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Giulio Parenti, who was deprived of his life by Yuri Petrov, was wounded in body and mind.

He meets Lee Ha-na, a dangerous woman who intentionally approaches him to save her younger brother, who is in danger due to his colleague’s betrayal…


The man tilted his head and stared at her. To be precise, he stared at the muzzle and the black eyes beyond it.

“If you come any closer… I will kill you.”


“Si, come no.”

The man put his hand in his pocket and slowly made eye contact with one knee on the floor.

He brought his forehead to the aimed gun and gently grabbed her wrist.

She struggled to raise the corners of her mouth and quietly recited the man’s name.

“Julio Parenti.”

Giulio Parenti’s voice, who was staring at her lips with narrowed eyes, was as cold as ice.

“Ho aspettato. La mia morte.”

The breath she had held in slowly released.

He’s a devil with the face of an angel.

Or was it a monster?

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Feb 16, 2023
Status: --
FL is strong and there is no third party in relationship. ML is obsessive and protected. If you want to read smut with well plot this is for you.
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