy but it is readable. But the amount of time in which the leads fall in love is too short and abrupt.

except the film actor and maybe the guy from the original world.

Because I am sucker for 1v1. I can't stand these 4-5 people fighting over one person. I have only seen this sh*t in straight novels. But unexpectedly I found it here too.I am still gonna finish it though because rn I am at a point where the rest 20 chapters are probably gonna be people fighting over love. I had a glimpse at the last chapter and felt that it was not too bad and that's the only reason I am reading it. After I finish, If there is a change, I will come back edit this.


Du You (the MC) is a bit naive and slow to understand things which makes some situations hilarious. Basically you can't be vague at the MC or hint something at him and expect him to understand. This is one of the + points of the novel. The other leads all have their own characteristics and I am kinda happy this thing isn't a harem. Even though the leads are fighting for affection, I know that Du You will choose one of them but I do hope that it becomes faster cuz I am kinda getting bored reading this.

So All in All:- It's an okay book with a readable plot and kinda good characters. The ran away from love polygon idea could have been expanded and made so much better than the current idea. I would just say that its readable but nothing to give 5 stars about.

EDIT: Finally Finished the novel. The Last 5 chapters were pretty good but from around he 55 or 60th chapters, it becomes incredibly boring and that may be the spot where many people drop this novel. I stand by my review Absolutely no changes. Just wanted to tell that there is absolutely NO PDA in this book. Not even a Kiss. But that works out in this book. If you are a person who wants a lot of fluff, kisses and hugs etc - This is book is not for you. <<less
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YoriMei rated it
September 21, 2020
Status: Completed
I struggled with how to rate this but it's a good story with quite decent character development and plot progression and honestly all the ML contenders had their own charm rather than just being "the rude hot jerk", "playful wild guy", "cold CEO" and "devoted crazy guy". The MC is also quite endearing, while his EQ truly is in the negatives, he is still kindhearted and attentive to others in his own way. Not once in this story does he truly fluster, so even though he's very oblivious to everyone... more>> else's emotions he's very calm. His plot twist/background was quite a surprise and added another layer of complexity to him and another side character that came from that world.

Plot wise, the story is a "love story" as it revolves around the emotions and love triangles that arise from the MC, and even the antagonist is driven out of "love" but I wouldn't really call this a romance novel either. A lot of the story focuses mostly on MC trying to foil the plot/antagonist/prevent fusion and while the other harem targets are trying to catch MC's attention, the romance on MC's side is almost nonexistent until near the very end, and even then it's left quite open ended/sparse. The novel has the tag of Seme Protagonist but honestly nothing happens, not even a kiss so be warned if that's important for you.

Overall it's a very solid story, the characters had their charms (except for the antagonist) and the plot was quite interesting. If you're looking more for fluffy romance interaction you might be left a little lacking, MC accidentally seduces the ML's into falling for him, but when the MLs try to catch his attention, they are met with basically "?" From the MC. However, the plot of the story isn't bad at all, so I do recommend you give it a try. <<less
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Xiu_er rated it
March 9, 2021
Status: Completed
Hm... How should I say this? Judging this novel really depends on what you are looking for. Like... if you are looking for romance and fluff, then you are at the wrong address here since the MC is the equivalent of a block of wood. His EQ is far in the negative and so is his common sense. And that fact doesn't change until the very end. Almost all of the romantic feelings are coming from the love interests who are basically throwing their feelings at him only to have... more>> them bounce back or miss the target like that one time in sixth grade when you had thrown a paper ball at the tr*sh can at the front of the classroom right next to the door.

If you are looking for comedy, this novel should be fine to get into, I guess. I can't really tell because my humor is a bit... peculiar. But I remember having breathed through the nose a bit stronger than usual while mumbling "what the f***". Can't remember what made me react that way since my memory is bad. But it's at least something.

Among the main cast there was a yandere, a tsundere, a cat-like person, a dog, a green tea b*tch and our MC who, as already mentioned, is a block of wood.

