Except Me, Everyone Else Is the Protagonist


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Song Nanshi arrived in a cultivation world composed of three novels, where everyone in the sect except her was a protagonist.

The Eldest Senior Brother was a reincarnated protagonist who withdrew from his marriage early on. He possessed a jade pendant and was known in the martial world as Long Aotian. He used a broken sword to build his foundation and killed the boss of the Nascent Soul realm.

The Second Senior Sister was a stand-in who was betrayed in a crematorium. After being reborn, she became enlightened and had both her cold master and her former fiancé lining up at the crematorium.

The Youngest Junior Sister was the female lead of a sweet novel. She raised a demon prince who could transform into a human in her cave. She was regularly pinched at the waist and pressed against the wall affectionately by the jealous prince.

Song Nanshi became the Third Senior Sister, who had the least presence in the sect. Not only did she lack any special plotlines, but she also, having been an atheist in her past life, became a professional fortune-teller in this life, using a turtle shell every day to tell fortunes.

Faced with the fate of being involved in the main storyline as a background character in her daily life, Song Nanshi, who considered herself the only ordinary person in the sect, chose to be indifferent.

Eldest Senior Brother: “Junior Sister, does being born lowly mean I have to accept my fate?”

Song Nanshi took out the turtle shell and comforted, “Senior Brother, your fate is in your hands.”

Eldest Senior Brother: “!”

Second Senior Sister: “Junior Sister, he has done so much for me. Should I forgive him? But I feel unwilling!”

Song Nanshi took out the tarot cards, shook her head after a series of operations, and said, “Delayed affection is inferior to grass.”

Second Senior Sister: “!”

Youngest Junior Sister hesitated, “Third Senior Sister, he said he wants to propose to me, but… he’s a demon, and I’m human.”

Song Nanshi looked up at the gloomy sky, “I have observed the celestial phenomena at night; you two are definitely a match made in heaven!”

Youngest Junior Sister: “!”

Eldest Senior Brother/Second Senior Sister/Youngest Junior Sister: She understands me so well!

In the original work, Song Nanshi, out of jealousy towards her fellow disciples, conspires with the antagonist and is eventually killed.

This time, she encountered a pitiful antagonist who had just been betrayed by his family.

After a moment of silence, Song Nanshi chose to take out her treasure, the turtle shell, and said sincerely, “Brother, do you want a reading? It’s only ten spiritual stones.”

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New Sheddy rated it
March 20, 2024
Status: c118
It was great read at first due to the comedy. It was hilarious, but the comedy slowly died down the more you read, and even if there were still some comedic scenes, they were hit and miss.

ML is sometimes very dislikable, I don't know what's the deal with the author, everytime they wrote about kissing scenes, it was always written as if the ML is some kind of a s*xual predator, forcibly grabbing the MC's head and ravaging her mouth until there's pain, there's not a single romantic vibe from... more>> the kissing scenes.

I dropped it at chapter 118 because it was getting too exhausting to read.

I liked the author's other work more, maybe because there's fewer romance there so it wasn't very nauseating to read. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 27, 2024
Status: c2 part3
This is actually a pretty hilarious novel. Its like that manga called “A man defies the world of bl” where the MC is aware his in a bl world and avoids triggering bl scenes. Song Nanshi is just like that MC. XD

Also, this girl have bad luck. But it’s explained why. Cuz of her occupation, a mortal that dares to spy on heaven’s secret must have one of the five misfortunes and three lacks: widowed, lonely, orphaned, disabled, or short of wealth. What she got was the worst one- short... more>> of wealth.

Everyone’s worst nightmare 😖😖😖 At least she wasn’t born with bad luck. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Maisike rated it
March 10, 2024
Status: c140
I've completed the novel to the end by machine translation and I can honestly say that this novel is a gem. It takes on a parody of common tropes in cultivation word and it does it well. Our MC is honestly super funny and the development of the male protagonist is also hilarious. It's amazing novel to read if you are bored and want something lightheaded. The antagonists reasons make sense as well and in the end, almost everything is explained.

I reccommend.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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