Falling in Love With the Male God


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Lin Qin was a low-key new film Emperor who didn’t even go to receive his award at the Cannes Film Festival.

Recently, he accepted a love reality show, just because his partner would be the male god – Meng Chao.

Meng Chao was a legend in the entertainment circle, he went to the pinnacle of his career right on his debut and was a tall, elegant and aloof male god in the eyes of fans.

For some reason, he accepted to participate in a love-reality show.

The moment he saw his partner, Meng Chao only felt his heart that had been silent for more than two decades, moved…..

The last recording (of the reality show) was by live broadcast and was at Meng Chao’s home.

The camera aimed at the movie emperor’s big bed, where Lin Qin sat up from the bed, staring blearily, as he softly called “husband” at the movie emperor.

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June 6, 2020
Status: Completed
Warnings (mild spoilers)


Mentions of bullying/assault (NOT between MC and ML, they’re flashbacks from MC’s past) and su*cide ideation. It’s only described in one chapter. MC also has a panic attack at one point.


Very fluffy novel about MC (Lin Qin), a multi-award winning actor with a severe case of social phobia and anxiety caused by past trauma, and his idol, ML (Meng Chao), another film emperor. Dog food galore. It's thrown in your face like buckets of confetti, lol.

The relationship between MC and ML is a bit of a whirlwind romance (ML basically falls in love at first sight and MC has had a crush on ML for many years), but the relationship is shown well and their intimacy is carefully built up through small domestic moments. ML is extremely respectful of MC’s boundaries and takes care to make sure he doesn’t scare him, and while I think MC learning to open up happens a little bit too fast, it’s really heartwarming to see him come out of his shell. There’s really a feeling of how these two were really meant for each other and I didn’t have any feeling of their relationship moving too fast. (Maybe I’m just used to it at this point, though. I’d read this somewhat like soulmates that instantly click upon meeting.)

Anxiety and trauma are discussed and addressed in a surprisingly healthy and respectful manner. There’s a very mild element of “falling in love heals all” and the recovery speed is unrealistically fast, but the topic of mental illness and bullying is taken seriously and not regulated as a joke.

There are some one dimensional villains with no redeemable qualities, but they’re all face slapped and thrown out relatively quickly. ML doesn’t deal with them all by himself either, MC does his share of defending and developing himself in spite of his trauma.

There isn’t a lot of dog blood drama (maybe just a drop) in this novel and I would consider it more on the fast-paced side, but I found myself really engaged in seeing MC and ML interact. The chapters are shorter than a lot of other novels, so it’s a relatively quick read despite being almost 100 chapters. MTL is super easy to parse, if you’re going down that route.

I recommended it if you want to read something that rots your teeth.
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darkelf01 rated it
November 2, 2021
Status: --
To sum it up, predictable and boring. I felt like I'm reading a Wattpad fanfic of Twilight.

There's nothing new in this novel since it's no different from any other shycuteawkward MCs x dotingmalegodcool MLs out there.

Like, you already know the ending, you can see that they'd end up together even from the first few chapters so you're reading about 90 chapters of the process of them to kisskissfallinlove. There should be a 'slice of life' genre tag up there.

That's it. I don't remember much about this novel except the staple,... more>> boring mould that the author casts into the CP. I don't even remember much about their career since they're already the cream of the crop.

I think the only thing worth of mention is how the couple dealt with MC's social phobia. The author dealt with this topic quite gracefully, but it's a pity that they wrote as if being an awkward human is a cute thing (from ML's perspective).

I meant, being awkward isn't cute. The MC will always felt out of his depth and misplaced. I'm already annoyed by the third time the author depicted the MC being shy like a bullied rabbit - -" <<less
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ThisLaozi rated it
August 30, 2020
Status: c98
Not enough! Not enough for this laozi ╥﹏╥ but this was a really good short read there are parts where I was teary because the ML is just so understanding and respectful and how MC is trying his best to overcome his social phobia. I myself have problems similar to MC and this just made me even more immersed in the plot.