As someone who doesn't like harems, I was relieved that the MC ended up with one person at the end, although the ending still didn't quite satisfy me. I still felt like there was something missing, but I can't put my finger on it.


Plot wise... it was... interesting. Not necessarily original, but not boring either, although I did skim through a few chapters. Can't blame me. I got tired of the harem development, but didn't want to just drop the novel either.

Those who are reading my review might think "So do you like it or not? Is the novel any good?". And my answer is... I have no idea. The only thing I know is that I affirmed again that I really dislike harems as they are tiring. <<less
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MukuruA rated it
August 29, 2020
Status: Completed
Oh. Oh it good. Hits all my weak points. I reached the end of MTL and said "More!!" Extras? Are there extras? No extras? I am sad T-T

The main protagonist being the seme is mhmmm yes and his true personality is mhmmm perfect, I'm weak to guys who are clueless af until they get enlightened. The romance is slow but logical, not boring at all. This really is a romance, especially after tossing away the original shou.

Glad there's no more brainwashing from him after he dies, he just gets sent back to his original world where he belongs, plot error correction ability is just so horrible :c the poor Mother Shen! She's so nice and good! Crazy shou wants her to be the brain dead cannon fodder mother in law?! #Protect-mother-Shen

edit: by brain dead I don't mean it literally!! She doesn't die! X'D


The romance is concentrated at the end! Persevere young padawans!
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Yullen4eva rated it
December 19, 2020
Status: Completed
Chap 37 review, completed review below.::::

The story is riddled with plot holes left right and centre. The only thing keeping me sane is the translator pointing them out occasionally. It's nice having the plot holes acknowledged.

... I honestly pity the characters because their sense of reasoning and logic skills are.. in the dumps.

... more>> 10/10 for comedy though, I can't stop laughing.


Completed below:

Im conflicted as to whether I should give a 4 or a 5.

It's a really good story, though I'd prefer it if there were extras about the other love interests.

My earlier statements about plot holes still stands. Im in this for the comedy. some parts are illogical as it feels like the author forgot what they wrote in earlier chapters so sone things dont add up. If you pretend the characters have minor amnesia + tendency to rewrite some minor parts of their memory, their actions are really refreshing and have really good depth in their personality and reasoning.

The love interest he ended up with was expected really...I could tell since chapter 30-40. I'm a bit sad since I've rooted for a negative EQ love interest. Sigh. My boy is hopeless.

Love interest identity: + assessment on the other love interests... "ability"


The love interest was the celebrity, which made the most sense since he was the only one the MC actively cares for and seeks out without being creeped out, or rejected... (internal screaming, shen chen you s*upid tsundere!!!!!)

The author also gave the celebrity the highest relationship EQ, where he would invite the MC for christmas dinner, ask for a trial relationship, go for a date etc. He was the only one who bothered being interested in MC's favourite anime, cook for him and gaining the bonding points that MC was receptive to. MC even eventually says " its nice having someone cook for you everyday" a really good development from " the aunty can cook for me."

The MC is also pretty receptive, he agreed to all of the above and was even proactive in seeking him out, ie help him when he was down, gave him a place to stay, went to apologize after Christmas when two others came last minute.

The others are pathetic (im looking at you SC, you let me down), QG didnt bother to up any bonding points after the initial forceful interaction, he came off too strong at the start and scared the MC. The MC also never seen him as a love interest mainly as he thinks QG is just obsessed with him and is just dependent on him, and dont really love him romantically. QG also hints at this, when he said " I want to be his one and only, it didnt matter what the relationship was like".... MC is pretty perceptive. QG also never bothered to try and be romantic, he's obsessed, possesive, but it's like he never bothered understanding MC better or try to attract him romantically at all. The most he does is track MC constantly, and wanting to be around him.

The wolf... was seen as a wolf from the start, and also his reasoning for love was seen as superficial by the MC, which made the MC never taking him seriously. I give him brownie points at the end when the wolf was willing to be the uke instead of the seme. Which is tough on him mentally, as he was an alpha wolf and the leader of his tribe. But by then, it was too late. MC is already interested in mr. Celebrity.

