Escape from Marriage 100 Days: Sweet Wife Steals a Treasure


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Gu Xingshen! Your sister grabbed my man, you helped your sister grab my man! Your family is not anything good!

“My sister owes you, I will pay you.” “How will you pay for it!”


“…” Later, this guy not only lost himself, but also included a little sticky bun……

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New nuttyreader rated it
September 25, 2019
Status: --
Edit: I have to say that this review is about the plot more than the quality of the story. Quality wise, I would give it 3. You do feel the pain of the MC. Too much for me but others may like it.

... more>> I can see why there are soo many 1s here.

This is not really romance.

This is psychological torture story.

If you like the female lead/MC being tortured psychologically than you will enjoy this story.

I could not read this beyond where I could see the amount of pain the FL goes through from people who supposedly like her. That's the real problem. The people who should be supporting and loving her are the cause of the pain so I'm surprised the MC did not go insane.


MC was in love and was in a relationship.

The big brother who has been taking care of her most of her life (the stupid evil ML) lies to her and helps his black white lotus sister to steal the man. The sister who is supposedly a good friend of the FL.

Finding out that they (the useless x-boyfriend and friend) are leaving the country on the same day as they are leaving, she rushes out of her house. Her mother follows and of course we have the tragedy of the mother being killed in a car accident in front of the daughter.

This makes the FL emotionally unstable. The so called big brother keeps her constantly monitored and supports/protects the evil sister right in front of the FL.

All I see is psychological torture from the ML to FL.

He is a big bad wolf mentally torturing her constantly.

I assume that he will get the girl in the end after breaking her thoroughly like any of these types of novels (I know, he likes her and won't do this on purpose but you will understand why I say this after you read this novel if you can stomach the mental torture she goes through)

FL is constantly reminded that she can't fight back at all against the black white lotus. She is constantly being forced to "forgive" the lies, the death of her mother, anything else the black white lotus does.


The main kicker so I'm saying this again:

Other novels have the evil people hurt the MC. This one has the supposedly loved ones hurting the MC. I assume nothing bad happens to them since "they love her and didn't mean to hurt her".

I'm surprised that the FL does not go crazy.

This is the reason for all the 1s.

The only way this can get a higher rating, the ML does NOT get the girl.

He should suffer everything that he put his girl through but you know that's not gonna happen

Can the transmigration for cannon fodder or such come to steal the girl and give this a happier vibe?

I know this is a more serious story but I tend to hope when all these bad things happens throughout what I read.

The ML literally does not deserve the FL.

I would almost add tragedy tag to this but not sure if it is applicable if the tragedy is in the early parts of the novel. <<less
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songjongki19 rated it
August 30, 2019
Status: c68
  1. 4 stars. The male lead is a jerk. He is torn between siding his own sister or the girl he loved.
  2. FL deserves a Good man.
  3. My heart ache for the female lead. The betrayal and deceits are too much. Specially, the chapter when the male lead wanted her to apologize even though she was secretly hurting. My heart was ripped open when no one notices or care for her pain. *Cry*cry. That's too.. Cruel!
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June 17, 2019
Status: c30
I am confused. It feels like there is a missing prequel that explains the connections between the characters. As if there were a few chapters that were left out. I actually feel like I need some flashbacks or something. Considering how amazing this author's other work is, it was a surprise. Hopefully this clear up as it goes.
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