Their love is just the definition of what I think true love is and I hope everyone will have such a beautiful relationship
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rhianirory rated it
June 2, 2020
Status: Completed
this was better than I expected.

I wasn't sure about this at first because it seemed to have a shy maiden, timid small animal type MC, and a dominating ML who treats him more like a pet than a person and I tend to find that stereotype annoying rather than cute. But then the story gets going and you realize that the MC isn't that way because it's his nature, but because of past trauma and social anxiety and the ML doesn't just tease the little bunny, but sincerely wants to... more>> help him.

The MC suffers PTSD as well as social anxiety and the author does a good job of describing anxiety and the symptoms of a panic attack; either she's done her research or has suffered under the same problem.

the ML is supportive and works hard to help bring the MC out of that anxiety and while exposure therapy only helps so far IRL, in the story it was nice to see the MC slowly opening up and completely putting the past behind him.

overall this is a sweet story and if it was just the little rabbit/big bad wolf dynamic I thought it would be at first it would have rated a 3. There is, however, a lot more depth than expected as it addresses traumatic themes and problems such as bullying and social anxiety in a calm and respectful way. There is a lot of warmth in the end and I finished the story with a smile. <<less
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Likalily rated it
October 3, 2020
Status: Completed
In terms of curing anxiety disorders it is quite good and I cried when I found out that Lin Qin was being bullied by everyone in school, no one cared or helped him. I also have trauma and suffer from PTSD, panic disorder and depression. I am very afraid of big vehicles and when crossing the road I need a lot of courage. Seeing the MC's struggle to recover made me cry and wanted to hug him.

Actually, their chemistry was not strong enough and it seemed like I suddenly started... more>> a relationship even though I was happy for them. For a surrogate couple (even though they only appear a little) for me it's quite annoying. I mean I don't like other couples suddenly.

Actually I want to give 4 stars but I like the MC's struggle in dealing with his trauma. <<less
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Rubyspecs rated it
June 23, 2022
Status: c1
Nothing interesting or special

And it was so contradictory for the fact that how MC was even able to act on filming set while suffering from social anxiety who can't let anyone invade his personal space nor allow slightest physical contact. Acting out any role in film does require some or other physical contact even if it's a mere handshake or pat on shoulder. Idk what type of roles he was able to play out like that, and even won award 😐

And chemistry between the leads was cliche and lovestruck at... more>> first sight. And MC really doesn't give off vibe of an teenager, let alone an adult. It's understandable he is super shy, crybaby, timid and with social anxiety, but at least don't make him appear like a timid 7 year old kid..... <<less
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ChronoH0 rated it
June 19, 2020
Status: Completed
It's really typical villain and at least there's some love within the family.

I really do regard this couple as couple goals. It's great to have a person to love you wholeheartedly and also a person who is willing to respect you but would not hesitate to help you come out of that shell reasonably.

It's this kind of healthy relationship that shows there's beauty in falling in love even though sometimes life is not like that for others.

A small warning still there's going to be a sensitive topic that's going to... more>> appear in the story. It's not too disturbing but it is still unpleasant.

I hope that does not stop anyone from reading this. It is just something to bear in mind cause as someone whose emersive in reading it can be emotional.

Well that's all stay healthy guys. Right now it's 2020 a lot is going on I hope this story can lighten up you guys a bit. <<less
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Roro97 rated it
May 31, 2020
Status: c39
A cute novel about MC who is fan of a film emperor/Legend ML and accept to do a Loving Same-s*x live broadcasted show because ML is in it (summary describe it well).

So far I keep smiling the whole time! I like MC and ML.. Their romance is early just like the tag said, ... more>>

at this point they already together..! So surely it will be how their couple is going to go and their relationship