SC is disappointing. He was too caught up in his insecurities and ego and pride that he never expressed his love to the MC even at the very end. He does want to express his intentions but fails time and time again, his tsundere behaviour makes the MC thinks he hates him. Tsundere x dense doesn't really work out. Im just doubting how SC can be so proactive in chasing XTT, but is hopeless when he gets anxiety of liking someone of equal social standing as he is. Sigh. SC, SC... why cant you be more like your dad? If you would put down your pride properly, maybe you'll have a chance since you are one of the two people who actually have a genuine crush on MC. Im sure if you were more open, expressive, bold on the attack, MC would consider you. But after reading, personally I find that if you arent able to put down your pride, aren't able to get over the fear of being looked down by the MC, maybe you dont really like him that much. You were the only love interest to not confess. Sigh. Im really disappointed in you, but I understand the anxiety.... (*whispers* I have that too, maybe thats why I like you so much) It's comforting to me at least, that MC really likes SC as a friend, a person to confide in and you can tell how much MC respects him for being a "true Bossy CEO". But SC just had to ruin his chances again and again. It's comical really. He had so many chances. So many. The author even highlights it when a chance arise but the idiot just has to ruin them. I guess the author wanted to minimize MC's emotional confusion by putting all the major love interest scenes in the Celebrity's hands.

10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
idlehands rated it
January 14, 2021
Status: c87
I give it five stars for objectivity's sake, simply because there is absolutely nothing wrong with the story, no technical errors, no plot holes, flashed out characters, unique ideas, and very decent writing style.

My subjective rating would be four stars, while it is one of the most comprehensive and professional webnovels I read, it wasn't 100% to my taste.

First, there's a difference between plot holes and not every little thing being minutely explained, I for one think that you can easily understand everything by yourself, there really isn't any need... more>> to be more detailed about certain aspects, it would be an unnecessary infodump.

I prefer stories that give me enough information to come to an understanding instead of overexplaining obvious plot points, it always comes off as the author evaluating the reader's intelligence as equal to a second-grade elementary schooler's.

Now, the setting.

After reading (way too many) transmigration novels, I can confidently say that this one has the most unique setup, the worldbuilding has the right amount of detail to be tangible but not overwhelming, we get to know what we have to know, the rest is automatically filled in by the reader's imagination – all of the mentioned worlds get enough descriptive attention to easily visualise them in their entirety.

Spoiler heavy!


Our MC is an intruder in the world the story takes place in, he shouldn't be there at all, we learn early on that the Top's worlds are interconnected to form the current one, the sole purpose being to give the Shou his ultimate Top; he's following his own system to complete tasks, one of them being to meet all of the Tops in their original world before bringing them there to fuse.

In short, the different worlds have always belonged to the Shou's personalised setup, they have never been separate ones, so it makes perfect sense that even without the Shou, the pre-made storyline would continue.

Even the seemingly absurd point that someone would read a cheesy novel during the apocalypse makes perfect sense by the end of the story, all loose ends are tied up neatly.


The characters are versatile and carefully crafted, all of them have their unique personality, hopes and fears, flaws, and convictions, they feel very real and likable.

It's especially interesting to see the how differently love works for everyone, why they fall in love and how they behave when in love, some grow with it and change, some just are how they are and never evolve from it.

We have the true bossy CEO that never quite believed in love, he's torn between opening up and following his feelings, and staying in the safe place he has always been in, he's insecure, makes countless mistakes, beats himself up over them, only to realise that it's too late by the time he finally has enough courage to jump over his own shadow.

He learns that love is not a weakness, and that true love requires both sides to be active, time waits for no one, and false pride leads you nowhere.

Then the "little brother", an obsessive Yandere who conflate love with infatuation, dependency, he's ready to compromise and take the bare minimum of affection MC could give him, oblivious to the fact that this isn't the happiness he wants.

"Love" comes in many forms, brotherly love isn't less than romantic love, neither means to monopolise the other person but wanting them to be happy.

