Easy To Deceive


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When Yu Nian ran away from home at the age of eighteen, he was briefly taken care of by a handsome guy.

The handsome guy was named Qi Wang, only a year older than him, aloof and taciturn, mature and stable, the only flaw being a bit easy to deceive.

Yu Nian said his parents had died early, his family had fallen on hard times, and his siblings were harsh, and Qi Wang believed it all.

At first, he was impatient with Yu Nian, but later, he would spend hours waiting in line with him on winter nights to buy candied chestnuts and accompany him to set off fireworks by the sea in the late night.

Yu Nian unilaterally declared that he had found true love, and when his siblings came to take him home, he stubbornly refused to break up.

“I’ll elope with him tomorrow! Beating me won’t work!”

Yu Nian declared firmly.

But as expected, the unreliable Qi Wang disappeared, leaving Yu Nian determined but alone.

Actions speak louder than words about who is easy to deceive.

In the midnight reverie, Yu Nian often thought of this person with hatred, wishing for nothing but misfortune and poverty to befall him.

But eight years later, this person not only did not fall into ruin, but also became a rising star in the art world, appearing once again before him.

They met at a charity gala.

They politely and distantly extended their hands, as if meeting for the first time, exchanging casual pleasantries.

But the hands held together were burning hot, and their hearts beat restlessly.

Aloof Mature Seme × Formerly Silly Sweet Now Hot-tempered Uke

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12 Reviews

Thoughtful Dawn
Thoughtful D
Mar 24, 2024
Status: Completed
It's incredible. The novel has a touching sentiment that is so deep to the soul. It shows a growing love, desire and sacrifice. The MC and ML relationship isn't so complicated as I expected. There are enough communication between the leads after their reunion.I recommend this novel for those who love matchmaking 😅😅 (I don't like writing spoilers). The translation is also very smooth and easy. A big thanks to the writer, translator and the editor for their time and effort they put in.
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 29, 2024
Status: Completed
This is an emotional read full of heartache but very done and translated. It’s understandable due to their age and circumstances that the MC’s siblings would object to the relationship. Nobody expected the MC to love the ML so deeply waiting for him all this time. I’m glad they got their 2nd chance as they had never stopped loving each other.
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 26, 2024
Status: c82
I didn't understand how this one got a low rating. Reading this novel was such a joy. I've been in a slump lately, reading mediocre novels that had surprisingly high rating. So glad I found this one.

So sweet and they didn't drag the angst for too long. So it's not heart wrenching like some of the novels here lol.

Something still got on my nerves

... more>>

The restaurant owner being small minded thinking that her restaurant was too small for MC and not good enough.. That's why MC left, WHEN CLEARLY SHE'S THE ONE WHO TOOK THE MONEY AND FCKING TOLD ON MC. DON'T ACT LIKE A VICTIM!

And there's the siblings. I need to see them got hurt seeing MC got thin and sick from their actions. Unfortunately, our MC was too nice. We can only read some of the hurt, not fully.


But overall, this novel ended beautifully. Thanks for the translator! <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
munching on BL
munching on
Mar 27, 2024
Status: Completed
5 stars! I don’t normally leave reviews bc it’s a hassle on phone but honestly I needed eye drops after binge reading the whole novel bc my eyes became so dry. I wouldn’t say it’s like 2HA, and def don’t read this directly after a tr*shy miscommunication plot. But it really hits the spot if you feel a bit melancholic and want a gently cry. The rich setting is not relatable for most but the interactions, miss opportunities, and twist of fate is realistic. If thought carefully every somewhat cliche... more>> but also not. It’s one of those everyone but no one was at fault things. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 28, 2024
Status: Completed
A good (but not great) second chance slice of life story. Nothing wow-ed me, but also no major icks about the characters/story. Like many other similar BL novels, the ML's redemption arc is very unsatisfying. Yes, the ML (like many others) have a tragic backstory, many justifications for his actions, apologizes to MC later on, vows to pursue the MC again, etc., it's just all talk and no action. I really do not understand why the ML promises to pursue the MC again but does absolutely nothing (minor spoiler: all... more>> ML did was gift MC with a rock and flowers, flowers that the MC literally had to tell ML to buy). The author even excuses the ML's low EQ by being like oh, ML is not good at being romantic, like brother, you can easily search up romantic ideas online or ask fam/friends for romantic ideas, is it that hard to put in more effort to pursue your lover?? Excuse my long rant, but I'm so tired of these bare minimum MLs, the standards are like on the floor smh <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 24, 2024
Status: Completed
This is why communication is so important. Imagine spending 8 years like that...

... more>>

Yes, I do think the siblings are not really at fault. They wanted the best for the MC, but they did it wrong. Imagine putting MC through that for 8 years.

I can’t blame ML, he had a hard past so obviously he did that because he cared for MC. It just maybe he should do something like “If in 2 years you’re still into me bla bla —“ kind of thing.

As for MC, he’s rich right. And if he can’t find the person anymore, maybe he could put in the social media or something. Post the picture of their bracelet or the photo at Jiangnan.

Alas, it’s so heartbreaking for me to read


I honestly can’t stop crying especially at latter’s part. The reason why I can’t give it full star is maybe cause the summary kinda told everything so at some point I don’t enjoy the flashback especially at volume 1 it’s all about their past.

Alas, I’m glad they finally have their happy ending although 8 years have been wasted... <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 28, 2024
Status: Completed
A good slice of life and second-chance story.

The author wrote both the MC&ML really well and you could understand their emotions & why they persisted in what they did.

