Exiled Noble Lady Crafts While Traveling in a Campervan in Another World


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Slow Life in a Campervan. Enjoying delicious food and breathtaking views.

The protagonist is a girl (and she doesn’t fall in love). It’s a story about the protagonist, reincarnated as a viscount’s daughter, living leisurely in another world in a campervan. She enjoys eating delicious food, admiring the beautiful scenery, and creating convenient items with alchemy magic. It’s an adventurous journey of living leisurely in a high fantasy world.

– A cheat story of a production job in alchemy.

– Stress-free. No intense battles.

– Karma comes around.

Associated Names
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Tsuihō reijō, kurafuto shinagara kyanpingukā de i sekai o tabi shimasu
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Remixed rated it
February 19, 2024
Status: c279
Fun but not deep. Chapter 2 is a slog but it gets a lot better.

MC is OP. Crafting is handwaved. A lot of "wow modern Japanese inventions are amazing". Characters aren't that deep but they do have backbone, although it does become a bit muderhobo-y. I also felt some yuri undertones. It does that thing where all friendly named characters are women and all named villains are men, but it gets better in later chapters.

It also reads well Google translated.
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March 15, 2024
Status: c53
From the description: "A cheat story of a production job in alchemy."

A lighthearted story about travelling and enjoying life. If that was all, I'd give this story a decent rating. However, this is also supposed to be a crafting story and the crafting really drags the rest of the story down.

I'm in the story, everything is fine. The MC creates something new and more often than not, I'm dragged out of the immersion.
    • Some creations are perfectly fine: potions, golems, magic items.
    • Some are basically expected: It wouldn't be a modern MC if they didn't make

      guns and bombs

    • However some are just completely immersion breaking. The final straw for me was:

      when the video cameras and computer came out. Even if you could fully imagine and create the physical device, where did the software come from?

The alchemy might as well be wish granting at this point.
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AquasVeritem rated it
April 12, 2024
Status: c51
Was kinda fun at first, but I dropped this. I get the the MC has a knowledge cheat due to past life as an engineer, but there are so many points where it's beyond my ability to suspend my disbelief, on top of the awful pacing and rushed writing.

... more>>

When she makes a digital camera in a world without computers, even if you know the structure of the device you still need to have firmware/software to run on the hardware. And she also makes a piano, and apparently knows how to play 1000+ songs on it from memory. I mean it was kinda believable/alright when she was making the camper van because analog automobiles are simple (diesel engines are almost entirely mechanical, and any electrical components are just sensors), but come on man.


But yeah, the pacing is absolutely terrible, sometimes to the point where you're wondering if there were chapters missing because of the awkward way events are 'glossed over' instead of being fully fleshed out and written properly. One second you're doing X and planning to do Y, then next second Y is already done and you're moving on to Z. That sort of bad pacing, where it feels like it's skipping sections even though it isn't. I honestly don't know why the TL picked this up. <<less
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Knakamura rated it
March 30, 2024
Status: c54
The story at this point could have been compressed into seven chapters and you'd miss nothing.

It doesn't help that the author has a very.. Hm. I feel they're trying to use short sentences to paint word pictures but it feels basic and repetitive more than anything else.

Essentially, it's a travelogue with no tension. And the author has no sense of when to move on.
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Ryoto.Ryuji.630 rated it
February 18, 2024
Status: c279
This novel, while having a few shortcomings, is very interesting and entertaining. It's slow paced and not stressful to read during a binge. The binge is highly recommended as each chapter is relatively short.

As for the shortcomings, there are a few plot holes that weren't filled and so far one plot point that was changed in the middle. Next is the fact that while women and men can be villains, only women can be good and righteous. Everything else is good.

There are some elements to shoujo ai, but nothing obvious,... more>> so added the tag shoujo ai subplot. <<less
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ZeroKishi rated it
March 31, 2024
Status: --
Some events are pretty short and this pretty much focused on slow life and how short each chapters were. There's also some questionnable stuff but the author doesn't seem too inclined to explain and just made it "Alchemy is very convenient" and using past knowledge as an engineer. Come on, atleast tell us how did she created stuff Craft Meister is better than this.
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Anirudh4321 rated it
March 29, 2024
Status: c26
Typical one. Family hates the daughter for being "incompetent" and exiles her. She uses her past knowledge to make Earth gadget's and food, again' luky usual. Bu*t the difference is, my girl can ki** without hesitation m. She's not an Anti hero who ki** everything they moves. She only does to people who threaten hee. Loving it so far.
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Ghost Flame
Ghost Flame rated it
February 28, 2024
Status: c36
Much Ado about nothing, basically without saying any spoilers. Protagonist is basically doing a lot, but then again, nothing is really happening in the world. Not much interaction with NPC's and just about everything is forgettable. Much like real life, every day is just passing by. So rating it as 3 or 4 as the description is pretty much accurate, I wouldn't say its great as there are is nothing memorable. But based on the description, don't expect the unexpected as there is nothing. After 36 chapters No face slapping... more>> no revenge, she was not missed when she left, not much impact. <<less
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