The beast man was an interesting take on love as well, coming from a world where love is only based on appearance and convenience, for him that's all there is to it and that doesn't change until the end – he stays true to himself and his own world.

Our young actor... he's just lovely. A normal person, reluctant to call it love, he takes his time to think about his own feelings but when he's sure of them, he doesn't compromise and takes a step back when he realises that what he wants seems unreachable.

Last but not least, the "villain".

I don't think it's fair to call him that, while he's certainly scummy, ruthless, and shallow, it's his personal setup and completely within his rights to act like he did, in a strange way, he's pitiful.

We aren't supposed to like him, he's a repulsive person, but objectively speaking he's indeed a victim and I find his end quite unjustified – this is one of the few points why I personally wouldn't give five stars.

Now, what about MC?

He has zero emotional awareness, a simple person focused on basic principles and needs, considering his personal circumstances, this is very believable.

I would recommend reading the novel in one go or with short breaks, his backstory and development is stretched out over the course of the story, details are important to remember in order to pin everything together seamlessly, "plot holes" will form if you forget some of the rather important but seemingly unimportant pieces.

He's a rather complex and complicated character, it takes a lot of time for him to understand where he went wrong throughout the story, he learns and grows towards the end, and the final conclusion, although surely unsatisfactory to some readers, is in line with his (slow) growth – he still has to go a long way before he can truly understand what loving someone means.

That brings us to the romance.

If that's what you came here for, then you'll be utterly dejected. There is no actual romance in this story, all the love comes from other characters and none of it has a happy conclusion, even up until the very end.

We can see that MC has feelings for one of the MLs, but it's far away from being genuine love, so there is barely any romantic interaction between the characters, the story is about emotional growth and understanding oneself better, not fluff and s*x.

If you like the transmigration genre but with a twist, value a good story over fluffy romance, enjoy complex and flawed characters, and don't need every detail to be neatly broken down for you, then you will enjoy this novel a lot.

If you rather want romance, an easy read to relax to, aren't up for keeping track of scattered information, and like your romantic interests simple and honest, then you'll be let down by it and might want to look for something else. <<less
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Pudica rated it
September 15, 2020
Status: Completed
i must say, I AM NOT SATISFIED! Why is there no extras!! I need them!

I like the MC progress, this novel is kinda realistic in some aspects, the approach of QT stories was quite fresh too. Each MLs is kinda realistic to me, not quite plain 2D characters. Plot progress, how the conflict with white lotus isn't too overly dragged out, everything, the storytelling was very satisfactory!

... more>>

i saw inuyasha here. The moment MC suppress the werewolf (he's a dog and white haired too, just a shame he doesn't wear red clothes) by command "sit", I just inmediately reminded of the moment when kagome 'osuwari'ed inuyasha, lol

at first I'm worried my ship's gonna sink, seeing the common traits of gong on other ML, but I'm glad my ship actually sailed! I feel that if MC got together with the brother it would more like a bit toxic dependance on each other rather than genuine feelings, so the final ship is quite a well match for our MC with zero EQ, I think

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
DubiousWaterMelon rated it
September 10, 2020
Status: Completed
If your looking for a sweet, no dog blood story with the right amount of emotional contemplation and comedic relief, this is a good choice.

The main character is extremely likeable (at least for me). Though he has zero EQ and is extremely mellow in character, he somehow captures your heart with how pure he is. His purity is not the same s*upid naivity most system transmigration stories have but a kind of purity you associate with a child who is coming to terms with his own emotions needs and... more>> interpreting them. But do not equate this with him being weak. The MC is capable, head strong, knows to go for what he wants and very take action type.

The main character's system is also endearing. It is cute and quite protective of the MC. It has all the makings of a childish older brother or an immature father figure. Though he wasn't a physical entity, its description was so vivid, you'll end up growing fond of it by the end of the novel.

The suitors were all not just empty husks but fleshed out characters with their own respective thought processes that motivates their respective behaviour. Each of them were distinct and multi faceted even when we didn't get much details of their back stories in their own respective worlds. The villian, the original shou was also well fleshed out and the detailing of his system working was adequate.