MC Lin Qin is kinda awkward sometimes -he has a social anxiety disorder (there's a hint something happened to him before?) anyway but I feel like he might change, I will wait and see! However even with this condition he is very hardworking (like he got a whole notebook of his acting characters comprehension, development and all these related things), and he so cute, soft ughh I wanna protect him *_*
ML is your typical gong -overpowered, and all that! He is endearing, very encouraging, smooth and easygoing toward MC but bit cold towards others.
It is very light read right now, so I Recommend for past time. <<less
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Wolffenrir rated it
December 17, 2023
Status: --
I mean, it's just so boring. The person who said it felt like reading a Twilight fanfic really had it right, except at least Twilight had vampires so it couldn't be that boring. For this fic, you know when you're young and shove your favourite dolls together and make them kiss just because? Yea well, this felt like the grown up version of that, except with more moral lessons. Like for real every few paragraphs the author finds a way to hammer in how MC is so good bc he's... more>> hardworking unlike other young actors in the industry, or how he's so special bc he's willing to learn from senior actors despite having won a awards already, unlike other film emperors. Like I get it, but doing it too much makes him a mary sue. Do you really have to bring in how other people, the whole universe other than ML in fact, all suck as a comparison to say how good MC is? Can't he shine on his own? It's understandable for an MC to be the author's darling, but there's no need to shove it down people's throats right? Anyways, there's no suspense at all, from the get go author already spoils everything where she never let's you feel excited about their relationship. You know how in the beginning stages of an rs you'll feel uncertainty, anxiety, anticipation, happiness etc? Author doesn't let you feel that istg it's like she hasn't heard of keeping the cat in the bag. In the first few chapters there's already sentences like 'when they end up together, they do use blabla to settle conflicts. But of course, that's in the future'. Then leave it in the FUTURE TF. Or how ML is immediately like 'i wna get married' right after meeting MC. Yall are both clearly fking gone, then just go to the courthouse already? Why waste my time with a hundred chapters??

Then let's talk about the romance. There's no chemistry, MC is trauma bonded to ML the moment he met him even though he didn't know him personally. If the ML wasn't meant to be with him from the get go by the author's whims, this wouldn't have worked out at all. He was also just so... Completely defenceless against ML, even though he had no idea whether ML irl is different from the idea he had of him in his head? That's dangerous and naive, man. I couldn't really get behind it bc of all the real life examples of parasocial relationships not ending well either from the celebrity's scandals or some pe*verted male god taking advantage of his fans, sometimes even underaged. Or those creepy ass fans who stalk their favs and do weird things. Anyways, my point is if you're jaded like me, you probably won't find this as appealing or sweet as it's meant to be. If you do like fantasising about your favourite idol falling in love with you at first glance and can do it without cringing though, go for it. No judgement here. It's not like I can't read novels of fans falling in love with their idols, btw, a good example of how it's done is when the fan actually takes off their rose tinted glasses and sees the idol for the person they are, thereby forming an actual relationship beyond what they've built them up to be on the pedestal inside their head. This didn't happen before MC and ML got together in the novel, which happened so fast and outta nowhere bc one fell in love for no reason instantaneously and one was trauma bonded. Anyways.

Another point, why is MC kinda annoying? I get that he has social phobia, as a person who had social anxiety myself before, I can't really get behind his characterisation. My condition was to the point where I couldn't stand straight and would not stop sweating when I was standing during school assembly, bc I was surrounded by people. I would also lose feeling in my hands, so I do know what it's like to be challenged by social situations. However, as a person does, I learnt coping mechanisms, and through trial and error finally got better. The process took years and years. You know what was quite harmful during the process though? That a person would come along and solve that problem for you, that you don't have to do anything by yourself. Maybe that's the gripe I have with this book. It's a common trope in romance novels to have a prince stride in on his white horse, remove you from your miserable situation and solve all the problems in your life. It was basically like that in this book where MC was freaking dare I say it, pretty useless until ML came along. Which I find offensive! He's a two-time award winning actor, you're telling me he had made zero progress on his social phobia despite the inherent social situation that is acting on a set? He says that he liked acting bc he was able to escape from his social phobia, so it's not even like he wasn't trying! You know what would have been interesting? Since he's so good at method acting, why didn't he create a social persona for himself? Then again, author's skills arent advanced enough to handle that. Anyways, author, instead of acknowledging MC's autonomy and showing us that his personal efforts meant something, just had him be like a helpless little baby until ML came along. This is not MY characterisation, btw, author really fkin hammers in the 'white bunny rabbit helpless little baby MC' thing every other fking line. His fans were saying it, ML was thinking it, his cousin was saying it. ML even found his awkwardness and struggles cute. Yikes. ML had to basically think of ways to help him figure it out and improve, which I frankly think is disempowering if someone with social phobia were to read the book? You mean even if they make strides on their goals and stuff, achieving success in other parts of their life, they still need to wait for some kind soul to find them cute and decide to help them with it from the kindness of their hearts? Yea, not for me. At least show MC handling himself competently, even if he's still feeling fear underneath, cos I can't see that someone with such a social career wouldn't have developed any kind of coping mechanisms and can't even handle speaking to someone or making eye contact without running away. He's a movie emperor for fks sake. But I guess he does have an explanation for how he could get through auditions and stuff - he was just privileged enough to be born rich and have resources handed to him, even if he works hard. In any case, he's hard to like from how author writes him. I don't like weak characters who rely on mommy and daddy and didn't have to work on themselves, especially in a novel where author keeps tryna be morally superior every two lines. This is different from salted fish characters who at least have personality bc author keeps tryna make him look so good, in the end he's just a useless delicate flower. His ending story isn't him taking control of his life like people with social phobia yearn for, it's him being dependent on ML for his recovery and mental health. If ML disappears or leaves him, he'll probably collapse entirely. And author sees no problem with it.

