Dressed As A Sickly Beauty Ex-Wife


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Ye Xi passed away young from cancer in his previous life. After that he transmigrate into a book and received a new life.

The protagonist Gong’s ex-wife passed away shortly after giving birth in the book. The protagonist Gong marries the protagonist Shou in order to care for the child. With time, they developed feelings for one another. After getting married, they started dating. The family lived together happily.

Ye Xi, the sickly beauty who passed away too soon, was the ex-wife.

When he initially transmigrated, he was pregnant, but Ye Xi didn’t press for a different outcome, meaning he had accepted the ending.

It is already fortunate to live another year, after all.

Ye Xi was ready to go into the operation room since he believed he couldn’t alter the novel’s conclusion.

Ye Xi later gave birth to a child and woke up. The man standing beside him carried the child and kissed him on the face. Despite having red eyes, he added softly that he had worked hard.

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