This novel is a smooth read without any deliberate fustration nor any major emotional upheaval. I quite liked the ending too. How the emotional entanglement was handled left me satisfied as did the MC's choice of ML in the end. Their dynamic and how the progression of their relationship is established but left open ended, suited their pacing and kept within bounds of being healthy.

I couldn't give it a 5 star because I don't think the story really dealt with the why the original-gong characters could fuse together or if they were the same person in multiple universe. Also the entanglement with the main system and its influence were a little murky.

I would also have liked a glimpse into after they were all transmigrated back into their own worlds. Which was the resolution to the whole fusing problem.

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dd737 rated it
July 4, 2021
Status: Completed
AAAARRRGGGHH!! I immediately write this review after finishing this novel and the only thing that I could say right now is why there are no extras?? YES EXTRAS T_T

Overall this novel is good and have a clear plot (?). All in all, I enjoyed this novel, although sometimes I felt some plot points are way too draggy or ... more>>

it's just me being bitter because my beloved ML do not appear as often as I'd like : (


Usually, I will avoid this kind of unclear ML and potential NP novel, but don't know what happened to me and I decided to give it a try. I should say that I don't regret it haha mainly because my CP is sailing (*^3^) /~♡

If you want to know who the MC ended up with (but I don't recommend to know this before you finish, because the guessing is the sole reason I kept going)


It's my baby, You Haiyu~ alas there are not many romantic scenes : (


If I think about it again, it actually pretty obvious from the beginning who the ML is. But, the author didn't make it too obvious (at least for me), so the guessing keeps going even till the end (when it's already clear enough) because I keep thinking "really? it's my CP that sailing? are you serious?" Then again I rarely read novel with unclear ML so haha

Sigh... I just hope there is at least one extra about the after story focusing on lovey-dovey life of our MC and ML, alas (´;︵;`)

Do I recommend this novel? If you are searching for a novel with a plot but not too heavy heavy, a guessing game of which one is the ML, then it is a Yes

but if you want a pampering, lovey-dovey story then this is definitely not for you <<less
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May 29, 2021
Status: Completed
I find the story better than the average. I like Du You's journey through finding and understanding his emotions. I like that he's aware there are things he doesn't understand but still tries his best to learn.

Tbh, the novel doesn't seem written from a 'deep' point of view. There's nothing philosophical about it. It's just a non-human being mistaken for a human and then working on dissolving the plot so he doesn't have to 'fuse' with others (which he takes as him disappearing). He doesn't want to be caught in... more>> any nonsense with the so called MC of the novel he transmigrated into, so he slowly gets all the other 'tops' he was supposed to fuse with to work together and wake them up to the reality. Obviously, the other tops somehow end up falling in love with him once they gain their own 'consciousness' (they can't be affected by the main plot where they're supposed to be obsessed with the novel's MC).

Whilst it is all just nonsensical, Mary Sue-ish kind of plot, again, I like Du You. I like his reactions. I like his way of trying to analyse things and doing his best to not hurt people, whilst also not leading them on. He doesn't understand what liking someone entails, so he made sure nobody mistook him for liking them once they confessed. Whilst he's very very dense and doesn't understand someone likes him until they say it out loud, once he is aware of their feelings, he does his best to let them know he doesn't reciprocate their feelings, whilst also trying to understand what liking someone means. He learns it can mean someone simply likes their look. Or learns it means someone wants their touch, but isn't happy with him going through the motions if he doesn't feel he also wants to feel the other's proximity. He learns liking someone is a complex feeling and has many sides. He tries his best to understand his feelings as well as other's.


whilst he is a zombie king, there's no part in the story where the author feels Du You has to rely on his zombie King powers to make himself known to the readers. He only appears as a dense, ignorant, expressionless, good looking, bossy CEO. Which is quite funny, in a weird way. Imagine a Zombie King going to the office every day, signing papers, nodding at people at meeting whilst thinking about what he should eat for lunch and whether he'll be able to watch his favourite anime.