Which brings me on to the next thing. This is common in chinese novels -- MC is author's angel and therefore the most admirable person on earth. ML is of course his companion in being the most competent person on earth, with vicious methods (when his heart, the MC, is touched! Ah ah, you better watch out! Bc then you better await hell to be rained down on you. Blerghhh), best at whatever he does. Others can either ship them or be their enemies. It's such an overused storyline. By others I mean women, of course, who are either uncontrollable in the face of ML's hormones to the point of losing all sense (like throwing themselves in ML's bed during a FILMED LIVE RECORDED SESSION) or pe*verted shippers who have nothing to do all day except await their great gods to throw them some dog food in kindness. You can picture the thick glasses, flared nostrils and drool flowing down these shippers. Ms author is probably one of them, with the way she writes it's like she's drooling over shipping her own mediocre characters. At least male or older side characters who are not seen as 'threats' have more characterisation, ms author will be kinder to them and have them be respectable people. Ofc, with the dose of moral righteousness shoved down your throat. Anyways it's all very boring and old to me, nothing you wouldn't have seen before. It's not actually unforgivable or anything, it's okay if you want a tr*sh novel to read to turn your brain off. Ah but there's so many better tr*sh novels out there with better dogblood drama etc! This tr*sh novel can't even win in the tr*sh category bc it's so boring. <<less
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Nahira rated it
May 24, 2022
Status: c59
Sweet and heartbreaking.

I must say, the author treats well the themes of bullying and depresion, especially considering how they are seen in the asian culture.

I would describe this as a history of healing, and, from a personal perspective I can relate to this in a way that hurts, so be careful if you have triggers such as bullying and su*cide.
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June 9, 2021
Status: c31
Sakura chapters are devided, so it's around ch 31. I wouln't have started reading it on Sakura had I known before hand and wait for TsurugaKJ. Both done a good job tho.

The story is quite sweet. There's probably gonna be a back story later on. No irritating feeling of cliff hangers.

A cute capable Lin Gin with room to grow and a fully EQ equiped Meng Chao. What a fullfilling lead characters.
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nctzen rated it
October 21, 2020
Status: Completed
Please read this story. It's a sweet story that has some twist and turns. The secret about the MC literally bring me to tears and I just loved how the ML is always there for him.

Both the ML and MC are just couple-goals and has a great personality without making you feel tired reading it.

5 stars for this story and strongly recommended
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shouahang58 rated it
August 20, 2020
Status: Completed
I love how the author portray the realistic of what having social phobia and anxiety is like.

This novel was very enjoyable, I love the MC's journey of trying to step out of his comfort zone and relearn to step back in society. I also Love the ML for being with MC through this and for always having MC's back. He gives MC the encouragement and slight push when needed hoping that MC will be happy.

