Extraordinary Mechanical City


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Open your eyes; this is a mysterious new world.

Steam boilers are blazing, driving humongous steel cities through dark winds and fog-covered wilderness. Predation, fuel collection and treasure hunting…

This is a land full of mysteries where countless glorious civilisations’ remains and legends from ancient times are buried.

Mechanical civilisation, magic civilisation, martial arts civilisation, transcendental civilisation… Wasteland hunters explore the ancient ruins and unearth the inheritance and treasures left by various ancient civilisations that litter the lands. They mingle to create a wonderful and fantastic steampunk mechanical era.


A dragon knight: “Isn’t that guy a surgeon? How come his power is even greater than mine!”

A grand priest: “I couldn’t save that man with my divine magic, but that guy actually saved him with a scalpel…”

A fanatical fiend follower: “Is he a follower of my lord and is his body immortal?”

Rayne: “It takes great effort to produce miracles… I am a surgeon of death as well as a tanky melee healer!”

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New jacobpaige rated it
March 2, 2021
Status: c26
Reading this is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. You know its terrible, but you can't look away.

The pseudo-science that the author inflicts on us is a confusing mishmash of cultivation, fantasy and gamelit elements with nonsensical sciency mumbo jumbo layered on top. I'm convinced that trying to take it seriously rots your brain.

The MC is one of those guys that whines about how the Heavens hate him and torture him, while he goes through his piles of loot that literal empires would happily fight wars over, and... more>> which he knows can be readily converted into a noble title and a life of leisure if he ever felt like it.

I like that the MC mostly tries to solve things with his head, but it'd be more impressive if his opponents could outwit a particularly dim five year old, or if the author didn't bend reality to make sure that the MC always has exactly the thing he needs, just before he needs it.

Honestly, unless you read Mechanical God Emperor and thought "O my God, this is Shakespeare!" I can't really recommend this drivel. <<less
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