Lastly, the translator did an amazing job. Thank you for all your work. You should really write a novel yourself too. The comments at the end of most chapters can't be ignored. It's like you're at the height of your feelings, celebrating you'll soon be a star, but then your friend reminds you you simply got accepted into modelling classes. That friend is the translator. The reader is at the height of their emotions reading about whatever conflict or dog blood drama going on then happen across a comment from the translator that leaves them forgetting who they are, where they are, where they came from and where they're headed. Like enjoying a cup of coke then somehow end up with a mint drop in your mouth. Maybe I'm just weird for finding it funny? Oh well. <<less
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Pavetta rated it
November 23, 2020
Status: c64
Dropped the story after chapter 64.

The translation quality is top notch, but I'm having trouble staying invested in the story. I'm not that interested in the MLs, and it's clear that our MC doesn't have much desire for romance or even an understanding of it. That kind of lowers the exciting aspect of it all.

On top of that, until a few chapters ago we had an antagonist, the original young man who was meant to have a harem, but whose harem got unwittingly stolen by the MC. The antagonist tried... more>> getting the MLs back which brought drama to the story, but his role is done now so there is no sense of urgency or struggle since the antagonist is gone.

The plot feels like it meanders a bit. The harem should have been resolved at the same time as the antagonist is beaten, so that the happy end (with one ML or several) comes at the same time as they beat the antagonist for good.

Instead, the antagonist is beaten and the only thing left to the story is the romance, but it's not thrilling enough to keep me engaged when it feels like the only thing preventing the romance from happening is the MC's obliviousness. <<less
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Blackflames123 rated it
September 29, 2020
Status: --
I was hesitant about the seme protagonist tag but basically..... it doesnt f*ckin matter. Trust me u will read this and then the MC will make u go at his own pace. And u wont have time to think "oh I wish this was-" bruhhh no

And this white lotus's system.... oh my god thats so scary wtf is ... more>>

plot correction... the system can literally make the 'ml' go and act like a s*upid fool who is crazy about MC even if he didnt want to i- sskakkakakamaka


The MC and the other love interests are humans too tho but the fact that the system can disregard their emotions and do that? Even the white lotus like tf.

  1. Anyway the MC was like the best thing everrrr and the ML misunderstandings that dont make u go "boi shut tf up and use ur mind" and its instead "yasss bish do that sh*t hahahahahahha" this story is soooo good.
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CherryCoffee rated it
August 31, 2020
Status: c11
Whoa, really nice twist. It's like the Shounen Ai of many Shojo iseikai where the actual heroine has many male leads and believes that they all love her no matter what. But then, the villainess or sidekick, like the MC ftom "The Not-So Sidekick Sidekick", steals them away instead but with good intentions.

Similarily in this story,

The MC has to act as the bossy CEO for the supposed male lead. But in this world, all the male leads from the parallel worlds that the ML has seduced are all transmigratrated... more>> here and will end up fusing together, leaving only their good traits. The MC finds it bs so he tries to send the other tops back... which causes misunderstandings and they instead think he is hitting on them. <<less
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Yokishko rated it
July 26, 2021
Status: Completed
Ridiculous and funny but has enough substance that it pulled at my heart strings a couple of times and even made me shed some tears.

There is just one loose end that I wonder about, as well as some extras I wish were made.

... more>>

I want to know what happens to the other Tops after the finale, like an epilogue or something because I’d feel bad if I don’t convince myself that they somehow found a way to also have a happy ending too.


What ever happened to Xiao Tiantian after his death? Will he transmigrate again or something?