Only thing that kinda of suck was that the ending felt a little rushed. And for... more>> the fact that we don't get to MC and ML's life after ML purposes to MC. There is no wedding scene of after the wedding scene. I'm sad that the author didn't write that. <<less
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forgetdrunkenmoon rated it
July 16, 2023
Status: Completed
This is cute/light hearted novel. Their relationship start early and the drama didn't dragged too long.

The relationship between MC and ML is pure. MC admire ML very much while ML find MC cute at the first.

Li Qin (MC/Shou) and Meng Chao (ML/Gong)

Some spoilers ahead:

... more>>

•MC has social phobia but he'll get better thanks to ML and he's very lowkey.

•Previously when MC is still in school, he got bullied by the Fang bastard because MC rejected his confession again and again. The Fang bastard dare to do this because he thought that MC family has normal background.

•MC parents are already divorced but they still love MC. His mother, Chu Ge, is from the Chu family. His father, Lin Chengdu, is from the Lin family. Both are from rich and influential family.

•The Fang bastard make trouble for MC because he see MC as the best toy he can't let go. Later the Fang bastard family got obstructed by ML and MC's parents.

•The Fang bastard mistress (?) make trouble by creating fake news that MC is in relationship with Lin Chengdu (MC's father). Later this caused the entire internet to discovered that MC's family background is extremely powerful and start calling him as crown prince. Of course this didn't make some fools to stop making trouble.

•At the end, ML make the Fang bastard into the jail by showing embezzlement of the Fang company.


Side couple:

•Meng Ke and Han Zhi
Some funny scene

ML taunt his brother (Meng Ke) while bragging about his wife (MC) because Meng Ke is still chasing after Han Zhi


•Chu Ge and Lin Chengdu (MC' parents)

Although they are divorced, there's still some affection between the two but they didn't show it. <<less
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erialolita rated it
April 26, 2022
Status: Completed
It was okay, not much drama, the romance is quick and everything is smooth sailing. The writing is not the best either.

It would have been better if the story ended at chapter 60 ish. I didn't care about the brother/singer side couple and after the past comes out the story became stale and boring.
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Fisukisuki rated it
September 6, 2023
Status: c46 part1
So Fluffy and So Lovely so far!

It's the Early Romance type of story where when ML and MC meet, they just click and didn't take them too long to be Close and have the Good feeling.

MC is Quiet and Very Shy but still Cute and Caring. ML is observant, Caring and Helpful. He want what's best for MC. Really Sweet Couple!

... more>> The story so far is Great. Nothing heavy and just Light and nice. It does have a Face slapping though. Not sure if they would have more.

The main theme is just Sweet Love and really Gentle !

Pray so hard the rest of the story is as Good and Satisfying as well!!! 🙏 <<less
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periperi rated it
October 7, 2021
Status: Completed
4.5 stars

Saw this a long time ago and wanted to read it but put it off because tbh wasn't interested in reading an entertainment book centering on a variety show (personally don't watch variety shows). But this was a really (really x 10) sweet read. The variety show aspect wasn't as strong as I expected, only featured guest coming, some drama (and minor face slapping) and then romance progression.

MC has some serious social phobia that's understandable with his past but he's very dedicated to his profession. At first I wondered... more>> how he can overcome it in his job but he does it by immersion. And over the course of the book, he slowly comes out of his shell with help of a very supportive ML.

There's almost no conflict in the book, it's really just full of sugar (some external conflict but comes with swift face slapping) hence the minus 0.5 but an excellent read if you want a fluffy book. The relationship is just goals. And even if it's full of sugar and smooth-sailing, the book hits certain dark parts of the entertainment business like

the struggle of getting famous (some people choosing to do it by hanging onto a golden thigh), the struggles of that group of child actors trying to stay relevant.


Overall the sweetest and most supportive CP. There's a side CP but for once (as someone who loves side CP), there's not much chemistry there but I really do like ML's brother. Maybe there's extras for them? Will have to find. Otherwise the side CP seemed to pop out of nowhere and then they were together. Still a good read with a great HEA. <<less
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