(Maybe considered a spoiler) ... more>>

Personally, I wouldn't say either the MC/ML was in the wrong which caused them to not see each other until 8 years later. Ultimately, it was just a consequence of their decision. The MC persisted in his first love which caused him to have (mental) health consequences and the ML decided to leave without looking back because he felt like it would be the best choice for the 2 of them. Although the MC's siblings played a major part in causing the initial separation, the main characters still had a chance to see each other again but it was fate and their own decisions which stopped them from doing so.


Overall, I really enjoyed this story because you got to immerse yourself in both the MC&ML's perspective. The story is HE and it also highlights how important communication is and the effect of making a choice is (whether it be good or bad). <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 24, 2024
Status: Completed
Personal rating: 4.5/5

Translation: 5/5. Very smooth and high-quality. A big thank you to the translator for your time and effort.

Honestly, I have mixed feelings about this novel but it really is a great quality novel so you should read it. Maybe because it is my first time reading second-chance romance since im usually more to fluff kind of person. This does contains A LOT of fluff though, until you get to the middle part where the author starts pulling the knives. The plot is quite cliche, but it got some... more>> small twists that make this novel memorable.

I LOVE our MC. He is just too cute and loveable plus his personality is well developed. However, I hate that part of him that easily gives in to the ML. If you are expecting extreme wife-chasing and begging kneeling then you’d be disappointed. MC forgives ML quite easily. Honestly that’s quite understandable since he never moved on from ML. But I wish he was more stern and harsher to the ML. I mean, he suffered SO MUCH during the time they separated I wish I could just hug him. I kid you not I spent an hour with tears flowing non-stop out of my eyes during their redemption arc. I even hate ML so much for putting our MC through that. I hate how our MC forgives ML too easily. I want ML to suffer at least half of the pain MC was suffering. (Ps: I know ML suffers too but we know that MC had it WAY harder since his heart is more softer and pure).



god I hate MC’s brother & sister. I know they wanted the best for MC but why are they deciding everything for him!! Even after MC runs away the first time they did not learn their lesson.




ML character was quite flawed and it is somehow realistic. I really wish that he would try to trust MC more. Which could solve most of their problem. But it is realistic since they have only known eo for a few months and our ML had a dark past. It is understandable for his character, but ugh I just feel so sorry for our MC.


But yeah, like other reviewer said, communication is important. If they had communicated, then maybe they wouldn’t have wasted all those years apart. In all; I love this novel, I would recommend you give it a try. Esp if you love fluff mixed with angst. Prepare a lot of tissue though. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 05, 2024
Status: Completed
This novel had me in tears multiple times, which was unexpected for this author as most of her other works are quite lighthearted. Immediate five stars for me, despite the pretty cliche storyline, just by virtue of how well it was executed. There's definitely a lot of drama leading up to their separation, but it was to a believable extent without being overly excessive.

Recommended to read without spoilers as the emotional impact is more intense that way. Plot points are all logical and get explained in due time, and character... more>> emotions are very vivid and descriptive. Love an author that can truly show and not tell, especially when depicting suffering and pain as contrasted by love and hope. ML's backstory in particular tore me apart, and honestly explains the lack of communication on his part pretty well in my opinion.

Definitely one of my favorites from this author! The writing style is as fluid as ever with a well done translation, and the plot is well paced and engaging throughout. Though I cried way more than I was expecting to, it's overall a healing novel with a fairytale type of love. They're each others first and last (and only) loves, and it's all very romantic and touching. If anything, I wish there were extras beyond the last chapter just because I was sad to let these two go. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 15, 2024
Status: Completed
Unsatisfying read. 8 years of suffering cause by a betrayal of a lover. The MC doesn't grow a decent spine. The ML received a jackpot, he can just leave whenever he like, without looking back, no question asked and the MC will still welcome him with open arms. If you want to see regrets and groveling, this isn't for you.

+1 for the translator.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 03, 2024
Status: Completed
This was a quick read but pretty enjoyable. I love a good broken mirror story and this wasn't bad.

The story first dives into how Yu Nian and Qi Wang meet, and it's a heartwarming story to read about how they slowly get close together. Yu Nian breaks through Qi Wang's indifference and cold exterior with his warmth and persistence. There were so many cute scenes here that had me smiling as Yu Nian discovers what it's like to fall in love for the first time. Then the pain hit with... more>> the breakup before transitioning to their awkward reunion 8 years later.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first part of the story about their initial relationship, and I thought the breakup was done well too. I didn't like how Qi Wang singlehandedly decided what was best for Yu Nian, but his decision comes from a good place and he truly believes that they're part of two different worlds, especially after finding out about Yu Nian's family. However, I found the reunion and getting back together part lacking. Yu Nian initially is furious at Qi Wang, and for good reason, but imo he forgives Qi Wang much too quickly and they get back together fairly easily. Yes, Yu Nian never got over Qi Wang and still loves him, but still I would've liked to see both of them work harder to reconcile. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 16, 2024
Status: Completed
Arguably, a four-star read but personal bias elevated it to a five.

It’s definitely not a novel you turn to in order to witness men groveling for forgiveness & in endless regret. It’s definitely on the lighter approach where forgiveness is the expected answer without needless prolonging of grievances & pain. Shorter than I wanted; I wished they were able to flesh out the characters & their backgrounds more. Second-chance romance has a special space in my heart. Probably because I’m a sucker for first loves & reading about a former... more>> couple reuniting after years of missed communication turns my heart into dough. I can’t put any blame to both ML & MC... they were both young & circumstances just weren’t on their side at the time of their split. I cannot fathom having a love that would withstand 8 years of not even seeing each other—AGH the angst. I can’t.

Good read; something I wouldn’t read again unless I need a good choke to the heart <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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