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 12, 2021
Status: Completed
I was unsure about starting this because of the complicated/ strange/ unappealing synopsis (so common for chinese novels!)

so here’s my synopsis: our emotionally deficient MC transmigrated from his apocalypse world to another world with a system, where he has to act out the storyline as a bossy CEO with the Shou, who’s himself QT-ing to many different worlds to meet different strong Gongs. He tries hard to fake his feelings in order to reach the ending & get his reward of staying on in this current world & not... more>> go back to the apocalypse.
unfortunately, the system screws him over & tells him he’s getting pulled to another world where he has to fight with 4 other Gongs for the Shou. And the ending is.. They’ll all merge into one person to become the perfect lover for the Shou. Our MC refuses to lose himself so he sets out to stop the fusion.. And that in turn sets him against the storyline & the Shou.

the fun comes in when our MC meets the other Gongs & they start spoiling the storyline..

I liked the ending, because MC actually ended up with someone/ 1 person & not a “fusion”. <<less
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Mi-yu rated it
January 28, 2021
Status: --
This novel, was simply brilliant.

Not just in the execution of the plot, but even in the characters, worldbuilding and the relationships between the characters involved. I wouldn't say it's the best, but it sure is a unique work that takes the spin in trope of having multiple tops/gongs/semes that eventually become on entity. From what I have felt while reading, this novel is like a healing pill to readers who feel wronged when this trope is done terribly, especially if they feel particularly attached to only a certain ml.

I don't... more>> want to go anymore in depth, since other reviews are already doing that. So what can I talk about this novel other than singing praises? Well, for one, although it's tagged as comedy it isn't heavily leaning on the it, so I can tell that the reader wouldn't feel ret*rded when reading it. However, the novel is prone to making you drop it due to its odd pacing. Odd but very smooth pacing.

Certain loopholes exists but for the sake of enjoying the novel since I was personally hesitant and confused when I saw the summary, I blissfully ignored those. They aren't anything major, just the tiniest holes and it doesn't affect the plot much, just really makes you wonder of a different world.

Speaking of that, I am not certain if this a spoiler or not but

when I went to read the reviews, there was this certain post that caught my eye that not only talked about an aftermath/extras where we find out about side CPs that are about the other Tops and their respective partners, including even the original Du You. However it seemed to have disappeared so I don't know if it's true or just a joke the reviewer made. Also weirdly enough, Assistant Xiao who is the partner to the original Du You was usually referred to as male rather than female which is odd because I'm used to viewing this wonderful assistant jiejie, not as a wonderful assistant gege. You'd think I would pay more close attention to the fact that the original Du You is their pet cat who's acquired spiritual enlightenment and becomes human when far from our Du You.....


In any case, the villain is an absolute bit*h and I have no remorse for them. Maybe some pity but that is all they are going to get. The antagonist was terribly done, it was amazing. MC was a pot of why's, no's, please stop and awws turning into what the f*cks. ML was baby and I love em so much, such a good choice of a partner for MC. The best friend was pitiful and the service doggo was just healing with being the most unproblematic character ever.

Also, great show and representation of good parental figures. 4/5

#Edit: Hahaha! Nevermind, nevermind about the Side CPs part. Turns out in my daze I mistakenly pulled out a different review under a different novel and got the two of them mixed up. My bad, my bad althoughitwouldbeniceforittobereal----- <<less
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BaiYihan rated it
November 5, 2020
Status: c59.2
It's fun but I have to say that the MC gets sidetracked very easily. The entire point of him trying to dissuade everyone from loving the main character wasn't because he dislikes harems or even to get back to his own world. The only reason he started rebelling against the system was because he didn't want to get absorbed into the charters as a split personality. The only problem with that is, his abilities are constantly changing. Once you find out his backstory you get really confused. I thought he... more>> was having trouble resisting one of the characters in the beginning but then it turned out he has inhuman strength and one of the personalities is even his brother? How does that even work? The logic was just absent for that chapter. <<less
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Efu-sama rated it
April 9, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel indeed has its plus and minus sides. I'll start from the plus sides first.

    1. If you're tired of femininized MC or ML, then this novel is for you. I don't know about others, but my desire to be a fujoshi is : I WANT TO SEE TWO HOT, COOL, CAPABLE, AND HANDSOME GUY BEING TOGETHER RATHER THAN ONE MASCULINE-ONE FEMININE GUY! That's my wish, thus I was always sad when I read novels or manga where the Shou is always got femininized. So, I really, really love this novel for satisfying my desire. Rather than a delicate shou vs a domineering gong, this novel give you a couple where both person are domineering, cool, handsome, capable, and amazing! Like, If I want to read a delicate, sweet, and soft vs Manly guy, I'd rather read a STRAIGHT novel, you know! The reason I read BL isn't it because I want two f*cking hot and handsome guy to be together so that I can scream and fangirling to my hearts content???? So, I always felt frustrated over the femininzed shou phenomenon...
    2. This novel's title is really misleading! The title sounds like some kind of dog-blood and brainless novel, yet the content is so far from it. It sounds like harem, but it's not harem. Even between the MC and ML we didn't even get a kiss on the lips scene, okay! So, don't worry there's no such harem scenario where one MC become a hypocrite scum and act lovey dovey with several guys! Lmao~
    3. Since this novel protagonist is "non-human" (ooopss, that's a spoiler, tehee~), he is really devoid of human common sense, thus the tag said "dense protagonist". He didn't even know how to be angry or sad, much less loving someone else. Thus, when several people fall in love with him, he got so bewildered and curious, pondering upon, "why do you like me? What makes you like me? Is it because of my face? Or because you want to mate with me? Did you perhaps mistook the feeling of severe case of dependence as like?"--- That's it, he's so straightforward, and blunt
    4. This novel has several MLs or Love interest, but I really like how the MC didn't dawdle and being a hypocrite, going along with them. The MC, once he realize someone like him while he didn't like that person, he quickly clarify the matter to the other person. He didn't want the other person waste their time for him.
    5. Lastly, the comedy! God, I got a muscle spasm around my cheeks for laughing too much because of this novel! There are many things and many scenes that makes you wanted to laugh so much. If someday I read this novel again, it's because the comedy it offers! The MC has a system, and the interaction between the two of them are really refreshing. Rather than silly system and bossy host, or forceful system with helpless MC, the interaction between system and MC in this novel is like a friend, bickering, slandering, and getting annoyed at each other, there's no butt-licking system towards the host acting like child, or forceful and pretentious system towards the host.
There. I have listed the reason why this novel is a must read. Therefore, I'll start with the minus sides.

    1. Plot holes. I don't know, the plot is actually well explained and described. The plot holes come from "small details", things that actually don't really need to be explained in the... more>> Main Plot, but still is bugging you if you're a detail oriented person. For example, although the author explained the origin of the MC and his past, you only know it briefly and only in the surface. There's no more explanation, and no deeper understanding towards what kind of life or what kind of existence MC is in the past world. This detail didn't really affect the Main Plot Line, but if you're a curious person who pay attention to details, it will make you go super itchy, and felt curious to death, because you really wanted to know the complete story!!! LOL~
    2. Lack of background story for the MLs. I actually really want to know the world where the ML came from, and also wanted to know their opinions towards the antagonist and the event happening in their world with the antagonist. Though, I understand that the author didn't want to write it since it'd felt like the MLs had cheated with the antagonist before they met with the protagonist, so for some readers it is an uncomfortable thing, so back again to the problem with the readers who pay attention to details, it's gonna be a painful and itchy feelings when you're super curious about those details, LOL.
    3. Lack of further explanation. This novel does not have extra chapters. That's right, it's really a painful feeling. There are so many things that I wanted to know after "the end". There are also some POVs that I really wanted to see, for example I really wanted to read the antagonist POV after he knew that those Seme/gong actually pursue a manly and cool handsome guy rather than delicate and sweet shou like him! LOL, that's gonna be super interesting, at least for me. I also wanted to see what happened with the other MLs after the end. And more importantly, I WANT TO SEE THE ROMANCE BETWEEN OR MAIN MC AND ML!!!! But the author didn't give any QAQ.
    4. So, to conclude, the minus thing of this novel is because: THE CHAPTERS IS TOO SHORT, AND THERE IS NO EXTRA CHAPTERS! Author, I want moreeeeeeeeeeee~
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